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    The client limit will not be increased any time soon since we are still waiting on several server upgrades. Once I have confirmation on the upgrades, I will post an update on the client limit changing past three.
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    Honestly, I just logged in for today and I saw it, wanted to buy one cause i thought oh nice. until i saw its limited to 300 and its sold out alrdy U want me to quit the game even more now NC thank you for making my decision easier day by day
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    7 day rune is 2,000 NCoin normally, but for Black Friday event, you will sell us 2 of them for 4,800 NCoin? You think throwing in a handful of fruit buffs makes this a deal? You should be embarrassed to have to share this news.
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    Is the latency problem back? Today all day i have big lag and big delay in skills use/buffs and normal attack @Juji@Hime
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    @danti don't troll ppl.. everyone knows the server delay/lag went up due to the x-mas trees etc event and went extreme after Juji "fixed" the raid boss respawn https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/16168-live-unscheduled-npc-server-maintenance-thursday-december-12-2019/ the issue lies with the actual game server and not the ISP connection, everyone has the same problem and I see the same behavior on my pc that's connected normally as well on the gaming pc that uses direct vpn tunnel to the game server so yeah absolutely not ISP related @Juji fix your game man, just not ok that players can kill 2 groups of mobs on stronghold timed zone and then has to wait for the dead mobs to fade before they finally respawn.. people actually spend NCoins for those passes and then I'm not even talking about those that uses boost items that are very expensive as well.. this must be one of the few games were players actually pay more for worse services!! pardon my harsh words but the server situation is beyond acceptable and even with a so called 50% XP boost ppl actually make less XP atm cause of that.
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    Nice cheat.Double the prices in 1 year, Freya's Rune from ultimate pack is 1/4 time and costs almoast 2x 2018 event: NCoin Items Item Contents Price Restrictions Freya’s Fortune Stick Freya’s Fortune Stick (x1) Hero Coin (x1) 80 Lv. 85+ Freya’s Fortune Stick (x25) Freya’s Fortune Stick (x25) Hero Coin (x23) 1,800 Lv. 85+ Ultimate Freya’s Fortune Stick Bundle (x100) Freya’s Fortune Stick (x100) Freya’s Rune (30-day) Pack (x1) Hero Coin (x84) 4,800 Lv. 85+ 2019: Item Contents NCoin Price Restrictions Freya’s Fortune Stick (2 Hero Coin) Freya’s Fortune Stick (x1) 160 Lv. 95 or higher Freya’s Fortune Stick (x10) (18 Hero Coins) Freya’s Fortune Stick (x10) 1,440 (10% discount) Lv. 95 or higher Ultimate Freya’s Fortune Stick Bundle (x100) (120 Hero Coins) Freya’s Fortune Stick (x100) Freya’s Rune (7-day) Box (x1) 9,600 (40% discount) Lv. 95 or higher
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    Here are the test results on naked character with Emperor's Special Cocktail: +13 Bloody Krishna Fighter - Critical Damage = 41,807 +13 Bloody Krishna Fighter with 20% P. Critical Damage Augment - Critical Damage = 50,168 +13 Bloody Krishna Fighter with 20% P. Critical Damage Augment and Queen Ant's Soul Ring (15% P. Crit. Dmg) w- Critical Damage = 57,694 Here are the test results on your character with everything equipped with Emperor's Special Cocktail: +13 Bloody Krishna Fighter + all of your jewels/talismans/shirt/cloak equipped - Critical Damage = 206,905 +13 Bloody Krishna Fighter with 20% P. Critical Damage Augment + all of your jewels/talismans/shirt/cloak equipped - Critical Damage = 248,286 The augment is working without issue. I had the random damage variance set to OFF, which players cannot do.
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    Yeah this is so dumb black friday sale, all shyt... lol @Juji
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    The Prestige Pack Holiday Bonus Packs have been distributed. Please check "Apply A Code" on your My Account page and select your server/character.
