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    It is simple. On korean servers they got offer for Maestro Chests, each 180 16th Anniversary Coins. These Maestro Chests contained similar rewards to Marph's Boxes, but here we are. Normal community with normal devs got these chests in exchange of items gathered in game. What we got? Chests for real $, leaving us with useless coins.
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    Don't forget; we play the "Overseas Special Extra Hard Mode Edition" with the following features: Decreased supplies Decreased success rates Decreased enchant rates Decreased drops Decreased adena Increased exp curve RMT protection Incomplete patch information Stripped game content to be added back in as L2Store promotion Incompetent support staff What else you expected?
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    Game servers will be down for a maintenance beginning Wednesday, May 20, 2020 at 4 a.m. PDT / 6 a.m. CDT / 7 a.m. EDT / 1 p.m. GMT+1 and will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes. With this maintenance: Standard database maintenance and application restarts will be performed. The base physical/magic attack stats on monsters will be permanently reduced in the following hunting zones: Giant’s Cave Forgotten Island Imperial Tomb Kertra Orc Outpost Varka Silenos Barracks Dragon Valley Antharas’ Lair Adena has been slightly increased for level 76+ monsters. The 16th Anniversary event (Baium Festival and Minigame) will be available for one final week! The deletion date for 16th Anniversary consumable items has been extended to 6/24. Check the event details page for the list of deleted items on 5/27 and 6/24. The Battle Scroll – Event and XP Boost Scroll – Event items will NOT be deleted. Fixed an issue where the Agathion Soulstone was dropping from the Aden's Greater Treasure Chest instead of the Scroll: Enchant Weapon (A-grade). Players who currently have the Agathion Soulstones will have the items swapped out in a future maintenance. Shiny Jewelry Boxes on the L2 Store will be available for one final week. Silver Coins will be removed. Make sure to exchange your remaining Silver Coins at the Dimensional Merchant.
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    GM ADMIN Juji Are you a fan of the Lineage2 game? Would you play Lineage2 classic? You could create a character, or ask someone on your team to create a character, and play 2 hours a day for 2 weeks, and then publish the result. Only in this way will you see that the game is dead. You will have to compete against bots, pk, and when you reach the highest level (I doubt you can do it in two weeks) you will see that there will be no adena for fun. Perhaps for you this game does not generate as many economic results, but this game is my passion, it is our life. Please think carefully about this suggestion. I have been playing since 2005, dion's music was played at my wedding, we went out to drink and talk about lineage2, but what I see is a game without history, without content, aimed at an endless farm. Please JUJI, for someone in love with the game, don't let him die like this, please JUJI I beg you.
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    Korea is controlling the game - there is nothing @Juji or anyone else can do.
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    Are you really that surprised? US servers are based on NCstore, Korean ones on having fun. https://lineage2.plaync.com/promo/lineage2/191211_speed You have informations about this at the bottom of site. Use translator, but I think context is enough.
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    Unfortunately, I realized that GMs, Admins and anyone responsible for this game at NCSOFT NA, no matter how satisfied their customers are. No updates made the gameplay easier, it reduces bots. Unfortunately it is this product that they offer, because they know that in addition to this, we have classics in Russia and the East. It may be more enjoyable to play in the East and learn a new language. Honestly its not what to do, I am very disappointed
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    Wait till this event is over and people are no longer persuaded to play with the hopes of free stuff from the event.
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    "Head over to your favorite hunting grounds and pick out the best spot to grab a screenshot of yourself and the area around you." 7/10 of these don't even have mobs in the ss. You should have said go to your favorite spot instead of your favorite hunting grounds. Adena art with no mobs?
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    Greetings everybody, Let's stop the personal banter and keep this thread on topic. Thank you!
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    @Juji @Hime Explain us, that's all this week? WHAT KIND OF OPTIMIZATION TO THE TIMED HUNTING ZONES ?!! another ninja nerf ?! really, explain why are IGNORING completely XP party bonus that all are asking ?!
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    Hime is just an automated account clicked by the intern every Tuesday evening before going home.
