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    Dear @Juji @Hime We wan't to come up to you'r attention about a big problem the servers are facing right now Due to the recent changes with PK systems, Peoples can't fight anymore to get into Dragons By exemple in Chronos 7/03/20 Clans were gathering up to go fight Dragons, and what happened was a complete mess, Neutrals came with annother Command channel and the "clicking war" Started. Whoever enter first win, This is not how it is intended to be played Neutrals now don't pvp and they just hope to farm everything, and the peoples who gather people to fight for dragons lost it because they didnt clicked first to enter Valakas. With the new PK system we can't just PK everyone to enter into dragons. This is now a major issue that has to be fixed on live servers. Baium Orfen Lilith Anakim are PVP zone, you have to fight for those raids, And Dragons is yet not a pvp zone and we can't do anything to fight Clans who put effort to gather people to play the game correctly are getting punished. Can we have GM thoughts on that topic please. Make Dragon a PVP zone! or Enable multiple CC to enter into dragons. The biggest pve event in server now is completely broken ! we need a fix
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    Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at 5 a.m. PDT / 7 a.m. CDT / 8 a.m. EDT / 2 p.m. GMT+2 and will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. With this maintenance: The Night Market coins and Night Market Treasure Chest will be deleted. The Dimensional Merchant exchange will also be removed. King Watermelon's Revenge event will end at 6 a.m. server time on July 1. Seed of Revenge event items will also be deleted. The Greater Spellbook Box and the Intermediate HP Potion will be deleted on 7/15. Eva's Hair Accessory Tickets on the L2 Store has been extended for one additional week. Increased success rate for Eva’s Hair Accessory enchants has also been extended by one week. The game client will now be restricted to 10 clients per PC. If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. We also encourage you to follow @LineageIIOps for maintenance and server status updates.
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    Bring back 3 accounts p PC and Old Olympiads, Thanks.
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    I don't agree. The pvp is dead in l2 and enforcing it in any circumstances is not gonna happen. You have to win the click war and be happy.
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    Lucian's Bracelet event would be nice not all ppl have done them
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    Hi, I would like to bring your attention to the constant RMT spam via e-mails, PMs and normal chat. Do you think this is OK? This is really annoying, definitely not a pleasant game experience. After a while of this constant spam (I see it on every character that I re-log to) my brain started ignoring the mail icon visible on the screen and I have stopped checking my mail. Because of that I have not read a few important messages on time and I almost missed my b-day gift. I remember there was time when that did not happen, so I would appreciate if you made them stop the spam again, thank you.
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    this has got to be one of the most ridiculous things ever done. When you started this version of the game you limited it to 3 clients. Ok those are the rules. No big deal all my buddies are in we all doing the same thing. Everyone is happy Then you go pay to win and remove the 3 client limit. All my buddies quit im left playing the game by myself. Then you introduce an in game hunting feature that automates gameplay. Sweeeeet. I set up characters make all kinds of new toons and classes and run up to 23 clients on one pc. Not to sell adena but purely for my own enjoyment. I get all these characters levels of vip and then,,,, You decide to limit this down to 10 clients per pc? Are you shitting me? I have one pc its a good one. it has multiple monitors I dont have a need for multi pcs. But here you go changing the rules mid game that affects absolutely everyone and has no bearing what so ever on servers. It just affects our enjoyment of the game and what we have worked on creating all kinds of different toons and classes. You even run an event that makes people want to have 40 clients. You offer free baium talismans to everyone who is level 80....so everyone rushes their toons to 80 and then weeks later you drop this hammmer? Now I have to go buy another pc? Or i simply run a virtual machine on the same pc. Why would you simply inconvenience your customers? Why would you make us purchase more hardware to enjoy the game we have spent countless dollars on? All for naught. cause now i cant play the way YOU TOLD ME WAS OK! I SPENT MONEY ON MULTIPLE TOONS CAUSE YOU SAID IT WAS OK! Other than make this game pay to win this was the biggest blunder i have seen yet
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    funny how this topic pops up every other year, has been for many years. basically since the start of the game L2 dramaz & greed ftw!
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    I see too many topics aiming at changing the game to cater the 12 top players only so they can have a unlimited grief and harassment fest running this game even further into the ground. The game is already in the coffin and most nails already been put into it, don't let these players do the last step and throw the dirt over it.
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    The fact that he was PKing can be proved with the "PK" debuff he has on the character in the video he posted.
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    A bit of a background story. WhiteWall set up on top of a friend and kept PKing it. So i came to help. Case closed.
