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    This post was paid for and sponsored by NCwest.
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    Hello All, Several hardware components failed during the initial testing of the new server hardware from the vendor. They are in the process of re-ordering those replacement parts before we receive everything. I am working with the dev team now on a compensation plan and will share more details as soon as I have them.
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    Recently many people are complaining about the lack of transparency and "ears" to the community. We had 7 pages at the moment in the last week's maintenance topic. No one from the staff answered nobody. @Juji @Hime and others that I don't know. Why you or someone from the staff answer the community? Is really hard to answer or say something more realistic about what comes next and get some ideas from the community? We don't see any kind of interaction. Where are the community managers?
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    L2store also has some armor etc packs you could use if you don't want to reroll and/or pending on the level of your char it will get new gear upon completion of the first exalted quest
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    The best way is try to your luck with Support about this situation. But you bought Prestige Pack and NCoins and you received Prestige Pack and NCoins. You got what you paid for. The servers could be offline for 1 month and yet you wouldn't be "entitled" to anything.