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    Hi, I just wanted to add some things you can do to make adenas and exp. 1. have you tried fishing, when your not leveling set your chars to fish, in 1 hour u should be able to get 2 power fish each char. remember you can log 3 chars per computer, 4 power fish you can trade for 3 elcyum powder. you can sell them on AH or save them for weapon upgrade. 2. Do coal mine timed instance (101-105) every day you should get the most exp there. 2b. Do Storm isle, even if you do a small area with 4-6 mobs the adena drops are far superior than other places for 1 hour 2c. If you need adena GOTO Plunderous Plains EXP is BAD but adena drops is good. 3.Always do primeval island as you can get enchant scrolls to sell for a profit. 4. NEVER Enchant anything other then your skills. normally you would try to enchant your skills to +6 then use Mastery enchants to get it to +10, if your doing another way STOP its not worth all the fails. 5. Join a clan make some friends play together you will be able to do alot more content. 6. Do not do Baylor its a wast of time, people do baylor instance only stay in that instance less then 10 min, if it takes you a long time to do the instance, its not worth while. the time in the instance can be better used farming adena or fishing. 7. ALWAYS do the Solo Instance to get your FREE daily Buff Supplies , less than 15min per day its worth the time 8. Please remember the people you see that can 1 -2 shoot mobs spent alot of money to get to where they are, or play nearly 24/7. You cannot compete with those people, pace yourself in little upgrades and you will enjoy the game more. i think that is all i can think of now, if others have other ideas please comment
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    Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, March 18, 2020 at 5 a.m. PDT / 7 a.m. CDT / 8 a.m. EDT / 12 p.m. GMT+1 and will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes With this maintenance: Standard database maintenance and application restarts will be performed. Lara’s Day Off event will end. Related event items will be removed from players' inventories. The Circlets of Power will no longer be on the L2 Store. The Cursed Weapons system will be temporarily disabled for three weeks. The special server settings event has been extended for three more weeks. XP/SP +100% Vitality 300% No XP Loss Upon Death (for non-chaotic only) Party Hunting Bonus +50% Big Vitality Pack remains in the L2 Store for three weeks. Latency reducing measures are still temporarily implemented. Other notes: The latency issues are persisting despite server hardware upgrades. We are working with the Dev team on a new solution. Compensation will be determined after we have verified the issue has been resolved. If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. We also encourage you to follow @LineageIIOps for maintenance and server status updates.
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    Would it be possible to change the Auction House so that players on both Naia AND Chronos can access the same AH and all items for sale? I realize that may present issues in terms of the respective economies, but as far as players being able to find the items that they want, it would be a tremendous boon. As things are now, there's no server transfer for the foreseeable future. That means you have to wait, sometimes as long as a year, to get the items that you want. Logging in just to twiddle my thumbs and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait to buy the stuff that I want really blows. The things that I am looking for aren't on my server. But when I log onto the other server, bam-hot-damn(!!!)!, there they are. Several of them, in all varieties and types!!! But what good does that do me when they're on the other server? There has to be a better way. I know what you're thinking: this doesn't address the real problem, which is periodic promotions coupled with low enchant rates, low drops for top prizes, etc., is ruining gamer enjoyment. The correct action is to make ALL previous promotion items available year-round in either the L2 gallery store, or the L2 store, unless it's a brand spanking new promotion. Doing that would make your entire player base happy. Well, everyone except the price gougers and other market exploiters.
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    Dude im pretty sure u dont know what u are talking about........in those days im creating mentee for the atlas earring,guess what?they are all yul and in 2 days they hit lvl 105,if u rly wanna reroll let me know how many days u need to make a evi 105 ok?have fun.
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    Hi Via . I think you are doing something wrong . Firstly don't compare EVI ( Single Target ) with Yull and FEOH ( AOE ) . It makes sense that Evi will kill a single target faster than an AOE DD. I have all chars 105 ( Evi ( +13 Bloody ) , Yull ( Kelbim ) and Feoh ( +14 Bloody ) . I can assure you that Yull is best for AOE, cause of Multiple Arrow. If you run on Prestige this skill gathers mobs non stop and Yulls are by far the best for XP . Even my Yull with the Terrible KElbim bow was making same Power level with Feoh ( more items + Better weapon) . Not sure why you believe that your Yull doens't do damage. Do you compare vs people who run Bloody Runes? Is your Set up for PVE? ( Attributes etc? ) For pvp Feohs might seems unbeatable cause of Mana Barrier. But I can assure you , you can 2 shot every Feoh at your lvl and your gear if the don't have Mana Barrier on. If you are in Naia , we can do some tests for your damage ( pm me ) PS : Archer is by Far the best AOE and PVP char at the moment in game. ( Look all the Top Players - 80% Archers )
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    Quite honestly eviscerators do not need any nerf, it was fine but it is going to be nerfed anyway. The 5x damage with steel mind replaced with a 30% hit to hp with a certain chance and i fear it is going to really make it yet another sucky class not able to compete vs the AOE feoh/archer dmg... If anything should be nerfed its feoh's and archers because when i run through zones you see feoh feoh feoh feoh archer archer archer archer archer and then... more feoh feoh feoh archer archer... Rename the game to FeohArcherAge II please...
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    I started playing in 2004 and I quit the game in late 2006 after extreme grinding and countless hours of play with NO CHEATING only got me to level 56. Those endless grinds of killing the same set of mobs for hours and hours at a time was not fun, and there were so many bugs in the game that GMs were spending most of their time getting people unstuck from the scenery. I came back in 2011 to a game better suited to quicker advancement, not as many drops, less adena, but the game was now FREE. It was obvious that NC Soft was not seeking or implementing recommendations from a game theory specialist on in-game economics because drastically lowering adena drops was the absolutely wrong thing to do. I remember when I had 80 million adena in 2006 and that was a fortune. Creating an artificial chokehold on adena drops was the worst thing one could do to stop the offline Adena bot/sellers. But to those that complain about the ridiculousness of macro and auto farming, I recommend that you go to Classic and find out for yourself how stupid and useless the grind for little xp can be.
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    Get a job. Seriously. Level up your character to 110+. You don't need money, just time to do that. Then turn red killing off people in Blazing Swamp. After you've made a name for yourself, offer your mercenary services for pay. Your advertisement: "Is it too crowded in BS for you to enjoy? Well, for just 300M adena a day, or 1B a week, I can clear out a beautiful spot for you and your family to hunt for hours at a time."
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    Welllll, XP is only a nightmare if you're new to L2. For those of us that have been here for a long while this is pretty much the easiest xp ever. Remember we actually had to be behind the keyboard to get xp, you do not. That being said, indeed this game has all the potential in the world, but it seems the worst owners in the history of gaming. For an extremely old game all improvements seem to consist of making the same areas higher in lvl and throwing in some different mobs. Any fix seems to be to the detriment of the good players and supposedly in reaction to the bad players. Taking away passes to the Special Hunting Zones because some peeps decided to exploit it comes to mind. Making adena and getting drops has been hard in this game for a very very long time. I'm one of the mid-grade spenders. I accept the fact that to make adena I have to spend RL money. It is what it is. Many choose not to go that route and I have no problem with that. But with this game there isn't many options, they are giving you many free items at the moment, but doing Baylor with that gear will be trying. Basically the only way to enjoy this game is to make friends, join a good clan, do any of the dailies to supplement your adena and items, and just try to have fun. This game has no real adena quest it just gives free gear. All else is pretty much on you.