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    And those of us that are lower than 110 keep getting kicked under the bus! So damn sad. We need help too!
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    KKK, do you think someone with two grams of brain would spend a $ here. This used to be a free to play game where you only bought cosmetic stuff. Now all the shit you want that a player needs is for sale at the L2STORE store. Such an idiot can only be said by someone who has been playing this game for a short time. Please visit https://eu.4game.com/lineage2al and compare the difference. Cheers lol
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    Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, September 16, 2020 at 5 a.m. PDT / 7 a.m. CDT / 8 a.m. EDT / 2 p.m. GMT+2 and will be unavailable for approximately 3 hours. With this maintenance: Standard database maintenance and application restarts will be performed. The Tower of Insolence Lower Levels Recharge Passes will be removed as previously mentioned. The Letter Collector event will end and the following items will be removed from players' inventories: All Letters Letter Collector’s Pouch: TALES Letter Collector’s Pouch: ALL Tower of Insolence Lower Levels Recharge Stone Rare Accessory Pack (Underground) Greater Rare Accessory Pack (Underground) Soul Bottle Pack (Underground) Soul Crystal Coupon Pack (Underground) Hair Accessory Pack (Underground) Attribute Stone Pack (Underground) Greater Attribute Stone Pack (Underground) Enchant Scroll Pack (Underground) Greater Enchant Scroll Pack (Underground) Lucky Enchant Stone Pack (Underground) Greater Lucky Enchant Stone Pack (Underground) The Mystery Box in the L2 Store will be available for 1 final week. Red Libra September Event will continue for 2 weeks. Ketra Orc Outpost and Varka Silenos Barracks have been renewed as Lv. 111~112 Party Hunting Zones. The renewed zones have been updated on the Teleport menu under the Town of Goddard. All Ketra/Varka monster drop tables have been scaled up to Lv. 112 and the Mysterious Attribute Herb has been added. The combat abilities of monsters in these areas will increase at night time. All monsters are party specialized, which means you can obtain further XP from them when in a party of 5 or more. Known Issue: Exalted Quest reward items are not working yet for the renewed zones and the issue has already been reported to the Dev team to resolve. If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. We also encourage you to follow @LineageIIOps for maintenance and server status updates.
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    Ambicija stop telling fairy tales. 100 - 110 in 3 months. Are you smoking my friend? I got a friend tank, 100% free to play, he just hit 110 in 1 year. It takes already 20 days to lvl from 108 -> 109 in duo party with 200% exp rune & doing all dailies when you take 5%. Another two months from 109 -> 110 in duo party with 200% exp rune. 110 -> 111 it takes 3 months +- with 200% exp rune while doing all dailies and play a lot to make 1% per day. All this is only possible if you have a damn good YUL in party with good gear. And I do have one so I know what I am speaking about. Now you are asking a newcomer to do 100-110 in 3 month with 0 gear except exalted one? You might reconsider what you said earlier. And I do daily 1b Adena as income from dailies, SI, PI, IoS etc. So gearing up for a newcomer is really difficult. Of course, if you spend 1k euros per month to hit the vitality party cake all the time it is faster. FFS 1k euro! Even I don't spend that amount a month for this. I have been playing nearly for 10 months now. In Mid-October I will hit 111 and I play everyday 5-7 hours and I did have to spend a good amount in Ncoins. I only agree on what you say, if you already have one geared character who can push others.
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    This topic made by Hybird side , server Naia . And so easy to reslove this : - They ( Hybird side ) cant kill Eviscerators that hitting chest , so help them remove Steel Mind skill from Eviscerator class . - They ( Hybird side ) crying about 1%-2% chance ( Passive Skill: 1% chance for General Attacks and 2% when casting a skill to deal 3717 fixed damage ) , so help them delete all GOD earing or remove that passive skill . - They ( Hybird side ) cant debuff people using Dragon weapons , so delete Digity skill from Dragon weapons . - They ( Hybird side ) want cage / exile someone pernament , so let help them make Cage/exile skill of Cursed weapons 1 min again . With all of this , they ( Hybird side ) can control 100% Cursed Weapon event at Naia server . Let setting this game as they ( Hybird side ) wish please !
