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    My understanding is that fair play has nothing to do with pay2win... Fair play doesn't mean that all will be equally strong in the game or that someone who doesn't spend real money will be able to beat someone who has purchased all the items in the server.. Fair play means that there are rules which should be respected by all and when these are not respected by some, then the company has the means to enforce the rules.. When the company clearly states in the T&C that buying adena from third parties is prohibited but allows bots openly advertise in-game a real website/company that sells adena, there is something obviously wrong here and fair play goes out of the window.. As i said in another thread, any company has legal means to turn against other companies when there is such an obvious offence like this, but here they don't.. I can certainly make many assumptions why this happens but the certain thing is that a company that does nothing to enforce its own rules, is a company that doesn't respect itself and certainly doesn't respect its players/customers, at least the legit ones...
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    Yes we do have questions and we have posted them already soooo many times but NO. you guys simply refuse toss to us anything regarding our questions. zero support , zero communication , zero assistance. i think we deserve better than this. do not ignore the community cause guess what , the community is the one who pays your bills. No offense and thank you.
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    I hope, that wouldn't be to hard for any of 9 gm's listed go to server, and start making order with adena sellers on server? Otherwise, we can start thinking, that advertising adena selling sites are now permitted and supported by company. If I would be monitoring GM efforts to sustain current rules, and enforcement of fair play, ques, which evaluation mark would I give for their achievements? 1 - unsatisfactory?, 5- excellent? PLACES TO LOOK: 1.Party matching window 2. PM in villages 3.Chat window
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    Please do not shame our BOTS, they are sensitive! -NCSoft Staff.
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    Been a good few months so decided to go all out for this event. Dropped a significant chunk of change on tickets to take my gamble. I won't go into specifics but think mortgage payment type money. Pretty sure best reward I received was maybe a Talisman of Longing. Or maybe the low grade Taurus.. Now, I pretty much knew what I was getting into. Seems the odds haven't changed since they used to do this type of event on a website portal (GoD). Doesn't change the fact that these odds are something else, almost soul crushing. Now, just left with a bitter taste in your mouth thinking about how to hawk all of these garbage rewards. If you're smart you wont gamble. You'll sell your tickets and win every time. Let the idiots like me gamble. I could rant for days on a myriad of reasons NCwest seems to be taking advantage of mid-low tier players while coddling if not conspiring with top tier players to monopolize in game assets but I wont. I will say the rise in adena sellers seems to coincide with the rise in players and the want to compete. Question is NCWest, are you going to reduce prices and increase the volume of sales or maybe increase the odds with such high entry price (about $20 for one gold ticket roll.)? Or will you continue to shaft your paying population of players in an irrational ambition of wider margins? I love this game but the risk vs reward just isn't justified.
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    Greeting Adventurers, We would like to remind you that harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. We have had several incidents in the past few months where we took action against multiple accounts and involved local authorities. Some example of harassment include: Obscene, vulgar or inappropriate language towards you or others Threatening violence or bodily harm in game or in real life Extorting by PK for hunting spots, items, or Adena While there is no issue with general banter and rivalry between other players and clans, please remain respectful to other players here on the forums and in-game. You can read the Rules of Conduct you’ve agreed to here. If you are experience harassment, please contact our Customer Support by submitting a ticket here.
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    Again no update. So now what? We get patched next week, on the 30th, with no patch info a week ahead and everybody goes blind into Olympiad without knowing new Olympiad Times, the new best-out-of-3 system? Looks like it's more important to pump out L2Store promotions and 'keep the people that can't bot' happy "free to participate" events. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/15495-live-server-maintenance-wednesday-october-16-2019/?page=4&tab=comments#comment-107595
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    A truly free event! Feel free to post your questions on the forums. Just - the chance to receive a response from the official side is the same as the chance to receive a top reward at one of those overpriced "buy a pack from L2-store and get some useless things"- events …
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    WILL ANYONE BE INTRESTING FOR THOSE BOTSSSSSSSSS IN EVERY TOWN PMING/SPAMMING MAILINGGGGG WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF I ve got to all my fishermen 90mails every day + pms Will for just fun any GM log in NAIA?????? @Juji @Hime .............