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    Ranking Clan System 1. A new class ranking system has been added. -The 'Class' category has been newly added to the ranking menu. -The 1st to 10th characters for each awakening class can receive benefits according to the occupational group. -For the first character in each awakening class, an exclusive emblem appears at the bottom of the character's name. -Class rankings are renewed every 5 minutes and you can receive ranking benefits every day at 6:30. -Class ranking is calculated based on the main class. 2. Class ranking benefits for each occupation group are as follows. -If you use the skill of Knight / Enchanter / Healer, the activation skill 'Blessing of Rank 1' is applied up to 3 levels. common Movement speed 3, attack attribute 30, all defense attribute 30 increase Knight Jobs Nine Aegis increases self and party member damage by 1% for 10 seconds (up to 3 steps) Warrior Jobs Increases damage by 1% for 10 seconds when using Berserker / Mind of Steel Log jobs When using Ultimate Ultimate eBay, the damage done to the rear is increased by 1% for 10 seconds. Archer occupation Increases physical skill power by 1% for 10 seconds when using Mind Eyes Enchanter Jobs When using a Blessing Barrier, you and your party members increase damage by 1% for 10 seconds (max 3 steps) Wizard Class Burst Casting / Great Burst Casting / Storm Eye / Wind Storm Eye increases magic skill power by 1% for 10 seconds Summoner Jobs Attack / Magical Power increased by 3% for 10 seconds when using Summon Barrier Healer Celestial Protection increases damage of self and party members by 1% for 10 seconds (up to 3 steps) Itens 1. Changed to wear Sigil in the left-hand slot even when wearing a two-handed weapon. 2. The enhanced effects of the 'Strengthened Leviathan Shield' and 'Enhanced Leviathan Sigil' have changed. Item name Strengthening effect Enhanced Leviatan Shield Attack Speed 5%, Attack Power 3%, Defense / Magical Resistance Increased by 3% Enhanced Leviathan Sigil Attack / Magical Speed + 5%, Attack + 2%, Magic Skill + 2% 3. Arrows / bolts or infinite arrows / infinite bolt barrels have been changed to allow bow and crossbow attacks even if they are in inventory. Skills 1. Passive skills related to Sigil / Shield have been added to all classes. -The 'Grand Sigil Mastery' skill has been changed to the 'Guard Mastery' skill. -The effect of the 'Grand Shield Mastery' skill has been increased to the effect of the 'Guard Mastery' skill. [Class] Skill Name Skill level Acquisition level Increase effect [Siegel Knight] Siegel Guard Mastery One 85 Attack Damage 1% 2 100 Attack Damage 2% 3 110 Attack Damage 3% General Attack & Physical Skill Critical Damage 1% [Siegel Knight] Grand Shield Mastery One 85 Original Effect + Attack Power 1% 5 100 Original Effect + Attack Power 2% 10 110 Original Effect + Attack Power 3% General Attack & Physical Skill Critical Damage 1% [Tyr Warrior] Tyr Guard Mastery One 85 Attack Damage 1% 2 100 Attack Damage 2% 3 110 Attack Damage 3% General Attack & Physical Skill Critical Damage 1% [Tyr Maestro] Grand Shield Mastery One 85 Original Effect + Attack Power 1% 5 100 Original Effect + Attack Power 2% 10 110 Original Effect + Attack Power 3% General Attack & Physical Skill Critical Damage 1% [Ocel Log] Ocel Guard Mastery One 85 Attack Damage 1% 2 100 Attack Damage 2% 3 110 Attack Damage 3% Physical Skill Critical Damage 1% [Yul Archer] Yul Guard Mastery One 85 Attack Damage 1% 2 100 Attack Damage 2% 3 110 Attack Damage 3% Physical Skill Critical Damage 1% [Peo Wizard] Peo Guard Mastery (formerly Grand Sigil Mastery) One 85 Original Effect + Magic Skill Critical Damage 1% 2 100 Original Effect + Magic Skill Critical Damage 2% 3 110 Original Effect + Magic Skill Critical Damage 3% Magic Skill Power 1% [Is Enchanter] Is Guard Mastery One 85 Attack Damage 1% 2 100 Attack Damage 2% 3 110 Attack Damage 3% General Attack & Physical Skill Critical Damage 1% [Is Sword Muse, Is Dominator] Grand Shield Mastery One 85 Original Effect + Attack Power 1% 5 100 Original Effect + Attack Power 2% 10 110 Original Effect + Attack Power 3% General Attack & Physical Skill Critical Damage 1% [Win Summoner] Win Guard Mastery One 85 Attack Power 1% & Magic Power 1% 2 100 Attack Power 2% & Magic Power 2% 3 110 Attack 3% & Magic Power 3% Normal Attack & Magic Critical Damage 1%, [Euro Healer] Eo Guard Mastery (formerly Grand Sigil Mastery) One 85 Original Effect + Magic Power 1% Magical power when using