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    I have prestige and the destiny pack. I have a +13 R99 Bloody Retri, +8 Bloody Robes, etc etc. Not all of us can afford +12 Bloody or Limited weaps. Tanor is full. Alligator island is pretty much full. I am not a newcomer. I've been playing since C3 but some of us take breaks. People have jobs and a life. It if was so easy to hit lvl 110 why is the majority of the server 106-108! Look around and take notice or are you too busy afk farming to do so.
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    Really? 100--->110 now easy to make in 3 month. It's your problem if you not have 15$ for prestige and 30$ for xp/drop rune. And maybe killing mobs with exalted or r99+12... weapoon (which was ok 6year ago - but not now). In game many problems. But hit 110lvl can everyone - and easy.
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    + Nothing change plus red libra for more two weeks as dristraction So you guys will launch the update knowing this update have a bug previously? Cool nothing will change for me anyway. in two years i reach that level if all goes well until there.
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    - Blood-stained Cursed Weapons / Cursed Weapon Bloods : Let everyone have chance to get it like Dragon weapons / Dragon claws . - Imposible items ( so much of the item have been made with exploit restore system already ), so please add them to reward list to let everyone have chance to get it also, item include : + Shilen's Soul Crytal level 8,9,10 + Legendary Cloak +18,+19,+20 + Legendary Dye level 7,8,9,10 + Weapon R110 : +20,....,+30 + Queen Navari's Mask +8,+9,+10 + Dragon jewel +6,+7,+8,+9,+10 + Angel Ring +8,+9,+10 ( the ring Tradeabled , Not +10 Fallen Angel's Ring Box that cannot be trade) Players that have spent so much money for this game feeling unfair coz they cant get that items, but the cheater get it for free .
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    Drops? Must be a typo. There are no drops in L2. Any item is generated with dollars in the L2 store. Only for raid bosses you forgot to remove drops. Curious if this place will be significantly better than solo or even duo afk.
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    Hello @Juji @Hime . Could you please provide an exchange option in the game to change the BSSR to SSR and vice versa because currently this is 90% of the letters rewards and 89% we get the opposite of what the current char needs. For example feoh gets enormous amount of SSR and fighter class- BSSR. Or at least make it possible to sell in shop or exchange it in trade or by mail. Thank you.
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    Hello, Its old problem and still not fixed. Paagrio Earring lv. 2 and higher unbalanced item in Cursed Swords Event. Standard character for example 115 lvl can hit - 20 dmg limit. Character 99 lvl with Paagrio Earring lv. 2 success - 3717 dmg. x185 diff dmg. The difference is really huge and there is no doubt that this is a bug Its ok if someone used it on main character like Archer / Wizard or Ertheia etc without trade. But when few Earrings trade per event for different ertheia (BOX) its turns into a large-scale abuse. Another problem its again abuse for different characters Dragon Weapon Stage 2 for Dignity to same Ertheia. Its ok if one guy used for few him boxes weapon, but for 10-15-20 Evi its so much for one event every day. In this case together with the earring, this is another addition to the abuse items. Lets remove dignity effect after log in to the game in this situation. When we did few times trade on Siege Cursed Swords its nerfed so fast (reuse skills 5 min) without any discuss and we cant use even normal giants skill augments till now. Because there option, use augment HP/CP or celestial or lose cooldown all skills from Cursed Weapon. After we got nerf exile from 60 sek to 15. x4 time! not even half... Thanks.
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    He is free to play as he want, same like every player. If he is pking you, pked him too or accept you lose and move on. If he is a kid or not or if he have a nice real life or not really matter? if this is something that you dont accept or isnt so funny and you are not enjoying the game, just quit and move on. All ppl in Naia read your bllshits like "I love my damage" and things like that, and anyone is hunting you for that jaja Less tears and focus in game.