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    We are investigating the issue now. Server is being restarted immediately.
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    Because bots don't use this client and they do not have limit. Real legit players get Nerf again ty NCSOFT. Every update they keep killing the legal players and buff the bots.
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    the answer is even simpler then that cause Korea doesn't have those cloaks so nope, ain't happening. btw self service ftw go read the Korean past versions of their red libra to get a better idea of what's possible aka can be asked for - educate yourself! https://lineage2.plaync.com/board/event/closed most recent red libra which we will not get as of yet we're not on the same game build: https://lineage2.plaync.com/board/l2awknnotice/view?articleId=185171
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    @Juji Just to update that I'm able to register and buy stuff from the AH now. Thanks!
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    I agree limit to 3 account is more than enough. Thanks for the limit, but lower limit would be better. I'm also wondering why are you doing the limit on client side instead of limiting IP connection to 10 account per IP on the server side so it would also limit bots. I'm playing SE and it's hard to find parties with all the people boxing healer class. A live healer is so much better and it is fun to play unless you can't find parties because everybody is making their own little bot groups. Thanks for limiting to 10 account, it's a good start. I don't even understand how can people enjoy playing 10 character at a time....
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    How are you supposed to level up on this game? I have just started playing and every spot I go to is ran by bot casters auto farming.
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    Devils Isle run was fun, Evas temple too.
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    Why? I haven't bought a single artifact box. This is one of those "events" where only a dozen or so people are buying all of the boxes and combining them up to +10 or whatever to resell at a ridiculous amount. It's just more high-priced clutter for the Auction House. If you're extending the event thinking that there will be a late rush of sales, well, let me dash your hopes now as gently as I can: Nope, it ain't gonna happen. A snowball has a better chance of lasting a day in Hell. One of the wealthier clans is quitting, and everyone else who hasn't already bought artifact boxes probably have better things to do with their diminishing discretionary funds. Sorry, but that's just the way it goes sometimes. Better luck next time. Just as long as "next time" isn't artifact boxes.
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    It's very fortunate for everyone else. Still weird they think 10 is okay. While having a side farm party you're potencially taking the spot from someone else. If your knowledge about bot software is correct, doesn't matter, your logic is that if bot does x, y should be able to do at least closer to that but no, you shouldn't, because bots should not be playing in the first place.
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    Don't care about these events where you need to dig out your wallet... we need another XP event!
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    Another week of a visa only free to play event... What about red libra and other in game events?
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    Yes, but this is more the exception than the rule. Give just about any class top gear and it will seem like they are competitive PVE. But it's an illusion. If you think your Wynn is awesome, put that same equipment on a same level pure DD. They will kill faster than your Wynn, especially as you increase to higher levels.
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    Account suspension is not a reason for any compensation. He's being investigated for suspicious activity and if he has done nothing wrong, will get his account reinstated in a few days. The support team has no obligation to respect such things as CP. Every player is an individual responsible for his/her actions.A CP is also not a real functional thing of L2, that's a player thing. Just pass if you can't do the epics and do whatever you can without him. Good luck!
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    These newbies don't understand the work old-skoolers put in back when the game was an actual fun game; full of skilled players. Instead of this online casino platform we have today. They achieve Lv.85 within minutes & buy Ncoin for instant gratification. It took us years to get Lv.85 & endless hours of farming to obtain gear.
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    I found a key in the registry that causes windows to run the game in very high resolution. What worked for me was accessing regedit.exe and open the following folder: Computer \ HKEY_USERS \ <your-user-id-key> \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ AppCompatFlags \ Layers And then erase the key: "C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\Lineage II\System\L2.bin", which contains the value "HIGHDPIAWARE" Please let-me know if worked to you. Good luck
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    Othells have enough dmg with proper gear to secure a kill on any class, a huge factor here is $$$ and how much you are willing to spend ofc .. since all in this game is automatic and depends on superhuman speed macros, you will not find a lot of fun vs a yul or feoh, who knows how to counter you as an othell. Many skills and othell strong points are nullified because of the way ppl play and the way ncsoft designs pvp. Again, if you know what to do and have gear, othell is insane, go look for some high lvl daggers on YouTube!
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    I really love see top spenders come here to cry when lose finally a monopolized stuff. ahahahahah. "Make pvp zone QQ i've putted thousands of money to monopolyze everything" yea, what make pvp if it's broken since this game became a broken luxury casinò for top spenders? Sometime before talk you have to think what's the global situation of stuff. But i know when top spenders lose a Monopoly of something is hard to accept.