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    Dear Hime , you write for "harassment and "Extorting by PK for adena" , but is only you think Extorting by PK for adena is harassment . Your colleagues ( GM Lindivior , GM Ariya , GM Aulakiria , GM Zerokin , Senior GM Yuri ) have a different views on this thing. I send a ticket #23383173 to report this player FuuHouHou for harassment , but what happen next , this all "GMs" answer me one by one and tell me "this is a part of the game " and protect this "player" by doing nothing , . till last answer on Senior GM Write , "Sorry it took a while for us to get back to you. We have already completed our investigation and have taken the necessary action. We appreciate your help as we are committed to improving your gameplay experience." Two mounts after , this player keep playing , keep Extorting players by PK for adena , but for me he come only with different characters to PK me 100PK per hour (btw "TY TO ADMINS WHICH RISE THE PRISE ON MYSTERIOUS SCROLLS" ) , or send me his friends to harassed me. After all nothing happen FuuHouHou keep harassed me but indirect . there is a 4 screens how this "player" farm adena . https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q-kv_88eU0EP9skcNcm0FA30gaa3qTE9/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Lmc5u1dJzBKcvO1j0vsP5QUo3wh22gsS/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qg8g_NdyKOK0ATQfcJMYzY4Qy-0LJQR6/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lQrvRyHq4iI_WzZjOP0rKjeXLisDp3NX/view?usp=sharing
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    They must understand one thing: L2 is not free as it says on the web .. obviously you can create a free account, you can play for free, you can participate in free parties, but when it comes to doing things about the LV100 + you must pay and how is this ... just investing in armor, weapon and jewelry and how do you do it? Easy sell your organs and give your money to Ncsoft through NCOIN to resell in the online game and thus get adena and be able to equip yourself. Because nobody else will do it for you .. enjoy the game
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    like always.. mixa's response is short, meaningless and gives nothing to the topic except number of his messages. Thank you for your input, mixa
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    The deleted items were listed on the Letter Collector event details page from the start of the event. We will have a Halloween event start a little later this month with no MTX component.
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    The page is in the process of being published, but here is the current rewards list: Regular Card Reward Contents Golden Card Reward Contents Lindvior's Earring Dragon Claw Box (Standard) Seven Signs' Energy Greater Blue Cat's Eye Kain's Soul Crystal - Stage 9 Greater Red Cat's Eye Venir's Talisman Dragon Claw Box (Fragment) Talisman - Abundance Lv. 1 (High-Grade) Dragon Claw Tauti's Ring Sealed Talisman – Insanity Earth Wyrm Heart Ring Blessed Valakas' Necklace Sealed Talisman - Longing Ruler's Authority Leona's Soul Crystal - Stage 9 Blessed Antharas' Earring Lionel's Soul Crystal - Stage 9 Talisman - Abundance Lv. 4 (High-Grade) Mermoden's Soul Crystal - Stage 9 Talisman - Abundance Lv. 3 (High-Grade) Talisman - Anakim Ancient Scroll: Enchant Weapon (R-Grade) Pantheon's Soul Crystal - Stage 9 Kain's Soul Crystal - Stage 10 Freya's Bloody Rune (30-day) Pack Talisman - Abundance Lv. 2 (High-Grade) Low-Grade Zodiac Agathion Pack Destruction Scroll: Enchant Weapon (R-Grade) Mystic Soul Crystal Fragment Low-Grade Forbidden Secret Book Ring of Creation Leona's Soul Crystal - Stage 10 Angel's Earring Lionel's Soul Crystal - Stage 10 Lv. 5 Legendary CHA Dye Pack Mystic Soul Crystal Elcyum Scroll of Blessing: (R99-Grade) Lv. 5 Legendary LUC Dye Pack Mermoden's Soul Crystal - Stage 10 Angel's Necklace Ancient Scroll: Enchant Armor (R-Grade) Talisman - Lilith Agathion Evolution Stone Rune Stone Pantheon's Soul Crystal - Stage 10 Deton's Blue Potion High-Grade Zodiac Agathion Pack Gemstone (R-Grade) x50 Life Stone Instilled with Giants' Power Source of the Emperor Mid-Grade Zodiac Agathion Pack Artifact Fragment Superior Giant's Codex - Mastery Chapter 1 Deton's Purple Potion Red Stars Bottle Scroll: Enchant Weapon (R-Grade) x5 Royal Purple Save Ticket (R99-Grade) Elcyum Crystal Destruction Scroll: Enchant Armor (R-Grade) Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (R-Grade) Lv. 5 Legendary CHA Dye Pack Giant's Scroll: Enchant Armor (R-Grade) x4 Lv. 5 Legendary LUC Dye Pack Superior Giant's Codex Chapter 1 Bottle of Luminous God's Soul Giant's Energy 3-unit Pack Deton's Purple Potion Scroll: Enchant Armor (R-Grade) x10 Bottle of Splendid God's Soul Freya's Scroll of Storm Bottle of Honorable God's Soul Gran Kain's Miraculous Medicine x10
