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    I have recently Made 7 Attempts to craft a paagrio earring. Here is what the "chance" is according to NC Soft As you can see the chance above shows the SAME description for each.. if the probability is the same the success rate should be 50%. I tested this theory and attempted 7 crafts, all failed. To give you an idea of the probability of 7 fails in a row when the chance is 50% it would be. 1 /128 or 0.78% Try flipping a coin and getting it to land on tails 7 times in a row.. good luck, but NC soft would try and have us believe that THAT is representative of the above. When I confronted NC Soft customer service about this they had the following to say: "crafting God Accessories like the Pa'agrio's Earring are intended to be a challenging task as these items can greatly help on your character's progress. We didn't locate any issues or errors on the crafting system of the game." So if there aren't any issues and 0.78% is an acceptable rate then the Probability that is shown to players is incorrect, in other wards, NC Soft is lying about its probabilities and when pressed on the issue refuses to tell the players what the real rate is: "While it does show that successfully crafting a Pa'agrio's Earring-Stage 1 is 'High', it doesn't show the percentage. Unfortunately, Game Support is unable to provide this information as we are not part of the Development Process" So Support is telling its player base that it is "working as intended" yet they do not have access to the success rates to check and see if 0.78% is the correct success rate. This further illustrates that support is not actually doing anything to support the player base what so ever. Please Petition this and push NC Soft to give us % like they do in other country's and stop with these false probabilities.
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    @Hime @Juji Last 50 time u guys added a queue it was never beneffiting anyone or resolved any laag. So why do you guys force us with a queue again? It's unnacceptable to wait more than 1hour to be able to log in, and hope to not get a random Disconnection. THERE are way easier solution, but its time to start and listen the players, they know alot more then what you guys think. Suggestion, feedbacks are never taken into consideration it feels like. Instead of putting a queue, why not temporarily limit 2 client per PC? why not increase server capacity by 500, would be enough, Why not hire 50 Engineer to fix all ur laag, delays problem once and for all, Giving us a queue, downtime every 5 hour, just make people MAD and makes ppl quit due to the incompetence, and lack of communication from GM's, it's just pure truth, wake up!
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    We will consider extension of settings after we have verified the issue has improved. In addition to the server files, the client will also be reverted back to the previous version.
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    EXP-Event and login queue... thats exactly my humor
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    Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, October 14, 2020 at 4 a.m. PDT / 6 a.m. CDT / 7 a.m. EDT / 1 p.m. GMT+2 and will be unavailable for approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes. With this maintenance: Standard database maintenance and application restarts will be performed. The 6,000 Day Celebration event will end. These event items will be removed from players' inventories: Freya's Scroll of Storm (Event) – Letter Collector Event Shining Nevit's Gold Sandglass (Event) – Letter Collector Event Emperor's Vitality Tonic (Event) – Letter Collector Event Valor Recovery Potion (Event) – Letter Collector Event Honey Dark Beer (Event) – Letter Collector Event Mysterious Blessed Spiritshot Pack (R-grade) – Letter Collector Event Freya's Ice Rose (Event) – Letter Collector Event Shining Dragon Attribute Tonic (XP) (Event) – Letter Collector Event Golden Orc Potion (Event) – Letter Collector Event Mysterious Soulshot Pack (R-grade) – Letter Collector Event Gale Scroll (Event) – Letter Collector Event Sayha's Talisman Lv. 6 (1-day) – Letter Collector Event Feather of Blessing (1-day) – Letter Collector Event Raging Billow Scroll (Event) – Letter Collector Event Rare Accessory Box – Letter Collector Event Celebration Coin – 6,000 Day Celebration Event 6,000 Day Celebration Server Settings has been extended for 1 week: XP/SP Boost +100% Vitality Boost +300% Adena/Item Drop/Spoil Boost + 100% No XP Loss Upon Death (non-chaotic) Party Hunting Bonus +50% Zodiac Agathion Cubes will no longer be on the L2 Store. The Increased Enchant Success Rate for the Zodiac Agathion Charms will return back to the default rate. The 6,000 Day Celebration limited time store promotion items will no longer be on the L2 Store. The Halloween Festival event will start for three weeks. Details can be read here. Beware of Mutant Orcs Event will start for three weeks. Details can be found here. Haunted Chests will be available on the L2 Store for three weeks. Details can be found here. The Halloween Supply Box has been added to the L2 Store. Claim the free box once per day for the next 3 weeks! Fixed an issue where the Adena drops were set lower than expected for the following monsters in the Tower of Insolence: Cursed Tracker Cursed Sage Cursed Slaughterer Cursed Slayer Cursed Prophet Watchman of the Cursed Server memory has been upgraded. Additional server network settings have been adjusted for improved performance and stability. Other Notes Unopened Mystery Boxes in players' inventories will be removed next maintenance on October 21. If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. We also encourage you to follow @LineageIIOps for maintenance and server status updates.
