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    Hello! Ever since Classic has been released in North America I've felt that something was wrong, after spending the last two days testing things out I decided to do this little project today to illustrate how much the western versions of Classic differ from each other. So I made a Classic on Aden and one on Skelth and set out to see what the differences would be in their early leveling process. Whenever I'm talking about the character on Aden I'll be referring to it as NA from this point forward. Whenever I'm talking about Skelth(the european server) I'll be referring to it as EU from this point forward. The acronyms will also be used for their servers (Giran/Talking Island/Aden as NA) (Skelth as EU). Whenever I'm talking about the Japanese Classic servers I'll be referring to it as JP from this point forward. A few points to consider before reading any further: NA had a VIP level of 0 during the test. EU's level 5 XP/SP Rune was not used. NA and EU consumed their daily hunting fruit. NA and EU leveled after drinking Adventurer's starting potions. With this test I wanted to check the differences between both western versions of Classic, special attention was put into: XP/SP Adena Drop Rate One Human Fighter was created in both clients and killed the same amount of enemies. They completed the Cedric's Training Hall Newbie Quest and talked to the Newbie Guide in TI, then completed the level 2 Newbie Quest and picked a WAND as reward. 5 Over-hits were performed during the entire test for both NA and EU. The testing wielded the exact same results early on, which confused me. But as soon as the characters started fighting higher level mobs the XP disparity became apparent. By the time the quest was completed, this is the difference between the acquired XP/SP and Adena. And here's the differences in drops: Hello again! Now we've added JP to the list of tests! Please pay attention to the conclusions! (This test wasn't conducted by me, credits goes to Fragola. Stream link: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/320497699) A few points to consider before reading any further: JP had a VIP level of 0 during the test. JP completed the quests after drinking Adventurer's starting potions. The Test Goals and Test Format are the same as NA and EU and so I won't repeat those portions here, only the findings from the JP test. Same XP as NA/EU on Gremlins. Same XP as NA on VIP 0 but the adena drop is almost double and even higher than EU's! While the difference in XP will definitely become more noticeable and bothersome at higher levels, the difference in adena and drops is what truly makes both Classic versions feel alien to one another. EU had 4 full item drops including a weapon while NA had a single full item drop. The materials acquired by EU were also in higher amounts and diversity than in NA. The difference in adena only becomes more noticeable as the levels grow higher and the difference increases exponentially. VIP Level 4 gives exactly +25% XP/SP which is what is needed to make NA's experience the same as EU in terms of leveling. The VIP Drop Rate bonuses however do not fix the disparity between the adena/drop ratio. JP matches NA when it comes to XP/SP at Vip 0 but has over the double adena drops. JP is also a F2P server much like NA, with different VIP tier bonuses that are compared under these conclusions. To acquire VIP Level 4 one must spend 50$ and sustain it monthly by spending at least 15$. Per account. To even be allowed to play in EU one must pay a 10€ subscription or a 25€ three-month subscription fee. Per account. Below you can see a table comparing the VIP benefits of JP(on top) and NA(under). You can see how the drop rate is much more dramatically affected in JP than in NA. *Please don't take the results of this small test as hard facts, instead try your own testing and see the results you can achieve. This post was made to try to better inform the staff members and players of our current situation. I hope NA Classic will get patched to be more similar to EU in terms of drops and adena. I also believe the Vip system should be a bonus and not a return to "normal" rates. For this test the monster Goblin Brigand was killed roughly around 30 times by both NA and EU. This time NA had a VIP 3 bonus. XP in EU was doubled for some kills because of the level 5 100% XP/SP rune. The characters were level 12 dwarves. Here are the results NA was actually able to buy 10 BSS not 9. Full test: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/319666259
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    I could make a wall of post, but I will save the time. @Juji @Hime please remove the pay to win Dragon Pendent from our L2store. We recognize that the server needs sustainable revenue, please bring back subscriptions, or if you are unable to do that, make VIP status more attractive with larger drop/adena rate bonuses such that enough players will purchase NCCoins (And spend them on more innocuous items, like tp scrolls, shots, cosmetics). Classic was not what we really wanted, but it's closer than anything else. Please, anything but pay to win. You will kill the game that we all love so much, so much faster than is necessary. That's all I have to say about it, but I'm sure I echo the community, I can say for sure I echo my party and my clan.
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    Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Thursday, October 11, 2018 at 3pm PDT / 6pm EDT / 2300 GMT+1 and ending at approximately 4:30 pm PDT / 7:30 pm EDT / 0030 GMT+1. Estimated downtime is 1.5 hours. With this maintenance: A potential fix for the queue kick (‘client will be closed) error will be applied. Fixed an issue where the XP Loss Upon Death was 10% instead of 4%. Adena Quantity, Item Drops, and Spoil Rates have been permanently increased for all monsters. All raid bosses and quest rewards will remain unaffected by this change. Several monster types will have a range of 50%~150% change in their drop table Fixed an issue where monsters gave significantly lower XP in the following hunting zones: Dion Hills Ancient Battleground Wasteland Plains of Dion Bee Hive Windy Hill Immortal Plateau, Southern Region Eastern Mining Zone If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. We also encourage you to follow @LineageIIOps for maintenance and server status updates.