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    How about stop talking shit? Create new char, buy prestige/drop runes and go ahead - make it 111 in 2 months i would love to see that happening and dont you fking dare trading your 2tril gear to him!
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    so now you agree now that you use game abuse , when summoner char stays safe and buffed in peacefull zone and pets stay and use skills inside pvp zone. So master is all time alive and can fast re-cast pets to make again skills inside pvp zones. Or since what time that isn't abuse? If i remember right, someone of your friends not long ago exped in same way - stayed in port zone and kept VP , while killed mobs in nearest location, PS: btw, i still openminded to question - did you have cooperation with exequter and overdps when you was in MAX about cursed swords? that nice time, when no-one but just Jaguer touched your precious zariche? I just want to hear how you will answer something on that
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    Really funny to see how those people from Hybrids are getting mad even if they have full power on everything on the server, they really take it personally or maybe they lose some real money when they lose 1 cursed weapon or some RBs? This exeq7er guy on forum is really trying very hard to get nerf on something he doesn't have, that's really funny I know that his char was banned befpore for abusing the game, is this person a trustable one? I think not
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    How can this guy know so well the damage given by using the exploit? @Juji
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    I am using destiny from 2 months and r110 bow aswell 24/7 pc on and i m reaching lvl 107 now more than 2 months, so you are telling in one more month i can get that 3 levels? There's another player with 400b on gear who make some calcs and from 109 or 110 to 112 will take 3 years. Do you have 400b in gear to clean those spots as fast as him? IT WONT HAPPEN EVEN WITH 3 MORE MONTHS / RED LIBRA AND HERB. A loot of ppl who are complaining they put money in the game, and yes all of they have points, if they dnt have the forum adms wont open a FEEDBACK COLLECTION, the problem is lack of attitude to do the right things besides get money from causal spendors. But anyway who cares, they are not wrong on get that easy money.
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    Imo add every item to a game helper npc and close down the servers in 30 days afterwards. Only customers here, barely any players left.
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    Hello, as I checked there is not effect when Spirit of the Hunter/Slayer is used. https://imgur.com/a/LpX6VHC 1425 dmg without Spirit of Hunter https://imgur.com/a/Kh24vQB 1425 dmg with Spirit of Hunter Is it in plan to fix it or? @Juji @Hime
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    Hello @Juji @Hime, I would like to mention 2 problems the game is currently facing: Problem 1: My Teleport Exploit in Siege. A few weeks ago MS clan used my teleport exploit inside siege ground during siege time and juji banned them. Right now we can see max doing the same and no action was taken against them ... even though gm said on a forum post ( https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/18828-my-teleport-abuse-during-sunday’s-castle-siege-621/ ) this is a bannable action, but no action was taken till now. I don't want to harm anyone toon or make someone lose their character, but a temporary ban or the removal of my teleport during siege would be enough of a measure to shake a bit the supremacy they think they have over the players that don't use exploits inside the game. As you can see from the following video, the player of max use my teleport inside the castle, it really became boring to play against players like that, so I am asking from gm the disable the use of my teleport during siege time as it was before. Problem 2: Abuse of Scorpio Exile in PVE. I would also want to bring attention about the exile Scorpio agathion has affected the mobs, players started to abuse it exiling the mobs while other players try to enjoy a PVE time, the PVP being not an option against this kind of players because using the Agathion on mobs does not flag the caster. The Scorpio agathion exile skill used against the mobs does not give u the opportunity to "fight" the player exploiting it, I don't find it fair towards the people that need to face this kind of player where they don't have a chance to counterattack? As you can see from my video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oe0jgIb5Ir0&t https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2F2v9rQwcc
