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    I have to put my two cents in here. Many of us spend a good deal of money on Prestige and other items within the game only to have NCSoft hit us with stuff like this. Would it hurt at all to refund us or give us some kick back for helping keep your servers alive and populated? Shoot us an XP event for free? SOMETHING?!? I promote the hell out of your game, obviously by choice, but I can say who else is bringing in or back players to your servers as much as I am? I think I speak for everyone here when I say you need to start treating us players better. Before you know it you wont have them. I also recently reached out to your PR Team about helping you guys promote more for events and such but seems to fall on deaf ears. Are you really that complacent?
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    I want to hear other players opinion of the new update. It's been a week and I've been talking through it with friends. Let me start by saying we are all casual players, none of us are top-tier "end game" players etc. However, we've all been playing for about 10 years each on average. There are a couple of nice things this update brought but overall there are far to many nerfs and I think it's really going to hurt the server/game. Pros Free exalted gear is nice for your low level toons. Even if you're a top-tier player, you have a farm group somewhere using some of this stuff. Abandoned Coal Mine is a nice timed zone for 100-105 toons to level. Increase in mobs at Crater and Phantasmal Ridge Cons The adena nerfs no matter where you hunt are terrible. You can't even farm enough adena to pay for shots or spirit ore. The drop rate of the Aden chests are terrible compared to the elite monster boxes that used to drop. - On top of that, you only get 70k from a box (with a small chance at a random better item) rather than 300k (and a small chance at armor piece etc.) They took out the 100% static XP from the exalted. They took 10% out of the XP in the Ability points. Even drop rate nerf in places like Primevil Isle They have these 115+ hunting areas as "new hunting zones" but they nerfed the xp so bad no one will EVER cross the threshold of 114 to even hunt in those areas. This has caused the entire server to hunt in the same 3 spots basically. Not only that, but spots that people went to farm like Land of Chaos are so garbage now that no one goes there which increases the population in those previously spoken 3 spots. Baylor, Kama, Tauti, Octavis, etc. drop NOTHING Not only do they not drop anything but they're a lot harder now. The fact that they're harder wouldn't be a big deal if they actually dropped something. You spend 40 minutes doing Baylor and everyone gets a box worth 1.2 million adena and that's it. It's not even worth the time spent doing it. Great job NC Soft, you raised the level of the instance so people would do them again, however, you made the reward so bad, it's not even worth the time and therefore defeated the purpose of raising the level of the instance. The new crafting system is garbage. It will take 100 days to get enough Ether to craft a piece of R110 at a 60% chance??? You can't even craft a full set of gear in a years time at that rate with 100% chance! A whole new update will be here before you ever craft a set of gear. Kudos again NCSOFT! I'm sure there's more here I missed but it seems like this is the worst update yet. The lack of farming ability is going to drive the "little fish" away from the game because they won't/can't spend a ton of money in the L2Store. Say what you will about the little fish not being able to swim in a big pond and it's their problem they can't spend more money, but the fact of the matter is, when there are no more little fish for the big fish to feed on, the big fish die off too. Lower level more casual players will quit and eventually the higher level top-tier players will follow suit because there are no more lower level players around to beat up on. They'll become bored with the game as well and quit. Don't worry though guys, @Juji is checking with the devs. It seems like he checks with the devs on EVERYTHING. He checks with the devs so much I don't even know how he has time to put on socks! Maybe that's why we never hear back from him on these "checks with the devs." I'm really curious about what everyone else thinks about the updates. Please post your constructive discussion. No flaming!
