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    Hi all, As you may have experienced, our servers are currently impacted with high latency. At this time, we have disabled character creation and will soon be implementing other temporary measures such as the 3 client limit while our teams actively continue to resolve the issues. There may also be additional unscheduled maintenances. We understand the game experience has been less enjoyable due to the latency and we are planning to remedy the trouble after the issues have been resolved. Thank you for your patience!
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    Auto hunting will be enabled again after the maintenance tomorrow since disabling it did not alleviate the latency issue. We will be making changes to our hardware this week to reduce the CPU usage as much as possible.
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    Compensation is already being prepared (more details next week), but we are trying our best to resolve this latency issue as quickly as possible.
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    Ranking system issue is also being investigated as a potential cause.
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    I concur. It is important to NOT have constant scrolling chat in the chat boxes. I need to see ONLY the chat information from my Clan, Ally & Whispers. I don't want to miss those messages because of all the CRAP filling the chat boxes.
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    Hello All, We will have an unscheduled maintenance at 1:00 p.m. PDT / 10:00 p.m. GMT+2. The downtime will last approximately 50 minutes as we continue to address the server latency issue. With this maintenance: Optimizing the ranking system selection checks to improve server performance Auto hunting UI temporarily removed Thank you for your patience!
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    with the next update in mind where we will get server ranking based on MAIN class activity only aka not Dual class it's time to revisit this as there are many players who are not active on Main class and thus would be excluded from the new ranking system & the benefits it gives players. the Ranking system boost has more impact then Oly and applies to many more players (hundreds) then just the few hero's so it's nothing trivial. thus it's time for an updated version of the below Service from 2009!!
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    Hi forum, i just want to help me to do a list of problems in game after the update of kamael. i can start with: - my clan cant join in clan arena, npc say "The arena is not open yet come back later". my question is clan arena was disabled? last time we did arena was last saturday one week ago. - Magical Tablet need 20 elemental particle to change x 1, really ? impossible to upgrade skils 76+, now u need 620 particles to get 31 magical tablet. - Blood Stones since 2 months ago doesnt appears in castle siege, so clans cant upgrade skills u dont know where to get it. - Elemental xp was decreased, why ? we dont know. - Rewards after 76+ (epic jewelry, xp buff, etc etc) was removed, in my case, i was save it for olympiads and GG all gone. - Olympiad with full buff and hp-cp Potions.... well nothing to add. - Weapons A runes before upgrade was 5 Gemstone A, now u need 105 Gemstone A to add runes, impossible. - I dont know if is with all bosses, but with zaken doesnt work some debuff... and Zaken is no more inside the ship, now appears outside.... why ? we dont know. maybe i forget many, so if someone have more, add in this post plz. TY @Hime @Juji pay attention to this post and fix it soon.
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    Shadow of the Kamael - the final death of crafters who make money on shots (yes there are toons that make money off of that). Also, nice side benefit of killing the crystal market as well. I agree with ZTerminator, for the dwarfs/toons that either spent days or weeks getting a rec or spent adena on the rec.. will there be reimbursement? Oh who am I kidding.. the answer is going to be "hahahahahhahahahaha no; you will take you beating and like it".
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    @SilverFish @VNDragon So all ur propaganda about how good u are and how powerfull ur clan is it, and today thx to @Pr1nce77 stream we was able to see for 2 hrs how Exe + Boborc cp TOTALLY FARM more than 5 pts from MAX at Baium + take drops of Orfen ? funny to see how 2 grps can keep on floor lllll grp, fuhu grp, prince77 grp, grinman grp, wetdarkness grp, loritempest grp etc. not all in game guys is tactic hide + full skills and expect kill all enemys in 1 aoe, sometime when u have gear like dragon bow lv3, u need to do a bit more... no matter what, it seems that ur clan w/o big OverNumber and YES OR YES peppino, are same as this number ---> 0 GZ and TY to give us a great show @eXEQtor cp and @KAROS cp
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    @Jujithanks for making clear the only way for us to force Korea to fix the hero shout issue is to block them all with all our chars so they get perma chat block until Korea realize it ain't working for NCWest player base this is the best way to deal with it
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    7 client per PC restriction was added with this maintenance.
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    Hello All, We are aware of the issue with the 3 client limit per PC restriction being reverted back after the Fafurion Supplemental Update went live. A fix has already been requested to the Dev team. Thank You!
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    Are you serious? Way to screw over dwarfs... What about dwarfs that have ultra rare soulshot recipes. Some that we paid tens of million adena for... are we gonna get reimbursed? Can we sell our registered recipes? This is a straw that might break the back.
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    Make ranking only 105+ and server maybe stop lagging
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    i prefer to not have manner system and ranking and have ulimited client per pc and i believe all people want the same.