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    +++ Agree with this, like this, people that made a business from selling adena in game will have no income, making the server become equal, therefore those RMT people will flee, therefore the server will be clean of "we make real money from game" people. Conduct breaches and Outcome - Buy and sell items or services only through legitimate means authorized by NCSOFT. Shall i understand that Adena mail spammers and in-game sellers are authorized? I would believe this is bannable offence! Why you have not taken any actions about the well known sellers from out server? It's not fair for people that invests $+++++ to get nothing and cheaters to get impossible items through your own malfunctions. It's pathetic that NCwest made this restoration so bad and allowed people to make impossible items e.g ...... (Shillen's Soul cry lvl 10/Dragon Ring+8 or more), without even consider that some "smart" people will abuse this ++++ without even being penalized for it. How is possible you(NCwest) the promoter of this game to behave with your customer like this: Deleting their posts/locking posts/giving no explanation about actions you have taken, taking in consideration only what you want/ allowing people to make Shillen's lvl 10 and after that stooping that item from being in the "restore" list (i believe this is called discrimination)?i highly doubt your rules of conduct includes discrimination. What sort of respect you show? This is how you expect people to join and invest in the Lineage2 game? @Juji i have asked at least 10 times what have you done about the restoration abusers ? your answer was locking the post, is that comes to you of being professional and respectful? It's simple and crystal clear what you have to do : BAN the people/accounts that have abused the restoration and that's it end of story, problem solved (please don't tell me you can't track them down) If you can't do this i advise you to stept down and let someone else that care about us/our opinions/our views/our complains. Let someone else that does not lock posts because they can't find a pertinent answer. Let someone else that can lead this game in the future not making it end in few months! I hope this post will not be deleted and hopefully take something from it @Juji. PS: I must Congratulate you for opening the Ketra/Varka areas, this is the best improvement you brought in game since 1950, however more mobs in Field of Silence must be added; like this you will have a free-flow areas of developing characters up to lvl 115.
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    Everything that ppl doesn’t like this days is an exploit .
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    The event cursed swords should be removed from the game. Soon ppl will find way to brake chests from Sos safe zone .
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    Abusers complaining about bugs ....joke of the year !
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    Wtf happened with icons in inventory and so on? Like WOW for kids...
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    + I am obliged to agree and I would like to mention that the company's business plan is horrible, it would have much more success with micro transactions than it has now, some insider made a publication where the adms moved to limbo mentioning that the billing last year it was around 240k us dollars. You can be sure that there are many other games that have revenues well above that and do not have this philosophy that ncwest has been having, at least you have a return for what you spend in most of these games, unlike here, where those who use / used bugs by long periods like restoring equipment. while in the l2 store here it is only garbage. It is worth mentioning that the hype is already passing and the boom that lineage 2 had everyone knows it was due to the pandemic, and with every passing moment, less players have logged in, if that is the intention of ncwest , they have to be congratulated for carrying out the planning with such mastery. Unfortunately i hate to love lineage 2 and realize i shouldn't have come to the official. I am disappointed and probably nothing will change, after all what difference does it make, this are thoughts of just another user apparently expendable. Thanks for reading this far.
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    Yes, AFK doesn't deserve drops or adena. But in live playing there are also no drops, no matter if drop rune or not ^^ And you know that with 50 dollars per month, you can't do anything in L2. Either spend thousands or play the trading game in Giran. The 50 dollars for Prestige and Destiny are just the new monthly subscription, which was around 15 dollars 15 years ago. Yes, as a side effect of free-to-play (aka: no drops, no quests, item generation and quick leveling up based exclusively on dollar spending), NC came around of stopping the loot boting.