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    Please bring back punishment for exploits, programs, extreme foul language (extreme, not little stuff), and threats to people in real life. I personally don't want to see anyone permanently banned and I don't think the current game could handle a mass permanent ban like those of the past. I do however think those of us left still playing after all these years are to addicted and would not quit over a 3/7 day ban, but would would defiantly stop messing around and breaking the rules, 3/7 days out of game is a big set back especially in a big clan. I realize this will indirectly affect me personally as some of my clan mates and friends would get hit. The rule breaking is happening in most clans in some shape or form. I am sick of it, my friends are breaking the rules, my enemies are breaking the rules, heck random low levels are breaking the rules and its all in mass because there are no consequences. And the only thing that happens once in a while is a warning that threatens stronger action, followed by not a stronger action, but you guessed it- another warning. Empty warning threats that people are sure nothing more with come of it, except maybe another warning. Please take this into serious consideration.
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    You are going to pay me back 2x for my prestige packs and Destiny packs from my Characters. It's not our fault that some players are taking advantage of a glitch in your game on recharge stones. it's the only way for people in this game to make Adena since y'all screwed Adena drops.
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    I am cancelling my 2 prestige subscriptions until live servers are stable again - proven server upgrade/fixes without latency, lag, disconnects for a month + If any people feel they are not respected as part of this player/customer base by NcWest feel free to post yours too. No Spam please, just proof. Cheers https://pasteboard.co/ITAjq1I.png https://pasteboard.co/ITAi307.png
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    https://pasteboard.co/ITAn3tj.jpg https://pasteboard.co/ITAnyrL.jpg
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    @Cyan @Juji @Hime You guys forgot to add which actions will be taken to "fix" the nearly unplayable server performance degradation we are experiencing.. you know stuff like: add login queue ban bots character creation disabled close timed zones half all mobs (best combo this one with 200% xp boost to compensate the decrease of mobs) account max set to 1 or you could just leave the servers down until you do have a fix and save us all the hassle
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    Hello All, We have read your feedback regarding the login queue and will be removing it before the end of the day. Character creation will remain disabled until 2/12. Please note that latency issue may worsen during this time with the login queue disabled. We are working as fast as possible to secure new hardware to improve the performance and stability of our game servers. The Timed Hunting Zone Recharge Stones will be temporarily removed from the L2 Store after we found an issue where players can use them multiple times per day, which can put additional stress on the servers. The Timed Hunting Zones were never intended to be accessible for more than 11 hours per day. We will have additional updates regarding this issue and character creation next week. Best Regards, Juji
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    https://pasteboard.co/ITAqiAj.png https://pasteboard.co/ITAqBXp.png
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    I Trust in @Hime and @Juji For a compensation, don't be too hard with them, they are surely trying their best for us players!
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    Going on two weeks wasting our Prestige and Destiny packs. Is there any plan to reimburse or give compensation for the players who currently have Prestige and Destiny packs running? Loosing the ability to farm in-game Adena currency and Experience Points.
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    https://pasteboard.co/ITADtPj.png This thread is a very good idea. <<SLAP>> @ NC WEST
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    @Juji and @Hime In all honesty this is complete and utter bull, for 4 months+ there has been lag yes its a "Free to Play" but there are many that buy Exp runes, Buffs, etc and you have been treating customers like crap with no fix in site. Not everyone has real life money to put in game so they try to make money in game which grows more and more difficult. With every update you push more and more people into centralized locations of hundreds of people fighting for less mobs. Oh great you increase the spawn rate, don't you think that puts a strain on your server to do that? Instead of giving more hunting locations for the area's that are so condensed? With this lag for months we die in locations we normally wouldn't because its like VR doens't work because of the lag so we go from full HP to dead instantly. Now you disable charactor creation which some of us use to make money by going 1-99 mentee's for mentee marks for Codex to sell? SO you screw us every which way you can without fixing any problem.. Bravo.. Bravo .. after 15 yrs I guess we haven't learned our lesson that NC Soft LITERALLY does not care at all. You know other games do Community Spotlights, Dev reports, Dev talks, Twitch Streams once a week, giveaways.. Hell I play a mobile game called Summoners War and they do MORE for their community and stay more in touch with their customers more than NC Soft does and they only have a dev team in Korea like NCSoft and they are a MOBILE GAME. How do you let a MOBILE GAME company BEAT you in every aspect of a game DEVELOPER??