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    4 clients would be perfect! No one needs 7 clients. I think what is upsetting them is they are forced to play with others. If you want a game to play all by yourself try Candy Crush. Just my opinion.
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    I saw you on forum, if you are not trolling then...put conclusions your self. Here situatiation: Im ISS main but in the next update NcSoft decide to F my toon badly. How? well lets see: 1.all toons get self ui buff bar same as iss buffs 2.Iss Dominator get Pom for clan buffed outside of party So ppl will exploit that...DD will farm solo and parties will have a low lvl Dominator with POM outside of party. No party for me and no solo farm for ISS, I mean 107-108 +++ Its not that I dont love my ISS, Is not that I dont keep my decision....Its simply I cant progress with my toon and I need to change it. So you see,its not that im bored blablabla.... its a necesity.
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    In the next game update, the Grand Olympiad will be reborn as the World Olympiad! The tournament you are familiar will be going cross-server. Players from different servers will soon be able to fight each other for the top spot as a Legendary Hero. To start the transition to the World Olympiad, the Grand Olympiad will be unavailable starting once maintenance begins on October 2. Heroes for September will not lose their status until the end of October, and November will have no heroes. World Olympiad matches will start in November and heroes will be announced on December 1. Details about the next update and the World Olympiad will be revealed in the coming weeks.
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    what do you mean by "buff skills remove mode"?
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    In the next game update, the Grand Olympiad will be reborn as the World Olympiad! The tournament you are familiar will be going cross-server. Players from different servers will soon be able to fight each other for the top spot as a Legendary Hero. To start the transition to the World Olympiad, the Grand Olympiad will be unavailable starting once maintenance begins on October 2. Heroes for September will not lose their status until the end of October, and November will have no heroes. World Olympiad matches will start in November and heroes will be announced on December 1. Details about the next update and the World Olympiad will be revealed in the coming weeks.
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    KissMyknife=2014/10/21 created, and still not cry for my main class, i decide for i play with othell till game closed, that how you guys should play, keep your toon and play till end, if you decide, keep your decision. or make a new 1 Oh and i'm not trolling!
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    @KissMyKnife is trolling you @Ojeff....and you bite it like a shark . Back on topic... Something like redlibra for dualclass is need it badly for main. Personally i would not choose to ask devs for dual-main exchange or dual-main separate(this option is ready for use-we had to choose between redlibra and dual-main separate years ago) nor I want stone of destiny coz if i remember well "when use S.o.D. to change your main you delevel to 87 lvl "...to delevel your char from 110 to 87 its not an option. Ofc, I agree this subject is roasted and we talked so many times...but now is different, now we have ranking and every thing is changed. So pls fellow players, unite your voice and ask 1 thing: red libra for main class.