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    Dear Fouhouhou we are aware that you keep exploiting and abusing the game without being banned , and we all know why, so now, ask your friends to ban my character because i'm saying this, this happened one time yet You know that pets are not targeted by "PC" target, and that's why your clan/friends/whoever is abusing the game with this exploit, and that's why you are abusing the game, and you can say that you are doing this (like you did for the dragon earring and the shilen 10 in world shout) because you are protected
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    It's nice to see how some players start to cry about inexistent bug/exploit after losing 1 cursed weapon in 1 months. Same people that is crying is that one that is using elf wynn to hit people with the knock back near the chest while keeping the summoner outside of pvp zone, in this way they are EXPLOITING the game, but of course that is fair, because they are winning... We know why you are crying, you want nerf on everything that is not in your equip Same person that is crying , as you can see some post over me knows very well the difference from normal damage to paagrio earring damage, imagine why @Juji
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    In their money they can spend it as they want, the problem results from eliminating the quests that previously allowed you to get the same items for which you have to pay today. The same shit I did in the classic, where your characters hardly spoil anything and you have all the elements to buy per store. It is a game where you have the same chances of getting things by playing or you only get them by buying as in a greengrocer.
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    When they are going to update the exp in the zones from 105 to 110. It's already a shame that in the EV zone they give 500 exp in a party of 4. Stop bleeping, I'm not going to pay you for a prestige pack to be able to go up to lvl. Not all of us are willing to give up their extortions sooner. Yes, it is true, it is full of good Samaritans (understand), who are eager to pay for the continuous blackmail. They have already eliminated everything, neither coal Mine (shit coal) works, in 1 hour you only make 1%. What the hell is wrong with them. With my most disgusting respects
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    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha The Restoration Soul Crystal abusers crying about bugged items =)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) That's it THE WORLD IS ENDING !!!!
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    More things, hunting zones, quests to do to Exalted ppl please, im lv.106. Any info about when returning back the Faction System with Rune Stones parts as rewards in quests to improve our skills? Thanks to read
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    @Juji I have seen many topics about this problem for example this one https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/19057-zaricheakamanah-chest-paagrio-earring-lvl-2/ and yet nothing changes nothing happened, so I don't understand why you make normal char hit the cursed weapon chest for 20 damage if some other char which have LV 2 and lv 3 Paagrio Earring hit for 3-5k damage? it's that normal? or its just no one care bcz as I said i saw many players before report that bug and just nothing change. ty!
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    I hope not, we need more xp/adena/drops and lower prices on l2store items and even better itens there. More areas below 112 but not only 110 (we also need 107~108/ 109-110 Spots not only 110)
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    Cooldown (reuse) reductions are applied consecutively NOT concurrently. So taking your numbers in order; your first reduction of 4% EQUALS 4% of 10 minutes. Your second reduction of 5% EQUALS 5% of your new reuse (9 min 35 sec) and NOT 13% of the base 10 minute reuse. And so on..... Numbers check out to me.
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    @Juji @Hime Time to officially quit this game because the whole GM crew doesn't really care about players' feelings about TOO MANY ITEMS got abused and ruin this game. @GoldBar Thanks for bringing this up again. GMs already confirmed that they won't do anything about it. Basically those item abusers got away with all those abused items for free while other players who paid tons of money for every event for nothing and just sitting looking these abusers running around with those IMPOSSIBLE items - If you can't do anything about it, please refund us all the money that we paid for events. We're not paying money for these abusers to play for free. You created a CHEATED system where these abusers can get IMPOSSIBLE items for free (A LOT OF THEM). Then you block it and not doing anything about those abused items. So players like us don't get anything because we're playing the legit way. Don't you think you are making your server a PIRATE server? Do you even know how players like us feel? Put yourself in our place and think instead. Specifically, as myself for example, I pay over $10,000 over the past 3 months for events to earn items the LEGIT way. But we don't get any good stuff from it. I'm ok with it because it's part of the game. BUT Sitting here seeing these abusers CHEATED the system to get items for free while I have to spend a ton of $$$? If you are me, what will you do You guys still think it's ok for them to do it and you are not gonna do anything about it. Outside you said you already resolved the issue like @Juji said in the forum but it's a LIE. They are still running around with A LOT of those abused items. NONE of them got reversed at all I already got confirmation from GMs that they won't do anything about it.