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    Since the launch of Lineage II Classic, we’ve received tons of your feedback regarding Adena, drops, and spoil rates in game. Based on that feedback, initially increased those rates by more than double, and addressed key group areas that had lower than intended rates. After observing the impact had in-game, and discussing with the development team, we concluded that no additional rate changes will be made. Our rates for free players are parallel with the other regions that offer Lineage II Classic as free-to-play. Ultimately, the nature of Lineage II Classic is that acquiring Adena and items are meant to be challenging, as players must decide strategically how they spend their Adena. We recognize the concerns of our players, and we will be running the Attendance Checklist event along with weekend server boosts for the remainder of 2018. There will also be seasonable events that we run from time to time to acquire various reward items. The Attendance Checklist event will start after maintenance this week and the first weekend server boost event will start this Saturday. Information on the Attendance Checklist and Server Settings can be read here: https://www.lineage2.com/news/winter-holiday-events-2018
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    Hello all, We will be rolling a few changes to the servers to mitigate the long server queue times. The changes will not require any server down time, aims to reduce the wait time. The effects may not be noticeable immediately. In the meantime, we are also considering additional options to further reduce the queue time or the eliminate the queue all together. Thank you for bearing with us as we work through these issues to get you in game as soon as we can.
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    After playing at EU and RU versions of classic at different chronicles (1.0, 1.5 and 2.0), and then playing here since the begining, you can clearly notice that this version that we were given is a complete mess. It's an awful mix of few versions, which caused our version to be unbalanced. Firstly, we have our famous drop/spoil/adena rates. They were adjusted for up to 40 lvl and are perfect as far as adena/drop rates go. I don't know about spoil rates, but I've heard they are still 'a bit' off. But as soon as you hit 40+ rates become riddiculus. Mobs 40+ giving 100-200 is a complete joke. I made a new char today and killed some 15 lvl mobs that were dropping same amount as 40+ ones and it took 1-2 hits to kill them. I made 100k adena in 1h at lvl 15. At level 40 it would take me 3-4 times more time. This is pefect for botters. This is a crucial moment for servers lives - a lot of ppl would quit after hitting that 'wall' at 40+. Imagine 1 hit from Emi Bow costing 120 adena, while mobs drop 100a. There are also some x2-5 HP mobs at 40+ dropping same amount adena as x1 ones (5x Krator drops the same as 2x Nos). Secondly, RBs. We have RBs from latest 2.0 version of classic (there's no 3.0 at EU/RU, it's still 2.0) with celestial barrier and buffed PDef/HP. RBs were boosted at 2.0 versions of classic to make them harder and to make farming for runes harder (also decrease pwlvl on them). We have a 1.5 version of Classic, without runes, but yet we still have 2.0 RBs. They are extremely hard to kill and since they don't drop runes, there's really no incentive in killing them. Next, we have DYEs. Now, this hasn't be 100% confirmed by me yet, but I've heard that there is a cap for DYE at +5 for a single stat here. And while this is consistent with older L2 chronicles that most of us remember, this isn't consistent with any other classic versions. Ever since Classic was introduced, there was a +12 cap for a single stat DYE. It allowed for some more differences in same classes builds. Some liked it, some didn't. But still - it was meant to be 1.5 Age of Splendor, and yet we didn't get any info about +5 cap for DYE. Some people lost money because of that. Another thing I don't understand is the complete lack of L2wiki, or any database for this strange version of classic you gave us. It's pure chaos out here. This server looks nothing else as those private/pirate cashgrab ones that open for a month or two and then get closed. People already started quitting. And don't get me wrong - I love classic and I'm having a lot of fun here. But I can already see a lot of issues going forward if no changes are made. To sum up: they gave us a mix of 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, without thinking it through. Some aspects of the game like adena drop, rbs, etc are completely unbalanced because they don't fit to each other.
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    Greeting Adventurers, We would like to remind you that harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. We have had several incidents in the past few months where we took action against multiple accounts and involved local authorities. Some example of harassment include: Obscene, vulgar or inappropriate language towards you or others Threatening violence or bodily harm in game or in real life Extorting by PK for hunting spots, items, or Adena While there is no issue with general banter and rivalry between other players and clans, please remain respectful to other players here on the forums and in-game. You can read the Rules of Conduct you’ve agreed to here. If you are experience harassment, please contact our Customer Support by submitting a ticket here.
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    Nice joke about banning bots There are 55+ bots farming 24/7 Cruma 2 getting reported by many people everyday and nothing happens.
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    Other high priority issues are still under review: Adena drop rate 10% EXP loss rate on death (instead of 4%)
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    Game servers will be down for Live maintenance and Classic launch (hype!) beginning Wednesday, October 3, 2018 at 4am PDT / 1200 GMT+1 and ending at approximately 2:30pm PDT / 2230 GMT+1. Estimated downtime is 10.5 hours. Patch notes can be found here. Additionally, Account Management and NCoin purchasing will be unavailable until 9 am PDT | 1800 GMT+1. If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. We also encourage you to follow @LineageIIOps for maintenance and server status updates.