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    Here lies the Lineage 2 Chronos Melee Class. It passed away peacefully upon the implementation of the ranking system on Chronos well over a year ago. The melee class is survived by the wizard and archer classes that have experienced similar symptoms, but not quite to the extent of the melee class. Due to the demise of the melee class, wizards and archers have emerged from the shadows of the melee class as the only functional damage dealers on Chronos. Of course, the subsequent cremation of the melee class will take place in the Imperial Tombs with a glorious display befitting of the once revered melee classes. In an interview with an unmentioned player of an unmentioned melee class, they responded with, "I'm a very private person as a melee player, so I don't want to end that life with people gawking at me while I lay in a coffin." The melee classes despised canned cranberry sauce, wearing shorts, cigarette butts in their driveways, oatmeal, loud-mouth know-it-alls, tabasco sauce, reality TV shows, and anything to do with the Kardashians. The melee class was world-renowned for their lack of patience, not holding back their opinions, and a knack for telling it like it is. The surviving wizard and archer classes have jointly agreed to retain the ashes of the melee classes in an urn on the mantle of a neutral location until they have, “got tired of looking at it.”
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    As the title, it's impossible to have many things stuck, not tradables, not sellable. Also, most of STUFF NOT AVAILABLE ingame like make jewels ruby/sapphire/etcetc, and who dont play into time during the EVENT cannot find ingame these stuff. Another thing: i've bought 4 agathions not tradables, enchanted and some stage12, well during Night Market Coins event i've bought the Evolution Stone and SURPRISE: not compatible with my agathion charms stage12 to evolve, 92349204823 differents stuff and cannot find support for these anymore, money WASTEDS. Is that all funny or is frustrating? is that all normal?
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    years and years pass, many of you never learn, chance to get a high tier item is always - 0.009% or 0.0009% .. yes sometimes some1 will "GET LUCKY" or because we have 0 control over the random outcome of a lootbox, how can we know that the ITEM WAS NOT set for someone to get in 1st or 2nd day and hook all of you to open scamboxes ooops LOOTBOX with a Korean random chance to get an imaginary item NO1 CAN PROVE THAT EVEN WILL BE IN THESE LOOT BOXES … and ofc … buy 10 000 bloody chests pay 3 milion ncoin and wait for smtg … for what? in PVP if you don't get 1 shot from 1st or 2nd yul or othell, don't worry your cele will go down and get 1 shot from some random AOE you are spending here like crazy and wait for them to listen??? they will just check how much income they got and repeat the same event a bit later for you to spend again, after you don't spend on the same event, because you feel scammed, no worries, they will put golden box, dragon chest, maphr card, einhasad ticket and you know what .. ? you will just continue buying and opening boxes.. Instead of getting all together and asking for the new System they have in Korea, where you can buy a Ruby lvl 5 from the new L2store addon ( Einhasad Night Market which they have as a part of the game now ) many items cheap as ***, ruby 5 = 10$ or smtg like that … greater ruby 20$ ?? How many years are you going to get scammed and repeat repeat the same ? LOOTBOX = SCAM get it already, especially on our prices here … we pay for some events x10 to x80 x100 times MORE EXPENSIVE
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    Agathions suffered many changes in a short time. Now many players have "obsolet" Evolved Agathion bracelets with no chance to get +5 and release a third slot, due to fact that Red Star Bottles are no more available in Agathions event. Could NCSoft give us one more chance to enchant these bracelets, making an event or droppable item to obtain the Red Star Bottles? Ty,
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    are you gonna roll the server files back to a 1.5 years ago when there was no melee lag???