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    wouldn't call it "fine" as skill crit damage gear is way more expensive and that's just one of many things that requires changing compared to normal pcrit damage set up but yes it's doable @Juji still looking for a refund or support ticket route for changing all my weapon / cloak augments from pcrit damage to skill power / skillcrit damage
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    I'm surprised that suggestions comes from you, however let's evaluate : Dimensional Siege - totally agree on having more castles on Dim siege, but for fun, i bet your interest is another. PS: Why you don't take your friend Fuuhouhou and the rest of Hybrid.pet to take Aden in Dim siege, for fun for example? Clan reputation points : i believe the clan reputation should stay as it is, if that would be increased ppl( like you for example) will make a clan level 12 in 1 month( where is the trick? You don't have enough clans to make Throne of Heroes? Valiant scrolls as reward? What for? use Visa buy some, i bet a person like you with top gear can afford to buy Ncoins for consumables( rumours saying you never bought Ncoins with real money, you used only adena), if you expect all items to be given in game, NCwest will become a fail business. Mana Barrier from Feohs? i can't make sense ...do you think grinman is doing that? ohh no...Wintra? so you are saying that your own clan members are abusing the system?Have you reported them for this unacceptable behaviour? Rocky Camouflage, i think it should stay as it is, put yourself in an ISS skin what defensive skill they can use? Oh wait i see where is the problem....lllllAlllll rock that's the problem! With other words what i understand from your post is that changing some game basics/mechanics will make the game better? hahahaha in who's favour? for what purpose?who's purpose? I know it's painful to stay in Aden North gates for more than 6 months and pray for taking that bloody damn castle (i/we have been in that situation before, i know how it is). Issues related above are an "influencer" for top clans/players (we talk about 10%-15% of server), has nothing to do with regular/mid players(90%-85%) ...so in conclusion your personal interest. PS: If to change something i would remove all skills that Cursed weapons are giving(useless and annoying) , i would perma ban all chars/accounts abusing the Shillen's soul cry restoration, ban RMT'S and i believe that would be an actual game changer. Cheers' https://tenor.com/view/james-franco-haters-gif-13299706
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    Everyone. You are wasting your energy. Nothing will change. Good luck getting through to them using things like reasoning and logic. Only way they react is if you point out hard truths and then they respond with post removals and censorship. Fun times friends....
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    Not an issue,. You can get the earring and cursed/drag weapon too and do the same. Working as intended.
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    @Ambicija you do not count that you have using high-tier equipment for level gain. You do not count that not everyone wants play Spellhowler like you. And you do not count double exp time while you was getting 110.. And many factors. I think It's absurd spent thousands to be able reach 110. So sad that I did't realized it earlier. To other guys, In Naia trade discord I saw the list of gear that can make exp very fast. Mb, in 2-3 monts, depends of consumables. But you need also +20 r110 or dragon bow for that..
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    totally agree. No reason to log, no reason to be here still maybe check back in a week or so see if by accident they do something right (maybe). 0 desire to log and almost 0 desire to even check the forums. Took ~15 years. Too long
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    Actually for the record Domi 83 after freya was the BEST and most efficient farmer with Onslaught of Pa'agrio. Farming mahum quest or massive FoG trains.
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    Some people said that the craft system has changed, but i didn't find anything talking about what was changed, however watching videos on yt i realized that they added extra adena to the recipe to achieve 100% chance of success, is this still possible? I'm asking this because: It's been more than over 2 months and I'm just completing 1,478 Ether, it's not shareable or possible to buy, i imagine that 60% chance for more than 2 months taking all possible ether (using destiny pack 200% drop) for craft one shield is not motivating at all, almost 50/50 to fail is ridiculous. Am i right about the 60% or is there any way to reach 100%? In the future does ncwest plan to sell ether on the l2store for ncoin?
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    1st i'm not your BOY. 2nd They dnt ballance nothing as i said they just drop red libra as distraction and ppl like you think they balance something, Herb is crap, xp is crap and also adena is crap. 3rd You may should buy reader's comp manuals for youself and read what you just wrote.