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    Rewards for Freya staff +7 >>> +16 are not worthy at all. I don't know how this company thinks it meet players needs. we got most of these rewards on the Fortune Ticket event like Deton's Purple, Freya Bloody,Vital Runes, Elcyum, giant stone, and finally the most ridiculous reward for +16 is x2 lv3 forgotten books ??!! i can get more than x10 of them for 9600 NC rewards from +17 and above are reasonable, but how many staff and scrolls we will lose til we make it to +17? answer is clear after recent experiences. Now we come to the Snowman’s Fortune Box, list shows 23 items and as usual, the dead unneeded things are included. Finally the Freya’s Fortune Box which you probably will get 1 per x50, 30 items there and again with the dead things included beside the viner Talis Thank you NCsoft, another event i won't pay for because of your new vision. Good Luck for the participants.
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    Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, December 11, 2019 at 5 a.m. PDT / 7 a.m. CDT / 8 a.m. EDT / 2 p.m. GMT+1 and will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. With this maintenance: Standard database maintenance and application restarts will be performed. La Vie En Rose’s Brooch promotion will end. Lucy and Rok’s Holiday Event will start for four weeks! Details are available here. Holiday Server Settings will start for four weeks: XP/SP Boost + 50%No XP Loss Upon Death Augmentation Removal Fee = 0 Adena Raid Boss Spawn Time Reduced by 50% Freya’s Fortune Stick items and the Ultimate Holiday Pack will be available in the L2 Store for four weeks. Details are available here. Other Notes The Prestige Holiday Bonus Pack eligibility period will end at 12:00 AM PST on 12/11. A serial code will automatically be available to apply on the account management page on 12/13. If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. We also encourage you to follow @LineageIIOps for maintenance and server status updates.
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    @Hime @Juji Good evening three weeks now no one has told us what to do with the issue of dropping monsters. We're still buying the prestigious pack and the money we get from hunting is still 0 on several monsters. Can anyone give us some clear information?
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    Sadly once again Ncwest shows how desperate is to gather as much money as possible. $ 100.00 for 100 boxes . This must be the most expensive event ever rolled out . Next update the game will be only Free to log in!
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    Thats doesnt mean those rewards are better...
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    It is unfortunate that prices rise so steeply since rates are low to get something good, I only see that I will fill my inventory with honey beer and talisman Venir
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    ye but thats IF they actually activate that feature in NCwest. i mean we should've gotten the jewels box from mammon as part of the update but we didnt. and if that dragon shirt is obtainable at the, currently, last exalted chain q, that means u have to get to 110 to get it, which isnt that easy. one thing i do not yet understand is that since ncwest and nckorea r under the supervision and management of the same company ppl(NCsoft) not like RU or EU, why arent we at the same levels as the Koreans? i mean why r we always behind on updates and not like 1 update behind but 2-3? how come there, according to streams and word of mouth, most ppl can pvp without getting oneshot all the time, more ppl have end game items without spending thousands of dollars/pounds/euros? we must be doing something terribly wrong, i mean honestly, bring one of the developers/admins whatever person is needed and have that person fix our poor ol' server and make it like theirs! sincere request/wishful thinking!