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    Congratz Ando i think server down to fix that problem
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    Its a game, your a player in that game. "Clans who put effort to gather people to play the game correctly are getting punished. " I see two things wrong here. First you assume your doing it correctly, and second you claim your getting punished. This is a game free to play, anyone can join and play. Let some people catch up, ohh high and mighty one.
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    I don't care if the events weren't specifically designed to reflect or represent any particular holiday. We enjoyed them because they were entertaining & happened to occur on our days off from work & school. Holidays mean nothing to me. Most of them, like Easter, originated from cult & occult traditions. Others, like July 4th & Thanksgiving, are celebrations based on lies.
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    There are many other zones if you care to look at the map. It's true Ruins of Agony is the best spot, but it's a lost cause. Just go to Abandoned Camps and start on the 1x mobs. Daily missions will get you up quick.
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    Why should I have to look in 2 different places for maintenance and update status?
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    i love how people dont know that commerial booters with hundreds of acccs run clientless bots so they cant be limited
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    Free event please! Quarantine in my country is a shi$%
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    You really crying when it should be 1 ACCOUNT PER PC? to promote parties! And put the report button again to ban bots (banning them ofc) should be a great improve!
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    @Juji @Hime Last week your wrote about server transfers in a few months, could you provide some more info or be a little more specific? I'm sure a lot of people's including me are waiting for it for a long time.
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    my clan mater just have 10 windows just to sell items because it takes long to sell with low real pop
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    I like this sentence the most: “Since WoW Classic is literally an MMO from 2006”!! Not like the mashed potato we are playing:) a.k.a. Kompot
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    @Arscher Minor clarification here: After the change, you will have the base racial statistics of whatever race/class you change to. So if you change from a Human to a Dark Elf, you will have a Dark Elf's STR, DEX, INT, etc.
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    ROFL at those who think that banning 20 people that spend money and cheat will destroy servers, actually when people hear that gm's actually ban people and servers are starting to look what it used to be 10 years ago, that is only reason they may return. I have lots of rich friends who play other games or illegal servers and say "I wouldnt touch anything on ncwest with all bots, corruption and lack of gms", which might play here if servers were without cheaters and normal to play. Problem is servers have bad reputation for years and would take some time to lose it.
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    Maybe i typed it in a weird way or you misunderstood my text, I didnt buy Ncoin to get Gear/weapons and all that Fancy stuff, I said i am 95% F2P cause the little money i spend up until this moment was only so i could get the Destiny Pack. I am as Paper as it can be. I play in this Setup Feoh/Iss/Healer. I xp on Green mobs so my dmg is boosted and xp is still okay, mobs do less dmg. Our Clan returned end of January, we been playing forever together since like Chronicle 3 or 4(I had to start from fresh,missed the Accound migration), is supporting me a bit but not in the way of giving me full op items. We are all struggling to get some gear but we keep improving slowly together. Thats how this game was back in the day. Working together as a Family improving step by step. Enjoying every new item. I already felt the 5million Dmg skills from top players in Olympiad and on Siegefield. But thats okay they played all this time and maybe invested a bit so its obvious i should not be able to fight them yet. But once i am 110 i get 10%dmg boost from Ability tree which will make it easier for me to farm IoS and Primeevil Isle even if i wont make a hell lot of money but its a increase everyday process. Theres other ways to make Adena. I wont say it out loud cause i dont want others to do it too but I can possible make about 4-6bil every month. Its a long way but 1 Day i will be able to have a Real Armor and Real Weapon and i will be very Happy about it This Game just reflects Real Life in its finest Form. People who play/live fair and respectful and people who do just about anything to be at the Top. Just saying if someone gets caught going heavily against the Laws, they are put in Jail for a Lifetime which equals a Perma Ban. PS: Sometimes it happens people misunderstand my Text/Words but just to clear things up. English is not my Primary Language Have a Good Day or Night
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    Honestly, the cost of upgrading it is so high that I wouldn't do it. I would use that adena to buy other improvements. Or make a +19 R110. It's not that hard.
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    I feel your pain. I complained about this a few weeks ago too. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/18192-effective-aoe-skills-for-summoners/
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    Old hellbound green spot. Tullies Old group mobs outside oren that were for warlords back in the day. Old anthy nest money room. Old forge of gods aoe mage parties. Catacombs/necrops in general Toi 10 black papyrus farming All those I enjoyed.