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    https://youtu.be/KkTohbv7RD0 I posted this video someone doing it 2 months ago. I’m glad at least now you are fixing it hahahaha!!
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    Consider disabling the ranking system please, cursed swords arent causing the lag alone!! also consider making it 3 account per IP and not 3 account logged per computer! last but not least, PLEASE, install an antibot-antiscript program to our servers to prevent the use of 3rd party programs!!! Listen to ur community for crying out loud!! @Juji@Hime PS:and actually punish/ban those who tresspass the games rules. and not a 3 day break. 10days ban 1st offence - account ban 2nd offence - IP ban 3rd offense and byebye!! food for thought!!
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    People request NCSOFT do the following changes in order to keep playing here and keep buying Ncoin : Game Economy : As you can see , there is a huge problem with the game economy, and the only Items people sell or buy are the Items from L2 Store Events. We want the following changes to be made so you balance the game! Adena : decrease adena drop amount in the following areas : Abandoned Camp Ruins of Agony Ant Nest Gorgon Flower Garden Cruma Marshlands Cruma Tower (Floor 1,2) That would prevents the pony bot Swarms. Also if you gonna decrease the adena on the following areas you should add some Newbie Pack on L2Store (for a low amount of NC COINS)that would provide a 30days C grade Weapon ,C grade armor set and C grade Jewels, so the new people can save adena for the high lvl areas ! Increase the Adena drop amount on the following areas : Ketra , Varka , Imperial Tomb , Antharas Lair , Dragon Valley , Forgotten Island (inside on the party zone) , Giants Cave. All that high lvl areas have a very low Adena Drop amount, we cannot farm in those areas because the items / Adena drop are very bad , therefor nobody farm on that high lvl areas!(around 200 adena in 6 party members), TOI 11 is around 700. We have tons of materials and craft items that nobody buy and we would like NCSOFT to make them again sellable to the Grocery so we can get some adenas for the useless craft items. Also we need a decent spoil rate, because the game is completely unbalanced , we cannot receive Recipes to craft B grade / A Grade items because the spoil rate is very~very low ! We understand that this game is Free To Play and that is the reason there are low rates for spoil/drop, but that items you guys add on NC STORE make that server Pay to Play actually, and we must invest about 150 $ monthly to keep the vip7 UP .This is not a free to play server anymore, thats the reason you guys must Increase the rates! High LvL Daily/Dungeons/Instance/Farm Areas : We would like to discuss about the high lvl farm places dungeons instance, that on L2Classic right now are impossible to be done by someone because those moobs are too strong and they are too many ! Four Sepulchers : There is a nice dungeon that cannot be done on this server because there are too many moobs inside, and those mobs hit too hard.We would like NCSOFT to fix that , would be nice a decrease in the mobs number same as you guys did with the Siege Guards! And to fix the damage those mobs deal, because is way to high. Frintezza INSTANCE: we need a nerf aswell on that instance, there are too many mobs also and they hit very hard ! Antharas Lair : this is a very nice farm place for party but unfortunatley the ITEMS / ADENA drop rate are very low (there are some 40lvl places that gives same amount of adenas as 85 lvl farm places) .Mobs in antharas Lair hit realy hard that’s why there's nobody farming there ! we need a fix aswell on that place ! Imperial Tomb : a nice place for party farm & for solo farm also, but unfortunatly mobs Adena / Item drop is very low and those mobs are way too strong for the content NCSOFT gives us right now ! Dragon Valley : Same issues , mobs hit too hard (we cannot farm in there even with all Items L2Store Provide) those moobs drop 1k-2k adenas that is a very low amounth of adenas for a 85 LVL Area, people trying to spoil Cloth pieces and did’nt get anything from spoil .Thats mean the spoil/drop rates are very low. Varka and Ketra exactly the same issues as previous regions : very low adena drop amount,we dont disscuss about getting some good drop because its like impossible even with vip 7. Aden Pirate Dungeon : we need some fixes here because that dungeon is the only way we can get S grade Craft materials, key parts, and right now that dungeon is very “unfair”, you guys should make it same as 40-45 lvl Dungeons from Adena: 1 time only per char/day, and if someone wish to go more times they should buy that stone from NC Store, because that 1hour entry right now sux hard, you can just go inside hunt the Goldberg Buttler and than quit dungeon and the time gonna be exactly the same (it does’nt count down when you get outside of the dungeon) it should work like: you go inside 1 time, you get 1 hour to hunt there once you get outside you should not be able to go anymore for that day only if you get that entrace pass from NC STORE. ALL those places mentioned before need to be nerfed ! so we can have doable content after 85 lvl ! Chaotic Characters (PK Characters) : There are a lot of things to say about that issue, but let’s go straight to the point. The PK Characters should be not able to use Teleport (my teleport system), right now there is chaos, everywhere there