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    There are lv115 people, because they have spent amount of boosts that is hard to describe, some even don't believe that it's possible to consume 45k Freya storm scrolls and literally be in SI for months. The server XP settings are normal and we had already way too much base server xp boosts.I wont be surprised if we don't see these for quite a while.
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    You'll just need to work your way to level 110 like we all did.
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    With my calculations we wont be able go to 40th race on this event within 4 weeks you say @Juji and this event is not complete yet i am having almost 10k 16th coins how about to put an option so we can spend them into roses/dragon pots since we get dices from there too will be hard and incomplete get 40th race in 3 weeks now since one is over
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    You can't create new chars, it is temporarily disabled, read the server maintenance information.
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    thats how L2 is. nothing in 1 week
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    Oh thanks. I went to gludio and it was not an option there. Then I removed the item from my equipped items and boom it was there on the list... must have been a bug or something? Anyway thank you so much for your help.
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    There are no plans for the Red Libra event in May, but we are not ruling out June or July
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    Please, create an extra area of 2 slots just to affect the appearance of the hair accessories. The OP stuff isn't great looking, and it'd be nice to give use/value to normal hair accessories (bonus would not be applied). Often times NCsoft spends all their time devoted to other things... Perhaps an entire character window devoted to skins? Unless this will be in a future update already? It'd be nice to give use to Hair Accessories.
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    Hello All, The Live servers are experiencing login queues since we have reached max server capacity on both Chronos and Naia. Therefore, character creation will be temporarily disabled on 4/10 and will be enabled again after the maintenance on 4/15. Thank you for your patience!
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    You can create a new char tomorrow https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/17571-character-creation-disabled-until-56-limited-period/?tab=comments#comment-122966
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    Character creation will be enabled again after the maintenance until 5:00 PM PDT on 5/6. After 5:01 PM PDT, character creation will be disabled again until 5/13.
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    Gm has to do something about these rune stones, or put them to sell for ncoin (without being a hero coin) or change the way to get the new skills. The game is getting very unpleasant.
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    They're not creating them. It's characters already created before. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/17571-character-creation-disabled-until-513/ The maximum chars per account is still 7. But at the moment you have to wait until the character creation is open again to make a new char (maybe on May 13th?!)
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    7 day vit rune is gone and exp is terrible again I mean even at level 107...some ppl in server aleady 115... is there anyway u can boost lower level exp rate better? and can u also bring back server /party exp boost back pls? and vitality pack back also looking forward these in tomorrow's update thx in advance~~
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    Most of the people complaining and whining here don't have a clue about this game, it is a Korean Game, it is what it is! Ncwest can't change much of the game, and what people ask is just ways to change gameplay, that's Nckorea department, just saying. Game was hard, gets a little easier and still people complain about it, game reflects Korea culture. Also there is an argument that can be made about L2store prices and items, that is Ncwest department, but come on, do you really think they work for free, to provide you a service? Most of the complains come from players that doesn't spent a dime and want bonus for life.
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    People were begging because they couldnt bot with macro 24/7 due to "abusers" so NC implemented a hellokitty style pk mode. Wish I could pk drop all the current bots anywhere just to get rid of this lame situation.
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    can't you make the 2nd party just boxes? or is that too much input Edit: seem somebody already asked that
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    I think is not too hard to do... if you can't add an option, please just keep those useless (and sometimes stupid) blue chat in the general chat only. I just want to play without reading useless messages... please, please... should be a quick implementation!
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    As i said. Ppl want an easy way to play a try hard game. Make a CP, farm balok and priorize your rune stones for your CP. For sure youll be with your 20 rune stones in less than a year. Ofc if you want to get all your Rune Stones in seconds, you should use your credit card and solved. If all was so easy, anyone will play this game. All those "try hard" to get something make you love this game even when you know that isnt worth your effor.