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    Please fix the disconnects and extend the event for another week. I have been disconnected so many times this past couple of weeks! Respectfully, HB
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    Renew the 6000 days code , we may get it again that sounds the bell
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    @Juji so? Waiting on these confirmations to know if I'll stay or quit.
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    How is that not fair? They have exactly the same right to farm there as any other player....
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    - Navari Mask +8,+9,+10 | R110 Armor Sets +15,...,+20 | R110 Weapons +20,...,+35 - Dragon Ring +5,+6,+7,+8,+9,+10 | Angel Ring, Fallen Angel Ring +8,+9,+10 - Legendary Dyes (All types) Lv 8 9 10 They are still using these methods to bypass restoration system that GMs are unable to detect (make tons of new accounts + change IP adress (fake IP) + reset item's ID by trade/change items with NPC ...) This really makes the game imbalanced and unfair between players that spent their money and cheater . Restore system is good but there has to be a strict rule on the restoration so that players can earn good items with their efforts, adena and money (NOT with restoration exploit). Limit the maximum level of overenchantment . Example : - Navari Mask +6 max | R110 Armor Sets +10 max | R110 Weapons +15 max - Dragon Ring +3 max | Angel Ring, Fallen Angel Ring +6 max - Legendary Dyes (All types) Lv5 max .
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    What the hell i have to do daily? there are not anymore quests for exp that busy ur time, no raidbosses accessibles, nothing to do. You stay in afk Macro then for what ??? to make 1% if you are exping ALONE? and for who need make partyes with other classes?? 0,30% in h24?? NO SENSE TO MAKE ANY PT, AND NO SENSE TO SPEND, NO SENSE TO STAY LOGGED AND CONSUME UR ELETTRICITY BILLS.
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    This is why quests are valuable to the game. Quests with actual rewards and great back stories like the good old days. Not talking about lame Exalted quests that only get you to the mid-level of mediocrity. We have none of that now. Not sure what the point of playing is right now. Or is bleeding eyes a goal?
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    Servers are up! Chat Restrictions have been updated as well now to reduce spam: General/Whisper - Can chat at level 95 Shout/Market - Can chat at level 100
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    How is it possible not to fix melee lag in more than a year?? It sounds like you have political issues....
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    Game servers will be down for unscheduled maintenance today, Wednesday, October 14, 2020 at 1:30 p.m. PDT / 9:30 p.m. GMT+2 and will be unavailable for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. With this maintenance: Server files will be rolled back to reduce the latency issues
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    Several high level players take advantage of weak areas leaving low level players with nowhere to farm xp! Could any GM review this?
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    Maybe quadruple the damage from Melee so that they hit as hard as an archer with a normal swing to 1 shot mobs anywhere in the game. This tactic will work until your clan decides that it wants to do a raid then you are getting messed over by the lag. All regions have no melee lag besides us. As a network administrator I have given plenty of advice on how to resolve your server lag issues. Cloud based solution sell your hardware that is antiquated and isn't suitable to be a pop server little lone a game server... Fire your entire IT/Developer staff as they obviously are not fit to be even a meteorologist and they are expected to be wrong 50% of the time.
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    If you open your character atribute and drag your mouse into CHA you can see what it give to you: P.Atk/P.Def/Atk.Spd/M.Atk/M.Def/Cast.Spd/Max.Hp/Max.Mp/Max.Cp increases. Edit:"CHARISMA - symbol of the absolute effect of the ability to affect most of the combat skills."
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJFlktMjayw Any changes in Nc Team Or same ppl ?
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    you do not need xp, adenas, farming spots, and items to farm really. Here, have a new shiny lootbox. Why does this increasingly aggressive push of lookboxes feel like a dying breath of this game? aggressive lootbox promotions, a raid that gives angel scrolls? and a 1 min herb that actually looks great... Great decision making. To the decision making team out there: What is your product here? What is making ppl stay here? Nostalgia is long gone. Overwhelming xp for the time invested got ppl to flood the servers with every toon they had. Prestige sales should have peaked and xp areas got overcrowded. That is over. What now? How are you gonna keep those logged ppl here? Gambling lootboxes keep ppl here? Lootboxes are the only way to get stuff since you removed every other means of gearing up. They are not the reason ppl are still here. See the prestige sales drop like a rock. AGAIN. On the other hand, i think to myself as i check what i write. What do I care? i was about to leave this game the week the crazy xp started. That got me to stay a bit more. Was a compulsive choice. It even got me renew prestige once more. The rewards for investing time were barely good enough. Now as things move back to what was considered normal for NC i'm not willing to put up with it again. I'm on my way out of this anyway. again to the people willing to put up with this and forget easily what's happening, gl to you all.