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    Hey @degamad, sorry been busy working - didn't get back to you and I see now you're beginning to learn the ropes of the game. I'm glad others have been able to pitch in and help you. My Lv.107 archer got 143 STR and 78 DEX, I guess I didn't read the memo to focus on DEX lol. Also remember, when you hit lower toons both in PVE and PVP, the critical rate for skills matters between your level vs. opponents/mob level. In any case, higher DEX according to the passive description will provide higher multiplications. If you PVE mostly at green mobs, your DEX won't matter that much since your level is higher and your skill crit rate will be quiet high and won't seen noticeable benefit if there are more DEX.... but you will always benefit at any level, hitting any level with more STR. So if you PVP a lot, then you need to really balance DEX with STR or lean toward more DEX than STR. But TBH, 95% of the people on this server are PVE. I'm just saying.... Real world stuff: My Lv.107 archer hitting green mobs, skill crit 3-4 out of 5 hits. I say that's pretty good with 78 DEX. Anyways, keep up the good work - sometimes it's not a define goal to get somewhere that makes you happy, it's the journey and the interaction you have everyday as you're playing, the path and the journey that makes it fun and memorable. remember -- as in real life, it's never the material things that truly makes us happy -- it's the PEOPLE that truly makes us happy. Invest in people. Playing this game for 15 years, I learn some of the happiest moment and enjoyable are with real people, in live pvp and/or chatting about life in vent/teamspeak or whatever new chat app they have now. When you achieve a certain level, there isn't too much of a joy except when I hit the Lv.105 which was max at the time - yeah, that was a blimp moment. But for the most part - the learning, researching and trying different things is what makes this game so awesome.
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    Many ppl talk unknowing economy or at least how real life work . Dont put the blame to bots, they are not responsible for inflation....this time their only fault is that they dont farm adena and items faster. NCW and NC Korea are responsible for this situation... The first one for increasing clients/pc and for keeping the hope warm for increasing again to 7 clients and the second one for giving Paulina rgrade for free and full automated farm and for new item who destroy good old items(talismans, jewerly,etc). More then that, 2 years ago server were near collapse...berrely had 1300 ppl online in good days, now we have constant 2300-2700 ppl(doesnt matter alts or main or bots or whatever) and they all need gear to farm in higher places. To simplify: at least double population>>> NC add new items who destroy old items to make it>>>bots cant keep it with the changes and make less adena/drop>>>huge inflation. (Ex: Valakas Neck, Earth Wirm Ring, Tauti Ring,Rune Stone, Mystic Cry, etc.).
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    ye just the detail they forgot to disable gift when they put it, (they disable it later) so some bought more than 1 with diferents accounts.
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    ncsoft trying to close lineage 2 live servers, so they are doing this to make ppl leave, and they close the live servers... thats the only explanation i can find for this kind of business
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    When i buy this ncoins was sens for them, now is only spend money for nothing..
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    @Juji very bad deal,no money for nc soft this event.
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    basic maths HAHAHAHA WOW WHAT A DEAL. This is greed at it's finest.
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    Black Friday will start at 6:00 a.m. server time on 11/27 and end on 12/4 at 6:00 a.m. server time.
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    Now I know how I breezed through 100 USD in one day last week without any real result!!! Dammit!!!
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlqD2k7K5gI One of the best guides I can find on online for Yul archer. Kudos to this guy for taking the time to give us this. If possible can u provide screenshots of your weapon, jewels, brooch jewels, talismans, dyes and such here? How much dex do you have? How often do your skills crit? make a test before changing skill enchants.
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    I have the same question to @Juji I play with Prestige rune that suppose to give you bonus: Increases Adena drop amount +300% Increases Item drop rate +100% Increases Spoil drop rate +100% I was looking at the drop rate and it's wrong with Rune i should get adena every time i kill mob, but instead i get every second time or even 3-4 mobs in the row they don't drop. Can you please investigate ? Because, then you pay premium you would expect to get it. Right ?
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    This has been discussed years ago, nothing has been done on the matter. I'm rather confident nothing will change now. The dragons and whatever other epics worked well in the old days, but since GoD came, these should have been instances so everyone can actually see that part of the game and benefit off it. Same goes for the raids in game, these should be available to everyone, not just a few nolifer rmters. And before some vegan comes to tell me that I've done that too, yes I did but I didn't farm every single raid every day that spawns or care if I lost any. Not to mention the huge strain from camping them every day and the sheer boredom that's involved. Dunno why I'm wasting my time posting this though, lost cause.,
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    The only solution to this, for now, is to have another char out of combat picking the targets. Then, just assist them. Warcryer is a good choice - just have buffs and delay in auto window. Doing this can also help you to auto within a set area.. don't need to worry about drifting to some pker's spot or walking over to a raid boss GL!
