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    As some of you have reported, our servers are currently experiencing high latency since the Winter of War update. We are actively working on reducing the latency experienced through server adjustments and upgrades. We will provide additional updates to the issue as soon as they are available. Thank you for bearing with us!
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    Lag still here, specially at evening with server's event like CoC, and on Weekend is impossible play
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    Autohunt can be very finicky in this game. I've had clients where autohunt will cycle off/on just by clicking on to the client (left or right) either in the window itself or the icon on the task bar. I've had autohunt straight up turn itself off even when I didn't click on the actual client. My theory on that is that when two game clients overlap sometimes clicks will go through the top game client into the game client stacked below (seen this many times prior to autohunt) which then causes autohunt to turn off. Along with that issue sometimes one or two game clients will insist on turning off the macro loop when autohunt is turned on or autohunt itself will insist on turning on a specific macro when used. You can even remove all macros from your hotkeys and autohunt will still use the macro it wants to use. When that happens I have to right click to disable the autohunt chosen macro then right click the one I want for it to work properly. It can be quite "fun" to try to stop my party when everytime I change a client the last client turns autohunt on or the newly swapped to client turns it on for no discernible reason. A nuisance for sure but nothing compared to the problems the game is facing right now so I haven't bothered to write a post complaining about it. I'd much rather they get things like debuffs showing properly or right click to block spammer in first.
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    Just to state for emphasis, make sure that the Mentor is in-game when the Mentee dings 105. If the Mentor is not logged in when the Mentee hits 105, the Mentor will not get clan quest credit. They will only receive the Mentor coins only. Yes, it's a stupid requirement. I remember my very first mentor long ago. He lived in another country, completely different time zone. We were rarely logged in at the same time, and even when we were, it was only for a 2-3 hour window. If that happened now, I could see having to log off and wait a day or more to ding 105. These things now require more coordination and lots of break pumping. You now have to ping (your mentor) before you ding and hope his system doesn't crash right as you ding.
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    noticed that not all macro looping work properly tryed loop macro on elemental master for using Life Cubic during autohunting like this: /autohuntingoff /useskill summon life cubic /autohuntingon /delay 1020 When autohunting turning on by macro looping turned off but similar macro was tested on dwarf and working properly /autohuntingoff /target name /useskill encase armor /autohuntingon /delay 1020 tryed add chat lines befor /autohuntingon and /delay commands for detect when macro looping stop. after autohunting started next chat line from macro do not appear. tested same macro on SE too and work properly too. tryed change skills for summoner but with same negative result. looping of another macroses without turning on/off autohunt on summoner working well.
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    Seek professional help, immediately. Gamble addiction may have very serious consequences. Consulting may also help you quit, instead of trying to "play" l2 in the current state with gear you probably got without playing the game. And also, if you can't afford to buy from the l2store, why do you even bother logging in?
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    Actually, I have a sayha and yes, she's not as disgusting by now as she used to be. The path between 95-101 was pure hell. So much that I created another char and basicaly let her to fish or played only with the dual class. Anyway, she's almost playable again, but the cost of bssr is still umbearable.
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    No, there was no m.attack boost for sayha this time.. Maybe you didn't notice that a couple of updates before, the "Squall" skill was boosted with 20% m.attack. By the way, there were a couple of changes for sayha in this update.. Sayha was boosted but not so much.. And the thing that now some skills require the use of spirit ore is not so good either.. Sayha is pretty good in oly but it needs some more in order to be able to pve imo.. And obviously not only my opinion, because if one is to check rankings, it's easy to see that it's probably one of the most rare toons in the server..
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    You also dont want to die from any player, right? The carebear is strong in this one. Hardcore old players
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    ***From +4 the enchant bonus more than double, so bows get 27 p.atk per enchant while crossbows get a bit over 15. Imagine the difference over many enchantments. R110 for comparison(don't forget regular R110 enchant like blessed/dark/bloddy):
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    No advantage, only disadvantage. Lower p.atk and faster atk speed. But, any archer with bow can reach 1500 atk speed cap permanently easily. The 15% extra P.atk Yul Tricksters have doesn't even make it worth it because of how bows enchant compared to how crossbows enchant. If you curious enought to read an weapon enchant scroll description, you'll see bows enchant more per + than crossbows. ( P. Atk. +6 for one-handed swords/ blunts/ staffs, daggers, spears P. Atk. +7 for two-handed swords/ blunts/ staffs, dual daggers, dual swords, fists P. Atk. +12 for bows M. Atk. +5 for all weapons Starting from +4, P./ M. Atk. bonus is greatly increased (more so in case of blessed weapons). It does not states crossbows specifically but it gets increased by 7 as two-handed swords/ blunts/ staffs.(take a look at the screen shot of a +3 crossbow that increases 21 p.atk from base p.atk) SO, when you have it overenchant for like +12 which is basic for today, the difference in p.atk of the bow will be so much greater that even for Yul Tricksters the cross bow will give them less p.atk. From +4 the enchant bonus more than double, so bows get over 24 p.atk and while crossbows get only over 14. Imagine that over many ++++ Take a look at this screen. +7 bow gets 144 p.atk increase while crossbow gets only 84. Dont get wrong assumptions because one is R and other R95. What dictates how much extra atk they get is the scroll, not the grade. And you get even more p.atk and difference from Bow to Crossbow for blessed/dark/bloody/any r110(cause even regular r110 enchant like a blessed weapon)
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    I've only played nuker and archer in new update. I'm not high level on those characters yet, but if I had to pick one, it would be the StS. But I heard some people complaining in game about mana issues. Not sure if that was a game glitch or if nukers really do run into trouble with mana once they get high level. Also worth mentioning, Wynns are everywhere. They may not be first pick for pvp or parties, but looks like they do ok pve.