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    We are looking into the latency issues.
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    in the mean time Support is in full denial mode that there is anything wrong.. so don't expect any fixes soon..
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    Plx give back option allowing to turn off hero chat. I don't want see that drama.
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    these weapons are the dumbest things I've ever seen in this game... same people always getting free adena, and still messing up other people's farm. absurd skills, can teleport, can do anything. does not make sense.
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    2 things need to be possible to be turned off. Disable toggle for the social action when near a "ranked" character. Disable hero chat. I do not want to read their crap and be turned away from this game even more then i already have been and i certainly do not want to pay them any kind of "forced respect" trough social actions when the same people are the ones who can't be bothered to have any "manner" within the game. Both these things are very detrimental to the entire game and makes me want to vomit!
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    +1 its annoying.
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    +1 a lot of crap in chat
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    It is not a bug. Dev made this part of the update. I have a request in with them to change it.
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    What a sad a repulsive post.
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    Due to loosing subclass/dualclass skills i will lose 24% p.atk. Earlier in the game it took me some hours to get this bonus, that rly helped me a lot to make some lvl on my main. But without them there is no chance for me to hunt alone anymore as long as i have no epic equipment or mobs fall more easily. This change destroy the game for ppl with not that good equip that dont want to spend 100´s of $ in NC-Coins or China farmers....Smal investments don´t make sense anymore.... so u have the choice to burn your money massively or quit the game??
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    This unlimited-client macro is killing the game. Basically everyone is doing the macro. Party matching is as good as dead. No one forming any party. 3-Client is really not too bad. But this unlimited client is just too much. More than half of my clan left the game because of this macro thingy. Ncsoft trying to kick everyone out of this game??
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    Guys, why do you need compensation, if we still do not know if the servers will be stable hold your horses all cry for runes ..
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    I think it's THE CAUSE not the potential cause @Juji The live tracking of the rank based on gained exp is just causing to much stress on the server. The game is doing 2 ranking updates every time a player kills a mob, on Naia that is basically 2 database updates every second for 2000+ players. All lag issues in the past were caused by the database not being able to handle it. Years ago with the Piero event the item server lagged to a stand-still because to many items being dropped, same happened during almost every Valentines, Letters, Melon/Pumpkin event in the past 8 years. Just disable the Ranking System permanently. It has no additional value to Naia nor Chronos. The top 25 on Naia is populated by MAX and DH all level 109/110 gained from doing AFK macro exp since the last boost event and spending $15/h on boost items. All these guys don't need the buff the system is giving to (not) fight each other. It's a system that adds no value to a disorganised server structure like the one our servers. The Ranking System only makes sense on Korean, Japanese, Russian and EU servers were people have the Premium Account system or similar monthly subscription services (Prestige Pack isn't one, it's a joke compared to other regions).
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    EVERYBODY SHOULD KNOW!!! (actually no, that's wrong.... I guess nobody here has access to the system... and even the people that have access to the servers don't know it either, else it would have been fixed already, wouldn't it?) But since we have here a lot of experts speculating, let me just add some more speculation&rants (speculation is just as delicious as all those tears that are cried because of the lag...) * Manner system: Nope... I hope that's something that is implemented client side. I don't see a good reason why it should involve the server at all. * Ranking system: sounds plausible, on the other hand I would expect it to be somehow batch processed and maybe even in a separate storage layer (Having seen some Korean NCSoft techies at O'Reilys Strata conference, I would imagine them to know how to handle big amounts of data) * I can only imagine how messy a 15 (+a couple of years development time) year old system must look like. A hell of legacy code that nobody sane would want to touch * Working(&waiting) between two time zones is already hard enough. I wonder how much extra toil is added with NCSoft West and NCSoft being two different entities. * I guess the people at NCSoft West already know that they are knee deep in problems, more blaming&swearing won't help to speed things up. * As much as I dislike seeing the 3 client max limit, I guess it's a good temporary step. * Same with the disabled char creation. While char creation itself shouldn't be a problem, those toons want to get leveled.... * Complex systems are complex... Let the people work on the issue.. All those players that are hating and complaining about losing money (yes it sucks..) should invest an extra 5$ to send the people trying to solve the issues some cookies...
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    It's really not all that hard. Look, someone even prepares a monthly block list for both Chronos and Naia so depending on when you live..
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    Dear NCSoft developers, I do not clearly understand what was the point of removing cancel target skills and making Trick and Switch completely useless in PvP and 1vs1/9vs9 situations, in fact it's so useless that the skill will not be used at all after this update as it's doesn't work to mobs either. How is a dagger player supposed to get behind the enemy to land it's skills? I mean this is what daggers are all about trick/switch then step behind the enemy and use skill. Now with this update it's impossible to go behind a nuker, tank or any character that just stands and auto attacks. The only chance a dagger has is to land a shadow step or bluff which with full buffs(90% debuff resistance) is practically impossible. I don't understand why you keep nurfing daggers when they're complete garbage you just make them even worse. Please bring back Trick / Switch cancel target as it's in the core of the daggers and taking it away makes them completely unplayable. Regards.