are people pretending the spot you farm is their own spot and they just log a pk char and clean ur farm chars ! You also should rework that PK Debuff : it should decrease Casting speed , M.atk , Atk Speed around 30-50% and PK Chars should not be allowed to use that 76 Mount. Server Events : Here we go, we are tired to have Pay to Win events, and that has become exagerated !!!We need to balance events like gambling boxes and normal events. The only events you guys are doing so often are Open BOX EVENT ( That’s a gamble event) we also need to spend money in order to win something good ! We are looking for some kind of Free to play Events , like LETTER event or Squash EVENT , Matchstick event and many other Farmable events !!! Thats what we are looking for, NCSOFT is doing to many pay to win events and most of us are tired of them. For example : On December you made Blizzard Ice box event for 4 weeks, when that event ended 2 weeks there was no event and then you put HearthLove box event, c’mon that’s realy ridiculous... We want some Farm events or Exp events , maybe 2x Respawn time on raids events or weekend boost exp . The main idea of those Events you guys are making is that most of them are PAY to WIN events and it has became ridiculous ! As we tent to improved our characters , to get them higher level and better items , we cannot stay at level 40-50 to farm epic bosses , you kill our content and our fun. We want you to boost their level/remove penalty drop level Removing barrier till 70 level raidbosses would be very good. Epic Raidbosses : Baium is completly bugged, you can’t land any debuff on it ! That’s the reason nobody kill Baium , we cannot land any debuffs and he deal a lot of damage ! Antharas has the same issues as baium , you cannot land any debuffs on it and he does a lot of damage Queen Ant - lvl 40 raidboss since the server Opening , we would like if you guys gonna make it 80 lvl same as the other epic raidboss ! Orfen - 50 lvl Raidboss since the server opening , Same issues as Queen ant , we need those raidbosses 80 lvl !!! Core - 50 lvl Raidboss since the server Opening , same as Queen Ant and Orfen !!! Frintezza - no way to get in there, moobs hit too hard and they are too many, you guys need to decrease the amount of mobs in that place ! Also we cannot see what debuffs are on raidbosses since the last big patch ! I guess is time to put it back so we can enjoy that game ! Doomcryer / Dominator has no Attribute damage increase !!! I've been reporting this issues for 9 months or maybe more and still not fixed ! We want back the 5th SkillBar Shortcut also we want back the Damage Window (you guys remove them on the preivouse patch. @Hime @Juji IF THAT CHANGES NOT GONNA BE IMPLEMENTED YOU GONNA LOSE HALF OF THE SERVER ALSO YOU GONNA LOSE A LOOT OF MONEYS BECAUSE WE GONNA STOP BUY NCOINS !!!
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    i am not playing macro i was live he pked me over 5 times at bs i couldnt farm at all what i supposed to do ?
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    Hime Sr Community Manager L2 Team 883 618 posts Report post Posted October 4, 2019 Greeting Adventurers, We would like to remind you that harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. We have had several incidents in the past few months where we took action against multiple accounts and involved local authorities. Some example of harassment include: Obscene, vulgar or inappropriate language towards you or others Threatening violence or bodily harm in game or in real life Extorting by PK for hunting spots, items, or Adena While there is no issue with general banter and rivalry between other players and clans, please remain respectful to other players here on the forums and in-game. You can read the Rules of Conduct you’ve agreed to here. If you are experience harassment, please contact our Customer Support by submitting a ticket here.
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    Flying a wyvern to get to a location you can not run to. (Been able to do since 2005) = Insta permaban Using an in game item that came out in October 2019 to affect the largest adena reward in game. = "We are removing blood swords for everyone for 4 weeks" There is some deffinate favoritism going on here or people are lining the pockets of official GMS on the side. (cough class cough action)
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    Server transfer? Cloak event? Dual separation?
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    The game is not shutting down any time soon and we have another content update that is right around the corner along with our 16th Anniversary. Please stop making these conspiracy threads.
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    So one of my friends know for a while just got one of their accounts banned that has been afk fishing for 3 hours per day now. So instead of banning the 10 million summoners in Aden/Blazing Swamp that are bots they are now banning AFK fishing toons for no reason and respond "No further action will be taking or responses given" Whats funny is they are banning multiple people's afk fishing toons. Better not AFK fish anymore NCShaft going to swing that hammer at you! Swinging that hammer at AFK Fishers.. man that is a whole new low..
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    Just ordinary manteinance + 2click to delete something, that long time we waited for nothing for the game changes. All done, hard work. Impressive. Gz.