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    This is an updated Known Issues thread. If you do not see an issue listed here, don't be alarmed. We are still working though and adding information to this thread. If you are still experiencing the resolved issues, be sure to restart your client and update via the launcher. Some issues may take longer to resolve as it may require a patch. Please note while L2Wiki is a great guide, it currently does not support NA version of Lineage II Classic where our rates and localized names may differ. XIGNCODE3 Issues If you are experiencing an issue logging into your game client due to an XIGNCODE3 error, please contact support. Gameplay Issues The Refund tab does not allow you to buyback any items you sell to Vendor NPCs. Localization Issues There is a cosmetic bug on the quantity number for the Starter Pack, Tracker Pack, Hunter Pack, and XP/SP Rune Bundle in the L2 Store. The quantity displayed is from the items inside the pack and not the actual quantity of Packs you will receive. Clan Coins show up as Daily Coins on the NPC menu for the High Priest or Grand Master NPCs. The NPC to start the Whisper of Dreams quest line has the wrong name in the quest dialogue box. The NPC name is Banutu.
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    Currently Juji has stated the above time zones for the two servers. I think we can all agree that we want a server more oriented towards the North/South American gaming community. With North and South America spanning from GMT-2 (Islands off of Argentina/Brasil) to GMT-8 (West Coast of Canada and US), a server timezone of GMT -4 seems like a happy medium for all players. With Talking Island as a GMT -4 Server.... If you lived in Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro or Buenos Aires: Castle Sieges would start at 9pm on Sunday. Olympiad would be from 9pm to 1am. Daily Raids would spawn at 10pm. If you lived in Puerto Rico, St Kitts, or Bolivia: Castle Sieges would start at 8pm on Sunday. Olympiad would be from 8pm to Midnight. Daily Raids would spawn at 9pm. If you lived in Toronto, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, DC, or Miami: Castle Sieges would start at 7pm on Sunday. Olympiad would be from 7pm to 11pm. Daily Raids would spawn at 8pm. If you lived in Chicago, Dallas, or Mexico City: Castle Sieges would start at 6pm on Sunday. Olympiad would be from 6pm to 10pm. Daily Raids would spawn at 7pm. If you lived in Denver, Edmonton, or Salt Lake City: Castle Sieges would start at 5pm on Sunday. Olympiad would be from 5pm to 9pm. Daily Raids would spawn at 6pm. If you lived in Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Seattle: Castle Sieges would start at 4pm on Sunday. Olympiad would be from 4pm to 8pm. Daily Raids would spawn at 5pm. Show support for a -4 GMT Talking Island by replying to this thread or putting a Heart as a reaction to this thread!
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    Hi all, While we are working on addressing some of the priority issues affecting players, we are also in the process of catching cheaters trying to game the system through illegal third-party usage. We have been and will be closing accounts found cheating. Please note, the use of a VPN or ping-reducing programs are not related to this. If you have any question pertaining to your account closure or general account inquiries, please contact our Customer Support.
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    Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, November 7, 2018 at 5am PST / 8am EST / 1300 GMT+1 will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours. With this maintenance: Standard database maintenance and application restarts will be performed. Puss the Cat is here to help apply or remove Greater Dyes from your character for three weeks. Read the details here. Adena quantity, item drop, and the spoil rate will be raised by more than double in these affected areas that had lower than intended rates: Ant Nest Anthraras' Lair Forgotten Temple Cruma Tower: 1st Floor Cruma Tower: 2nd Floor Enchanted Valley Plains of Glory War-Torn Plains Fields of Massacre Fixed an issue where the reward for the Sweetest Venom quest was greater than what was advertised in the quest rewards. Fixed an issue where the Halloween Weapon Appearance was not applied for several magic weapons. The requirements for taking the Brothers Bound in Chains quest (Sin Eater) have been reduced from 30 Gemstones (B-grade) to 5 Gemstones (B-grade). The Launch Attendance Event will come to an end. The Memorable Raid Boss Event will remain in-game permanently with the current respawn time. This is the final week for Gludio Server Boosts of XP/SP/Drop Increase +30%. Read the details here. Free Teleports are available for all servers for one more week. Pumpkinface Curse or Candy Event will continue for one more week. The XP/SP Rune 50% (30-day) Pack has been added to the store. If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. We also encourage you to follow @LineageIIOps for maintenance and server status updates.
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    Hello all, We have rolled out another fix for the 'client will be closed' issue while players wait in the queue or once they've reach the character screen. You should no longer be kicked from the queue while you wait. Queue times may be longer as players will no longer be kicked as they wait. No server downtime was necessary, but you will need to update the game client through the NC Launcher to receive the fix.
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    Hi Kabal, We have not confirmed whether the current adena drop rate is intended or not. We are still looking into this issue.