one- handed magic sword / one-handed wand 5% 2 100 Original Effect + Magic Power 2% Magical power when using one-handed magic sword / one-handed wand 10% 3 110 Original Effect + Magic Power 4% Magical power when using one-handed magic sword / one-handed wand 15% [Gravity Ranker] Gravity Ranker Guard Mastery One 85 Attack Damage 1% 2 100 Attack Damage 2% 3 110 Attack Damage 3% General Attack & Physical Skill Critical Damage 1% [Saihaz Shea] Saihaj Shea Guard Mastery One 85 Magic Skill Critical Damage 1% 2 100 Magic Skill Critical Damage 2% 3 110 Magic Skill Critical Damage 3% Magic Skill Power 1% Hunting Ground 1. Daily Party Instance Zone 'Spirit's Forest' hunting grounds have been added. Admission conditions Level 110 or higher Admission Min 5 ~ Max 7 Holding time 1 hours reset 6:30 AM daily Admission method Talk with NPC Venusta deployed in the town of Aden Castle to enter Inzone Features A residence instance zone where you can continue hunting without boss monsters appearing 2. The field party special hunting ground 'sea of spores' monster's attack ability has been increased. 3. The HP of the field hunting field 'Trust Island' monster has been lowered. Other changes 1. Fixed an issue where monsters sometimes did not respond to the 'Provoke Aura' skill and the 'Grand Provoke Aura' skill. 2. +4 Fixed a tooltip error (4% increase in general attack critical damage when wearing a dagger) with the Enchant effect of the 4th level seed bracelet item.
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    made lvl 5 from 1 box also, just went straight boom boom boom. paused at 4 for a few days, then clicked 5
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    @Djos The problem indeed is the catching up & new items & exp curve. You simply cannot buy with real money enough items to sustain yourself in game unless you spend over 1-5k euros per months and you are lvl108+ with good gear. I start sustaining myself since I pay Prestige at least in order to make 5b (Storm + PI) +- the whole month. If I would inject 25 euros ... I would save 1 month of "farming" and play the game (pvp 1 shot and I am dead, GG...). I would join a game where I don´t communicate with other and stay afk 24/7 instead until I reach the tunnel at lvl110 - 114 when life has passed by. A friend YUL in game is stuck! He is running in Exalted lvl108, making 0 Adena with another box due to his PC age, no prestige nothing! So far, he got in total 850M Adena!!! A total joke for 4 months of playing! We even do everyday IT (ear, ewr, 3m reward super), Storm, Pi, IOS with him. This shows what content the game has left for us not a single real item if you don´t inject items in game from "pay event". What does a new player pays per month? Let´s say 250 euros and you sell the IOS Stone, this would be 285 x 150m (per Stone) = 42.75b Adena = 1x Bloody R99 +12 Weapon. He does the same for 1 year = 3000 euros to equipment himself in a proper way. (a tiny little nice car for young students) During 1 whole year every player does the same. What happens? If no one would sell his armor/weapon? Total game economy collapse, because at some point people won´t be able to buy new items, because the stock is empty. And this happens every time. Just before "pay event", we see less and less shops in Aden. What does a top player make per day? 5-15b? Approx 150-450b per month for free. On the other side 285 Stones for a top player = 6 Stones per day (1char hein...) x 30days = 180 Stones = 180 x 5-15b (per day) = +- 900b to 2700B per month with 100 Stones left! Colossal Adena in the game! I do not make any advertisement! Not to imagine if you would sell this..... 1b = +- 6e means 1000b = 6k euros in real life wtf! Now I can understand why "old players" are still around playing. We all see the shouts.. Current "pay event" is injecting items into game since we can´t "farm" anymore those items. If NC wants to go 1 step further, implement Stage 1-3 Dragon weapons/+12-+30 R110 weapon/+6-+10 R110 armor into those fancy boxes and you can close the game really soon and all Adena farmers will stop because it is useless to farm if some random comes with his weapon and starts pvping while you are farming in ToI/PI or any other new spot I don´t know since I am kissing Alligator Island with my character for weeks without "discovering" what is going on somewhere else since it takes me forever to make decent gear from normal hunting zones, nor can I do proper pvping. Check zones 107 only afk sheeps until they hit 110.