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    is thursday and the attack lag make the game for normal hit based toons unplayable... i dont wanna know how it will run on weekend or next tuesday....
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    Melee attack speed is still slow, bugged, damage is 30% lesser. Exp is 30% or more lesser. When we can FINALLY fix this bug?
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    Game servers will be down for unscheduled maintenance today, Friday, October 9, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. PDT / 1:00 a.m. GMT+2 and will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours. With this maintenance: Client and Server files will be rolled back to the previous version prior to the 10/7 maintenance. Several bug fixes from 10/7 may become undone with this change. Server network settings will be adjusted. Note: The server queue will still be temporarily enabled, but we will remove it once we verify the performance has significantly improved.
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    we set goals as players. we track our xp per hr. we find the best spots and combos to get us and those with us the most xp in the shortest time. we do our own testing on skills and stats because the UI is just an outdated liar. yet our biggest setback...is the lack of game management. we honestly get set back in game by decisions (or more commonly lack there of) made by our GM(General Manager not Game Master obviously) and his "team".
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    @Slycutterwhat authority do you have to speak on behalf of NC? your opinions and deducitons hold as much salt as mine and the rest of the people here so please do not make me go uncivil here. we are not paying Korea, we are paying NCwest, i expect answers from NCwest. Everyone, or most at least, are paying a little for years, they are just neglected until recently when a herd of wales migrated to Core. The game progression problem remains, how do people get gear through ingame means. There is a recent post floating around about a dude who bought a + 15 weapon and ++++ gear, asking ppl in the forun how to play the game. You figure out how much that cost and how normal this is for a game. the ketra varka patch was pushed coz people were actually quitting the game, and prestige sales were dropping like a rock. T he xp event filed the servers and pushed prestige sales back up, while A) not solving the farming areas problem, every1 logged their bot train 24/7 and B) this has 0 effect on the game progression problem.This is not made to help support classes catch up. it was made so at least some people will hit 114-116 to occupy the areas implemented in the last update So Sly, as in devianne, YOUR imaginary long term plans don't really matter. MY long term plans don't matter. i take my red bow and shiny armor and trinkets and zombie myself till the event ends in overcrowded areas coz there is nothing else to do. It doesn't really matter if i happen to have gear and lvls, THE GAME PROGRESSION IS STILL A PROBLEM. And the people who are getting payed are as quiet as a fish.
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    No EXP coz its pointless and impossible to level without event. No quests coz there none left, why? I wish I knew. No content whatsoever because they increased the levels of everything. No raid bosses coz they are all lvl 120, and by the time we will be 120 they will release another patch with boss levels going up to 130 and so on until we will never reach them. No adena farming, how is that even possible or viable long term? I am adding one more complain to this forum regarding the state of the server and most importantly the lack of EXP on this sever, I know it doesn't make a difference because the people that should be reading this don't and the people that could do something about this won't. I came back when the EXP event started, I spent $2000 on my beginner gear and hoped to reach lvl 110 so I can start playing the game, I failed before the event ended, now its pointless to even dream of lvl 110. If we all come together and complain and express our dissatisfaction maybe the person that can do something about it will? Or maybe not but we have to have to adopt a collective approach on this matter for the sake of the game. Give us content, basic reward based content, give us raid bosses, mini raid bosses, give us EXP lots of EXP so we can get to 120, give us hope, give us joy, give us Lineage 2 back and people will spend and invest I know I will! TY.
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    From the (translated) KR update notes for this week.
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    Yo all, As i see many people from both servers likes this xp event. So is possible to extend 1-2 weeks more? Discuss it
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    All the AFK macros are making people brain dead zombies.