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    So, with the adena/drop rate horse already beaten to death, it's time to resurrect it and beat it down again, from a different angle that is actually very important and I have not yet seen discussed (I'll admit, I did not read 100% of all the posts). Lets take what we know: Adena/Drop/Spoil rates appear to be anywhere from 1/10 to 1/3 of what they are on the EU classic version, on the server Skelth. Many player testimonials have confirmed this, but more importantly, it has been empirically proven by @Maya here: This has been proven not to be intended as the game's "original intent" by the PRIMA guide to Lineage II C1: http://www.lineage2media.com/Downloads/Lineage Ii - Prima Game Guide 2004.pdf For example, spiders that everyone hunts for the Dark Elf Village adena quests drop between 80-110~ adena in C1, and they drop ~25 on Talking Island Server. Whats the point of this post? The real effect of the reduced drop rate has not been yet felt, only a few players are truly experiencing it yet. They are grinding out the upper 30s in NG gear maybe with a D weapon, this can be done but it is not fun, nor how the original game was intended to be played as hundreds of players will attest to, who played C1 and on. Within a few weeks, a majority of the playerbase (especially those on melee classes) are going to get level 40 and have perhaps a D weapon (if they farmed a lot on alts) and their Moon Knight armor set. This will be fine for a few levels, due to the power spike at level 40-44 with new skills. Then those players are going to hit a wall. A huge one. They will no longer be able to kill any mobs but light blue, even with soulshots they cannot afford. Eventually, dark blue. Some will make alts and desperately try to farm small amounts of adena, most won't. We will lose 90% of these players, myself perhaps included. Only those who are either willing to spend $100s a month per account or are in the top 1% and can raid farm at that point will be willing to continue. The result? Dead server, just like Chronos and Naia, and a dwindling playerbase, which is a damn shame, because I've missed this game in its true form for years and this is our best hope. If the game is still not fixed before that point, we will lose our hardcore population, the more casual players will be gone long before 40. Good luck with the re-launch, I don't think you'll have that much interest. This is a situation of dire interest for NC. *I am aware some of you love this "ultra hardcore" version of the game, I'm also guessing you're the same ones with 10k+ NCCoins on your account :-) But this is a post for the health of the server as a whole, not you (0.1% of players). Consider yourself considered and bypassed. @Juji @Hime @NCWest @anyonewhocanhelp
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    Hello all, In the past couple of weeks we’ve received lots of your feedback on the rate that Adena is acquired at level 40+. After researching, we concluded the Adena scaling at these levels should indeed be higher. As we continue to make adjustments, a free teleport event will start as of today and continue until November 14. During this event period, you can speak to any Gatekeeper NPC and teleport to your desired location without spending Adena. Once we confirm the improved Adena scaling changes, we will provide additional details in another announcement later this week. Thank you!
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    Please, do not neglect the Drop/Spoil. Please..
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    Scammers There are unfortunately unsavory individuals looking to make a quick Adena by gaining your trust or by misrepresenting what they are trying to sell or buy. The best way not to get scammed is to be extremely careful. Take an extra look before pressing okay, and be aware of the potential risks you’re taking on. Be wary of any character who asks to talk about a trade outside of game (Via Facebook, Discord, Skype..etc), as they maybe trying to gain personal information or hide their true intentions from our in-game logs. Our Support team will not be able to help you restore items lost as a result of a scam. Bots There are some individuals trying to game our system for personal gain and profit. We do not support any kind of automated gameplay in our game, and any accounts found doing so will be closed. Our team closes numerous accounts daily for illegal third-party usage, and will continue to do so. We have an in-game system that allows you to report cheaters and automated gameplay. You report them using the ‘Report Auto Hunting’ action button. Only use this system to report characters you think are being suspicious – abusing this system may result in actions being taken against your account. You can also report illegal automated gameplay through our Support system, and if you chose to do that, please clearly indicate what you’re seeing and the offenders’ names. Please include screenshots if possible. Adena Sellers Unfortunately, the same individuals who exploit our system with illegal automated play are also trying to make a quick buck at your expense by illegally selling you Adena. We handle these accounts the same way we handle illegal automated gameplay—by closing the accounts as soon as we discover the activity. While it might not be the account that has been spamming you, we close accounts daily and will continue to close them. You can report Adena Sellers through our in-game system by right-clicking their name in chat and select ‘Block Adena Sales’. You can also report illegal automated gameplay through our Support system, and if you chose to do that, please clearly indicate what you’re seeing and the offenders’ names. Do not buy Adena from Adena Sellers as that supports these illegal activities along with putting your own account at risk. We understand that seeing this type of behavior from other players can lead to a frustrating experience. We are continuing to mitigate the impact of these types of activities as we continue to improve our detection methods and use the information provided from the reports that come in from our players. If your account has been closed, please contact Customer Support.
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    How is it that you're so fast to comment on something so useless as this but can't respond to you community? This game is going down the chitter at an alarming rate and you tell us you changed your email!
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    3k boxes(or even more) on 6k server is f-ing ridiculous. stop making this server garbage, hardcore grind? then stop letting ppl use 9 f-ing accounts (they even talk about it PROUDLY on global). why tf would you guys though it was a good idea? looking at this makes me sad, jokes on me that i was hyped for that, forgot you can f-ing ruin everything you did good @Hime @Juji
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    Hello, this will be a daily status update on the priority issues reported since the launch of Classic last week. For other known issues, please click here. Client will close (during/after queue) - this issue is remains under investigation after the fixed failed during the maintenance this morning. 10% EXP Loss on Death - we are working with the dev team in Korea on this. Adena/Drop/Spoil Rate - we are in the process of adjusting the rates and the changes maybe reflected as early as tomorrow. Full details of the changes will be available when the changes are rolled out. Accounts Blocked/Locked - Our Support team is experiencing a high volume of tickets. Please hang tight and a Support team member will get to your issue as soon as they can. Do not bump your ticket in the meantime. Current response time is between 24 to 30 hours. I am signing off for the night and will return tomorrow.
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    A list of things that u won't understand with common sense * -12% exp when u die *Some mobs (example Dion Eye Searchers, wolfs, rangers , bears, orcs etc.) give 100-150 xp * By playing SOLO lv 22(not being VIP) not that u can't afford equipment or atleast a fkin upgrade to 70k sword, u can't even afford SOULSHOTS. Adena drop rate is retarded. (Might be fked up on purpose fk knows) * not only the adena drop rate is fked, items too. Can't remember a server when u have to kill 20-30 mobs to atleast get a coal or a fkin stem and this is not my first classic server x1 .:) have a good day and keep sayin that u farm 100k when u reach 20 , yeah right.