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    that event has been postponed till everyone forgets about the compensation they offered.
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    i don't know why you guys spend energy and complain about the 16th years of Lineage 2 useless anniversary event that wasn't even working on half of the supposed locations? The real event is coming in almost 1 month. 1st Year Anniversary of Lagage 2 with extra dc, hit lat, latency etc.
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    Not to mention, they just ignore everyone. During the week they respond to maybe 2 posts, I suppose carefully selected, in which there are no critics in terms of the game and the way they treat players. How many people asked about 16th anniversary coins? More than a dozen. How many got answer? See the point? I'd rather get a response like "you won't get anything, everything you need is in NCstore" than none.
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    @Juji I know that you guys can't do much, but please consider asking Korea for some changes. Support classes are screwed - they can't do anything alone and there is absolutely no reason for DDs to help support. We all know how expensive this game can get and it's not possible for support to xp with well geared box.
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    theyre being announced today. how did you not see the other thread thats directly under yours? Hime also responded in it. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/18323-screen-shot-contest-winner-announcement/
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    my brain problems are my business friend, and i suggest being more respectful to strangers if you do not wish to be spoken the same way. I'm speaking as a 14+year player of this game. and that is a problem. you see any new players here? And NO this is not a long game, this is a game where you can have a 105 toon in 24h 107 in less than a week. what does a player farm in a week? you ever step outside the town at 106-107 with exalted gear? This is a game mechanic for new players. I had to xp and farm for years to get 100+ and I had both the time and resources to farm things to progress. You do not remember a game period like now coz this is the lowest this game has gone so far. You want to demonstrate the game economy with selling mentees? what is the matter with you? You think to stop coz there is so much to do? Like what? What takes you half a day of attention to do in this game? I will ask again, what is it you do in the game when logged in? as for the 4th point not sure what you refer to. But as it seems to a a language barrier let be clarify. having players spend more resources than what they get back from a basic mechanic of a game is BEYOND USELESS. It's even more infuriating when someone considers it was not this way in the past, it became this way on purpose, someone put thought to make it this way. Having lootbox mechanics with 0.0000000000000000000000000 chances ( and not showing the chances through some legal loopholes i;m guessing) to get items that allow you to progress the game is UNACCEPTABLE no matter the price. This is mobile game scheme. prices could be 0,1 euro and it would still be unacceptable. you wanna sell items in your ingame store? set a price for the item and let every1 buy it and see ho far that goes. what is happening now is re-skinned gambling, appealing to peoples addictive personalities. And yeah EU and RU are cheaper but it;s the same lootbox mechanic, no difference. The difference is they got a forum where company representatives actually interact with the community and they for a webpage that displays almost all the information you need about this game, even drop rates, something ncsoft refuses to provide for over a decade. So in your opinion all is good here right but yet the admins don't now what they are doing? So all that is going well is by chance maybe? Can I take a guess and say you started at least a year after the game went free to play? Maybe more? Coz that is when the aggressive l2store schemes started. Maybe that is why all this is normal to you P.S. responding to this gave me brain problems
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    I cant understand where is problem? 1. First and most important - its long term game! People play 5,10,15 years. Ant its reason why someone are top, and have top items (and not pay nothing)! You play 1 month and not have nothing? Why you must to have? Write after 5-10 years- and if you not will have.. Then sorry ... brain problems... 2. Im not remember l2 period like now - mentes systems (1 mente ~1kkk), can play with the "runner" timed 100, 105 (top people pay good for that). In 1 month people getting +12pve weapon and more! Some years ago that weapon to get was need to play 12month.. 3. What im doing? Im thinking to stop play l2 - its so much everything! To make all - need minimum half day - and I have max 2-3h! 4. Expenciv? Really NOT! ---> 4.1. You not have money - then go Holiday... in Turcia or Bulgaria. Pay for hotel 20euro and for bottle of water 1euro - and cry how much its expenciv... 4.2. You have money - then go Holiday ... in Monaco! You will pay for hotel 1000euro and for botle of water 10euro - and will be happy for low price! This server expenciv? Maybe... Then go in EU or RU server- and play What im not like here? All its ok. I just not like admins - they not understand what doing...