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    As some of you have reported, our servers are currently experiencing high latency since the Winter of War update. We are actively working on reducing the latency experienced through server adjustments and upgrades. We will provide additional updates to the issue as soon as they are available. Thank you for bearing with us!
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    @Juji @Hime @anyone that will read this Its really sad to see all of these people experiencing the same issue, feeling the same way and getting nothing from the GM's/developers/community managers. Its clear that a ton of us love the game and want to continue loving it but hate the way its being managed and hate the way we are not being supported. Please see how bad you are managing these situations and correct it! We are here to support you, you need to be here to support us. Does that not make sense to yall? NCSOFT, please support your community!!
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    Just to remember to people we had lag from august 2019 so more 4 months and we celebrate 1 year lag so NCWEST can make event so from august till now we only get dust in eyes and now the cherry of the cake (no account creation ,delay on respawn on mobs, reduce mobs in time limited zones,no more pass for time limited zones) so why dont increase exp/drop rate more to cover this in other regions all work fine they have better support ,events, market prices,promotions and they dont cut game. my point is we wait from august and evry month we get promises and cut on game content
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    COMPENSATION!! i will not buy any more coins before the game is fixed, and got any form of compensation for this.
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    Why not return to the sale of basic material in stores? Why not a satisfying drop of adena? I think we need a lot of things but these are really emergency. Listen to your players and customers. Thanks
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    Hi, I just wanted to add some things you can do to make adenas and exp. 1. have you tried fishing, when your not leveling set your chars to fish, in 1 hour u should be able to get 2 power fish each char. remember you can log 3 chars per computer, 4 power fish you can trade for 3 elcyum powder. you can sell them on AH or save them for weapon upgrade. 2. Do coal mine timed instance (101-105) every day you should get the most exp there. 2b. Do Storm isle, even if you do a small area with 4-6 mobs the adena drops are far superior than other places for 1 hour 2c. If you need adena GOTO Plunderous Plains EXP is BAD but adena drops is good. 3.Always do primeval island as you can get enchant scrolls to sell for a profit. 4. NEVER Enchant anything other then your skills. normally you would try to enchant your skills to +6 then use Mastery enchants to get it to +10, if your doing another way STOP its not worth all the fails. 5. Join a clan make some friends play together you will be able to do alot more content. 6. Do not do Baylor its a wast of time, people do baylor instance only stay in that instance less then 10 min, if it takes you a long time to do the instance, its not worth while. the time in the instance can be better used farming adena or fishing. 7. ALWAYS do the Solo Instance to get your FREE daily Buff Supplies , less than 15min per day its worth the time 8. Please remember the people you see that can 1 -2 shoot mobs spent alot of money to get to where they are, or play nearly 24/7. You cannot compete with those people, pace yourself in little upgrades and you will enjoy the game more. i think that is all i can think of now, if others have other ideas please comment
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    This is the first step, stop toying with your customers... https://pasteboard.co/ITAToiP.jpg
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    NCsoft you are probably one of the worst gaming companies around. Your customer service is complete crap. Your "dev team" cant keep a 15 yr old game running. Your community admins @Juji, @Hime cant or wont communicate with the community. There has to be some kind of BBB or gaming union we can report NCscam to and get them shut down until they fix their crap.
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    The maintenance has been extended by one hour. We will be adding the login queue back today and the character creation will be temporarily disabled until we have some additional server changes/fixes.
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    Insted of wasting time to boost the pk chars why dot you spent some time to fix actual problems of the game? Fish and fish stew are not tradable (thats a bummer cause is a part of the economy) Matterials cant be sold to the store (another bump in economy) damage window 5th skill bar add areas that people can actually farm adenas and xp open more castles you cant ask on npc for 5.000.000n adenas and to buy something and no drop adenas plus the ways to make adenas are eliminated unless the bots and the sites that sells adenas are ncwest part and you dont care The economy is awful and there is no way for someone to make adenas in game and buy some things for his charachter VIP coins is another joke. Mr Lucky agathion costs 50,000 coins and do nothing plus hats from there and nothing is not tradable. No tradable items means that there is no way to sell/buy something and make some adenas And something last i want to add is about pk. Pk used to have a penalty and not to be able to use gatekeeper, talk to any npc all stats of the character shoud be reduced flag should no work you should add thesse instead giving them more and more I wish someone from the dev team will read all that and do something
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InkBqxxDq9Q somebody post this yesterday what is going on ?