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    Server time is GMT -2 for Chronos. That's not subject to change with daylight savings. Listed times for server-wide events like olympiad or sieges are therefore in GMT -2. Local time is your local time. /time gives you the time of the day in-game. It is not real world time. This is the time displayed on the bottom left side of the map.
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    The only "winners" are usually the people who spend $$$$$$$$$ during these events. Like always, they'll rave about that the times that they won something, but they will never tell you the thousands and thousands of dollars spent where they got the same crap that everyone else got. I call them fireflies, because their arses are always glowing when they think they've done something great, and they always want more credit for "keeping the lights on" than they deserve.
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    Hi, I've spent 750€ (1200 Boxes) on the event because I was waiting for such an event a couple of months and went all-in. Got 1xValakas Fragment, 1xFafurion Dualswords Fragment, 1xClaw. Total 600 Boxes gone, remaining 600. Tried 3x God Jewels boxes and only got crap material. With remaining boxes, I used 100 normal ones and rest for Bloody boxes. Mostly crap came out of it. Lots of Brilliant Freya, some Gems for Greater Jewels upgrade etc. Not even one Greater Rune. All the big rewards I got none from it. Invested value 750€, gained items approx 300€.
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    Those should be perma rates.
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    Good night everybody time to sleep ,Won't buy NC coins strike!!!!!! for lost EXP
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    Without a doubt there is a lot of useful information in this post that can bring great improvements to the server. This time I will not suggest improvement, I will be very objective, and I will ask two questions: PK / PVP system, mainly PK, with the rules that the server applies, who is it to benefit? Could @Juji or @Hime answer that for me? I ask this because I spoke to over 40 players and everyone, unanimously, feels that PKs are benefited, when they should be punished. This protection, support to the PK has tired players a lot, get ready for another wave of players leaving the server. which leads me to the following reasoning / question, NcSoft does not want to keep old players / or is concerned about it; she prefers cycles of changing players, because even the new ones get tired of these mistakes and leave too. Am I right?
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    Yeah... $2.5 k for start... Welcome and enjoy...
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    @Juji@Himeso what's the word on the feedback post? Coz this event although gives ridiculous amounts of xp solves 0 of the games long term problems. In 2 weeks we will still be in square 0. What are you doing and what is the plan
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    To receive the 6,000 Day Celebration Pack, please apply the following serial code below in the "Apply a Code" section on your NCSOFT My Account page: LINEAGE26000DAYS The serial code can be claimed immediately and the code itself will expire on 10/14/2020, so be sure to apply it to your account before the expiration date. All items in the pack will be deleted on 11/11/2020. The 6,000 Day Celebration Pack code can only be applied once per account. Please select the correct server and character, so the items can be delivered via the Dimensional Merchant NPC. 6,000 Days Celebration Pack Contents Vitality Maintaining Rune (30-day) Pack (x1) Double-click to obtain 1 Vitality Maintaining Rune that lasts for 30 days. Celebration Rune (30-day) Box (x1) Double-click to obtain a Celebration Rune (30-day). A rune item. If stored in the inventory, increases P. Atk./M. Atk./P. Def./M. Def./Atk. Spd./Casting Spd./P. Atk. Critical Rate/M. Skill Critical Rate/Max HP&MP&CP by 5% and Vitality by 14%. Cannot be used in Olympiad. Shining Nevit’s Gold Hourglass - 6,000 Day Celebration (x200) 6,000 Day Celebration Event. When used, increases Hunting XP/SP gain by 100% for 30 min. Cannot stack with the Fall of the Dragon or Dandy's Home Run Ball. Cannot stack with the effect of Agathion -XP Bottle. Cooldown is 5 min. Honey Dark Beer - 6,000 Day Celebration (x200) 6,000 Day Celebration Event. All Stats +3, XP/SP Gain in Vitality mode +30% for 30 minutes. Buff persists through death. Cooldown is 5 minutes. Cannot be used in the Olympiad. Freya's Storm Scroll - 6,000 Day Celebration (x200) 6,000 Day Celebration. When hunting monsters, Vitality consumption +150% and XP/SP gain +150%. Buff persist after death, Duration 10 min. Cooldown 9 min. Can only be used when at least 1 Vitality slot is filled.