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    Hey @degamad, sorry been busy working - didn't get back to you and I see now you're beginning to learn the ropes of the game. I'm glad others have been able to pitch in and help you. My Lv.107 archer got 143 STR and 78 DEX, I guess I didn't read the memo to focus on DEX lol. Also remember, when you hit lower toons both in PVE and PVP, the critical rate for skills matters between your level vs. opponents/mob level. In any case, higher DEX according to the passive description will provide higher multiplications. If you PVE mostly at green mobs, your DEX won't matter that much since your level is higher and your skill crit rate will be quiet high and won't seen noticeable benefit if there are more DEX.... but you will always benefit at any level, hitting any level with more STR. So if you PVP a lot, then you need to really balance DEX with STR or lean toward more DEX than STR. But TBH, 95% of the people on this server are PVE. I'm just saying.... Real world stuff: My Lv.107 archer hitting green mobs, skill crit 3-4 out of 5 hits. I say that's pretty good with 78 DEX. Anyways, keep up the good work - sometimes it's not a define goal to get somewhere that makes you happy, it's the journey and the interaction you have everyday as you're playing, the path and the journey that makes it fun and memorable. remember -- as in real life, it's never the material things that truly makes us happy -- it's the PEOPLE that truly makes us happy. Invest in people. Playing this game for 15 years, I learn some of the happiest moment and enjoyable are with real people, in live pvp and/or chatting about life in vent/teamspeak or whatever new chat app they have now. When you achieve a certain level, there isn't too much of a joy except when I hit the Lv.105 which was max at the time - yeah, that was a blimp moment. But for the most part - the learning, researching and trying different things is what makes this game so awesome.
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    Just target yourself.
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    idk how u made ur macro for your buffer, but in the end should put /target %self, it keep casting when your buffer not have the buff