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    Character Creation will be disabled on 2/5 and will be enabled again after the maintenance on 2/12 to help reduce latency on the server. A login queue has also been enabled during this time. Thank you for your patience!
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    This post was paid for and sponsored by NCwest.
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    @Juji and @Hime I came back to game in December, since then I've had almost nothing but lag. I purchase Destiny Rune/Prestige Pack but unable to use it due to login que, and kill slow or dead because of the severe lag that has been on the server since before I came back. Last night left my Evis/ISS dou in SV all is good and fine, wake up this morning and all the sudden within 20 minutes of being at PC my Evis is dead and my ISS is outta MP. Everything was full when I came back to PC and POOF no VR is working at all and ISS is completely out of mana. Instead of "Got Milk?" its "Got LAG?". As a paying customer this is completely unacceptable on all aspects, nothing has been done there has been no talk about compensation and only "We are waiting on server upgrades" but yet you say server hardware matches Korea so "all should be fine". How is it "all should be fine" but yet isn't? I've played on/off since Closed Beta from what 2003 to 2010 everyday except when I was deployed. From 2010 to present on/off cause I got tired of the lack of GM Support and basic moral fiber from NCSoft for doing nothing to fix anything. I love the game its great, but you wonder why no one plays it compared to other games like AAC or WoW? Its because YOU DO NOTHING to support your game! You have people openly botting with no penalty and so much lag/exploits nothing is done about it at all. You take aspects of the game from monster drops/events and put them ONLY in NC Store to make us pay for them but give us 1/4 the cosmetics/drops as Korea? Saw a video about updates that just happened on Korea/RU Offical and there was a pimp joker cosmetic.. Do we have it here? NO. Someone was comparing Korea server to our own.. +16 R99 Weapons someone was saying on Korean Server was 8b.. Those go for 100b+ on NC West Servers. Korea's have Dragon Weapon/Blood Zariche weapon/claw/blood events ALL the time.. We have nothing.. You want to make money.. Your a Company to make money.. We get it. But here is a to-do list to make more money. Not in any specific order except #1 #1 FIX YOUR bleep SERVERS #2 Update L2 Store Packs like Starter Pack *WORTHLESS* #3 Stop taking items we've been able to acquire from mobs out of drop loot for L2 Store only sales #4 GIVE US MORE FARMABLE EVENTS LIKE KOREA #5 Update L2 Store / Prestige Pack Current prestige pack.. IS A JOKE. No Exp Rune .. Drop rune split between party members which means you only want to group with people that has the rune pack otherwise its WORTHLESS! You get 30 soul bottles a month? Ok lets do some simple math.. Lets say you get 30 soul bottles of the SAME instead of random. You need 1000 to make 1 bottle. 1000 / 30 = 33.33 Months That is almost 3 years to get 1 bottle. Now the jewls you REALLY want need 10 bottles.. Soooo almost 27 years to be able to make 1 jewl a SOUL jewl. OK even if you pay for 3 Subscriptions because we can have Max of 3 Clients thats still over 7 YEARS to make 1 SOUL JEWL for the people NOT in a top clan that can't raid. I've been leveling mentee's 1-99 for Mentee Marks it takes less than a day to get there and you get 15k mentee marks. 1-99 is 10million adena only, I've also been going 1-103 in Bloody Swamp as it had *I say had because you just ninja secret nerfed it without telling us* in about 2-3 days solo as a mentee. I was making 110 million and getting 40k Mentee Marks. So for a new player getting 105 they might have MAX 500 Million adena and have exalted gear. They can't buy anything with 500 million so they are forced to NC Store / Prestige pack / Destiny Pack etc etc with no real return because the packs are so old and out dated they are worthless. Your killing your user base before they even start the game. You want more money? You can't even handle the users you have without severe lag that makes us waste our money how do you expect to get more customers playing? When you put the que back on retail servers you inadvertantly put back up a 1 yr old message "Try our new GLUDIO SERVER for Classic". Does anyone know what they are doing at all? You just toggle something without checking what it fully toggles and you