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    @eXEQ7er I think it's not possible, if I made the crystal illegitimately and then I sold it, would be right to remove the crystal from the unawar person who bought it? Once again we are faced with an ethical problem to wich there is no "right" solution. Surely the inability of the GMs to foresee the situation is the first responsible for the situation. I think the message that must be given must be strong and severely punish those who dared to take advantage of the crystals. I wonder when and how it will be punish these people. They were able to craft lv 10 Shilen without ever the possibility of failing, making fun of the other players and of the NC that provides the restoration system. Is not possible play in a server where people take advantage like this, is not right. I think is right that the servant arises against this problem. @Juji GMs can't hide the problem, the punishment must be exemplary and quick.