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    The server is dead and you keep the same prices as years ago. Everyone tells you that the game is unbalanced and instead of solving it you make it worse. Can you explain how new server people can be equipped? you are eliminating all the possibilities they have to get adenas (farm) and equip themselves. -olympics, instance dimensional 100, fishing, etc... NO GEAR, They can't PLAY. All prices have gone up Eg: Rubi lvl1 --> 300kk - 400kk (first time 50kk) - Blessed Valakas --> 30B-35B ( before 23B). - Leviathan cost --> We don't comment on the price. Official solution: The only way to equip yourself is to use the credit card --> medium equipment --> 4000-5000 $ or more i think. How many people do you think is going to spend that money to start playing l2? There are no interesting events where player participation is rewarded. if you are connected even if you do not play you receive a reward (it is not an event) it is to deceive yourself. Please, Look to change things or the server will be more and more dead. I hope that future changes will bring the server back to life.
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    Are you serious? Not joking? Get married in real life it will be way cheaper and you might actually get laid
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    Thank you both @Draecke & @Digitalmonk for your replies. I guess was too good to be true . Really loved these rates ! I calculated it would take me only 35 months to get my Dream Gear . Guess i need to do the maths with the new rates
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    Greetings, nevertheless the 50% event is over on Live Unscheduled Server Maintenance: Thursday, October 31, 2019 @Juji announced Permanent increase to Adena quantity that drops from mobs. Well sad but true, adena drop reduced to previous settings like what we had before update. So i guess no permanent increase ever happened propaganda on it's finest !
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LWPPkfGFfs Isle of Souls Stronghold I port area archer fight 2 FS vs. 4 LB + 2 MS Let's go Archers!
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    Most of top pvp clans are full of bots and streaming while bot is on would make them look bad so they don't stream or record pvp and those who do record try to hide as much as possible of their screen for same reasons. Second thing is, pvp is thing of the past and almost no one does it anymore Also pve on this game is extremely repetitive, once you see it there isn't much changes, endless killing of same mobs on same spot isn't something people want to watch for long period of time
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    I have the same issue, i have a trouble ticket in. Ive been getting disconnected all the time. No lag, just boom clients dropped ( 3 ). Now, atm i cant log in at all.. I checked EVERYTHING they told me.. and still cant log in. Ive had the problem for about 4 to 6 days now.. I think its been since last Wed.
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    If you can add a npc or L2 service in game who can unseal your shinny shirt, forghotten books, all skills enchants and evolved aghations for ppl who will like to change their main , i think many will be happy since the prices will drop on boosts and we will have many xp events. So ppl will be ok with starting a new char and keeping all their most important items, and no1 will ever ask you again about dual/main service. Thanks
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    Hello All, We had a long discussion with the Dev team this week during discussing a dual-to-main class swapping account service. Unfortunately, the Dev team cannot support a swap service for the Dual Class as it would be extremely difficult to implement and maintain with each class exception. We thought it was something Dev could easily support for NCW because of the Dual Class Re-awakening feature with Red Libra, but it is technically not the same when it comes to changing out the main class. Players in Korea and other regions had also requested a similar service, which is why Dev team created the Dual Class separation service that transfers your Dual Class to another account. We plan to review whether the Dual Class Separation service can be brought over to NCW, but we understand that it does not fully address the issue at hand with the Dual Class imbalance. Therefore, we will be reducing prices on boost items and offering more XP boost events to run in the future.
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    Hi everyone. Sorry about the inconvenience. Rest assured your reports are being forwarded. Locking this for now to avoid too many duplicates.
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    the mobs take 10 seconds and more to disappear. Plz fix this... the lag is horrible!!!