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    ok and then what? What exactly do you do in the game? Login, do your instances solo and then what? Besides the OP started a year ago? Why don't you start a character from 0 w/o any help and see what you have to do now to gear up? I'd say that w/o 24/7 and a LOT of favorable xp events, maybe a couple of lucky event drops, AND help from already geared players (which is not really item help like old times but just xp) it is impossible to play this game past 1 month. Wanna go the credit card warrior way? There is the potential to spend thousands of euros or dollars or w/e and get nothing in return aka GAMBLING. Check out TEVAS vids to get a taste of lootboxing ala NCsoft Do you understand that there is not actual content in this game anymore? you can kill 150 mobs IT solo in 10 mins and get your daily xp, no grind compares to this. maybe help some1 get the quest also coz you are a good person.Then you can solo the adena instances coz there is no reason to share the adenas. And then.... what? Farm your fishing boxes? Your mentees that all play auto? What exactly is the game play now? What exactly do YOU do? If you think about the game mechanics of l2, it's has the rare requirement to ask you invest in consumables for each hit you do to a monster. and in the span of years it managed to make your returns from killing the monster less that what you spend to kill it in most cases, by adding a chance to drop nothing. which other "game" gets you in a loop of constantly losing money/gold/adenas etc? Not to mention the constant successful attempts of the company to diminish the farming possibilities of the players. Material/spoil market? Gone. Lifestone farming? Gone. Recipe market? Gone. element market? Gone. Armor market? nothing below +++++++++++. Weapon market? 500m to get as many exalted 2 weapons, so only++++++++++++. Crafting market? Impossible/Gone. Grinding? Possible to get millions if you got trillions of gear. Possible to grind thousands, maybe milions 24/7 no ss (just like watching paint dry). I would be very interested to see the employees play this game and hear what they think of it, because i'm pretty sure they do not touch this stuff. The thing is, I got my moneys worth out of this when i used to pay subscription and this game was not a clownfest. Now it's more of a chore that an enjoyable activity, and i'm guessing for many ppl it's a habit or compulsive thing. Speaking for myself i'd rather spend 40-60 euros to a brand new game instead of the monthly promotion, OH sorry, i meant "event". At least i know what i'll get and probably will get more enjoyment out of the new game for the month. The emotional attachment that remained with my 14+ year characters is long gone and I'd be curious to hear what keeps you ppl playing this game instead of something else competitive or not. Lastly since i pop in the forums every now and then, less and less admittedly, what is the point of all these posts? Been around about a year since a long break, and as far as I see, there is not a single word form representatives of NCsoft here. People just argue among themselves to no end, because there is always someone in the mood to play devils advocate for the attention, or coz he/she is bored. No1 has notices this? No1 noticed that none of the problems or suggestions or conversations of the players is ever addressed or implemented? Would you stay in a store where you talk to the employees and they do not answer back? How long till you get out?
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    I learned to play that on the bass because I loved it so much. I still pop into dion with sound on occasionally just to experience it. There's a whole lot of stuff missing from real classic...
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    He just said his items, and as i see it, he got more than 400b gear probably, and yet he cant farm.So what you need to be able to farm? 2 trillion adena gear?Only people are making 5-10 bil per day are either Market rats or Top spender dogs who got 5 Trillion gear.
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    This is so funny, iEddiev2 crying on forums about adena drop in Lair of Antharas but he gets 20kk adena selling POWER LVL per Hour +gemstone A + depends on luck TOP A Grade weapon. 20kk adena per Hour isn't enought? how much you would like to get? 100kk ? @Juji the adena drop in Lair of Antharas is pretty good, you get a loot of exp and people use to sell power lvl in that place, so they get minimun 20kk adena per hour ! leave it as it is please.
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    An old Twilight/Seraph Belt with Rune Clip for MP regeneration / or Augment Jewelry/Hair Accessory to boost MP regeneration might help more. https://l2wiki.com/R95-grade_Belts https://l2wiki.com/Item_Augmentation#Head_Accessories_Augmentation
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    Giant’s Cave - 30% Reduction in Attack Power Forgotten Island - 20% Reduction in Attack Power Kertra Orc Outpost - 20% Reduction in Attack Power Varka Silenos Barracks - 20% Reduction in Attack Power Imperial Tomb - 10% Reduction in Attack Power Dragon Valley - 10% Reduction in Attack Power Antharas’ Lair - 10% Reduction in Attack Power
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    @Juji @Hime Can we get reset of Lilly's Special Gift packages, pretty please with sugar on top? Now that I know that the pots won't be deleted at the end of the event I can better conserve them.