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    the 7 days boosts are over for you because you played for 7 days already.. do you think reaching lvl 107 in this game is bad? dude.. have you never played L2 before? If it was back like 3 years ago, in those 7 days you'd probably be lvl 60. Lmao. Enjoy the real grind now bro ^^
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    Yeah. I am gonna create a character and play there. but, Posts are making me scared of playing with lag, queue, customer service issues. damn :P. Since It is the most expensive game, I've seen my entire life, the game also got the problems. L2 is Real life. Armors cost more than clothes on me. Boots cost more than my sneakers. the problem they got is like Covid19. lol
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    This is the Proof that GM's / Moderators are never checking/playing or has any knowledge of this damn game. People been saying that there is too much coin around and we can ABSOLUTELY do nothing with them, except x8 dice per day. WHY in the world i got 1600 coin reward if i can use only 8 a day? @PhoenixMitra Stop fooling you'rself pleasE.
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    with current setting....it will take forever to hit 110...
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    it's not terrible exp its normal exp. get used to it!
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    Yes please. it's so annoying and they spam too much. i always miss pm or chat clan cos of this problem. we don't care about their business, they should learn to use "whisper" mode and they sould stop to showing off. we really don't care at all. pls give us the possibility to hide that chat, TY.
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    It's always been like this regarding the patch notes. Some last minute changes might be implemented, so they avoid putting them days earlier to avoid drama. Because if patch notes are put 1 week earlier, there's drama. If they're put hours before maintenance, there's drama. If they're put after servers are back online, there's drama It's impossible to make everyone happy "Demand" is such a word... you can search for the information yourself. If you're not happy in how things are being conducted, just don't press the AGREE button before entering the game, close the client and carry on with your entitled Karen life
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    @PhoenixMitra the issue is that you can only buy 8 Regular Dice per character per day with the coins (limited to only 8 and to the amount of Ether that the character has. And each one costs 1 coin, so that's 8 coins per day in total per character). A lot of people gather 1000+ coins easily, with no where else to use them
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    Gludio blacksmith has this option in both Naia and Chronos https://i.imgur.com/kvz0dCU.png
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    Check any regular blacksmith in any town then. It should be there
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    You can upgrade it at Blacksmith of Mammon...
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    No. Enchanted is the same as blessed but for R110. For R110, you have normal weapon -> blessed / enchanted -> bloody/dark -> limited. You can upgrade it at Blacksmith of Mammon.
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    A whole day of farming in AI : 4 boxes... Ok let's open them : 4 times anniversary coins... Ok let's play dice...wow 2× boss monster loots : lucky me..."take a look a the lost of amazing drops in the news"...Open boxes... 1 anniversary cake and...16th anniversary coins 🙄 Yeah it's a free event ... but even so i have the feeling that the game litterally spits in my face 🤣
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    maybe find another game.. thats what me and my friends will end up doing because we've been waiting for almost 1 week and they just delayed the creation for 1 more week. Previously the date on the official post by Juji was 05/06 and today they changed it to 05/13 ( 1 more week ) for no reason.. I mean, they didn't told us any reason, just changed it. It's kinda lame if you ask me, how can a game prevent new players to start playing. Jesus christ. I have 5 friends that want to play for the first time, I hypped them all up and we watched videos etc, after they all downloaded we are now stucked at this terrible schedule to START playing the game. They are already looking for other MMORPG and probably won't be playing L2 anymore even tho they all liked the videos and explanations i gave them. But ye.. It is what it is at the end of the day. Too bad L2 is at this state nowadays.
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    Make sure that you are logged in when they ding 105. If not, you lose out on clan quest.
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    Nc anniversary combo: 7day vit maint + DCs + Queue... Someone has a very wicked sense of humor back in your HQ (or no sense at all?) Pls get your **** together... I ve seen illegal srvrs that are much more responsible!
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    Why can't red libra exchange be available all the time? Our in game economy is getting smaller by the day. its hard to get the items players want. I have spent 3 weeks trying to sell some fist because I want to buy a bow. Still have no luck. Make weapon exchange part of everyday game life. There is NO REASON not to.
