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    Not necessarily. It's one raid a day and the enchants aren't 100%. You can fail, which means it could take some more than 5x. The only thing this raid really accomplishes for most people is using up all of their soulshots.
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    With me and with ninety percent of the players in my clan the same thing happens, from the day mentioned until today. I believe it is a problem related to the server we are connected to.
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    If you open your character atribute and drag your mouse into CHA you can see what it give to you: P.Atk/P.Def/Atk.Spd/M.Atk/M.Def/Cast.Spd/Max.Hp/Max.Mp/Max.Cp increases. Edit:"CHARISMA - symbol of the absolute effect of the ability to affect most of the combat skills."
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    Really not all that great a raid, if you think about it. Only one person wins. Everyone else gets enchant scrolls for Angel of Protection (AoP), but AoP is temporary. It's gone when the event ends. By the time most people who don't play 24 hours a day get the AoP to +10 the "event" will be almost over.