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    Here is what I tested and found: With Vitality: Nymph Tulip (Lv. 105) Base XP = 2,590,590,492 Nymph Tulip (Lv. 105) + 10% Magician's Blessing Lv. 1 = 2,655,355,254 Nymph Tulip (Lv. 105) + 20% Magician's Blessing Lv. 2 = 2,720,120,016 Without Vitality Nymph Tulip (Lv. 105) - Base XP without Vitality = 1,295,295,246 Nymph Tulip (Lv. 105) + 10% Magician's Blessing Lv. 1 = 1,360,060,008 Nymph Tulip (Lv. 105) + 20% Magician's Blessing Lv. 2 = 1,424,824,770 Conclusion: The Guardian/Berserker/Magician's Blessing Abilities are giving 5%/10% XP without Vitality and 2.5%/5% XP with Vitality instead of 10%/20% XP. We are sending a bug to the Dev team tonight regarding this issue. I have added it to the known issues list as well.
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    Just in case every1 wonders : GM RJ (Lineage 2) Nov 28, 21:48 PST Hello, The serial code for the Prestige Holiday Bonus Pack will be distributed after the maintenance on December 11, 2019. I apologize for the inconvenience. Feel free to contact us again if you have any other question or inquiry.
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    You can buy the Heavenly from store 5 times only That's the restriction that i meant
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    What do they need guys? Oh I know some HP pots and 100 fruit buffs Great idea Juji, lets still charge 4.8k ncoins for the pack too. Wow we are great guys! Your guys black friday sale is much better on live servers. Why did you go full retard on classic? Give us 30 day 100%+50% rune pack for 5k coins or something how dumb can your marketing team be? I just gave you an example of a pack that will make a lot of money. Your Shiny Pendant Varnish pack is literally more expensive than buying the current 3600 pack that comes with 30 pendant boxes..
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    Hi again Degamad. Your weapon looks solid so this is a good start ( try to get 15% P Skill Critical Damage ) might cost you couple of Bills but the damage boost worth it . Your dyes are also ok, no need to waste more money now. ( 117 Str and 77 Dex is pretty balanced ) . Make sure all the skills you use are at least + 10 enchanced . Jewels can boost your damage a lot. if you can afford it get a 30 days Rare accesory pack and try different set ups to see highest damage output. For example Octavis Warrior Necklace vs Blessed Valakas will give you around 15% more damage ( 50K damage with Octavis Vs 58K damage with B Valakas ) . But you need to prioritize . Octavis warrior neclace is around 1-1.5B, but Blessed Valakas will set you back around 30-35 Bill atm. Remember Ln2 was designed as a grind game, so it requires patience and time. Of course due to the Pay to Win lately , someone can throw $ 1500.00 and get +10 Bloody set , +12 weapon + Full epics in 10 minutes. It took me 1 Year to Bless my Valakas necklace back in 2014 but it was a rewarding moment . A Ruby lvl 3 and opal lvl 3 will be a decent damage b00st . ( 2-4 % ) . Red Cat is great but extremely expensive ( i wouldn't bother at this stage ) At the moment there are not cheap Noble stones in the market to nobless your circlet, so wait for it. Altough might me cheaper to buy a +5 Noble authority rather than try to make it. NCsoft enchant rates are not the best. ( Last week a +5 Noble authority was sold for 12B , imo very good price ) . Circlets are better than even Dual stat accesories cause of the Attribute attack. And all the above are just basic. The you have so many things to throw your adena at. Venir Stage 15 ( preferably ) , Abudance lvl 1 , Longing Talisman ( Insanity if you can afford ) , 7S Talisman ( Attribute attack bonus ) . Ultimatetly it's your decesion how you want to progress in the game. The quide mentioned above is pretty good to follow ( some things out of date cause of new items introduction ) . Remember it's a game , enjoy it as much as you can with what ever you have
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    It was related to the ending of the Halloween server boost settings yesterday. At the time of the update, we had a reduced quantity for Adena on all drops. We had an unscheduled maintenance the following day to correct it. What is your level difference and which mobs are you killing?