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    i agree, the problem was, that ppl where exploiting this drop system. while ppl where farming with macro. they made them pk 5 times or more so they drop and than kill them to get items.
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    The mobs of imperial tomb are still op, even after this "nerf" they are hitting the same amount of damage. tank 83 getting 3 shots from 1 mob, and all the mobs of a room are agressive, can't stand inside of a room w/o being wiped every 10 seconds.
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    Can someone tell me, why does the event give so many anniversary coins if you can only buy a few dice with them? ... Or will they be used for an upcoming event? Thank you...
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    I suppose a Maestro could go the Skill Crits route if you wanted to try AOE but with the new skill I think your better off hunting high HP single target mobs. Using a 1h blunt with just auto attacks from you and your golem you'll plow mobs. It's really OP. The skill procs 3-4 on almost every mob. Add in +10 Last Attack (penalty) and you can really hunt above your weight.
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    Hi @msEVE , Go to Clan > Clan Quest > Last Tab > Bottom Quest. Every 2 mentees that graduate you get 2 Scrolls. ( you don't get 1 by 1 ) . There is nothing you need to , just collect the 2 Scrolls when 2 Mentees graduate, repeat until you have 12.
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    Outside that the new mentee system has more benefits to mentor than mentee, when I think that is should be to help more new players than old players.
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    It is a hard game and you need to invest time to get better, which is one of the aspects I like about this game. .. I think the issue for new players is that no adena/items/material drop from 0-99 and that leaves them completely dependent on the free gear. For older players, there was adena/items/material drops from lvl 0 and onwards (the compounding effect of the drop provides much better options, then the free gear). NC should add back some of quests (with adena or material rewards) from 85 - 99 to provide some much needed adena for the new players..
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    The crystals won't be worth more than the equipment that you have, but it's usable / sellable at least
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    The pk system is to good with the pk players, the moment pk stopped droping gear was the moment that the pk system was made for the whales that control the server. they just can pk all and pay 800 mil or more, they make more adena in IoS in one hour even with the actual nerf probably. Make the guards npc to one shoot any pk no matter the gear, make them loss 10% of exp in one single death, and then we will start talking about a fair pk system. for me i would remove the pk scrolls, let the old beauty of sin eater quest be the only way to remove pk. Ofc i know about the struggle for the ressources, on the old good times i camped rbs on bartz, do pvp for the drop and exp, you know when the game was "THE GAME". I am not against that, that is the game. what it should not be the game is this pk flawed pk system...
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    Character creation is currently disabled until 5/13 due to overcapacity issues. However, we may open up character creation for a limited time this week. Please stay tuned for more details!
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    Either event items like balloons or musical instruments should increase your inventory/warehouse by one, have them not use inventory slot or allow you to buy them back from an npc any time. This is because it is not a small quantity of event items you can accumulate, specially if you give so many items at once, what should we do? delete them? what would be the point of giving them on the first place. Thanks for your compression :). PD: do something with the rune stones issue!, before awakening classes all we needed was 1 book to learn the skill, not 8 of them, also is not fun to having skills you already had on second and third class be deleted just so a few years latter you add them again with a rune stone wall that stops you from learning them.
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    Its time to get it free or in low price. In game due your no drop policy is no-dropable. In event was in low chances. To learn this skill after 16 years is time to free it to all population. Thx
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    It would be nice to remove the regular rune stones to learn abilities requirement in order to allow low level character that aren't strong enough learn their skills since a new improved rune stone for higher level skills was added. Knowing that some might have pushed to 110 just to farm in the new toi instance or used the market to hoard rune stones, if regular rune stone requirement is removed it might be nice to them if you allow them to trade the existing rune stones or drop of rune stones for something useful like elcyum powder/crystal. PD: i liked the change in the exalted quest items where everyone in party can receive them.
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    x2... totally agree... it used to be fun to customize your character, mine had glasses, now it has an ugly circlet and an ugly mask cause i cand afford to loose those stats, improve the customatizacion of characters