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    I confirmed with the Dev team that the Adena has been slightly increased for Lv. 76+ monsters with the changes to the hunting zones.
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    Looking forward to check stat changes !
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    @Juji @Hime Still no other purpose for the event coins? It seems really odd to have reward that give you 1600 coins when you can only spend 8 per day. I currently have 6k+ coins and nothing to use them on....
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    We were starting to wonder if the contest dates were using Julian Calendar... Today would be May 7 so there would be 3 days left to enter. https://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/?country=23
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    What are you talking about?? We all know that it does not make you immortal, but it is not normal to receive so much damage !! pls NCSOFT FIX THIS!!
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    Agree the server is summarized to yul or feoh and yes they can one shot you even if you have a good gear and they dont .... please fix this...thank you .
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    I have the prestige buff, point is the adena buff ONLY affect the DD/ person killing. So support.. doesn't get it and that buff does not affect anyone else in party.
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    Being an ISS is just as bad... its not just a Summoner thing.. its an every other class except Nuker and archer thing.
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    there's few normal EWA on Market bcuz nobody was killing the lv 80 raids for a while, too much work involved to climb toi 1 to 13 for such low grade drops.
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    Yes, disappear when you see a cinematic, from instance, or any, Dice disappear, only restart and fix
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    some times the icon gone just do rr and you will get again
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    Hey Devs... come on.. 12 emails is what I have to send to class change. PLUS you just made an event that littered our inventories with absolute garbage. INCREASE THE DAMN WAREHOUSE SPACE.. holy crap.. why is this that hard? And don't you DARE add it into the damn cash shop. Increase our inventories for the love of God, this is ridiculous, this is a problem YOU caused with your 1.8 billion items you continue to flood us with.
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    If you knew how the game mechanics work, you would have given up on this. That top geared player doesn't do the last hit, he does the most damage and gains the loot rights. Therefore no matter if he has the skills up or not, you'll still have no chance.
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    Hello All, We have a special pack of items that we are giving to all players as a bonus celebration for the 16th Anniversary of Lineage II and for players who had issues last week claiming their Attendance Rewards. To receive the 16th Anniversary Bonus Pack, please apply the following serial code below in the "Apply a Code" section on your NCSOFT My Account page: LINEAGE2SWEET16 The serial code can be claimed immediately and the code itself will expire on 6/24/2020, so be sure to apply it to your account before the expiration date. The 16th Anniversary Bonus Pack code can only be applied once per account. Please select the correct server and character, so the items can be delivered via the Dimensional Merchant NPC. Item Qty Description Greater Ruby Lv. 1 Box (30-day) 1 Double-click to obtain a Greater Ruby Lv. 1 (30 Day) Greater Sapphire Lv. 1 Box (30-day) 1 Double-click to obtain a Greater Sapphire Lv. 1 (30 Day) Emperor Shunaiman's Weapon Set Pack 1 Double-click to obtain Emperor Shunaiman's weapons (30 Day) Rare Accessory Gift Box (7-day) 2 Double-click to obtain Blessed Antharas's Earring, Blessed Valakas' Necklace, Tauti's Ring, Earth Wyrm Heart Ring, Blessed Zaken's Earring, and Ruler's Authority Belt, all with a 7-day limit. XP Rune III (Lv. 100+) 200% Pack (7-day) 2 Double-click to obtain XP Rune III (Lv. 1-100+) 200% (7-day). Party Cake 16 Upon use, a party cake that maintains Vitality is summoned for 20 min.
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    I care not about myself but about new players, they no spots for exp From Naia server : new player can get a maximum of lvl 102 in Bloody Swapland so, what is next ? Blazing swamp - full parties boxes Hellbound - full parties boxes Enchanted Valley - 50% parties boxes 50% parties main players Ivory Tower - 50% parties boxes 50% parties main players It’s very difficult for new players to play here because of the many boxes pt. PS: or as an option open 1-2 new servers for new players
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    I propose to introduce a new rank in system of ranks : 1. The richest server characters - depends on the number of adena on the character 2. The most hated characters - depends on the PK counter on the character 3. The greatest server warriors - depends on the PvP counter on the character