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    This is the atk speed lag you all talk about. I hope soon it will be fixed, many are affected, most melee classes!
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    +1 Merge all elf summoners into the same new server, it would improve the quality, balance, comfort in one action for the rest of the players.
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    hi everyone first of all ppll who uses prestige pack drop rune etcc (like myself) knows thatthis update did a big nerf to adena mats spoil rate its not 20 30 40 50 60 % its 10x les then before the upgrade . for all the people who is intrested in this topic help me help us ask gm ncsoft to set those adena drops spoil rate to 50 % less then before update that would still be ok BUT PLS DONT LOWER LIKE 90 % THAT IS WAY TO MUCH...…… the ppl who setted there farm party up at atelia fortress refinery sos elven u al knows that now is impossible to farm adena for a normal player who usses only 1 2 3 4 ? ptrstige packs in there farm partty of 6 7 or 5 mansparty …… PLS GM NCSOFT SET THE ADENA DROP MATS SPOILS BACK TO WHAT IS WAS BEFORE AND LOWER IT THEN LIKE 30 40 50 % BUT PLS DONT LOWER IT 10 X TIMES LESS then before greets just a normal player farmer who tries to gear himself to middgeared player ……..
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    Hello Adventurers, An update to Lineage II: Fafurion is making it's way on August 7. We have some details on what the new systems and changes are so read about them here: https://www.lineage2.com/news/fafurion-supplemental-update-preview
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    Forced Hero chat is a lose lose. Find a better way to "respect" Hero's. Back in the day there were statues in each town for the top players. Do that for the Hero's and give us our peace in the chat channel.
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    Thank you! You can actually use "/block hero" and it will block all hero chat. Scrap that, you can't. My client lagged out.
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    Hello Adventurers, The next Lineage II Classic update, Shadow of the Kamael, will be going live on August 7. We're released a small preview of what's coming and you can check out the details here: https://www.lineage2.com/news/shadow-of-the-kamael-update-preview
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    Over the last 6-7 months, many fellow players were asking about SERVER TRANSFERS and we never ever got any sufficient answer !! @Juji, @Hime, @Cyan, please be so kind and provide us with additional information on this matter, many people are upset about it !! Thank you!
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    @Hime and @Juji We will have the patch notes today as you said in the announcement of the update ?
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    pls do somting abouth party serching window ppl put there wts/wtt stuff is anoyng pls disconect/ban for 1/2 days so party window will be for party serching only thnx
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    When you state that you wont waste more money on a game then you decide to suggest an idea how to waste your money. Where is the logic?
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    This topic has been discussed several times i think The skill sharing equipment works with the PVE/PVP effect of the items. You will see more damage if your weapon have this attributes (example bloody +15% pve damage) On the next topic you will see @Quenia reply to this question https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/2574-doubt-about-sharing-equipment/ Sadly augument effects are not passed by this skill
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    What is PVP? these all are PVE server, NCsoft did a good job to kill PVP with the last P2W.
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    Who cares? Just throw ur pockets into their faces when they'll send live the next p2w event. They managed to kill a server in lesser than 1 year. They told all the lies they needed to tell us to give us hype when the server launched. "Level cap will be 70", false. "We wont have p2w items in the store", false. "We're running 1.5 patch with improved QoL", false. "We're running the setups of any other free-to-play classic server", false. Fact is...it's not even all their fault. It's ours as well. Those who've been playing in NCWest in the last 6-7 years, or however, since the launch of GOD, should have already figured out how they act. They don't. They just pretend everything is fine and then give you a new p2w items. People will always go and buy it 'cause they want to be competitive. So they make new items and more new items and people addicted to this game will ALWAYS spend. Increasing rates and making them the same as L2EU server (or any f2p classic model) wont be profitable enough for them 'cause you wont be buying from their own 3rd parts. So, in the end, it's not their fault. They care about money, not about ur feelings. They even increased the cost of items in the store prolly 'cause they noticed there's a huge drop on buyers so they had to increase it. It's out fault 'cause we keep coming back and get mad when this happens, but we already knew this would happen. At least, to me, it was quite obvious. They made it crystal clear that this would have turned into a massive fail/scam when, at the server start, we had our rates LOWER than the patch 1.0 of KR/RU servers.
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    In general the system is a total fail, providing nothing but frustration to 99% of the players and here its even bugged. Mere mortals have no chance against the cursed weapons owner, except avoiding it.