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    This post is not to criticize or insult anyone, but I just wanted to share my experience and the reasons that push me today to stop playing L2. I speak as a player who has played for several years in this game from its birth in open beta. I do not leave because of .... 1- Bots: They have always been part of L2 and although very little has been done to fix it, I learned to live with and I can deal with it. 2- Multiboxing: Again, an inerrant facet to L2, which is much more present now with the F2P, but still I can deal with it .... 3- Drops / Adenas .... Frankly, I experienced worse when the game was born ... We did not do easy 150k a day with a quest to pick up top NG in 2 days. The problem comes more from the fact that people are hitting up level 40 in 2 weeks, which would have been unthinkable in the good old days. I leave because ... - Lineage 2 was a real hardcore game where everything depended on your player skills and the time you spent playing, nothing to do with today's classic pseudo version that comes much closer to the P2W of GoD that results of the supposed F2P version that comes with an insidious cash shop. In my memories of L2 classic, everyone received the same experience per mob, had the same chance to drop, etc .... Now everything depends on how much you pay (VIP, Packs, cash shop, etc ...). It is precisely for this major reason that I stopped playing L2 in the past. I was hoping naively that it would be different with a classic version, but we can all be wrong as they say ... And please do not tell me that someone who receives nearly double XP per mob, not counting the drops, damages, and other bonuses are not like P2W. Can you please keep yourself a little discomfort? -I am still trying to understand what fishing is doing in a classic version of L2, apart from encouraging bots, multibox and AFK. Probably my memory plays tricks on me, but I do not remember that we rewarded the players for being AFK, I thought it was the opposite .... I would have liked to have a "real" classic version with subscription, as before, where everyone was on the same footing, without cash shop or other and could only rely on their players skills. While I realize that the generation of players nowadays is perhaps not as hardcore as in time and that this business model would not have fit to all, but we should have at least been able to offer us the choice, this possibility; that of having a server with sub. as in the golden age of Lineage II. I think we had the right to expect no less! In short, I wish you all to enjoy your experience in this "new revisited version" of L2 and enjoy it, because for me, it is now impossible!
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    GM Marie Today at 17:22 Hello there, I've checked this matter and verified that there's no error with the drop rate of adena nor the experience gain from mobs. However, if you think that there could be changes or improvements to the system, I encourage you to post it on our official forums, where our community team gathers player feedback so they can suggest game improvements to our development team ..then I'm afraid i'll be going to ask for a refund with paypal for all my 3 "launch packs"! I still have faith and i'll be waiting till this week maintenance, but if nothing is changing, then I'm out. NcSoft is starting to look more like Webzen. I loved NcSoft since I first played L2 in 2005. In 2009, I P2P'ed Aion for a good 2? years. LOVED that game, until NcSoft decided to sell the EU rights to ............................... gameforge. Wow. That was the first time I hated NcSoft for what they did. Next thing you know, they switched Lineage 2 from P2P to F2P with the pathetic GoD expansion. I played a good few months into GoD and spent some pretty decent amount of $, but the way GoD changed Lineage 2, made me to /quit it , and so, that was the 2nd time NcSoft has dissapointed me. Now, now! I was SO excited when I saw that banner on mmorpg.com about NcSoft opening a L2 Classic server. Made all the necessary "plans" for the launch. Bought 3 packs for 3 accounts, so I can be ready to start farming and having a blast in this new adventure. Up until .. 20 it was .. O.K , even so, I saw people start posting about how bad the Adena/Drop/Spoil rates are. I even defended NcSoft when I was level 15. But now? At level 23 ? Nothing has any sense in this game. Like nothing. You can't say : I'm going to this place to farm for X mats so I can be able to craft Y item or to sell the X mats because of people needing them. Nope, you can't. You just ..go outside and kill mobs, with no logic on how to improve your character. And that's bad, because Lineage 2 is all about the economy, where, as of now, there is NONE. I'm sorry NcSoft. As I said, you are taking the Webzen approach of things. Which is VERY bad. They launched Mu "Classic" at the beginning of 2018 and since I played it in .. 2002 or so, for 1-2 years, I said to play a bit for nostalgia sake. I did..for 1 week, because the cash shop and things was as bad as yours. When I first saw the SS's in shop, I said they are there just for the very LAZY people who don't mind paying $ to buy them. But as of now, I am very much starting to believe that you put there knowing that most of the players could NOT afford the adena needed to buy SS's in order to XP and somehow, forced them to pay real money for SS's. And that .. is the worst decision ever. Listen, I am all for making money in the view of a company. BUT, make them with style, with common sense. People would of GLADLY pay if there was a decent cash op and launch packs. Talking about launch packs, I believe you earned a big $ out of them, right? And that was before servers were live. See? People blindly gave you their hard $ because they had faith in you. You said nothing about the adena/drop/spoil nerfed stats and of course, people was taking exemples the other 1.5 official version of the game since you promoted this Classic Server as being 1.5 version with 3.0 QoL and server improvements. Do not blame players for believing that they will get a similar experience here. as they had in say L2 Classic Innova. The Blame is all yours, NcSoft. Fix it. And do it fast. /rantoff Edit: Plus, the VERY lack of communication from your team, is very , very bad for business. Communication is everything. You do not go silence for day's. You keep replying to people concerns. Arrogance is not good and I .. believe this is what you "have" now, because you are kinda "full of you" because the servers are full right? Well , take a look at launch day from L2 Live and today players. Exactly!