wonder WHY your servers are lagging? Because no one checks their work at all before they "Fix" or "Do" something. NC Soft West is the 100% reason why you guys are slowly killing the game, and cutting yourself off at the.............. for making more money not your customers. Dreake keeps posting private discussions with @Juji but yet we can't even get response here on the forums. I messaged @Juji on L2 Community Discord about a macro problem. He responsed 2 times and *Poof* disappeared with no response which shows he really didn't care about me reporting a problem/bug to him. But he has time to be in many private discussions with select people only. Great Customer Service you have for the people that ONLY invest the most in the game/cheat the most/have the most adena ingame. Sorry I couldn't be rich to put more money in just a military vet living on fixed income due to medical problems and spend what i can to support a game I enjoy. But that again will be coming to a close very soon if these BLATANT issue's are not addressed soon. Now you can say this is a whole QQ Post, you probably will disregard it like everything else, but I hope you don't. Balls in your court now.
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    Hello, First of all thanks for the power of love event and the new gamble box promo. I'm sure a lot of money has been made with this kind of events/promo and that's cool But in order to make everyone happy, because everyone can't pay store promos every month it would be nice to consider 1-2 Farmable event a year Like some sort of event when everyone can log in and actually go do something for a purpose of winning adena/mats to improve. This would help many players to catch up and maybe spend more later on store promo ... Maybe @Hime @Juji Can give us you'r opinion about some sort of new things for 2020 for us maybe
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    trick for ncsoft: you need to insert the plug into the socket .....
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    GUYS! It is actually very simple to do Imagine NCSoft is a Raid Boss, all we need to do is get together as we do in-game to kill and destroy them, but in this case what we need to do is stop paying their bills, stop paying for anything in this game, if they want this game dead so badly, then let them get what they want. That is a killing attack! And we will win, there are tons of nice servers to join and to have fun. Enough complaining, years of crying and complaining for them to keep getting our money every event.
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    Wish i can say i Cancelled my prestige subscription, but i'm free to play guy, not pay money to a company that not care my feelings
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    The forum is full of people who have written complaints, who say they have discontinued their Prestige Pack subscription.Is it possible that NCWest does not see this drop in earnings and starts working to better manage the game, but above all to stop doing these paid events?Events must be organized to increase the fun of the players, not to enrich your pockets
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    Its 2020 move your servers to a cloud based option(Amazon), on-premise servers are antiquated and a thing of the past. You could probably pay Amazon for 3 years of hosting off this event you are currently running... I agree with the rest of the players and feel that we should be given 5 recharge stones per day that you have reduced the mobs/respawn of mobs and have the stones out of the l2 store. I also agree that their should be a refund of all prestige packs and Destiny packs purchased since the complaint of melee lag was first made. Further more I feel that you add the adena farming areas that were removed so you could sell more stones then reduce their mobs.
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    I concur with my esteemed colleagues here.... I’ve been paying for boost (Destiny and Prestige) and getting nothing but lag and lack of server support.... Recharge stones out of L2 store... I rely on these PAID instance zones to XP and make some adena AGAIN to spend in your game... I also believe some compensation is needed here....
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    +11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 TO ALL OF THE ABOVE!!! Do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's time for compensation for what we've all been dealing with for MONTHS!!!
