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    Hello, First of all thanks for the power of love event and the new gamble box promo. I'm sure a lot of money has been made with this kind of events/promo and that's cool But in order to make everyone happy, because everyone can't pay store promos every month it would be nice to consider 1-2 Farmable event a year Like some sort of event when everyone can log in and actually go do something for a purpose of winning adena/mats to improve. This would help many players to catch up and maybe spend more later on store promo ... Maybe @Hime @Juji Can give us you'r opinion about some sort of new things for 2020 for us maybe
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    well this was clearly the biggest blow that ncsoft has ever given its dumb players. Come on ... For 6 months or even more, the game has been suffering from high latency, disconnect, lag, lag and more lag. I don't even remember what it's like to play a smooth lineage without lag. So come on. a week ago, canceling character creation, queuing up, lagging server and more lag. What did ncsoft do !? They posted one of the most expensive events I’ve ever seen on the server. Nothing for the frees just for the donkeys who buy ncoin every month. I don't care if you are one of those donkeys who buy ncoin, spend half your salary, or whatever. What I care about is having a smooth game, with no lag, no delays, no queuing, with more affordable prices, with an event for free players. If you don't look at f2p. So put a monthly fee, you will remove more than half of the players from the server, it will reduce latency because you do not want to invest in quality software and everyone will be happy. Do with the blizzard company, put a trial period up to level 100 or whatever after that the game becomes paid. You will remove 60% of the f2p players and still remove 80% of the bots. Because you have already made it very clear that you only care about who really spends a lot of money on this game. You haven't had my money for months, but who cares !? I don't even care. Make a fair decision for everyone, remove this lag from the game, as it is a crime for you to provide a poor quality service. And I leave a message for the players who really spend and will spend with l2. Stop it until they provide us with quality service. You deserve it, your money deserves it. Don't be an idiot swimming blindly in an ocean you don't know. Because you know this company well, you know that they have no respect for the players. So be more fair to yourself!
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    @Juji @Hime @Cyan looking forward to the long awaited server hardware upgrade tomorrow!!
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    BRAVO RLY your the best 12-2=8 pls someone send him a NOBEL PRIZE (12-2=10) you can even do a simple math problem and you give advice to other players pls give me a brake
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    I hears if you upgrade a R99 +12 to 110 you lose 2 enchants, so ends up +8. Dunno about higher enchanted R99 tho.