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    Spoil will be included in the adjustments as well.
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    The Auto Loop Macro system was removed for Classic in all regions. The skill shortcut bar has replaced the functions of the macro loop except for the delay. I am going to discuss with the Dev team tonight on whether they can re-implement the macro functions or provide something more beneficial for the support classes (buffers).
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    Hello All, I have been reading all of your replies in this thread and looking into different options with the current 15th Anniversary event. The dev team requested that we quickly remove the cake raid event to prevent further instability and abuse on the Classic Servers. I tried spawning the Fioti NPC manually today, but there was no message prompt for claiming a reward or the instant XP/SP. The Fioti NPC seems to be directly tied to your character's participation in the Cake Raid. I will ask the Dev team if they can adjust the raid without the top rewards, while only granting the XP/SP. In the meantime, we plan to add a compensation pack to the store next week. Apologies again for these recent changes to the event! Best Regards, Juji
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    First of all you need 2 accounts. - Start a first window of lineage, and press "agree" (then DON'T press "ok") - Start a second window of lineage with the second account, and press "agree" (then DON'T press "ok") - On the first window, click "ok" to join the server. It will opens the error message : "the client will close, continues ?", press "ok again". The client will close. - and quickly press "ok" on the second window, and you will access to the character page ! Enjoy.
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    Hello All, Apologies for my delayed response. We plan to resolve all of the issues above including drops/adena/spoil and the XP Loss Upon Death this week. I will share more details on these two once we receive the patch from Dev. Best Regards, Juji
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    @Hime@Juji Are you guys taking a look into spoil and drop rates as well? Spoiling and mats dropping from mobs is the backbone of the L2 server economy. Without drops, how are we to be able to craft gear, how are people supposed to advanced their character? As it stands now, people are 30+ still using the Novice weapon received from the newbie quest because we cannot afford to buy a new weapon and we cannot craft a new weapon because parts, recipes, and materials do not drop. Please look into fixing this asap with the maintenance. Even with adena drop rates being fixed, that will not save the server from a mass exodus of people because they cannot craft new gear.
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    Hi all, there will be a scheduled maintenance tomorrow that will resolve some of the issues. Confirmation of the issues and fixes will be in the maintenance notice that will be available in a few hours as we finalized the details.
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    So I've decided to go through all L2 Classic and major 3rd party Lineage 2 servers, including Official forums and warn people about malicious behaviour of NCSoft. Let's start with server launch: The guy said loudly and clearly (27:30) that launch pack wont be sold after launch. They are still in store rignt now as I'm writing this post 10/8/2018, in my country this is a crime. So all of you that pre-ordered packs and have '"Anti-scam rights" in your country, you can sue NCSoft. They refused to give us the patch notes. We've got the patch notes only few hours before launch. They've delayed launch of the game 2 times with webpage completely down so you had no idea what is going on They changed Launch packs price from real world money to in-game currency to make people harder to get around the actual price. Server rates are modified to make people buy items from Store. As a VIP member I was absolutely stunned that they were unable to deliver NCoins instatntly. I was waiting averge 6 hours to get NCoins... I have never saw such thing in any online service since 2009. You are unable to connect after tens of minutes of waiting. Without any explanation. As soon as the queue ends, the game says: "The client will be closed. OK" Unacceptable amount of bugs. For such an old game this is unacceptable. I saw far better support, bugfixing and overall quality on private servers. And the biggest crime against people is that YOU don't care. At all. You launched Classic in a hurry, just to make as many $$$ as you can in a short period of time because you know that L2 Live is extreme Pay to Win and the playerbase is reducing very fast and L2 is no more profitable for you. So why not to quickly launch few Classic servers and get twice as much money as you're getting in just couple of days.
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    Awesome post dude. Irrefutable proof of the shady, monetization schemes that NCSoft and NCWest have implemented. As long as the money keeps flowing from the stores, as long as the CEO's take home their massive bonuses, big business simply doesn't care about providing a fair product to the consumers.. Look at Electronic Arts, willing to take on a nations legal system to protect their golden goose (Fifa). I've quit until this greedy business undoes this, and even then i'm not sure i want to support a company like this.
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    Hello Conguero, We all understand why NCWest need all this Store Events. The problem is that it is often and so big difference from the basic items. 2 same events in 1 month sounds no good. I'm ready for such events. But people who cant buy Ncoins and don't have so much adena (for buy coins in game) cant competition vs another. In the end, they will either go to the middle side or leave server, because cant pay so much in free to play game. I want the LineageII to live as long as possible. But you must contribute to this and not worsen the situation. So there need basic rules for example: I. 1 L2 Store event with "NEW" items for 6 month. II. If you need L2 Store event - do again Shirts/Brooch etc, but don't make x2 New items Event for same 1-2 month. People spent salary on the previous Events and are not ready for a new one. III. Do normal events without L2 store (At least 1 time per 3 month), its mean don't need buy "main" items in L2 Store for just play this event. Because last times basic items no drop and only 1 way play event buy it from store... Thanks.