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    Your support and attempts at running a functioning healthy game over the last year and counting has been so horrific. The Latency, the insane bugs, the fail on messing up server transfers and still not having an eta or hope for the service to go back up, the continuous incompetence and silence from GM’s and support not being transparent and caring about the community that’s supporting the game. Seems the support team doesn’t know the game at all and they reply with the depth of auto response bot that’s slightly buffered. It’s ridiculous and I really hope the L2 community can come together and legitimately be heard, respected and compensated for all we’ve contributed and spoken up about over the years... you’ve heard it enough from your veterans and casuals. What would happen if we as a community decided to simply stop supporting you until you support us legitimately? Instead you continue draining the servers with all the insane p2w events, compensation never really happens, it’s just compounded by more bugs, latency, fail events and silence. You’ve just continued to do nothing in return to the supporting community... just bare minimum to make people keep spending. You don’t actually care... which further makes it impossible for a community to enjoy the game. Yes... people should have their destiny/prestige packs and whatever other runes and temporary consumables compensated. But really, some fundamental laundry list of nonsenses has to be addressed. Functioning Servers, Compensation for the months of idiotic instabilities, Opening Transfers, Transparency to your player base to keep this game alive and care towards your player base.
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    WANTED!!! Reimbursement for my wasted Destiny and Prestige Packs!!! This game is barely playable due to your continued neglect and making excuses for resolving the latency/lag/dc issues!!
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    so are you guy's gonna give us a exp event, give us our money back on the packs we bought i'm gonna keep taking this crap from you guys anymore
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    see, this is what happens when you give medals to all kids even when they are in the last place
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    Hello, Although PKs havent affected me personally in game, since i keep a low profile and dont bother anyone, however i have seen many ppl i know quit for this reason. How can u create an afk hunting system & gameplay and not fix the PK system a bit? Simple fixes should do it: - Make Magnus and other pets targettable when using Target-to-Taunt - Remove the ability for a PK char to come back and take revenge on you - Remove the teleport option for PK chars!! they can use /unstuck, normal soe, or at least use teleport with 5-10seconds delay! - When on mount u should not be able to use pets!
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    Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, February 5, 2020 at 5 a.m. PST / 7 a.m. CST / 8 a.m. EST / 2 p.m. GMT+1 and will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. With this maintenance: Standard database maintenance and application restarts will be performed. The Red Libra event will end and all related event items will be deleted. Zodiac Agathion Charms will no longer be available in the L2 Store! The Holiday event versions of the Freya’s Wind Scroll and Freya’s Ice Rose that were originally intended to be deleted on 1/8 will now be deleted on 2/5. If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. We also encourage you to follow @LineageIIOps for maintenance and server status updates
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    Losing XP when you die is a joke, it shouldn't be like that. When you die you should gain xp or at least not lose, because if you analyze the fact of dying it is an experience. I think GM should review this to the delight of the players and the disgrace of the pk.
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    Why don't you just shut down the servers? You clearly do not have the conditions or the ability to keep an active and playable server, you are putting expensive items in the store, filling your ass with money and the game is rubbish. Fire this team and hire an intern is more future
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    Overall I hate this update and I agree with all the Cons listed above. The things which I personally find the worst: no quests, no drops and my gear that it took me ages to obtain via in-game means is now close-to-useless. My character was created in 2006, but I'm now lvl 105 and feel like a beginner - with the parties I joined we couldn't even do Baylor. I'm too old to start from a very beginning ;p and with constant changes that throw everything upside down I feel I can no longer keep up. I guess this is my way of saying goodbye One thing I like about the update: it's easier to lvl up a clan now.
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    Thanks for the discussion. You did bring up some decent pros. The thing I find most interesting is that the highest level toon on Naia is 113, yet there are hunting zones 115+. The XP got nerfed so bad that even for the top-tier players, 114 and higher is almost unattainable again. They'll probably never see another level to even hunt in those zones which makes them useless. There are so many zones that no one uses anymore. If NCSoft wants to generate a new player base they need to utilize some of the areas better and spread out the levels of these areas so all level characters have places to go instead of everyone from 102 to 113 hunting in the same 3 spots.