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    been waiting for a fix for the bad server performance for over 8 months now.. it's funny how NC manages fine on their own in giving players good reasons to quit their game
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    We are still waiting for an answer from Dev, but I will post all the details once we receive an update.
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    That been said on the community discord months ago. They had job listings up for a Database Engineer or something and the requested knowledge was for two architectures that were not compatible with each other. Also, running 6 servers (after mainteance 4) from the same (virtual) server isn't good. Especially not if the Ranking System checks every damn second if someone ranked up
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    At the same time, it appears not much is changing from week to week. NCsoft claims the hardware was upgraded, and we're still seeing lag. That's a hint that the configuration in general is bad. It could be simple, or it could be complicated. But it shouldn't take months to figure out.
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    Hi GM i want to report player [moderated content] he is pking all time blazing swamp he is top geared with dragon rings etc and he is way more lvl than all players in bs . I want you to ban him for harrasment with all his items he is doing this over a week now and nothing happens !! Thanks !!! Moderator note: Reporting certain players for their behavior needs to be done via ticket to the Support team. The forum staff does not have the means to look into these reports for you. Please refrain from calling out fellow players on the forums as that is a violation of the Code of Conduct.
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    @juji remove the ranking system because that thing probably is one of the reason that we have lag.that thing trying to update all time the exp of palyers so it mess it all .2 cursed swords i don't care and think many players on Chronos because top pvp player all time hunting them and lvl up them on their castles
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    Good morning. Come on @Juji @Hime, what are you guys thinking about? Please, i'm asking pretty please, listen to you players! Or customers or whatever you wanna call them. If you really want to keep ranking system, it's ok. But not the way it is now. Ranking shouldn't give no1 any advantage since right now server have only "wales" fighting for benefits it gives. But still, wanna keep it working? Fine! Just make it update infos 1 time a day, on a low-traffic hour, and you'll see latency issues disapears at least 90%. About cursed swords, if you wanna give away free money to top players, just create an NPC where they can just cash out that money. Much more simple, and won't harm players farming and exping on server. Please, listen to us!!!!!!!!
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    I doubt that's the reason he was banned for
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    Maybe we should write petition straight to NCsoft management. They care only about income, maybe they should realize that we the players are part of this for 17 years, and we do deserve respect.
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    when you are a hardcore hellokitty player and start to complain about game mechanics
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    NCsoft please help us and improve these servers, I agree with Wody
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    I agree with the ranking system being disables but the 3 account thing is a little much. There used to be many more players/servers they should be able to handle the amount of accounts. I personally want 5 per computer. The issues started with the ranking system that no one cares about and it really doesn't benefit regular players in any way.
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    This happens when ppl get used to play fast and fruit servers, they got all easy and forget how real game is.
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    very well regarded post, if the administrators do not take action they will soon end the classic server..... We ask for more respect with the players, not only wanting our money but also our satisfaction
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    According to this you are 100% right. Since the GM wrote that, he must do what he said and ban him. All of you who said that it's part of the game, how can you say that when GM said that is a reasson for ban? You are all wrong but you don't want to admin it. We like it or not rules are rules, and if there is one thing that made this server so trush is exactly this, that noone follow the rules and noone apply these punishments.
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    Look up at gms post about harrasment and no its not part of the game outgeared players not letting us to lvl up
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    +carrot event +alien event +dice event +any event for r110 gear, and not useless top wpns that only a few can upgrade..
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    So instead of taking actions against people who use Paagrio's Earring bug you decided to disable Cursed Swords system... BRAVO! Shall we consider any bug usage unbannable? CC lootright bug? no bans Kelbim Weapon bug? no bans Death Threats based on nationality in global chat? no bans Instead of all above you decided to ban GoogleRu who used to play from Belarus. He must be more harmful for our gameplay than bug users
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    I'm sorry Mr Knowitall, I wasn't playing the game 5 months ago and I should not have to back and read events outside of game to know whats going on in game. So now what? You're so quick to try and insult with your puny mind you can't stop and thing rationally. For all I could of known those were drops from the Freya raid!
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    They have announced this since the event launch (5 months back), next time read the event page thoroughly... https://www.lineage2.com/news/freyas-fortune-stick-2019
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    You are so funny. Servers are on fire but you won't answer player anything? It's very bad politics. Now L2 community is different like it was 15 years ago. Mostly we are mature people. We need respect and attention because we paid you for this. Are you blind. People are leaving servers en masse but you are silent. Never again NC soft. NC soft west or east even NC soft Mars.
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    @Juji @Hime You are going to remove all the adena and other items gained by the exploit and ban the users? On NAIA they kill their alts in unreachable places (castle throne room, clan hall) and exp with the sword in Timed Zones with PvP disabled. They earning trillions of adena and exp using an exploit.