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    Please +1 if you would like this issue fixed. So the 15th anniversary reward for 15 year old players today was a raid master outfit, which can neither be destroyed or put into your warehouse. With all the gear in this game, my toon is almost always 120/184 inventory. Yet to switch class I need to be down to 95 inventory. Switching class from main to dual class, something that should be simple is very difficult. This is very annoying mechanic to the game that I feel can be easily fixed. Can I get some support? Maybe the Dev team can look into this. This 95/184 cap, makes it difficult to keep buying gear. And the most bound items added to my toon the worse the situation gets. Pretty soon Top players will not be able to switch class. This is a very simple quality of life issue, ncsoft can fix. We just need to tell them as a community that it is important to us that they fix this.
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    This is an updated Known Issues thread. If you do not see an issue listed here, don't be alarmed. We are still working though and adding information to this thread. If you are still experiencing the resolved issues, be sure to restart your client and update via the launcher. Some issues may take longer to resolve as it may require a patch. Known Issues Level 85 Class Change quest is broken and cannot be finished without using a /target macro. Ability Point Skills Guardian's Blessing/Berserker's Blessing/Magician's Blessing are not giving 10%/20% XP bonus. Advanced Shader option still shows black textures. Muted sounds are reverted back to default after the client is restarted.
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    Hello everyone, I want this thread to be a Guide to new and returning players. Everyone is invited to post useful Quests or even tips about Lineage 2 Classic. Since servers will be live soon, any help will matter So if you are going to post a Quest for exemple, please specify the Class , Level and Link of the Quest to L2wiki or Youtube. I'll start and before I do so, the below table is taken from a @Taunt post he wrote on this forums. ( So thanks goes to him ). The most important hands down, will be the Starter NoGrade Weapon Quest. Everyone should do this quest once they hit level 10. Starter Weapons and Quests (Level 10) Weapon Type P. Atk M. Atk Race Quest Eldritch Dagger Dagger 11 10 Dark Elf Forgotten Truth (Level 10) Sword of Solidarity 1H Sword 12 9 Human Sword of Solidarity (Level 10) Butcher's Sword 1H Sword 13 10 Orc Merciless Punishment (Level 10) Blood Saber 1H Sword 14 11 Dark Elf Spirit of Craftsman (Level 10) Red Sunset Sword 2H Sword 16 10 Light Elf Skirmish with the Orcs (Level 10) Silversmith Hammer 1H Blunt 13 10 Dwarf Jumble, Tumble, Diamond Fuss (Level 10) Wand of Adept 1H Blunt 11 13 Human Spirit of Mirrors (Level 10) Red Sunset Staff 2H Blunt 13 14 Light Elf Skirmish with the Orcs (Level 10) D-Grade Armor Quest (Level 25-40) Moon Knight Quest Guide Video Guide Help with Temple Restoration ( Level 11-20 ) Human Only - Any Class - https://l2wiki.com/classic/Help_with_Temple_Restoration Reward 80,000 Earring (Novice) — 2 pcs. Reward at your choice depending on your class: For warriors: Warrior's Armor , Warrior's Gaiters , Soulshot (No-grade) (Novice) — 1000 pcs.. For mystics: Medium's Tunic , Medium's Stockings , Spiritshot (No-grade) (Novice) — 700 pcs. Grim Collector Quest ( Level 15+ ) Normally, this should be a pretty decent quest to make some Adena early in the game. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Grim_Collector Reward Talk to Samed: Map Skull - 25 adena Deadman's Spine - 5 adena Thigh Bone - 5 adena Deadman's Arm Bone - 5 adena Ribs - 5 adena Deadman's Complete Skeleton - 100 adena Zombie Head - 8 adena Zombie Heart - 5 adena Zombie Liver - 5 adena Talk to Varsak: Map Skull + Deadman's Spine + Thigh Bone + Deadman's Arm Bone + Ribs = Deadman's Complete Skeleton Xp/Potions/NoGrade (B)SS's ( Level 15 - 20 ) Note - A player can only complete their race Quest Chain - Exemple : Perfect Leather Armor Quests can only be complete by Humans Quest Levels Start NPC Restrictions Perfect Leather Armor (1 of 3) - Humans Only 15 - 20 Magister Harrys Complete Help with Temple Restoration Perfect Leather Armor (2 of 3) - Humans Only 15 Weapon Merchant Lector Complete Perfect Leather Armor (1 of 3) Perfect Leather Armor (3 of 3) - Humans Only 15 Weapon Merchant Lector Complete Perfect Leather Armor (2 of 3) Loser Priest (1 of 3) - Dwarf Only 15 - 20 Head Priest of the Earth Zimenf Complete Temple's Decorations. Loser Priest (2 of 3) - Dwarf Only 15 Head Priest of the Earth Gerald Complete Loser Priest (1 of 3) Loser Priest (3 of 3) - Dwarf Only 15 Head Priest of the Earth Gerald Complete Loser Priest (2 of 3) New Potion Development (1 of 3) - Elf Only 15 - 20 Sentinel Starden Complete Preparation for Dungeon New Potion Development (2 of 3) - Elf Only 15 Grocer Herbiel Complete New Potion Development (1 of 3) New Potion Development (3 of 3) - Elf Only 15 Grocer Herbiel Complete New Potion Development (2 of 3) Red Gem Necklace (1 of 3) - Orc Only 15 - 20 Blacksmith Sumari Complete Blacksmith's Request Red Gem Necklace (2 of 3) - Orc Only 15 Blacksmith Sumari Complete Red Gem Necklace (1 of 3) Red Gem Necklace (3 of 3) - Orc Only 15 Blacksmith Sumari Complete Red Gem Necklace (2 of 3) Prepare for trade (1 of 3) - Dark Elf Only 15 - 20 Armor Merchant Payne Complete Surprise Gift Prepare for trade (2 of 3) - Dark Elf Only 15 Grocer Vollodos Complete Prepare for trade (1 of 3) Prepare for trade (3 of 3) - Dark Elf Only 15 Grocer Vollodos Complete Prepare for trade (2 of 3) All of above quests gives the same rewards. All of them have restrictions - See Restrictions section Tab Above! Reward Healing Potion (Novice) — 40 pcs. Scroll of Escape (Novice) — 5 pcs. 70,000 3,600 MP Recovery Potion (Novice) — 40 pcs. Reward at your choice: Soulshot (No-grade) (Novice) — 1000 pcs. or Spiritshot (No-grade) (Novice) — 700 pcs. So .. don't be shy guys. Post your tips too! Thanks!
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    @Hime I don't know who did your research for you to come to this conclusion. But there is a huge difference in drop rates being challenging and adena rates being incorrect. VIP does not effect the drop rate of adena or the amount. So why would adena rates at lower level be much higher than most level 50+ areas? That a massive imbalance. If you sincerely think this, you will be signing the death of Lineage 2 classic.
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    @Hime So it's intended that level 30 mobs give more than level 50+ mobs? Please tell me this is some poorly-timed April Fool's joke. I seriously recommend you take down this post and reconsider again, otherwise you're going to be getting a LOT of paypal/cc chargebacks over the coming days.
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    Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, October 17, 2018 at 5am PDT / 8am EDT / 1300 GMT+1 and ending at approximately 7:15 am PDT / 10:15 am EDT / 1515 GMT+1. Estimated downtime is 2 hours and 15 minutes. With this maintenance: Standard database maintenance and application restarts will be performed. The respawn time for boss monsters in the Memorable Raid event has increased from 20 minutes to 12 hours. We found that players were logging multiple characters in the raid boss area to receive its rewards without actively participating in the event. If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. We also encourage you to follow @LineageIIOps for maintenance and server status updates.
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    I started on Bartz the day it opened. I still have my chaotic chronicle CDs and played for years on live Lineage 2 servers from day one. Let me assure you, there is nothing broken. THIS IS HOW LIVE WAS. When you got to level 20 you were lucky if you had top no grade equipment. And people complaining about drops, you are in for a real treat when you get to lvl 40. I wore top d grade gear til almost lvl 45 before i started crafting pieces of C grade. This is live, nothing is broken. This is how lineage was. We had cruma parties (with no soulshots) that ran for hours. Solo you could not afford to hunt alone and you had a buffer AND and healer because a buffer couldnt keep a party healed. Welcome to real Lineage. (I am a lineage 1 player [lineage 1 is abandonware and nonmodified clients/servers are legal]of 20 years and a lineage 2 player of 13 years). Ive been sitting here rolling since rerelease.
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    I agree so much to this, this also ruins classes since ppl just get their own healer or simillar. Suddenly the MMO is a singleplayer game
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    Hi All, Lets be honest. The nerfs to adena/loot/spoil rates were 100% by design.. it was actually a great idea that 2-3 years ago, they would have gotten away with. Nerfing adena was to force people to buy SS from the shop and likely, force users into buying gear through L2 shop when they are inevitably released. Spoil rates and loot drops were nerfed to increase the value of 'silver coins' thus enticing players to buy VIP3/4 and earn materials that way. What we have now is a Lineage 2 that is broken, where progression walls exists as players simply cannot gear up even when using the shop to supplement SS. These predatory actions implemented by NCSoft/West arent new. We only need to look back to the Destiny 2 XP throttling and Battlefront 2 lootbox fiasco's to realise developers and publishers are becoming more daring and cunning in their monetization schemes! NCsoft/NCWest decided to force players into spending money before inevitably hitting a progression wall, and whilst perhaps not as obvious as Destiny 2 or Battlefront 2, it is still just as insidious. I want to congratulate all those who voiced their concerns against these predatory actions. Those who chose, rather than to be silent, to make their anger, their frustration and disappointment heard. We had the proverbial wool pulled over our eyes prior to release, with patch notes saying absolutely nothing about the nerfs (this is what annoys me the most). Many of us played at release and understand how amazing Lineage 2 is and what Lineage 2 Classic could have been. We have been left unbelievably frustrated and saddend that greed took priority over providing a good, fun and authentic experience. Maybe things will change, maybe NCSoft/West will continue their predatory monetization schemes, but if they do, they can expect a mass exodus reminiscent of Bless Online. Keep fighting the good fight boys. Corporate greed should never be accepted. Tetsuo.
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    WOHO I get to play spider simulator 2018 for at least another week! I'm so excited
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    @Juji @Hime Okay, folks, it's time. You've procrastinated for 5 days giving answers to the important questions here. (1) Are you going to fix the drop/adena/spoil/exp rates or not? (2) are you going to fix the server connect issues or not? (3) What's with the random bans? (4) What, if anything, are you going to do about the RMTs and the bots after 15 years of neglecting the problem? Let's have some answers.
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    Simple as that, it´s a marketing fraud for establishing something in the patchnotes and later doing something else You like how it is right now? fine, you can have your own opinion and taste, doens´t mean this isn´t a fraud and they explicitly lied to everyone
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