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    As of tonight I've logged out because I get DC's multiple times per hour, the lag is so bad I see toons killing a monster by time the lag is done 20 seconds later its killed 2 monster and on the 3rd. My Fishing toon keeps getting DC's and losing fish and now it appears your staff is banning afk fishing accounts that do nothing but fish?! We've dealt with crazy lag since Aug 2019 going on 7 months, you didn't ban people exploiting Instance Reset, you have video proof of exploiting swords and porting to places they shouldn't be able to. But you've banned hero's for no reason just because they were mass ticketed and once they proved they weren't exploiting you gave back their account. Other hero's call for all server to mass ticket Clan Leaders to get them banned and they are outright happy they are causing bans for no reason, and now your banning peoples afk fishing accounts. I'm sorry but what type of customer service is going on here? All the CHEATERS with 10 million summoners still aren't banned and exploiting to get benefits, known instance exploiters aren't banned, and people that shouldn't be banned are banned? I'm seriously.. CONFUSED.. 7 months later and still no fix.. I can't even level anymore cause I can't stay logged in, when I am logged in I have 20-30 seconds lag. Btw I have 300mb Down 100mb up, and PC is intel i9, 16GB DDR4, and geforce 2080 Ti so its definitely not my PC.
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    only disable ranking can solve this lag inssue.
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    Too late, almost everyone quited. Too late.
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    Plz NCsoft save classic
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    Do you imagine the party rooms if they give xp bonus, the zones would have more chars and more free spots, because you wouldn´t see 1 person or 2 people pts in 1 spot... More people in clans and more social game means more people comming to game
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    Hello @Juji and @Hime! As requested by you, and maintaining the cordiality, I offer some suggestions, in addition to the countless pairs represented by my game colleagues: 1) create adena and xp farm areas for the different level ranges; 2) review the possibility of selling basic materials to grocer NPCs; 3) make the recipes for weapons and armor of grade C, B and A available; it happens that there is a drop of parts to manufacture them but we do not find the recipes available; 4) promote the correct banning of BOTs and not of correct players, as occurred. Or at least offer a logical justification for banning accounts that never used any irregular means in the game; 5) Penalize the PK characters, at least removing the possibility of rapid teleportation, to curb the use of these to prevent other players from farming in places where the drop in the game is a little better. These are some of the suggestions, and I reiterate that I present them cordially and within the established rules. Given this, now we can get a reasonable response from your actions and the team of developers, what is being done to correct such flaws presented by all these posts presented in this topic ??? Can we receive these answers? Or do they not care? Because my clan lost countless players who gave up investing time and money in Classic, because the way the server is, it is ridiculous. Please have the education you asked for and answer us all. Thanks
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    We know that Juji is not drom the Dev team, but I doubt that daily ban bots on the exp zone list we made depend from Korea! Same for TXD that is using full program for farming Raid bosses alone... So as a proof of your consideration towards us, your staff should start by this @Juji and you should come IG DAILY for showing to player that you are here! I cannot understand why we still have to say it, it should be obvious for the GMs. But it sounds like you definitively lost contacts with players... When a customer is saying "we do not see you enough", the minimum would be to show that you are here... it COST NOTHING. and instead of saying "GM buff" when you are logged, you should rather announce what exp zone has been cleaned from bots. This is what we call communication
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    I wrote about this in the suggestion box, is specially hard for supporters to lvl up cause the have to gear DDs, Cause DDs can xp alone they wont get the supporters in pt, I´m tired of going to EV and seeing many mob families with 1DD (I do or used to do that, i know im part of the problem), even chars 107+ alone in ev zone 103 cause is easy to kill mobs alone for them Don`t increase the diffulty of mobs to force ppl to make pts, increase the xp bonus with each party member, maybe even the adena a little, don`t decrease it, That way people will try to make pt for higher zones and we`ll stop seeing 107+ in zones 101 to 103+,that way ppl will invite tanks, healers, iss, even if it`s box, that way ppl with main supporter will get invited too.
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    Just to reaffirm my points and how NCSOFT thought about lineage 2, I will put a preview of what ALREADY was lineage 2 and how this logic could be reimplemented here. The file is from PRIMAL GUIDE, which was a very cool and interesting work. There was a concern and a lot of important information for the players to know what they are going to do and plan. There was information about drops, chances and where to find them. Why don't we come back with that logic? L2Wiki is bad, has no real information and is missing information.
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    Hello All, We are aware of the current issues on the Classic server that have been discussed in this topic and are working with our Dev team to help address them. I will keep you updated when we have more details on any upcoming changes! Thank You!