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    And the silence goes on ... Are we getting it tomorrow, are we getting it the 30th? When are we getting the patch notes? Either way we're forked and have no time to prepare with patch notes that are made for NCWest server. Because who knows, maybe we get a special treatment that they didn't have had on European or Russian server making their patch notes (even more) unreliable. tick tock, tick tock
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    Yes when knocking on deaf's door they can't hear you,but they can feel you. They get the equivalent of a mega-bass vibration. DO YOU THINK WE CAN GET THAT MEGA-BASS SOMEWERE CLOSE TO @Juji@Hime? What occurs to me is they must have information of some type. How can you say "World Hero's for the month of December" if you don't have some type of update to start the Oly's in November? Which means when people ask about updates, changes, things that are soon to happen, you have some type of info, or we'll end up without hero's for a few months to come. You've already frozen Oly, sooo either you know whats coming or we wont be having Oly's for the next few months as you give us all lame *&#$ excuses. We get that you don't have the time to answer all the random questions that are thrown at you on a daily bases, but saying you even answer one question a day is stretching it. WE are on the actual game forums here, so occasionally doing something to keep us informed isn't really asking to much. Why be a part of the forums if you never have time for the forums? Just as you do the weekly update, how hard would it be to actually update us weekly about whats going on in the game that we still play after all these many years. I'm sure I wont get an answer, but hey we keep trying, and trying, and trying....
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    there is a saying in a small country that goes: on the deaf's door, knock as long as you like hope you get the meaning
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    Dear @Hime like u writer Some example of harassment include: Obscene, vulgar or inappropriate language towards you or others Threatening violence or bodily harm in game or in real life Extorting by PK for hunting spots, items, or Adena This player allows himself to l2naia pk several times without allowing others to play farm adena and exp as he says he does it because maybe everything. I am curious if any consequences will be drawn or if the principle of who subsidizes this rule applies. [link removed because of name shaming]
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    @mixa is saying the truth here, why flame @Liti ONLINE GAME with pvp, where real money PW2 is involved + crazy rng = not possible to have fair play. In L2 nowadays, even if you are the most skilled player, most active playing 24/7 … you simply can not catch up and be competitive if you do not use p2w system + most of the top ppl were involved in some kind cheating ingame. pw2 + cheaters + bots + all the crap = no fair play possible ever
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    @degamad trickster has pvp dmg boost, ghost sentinel has overall best dmg, with GS you have pve+pvp dmg, which nowadays in the game is the best. GS has 25% patk / 40% skill power / 25% p skil crit dmg dmg boosts Trickster has 35% patk / 15% skill power ./ PvP dmg 40% dmg boosts I think I am correct here, I do not remember 100% but it was smtg like that, in this game you do pve 99.9% of the time nowadays, with good gear pvp is 1 shot fest so you decide
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    My competition set up his adena store right next to my adena store but he is charging $7 per 1050 billion adena and i am charging $7.50 per 1050 billion. he is taking all my business and its not fair. I kid I kid!!
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    I know your frustration, I already opened tickets with photos / videos showing step by step the bots and bugs that players were using, GM "fake" always responds in automatic ticket response. "thanks for your report thank you so we will investigate in 99 years we will do something against the game and not the real bug / bot players" The best you can do is open a ticket and get that happy response from them.
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    Ok Juji but, 1 of items is: "Honey Vitality Beer (Event)" i got +180 Honey Vitality Beer (not event) in my WH (saved).. now i dont have any!!!
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    Your comment is inappropriate. You can't tell ppls its their fault because they purchase. When there is no one to prevent bots in game, there will be ppls to abuse, not all, but enough from both sides. You can't compare bots with drug dealers. ppls complain here because this killing the game from years, and because the game is running on autopilot. No GMs ingame, no punishment for bots/scripts. Someone may log 30 summoners, all following same path in game, auto rebuff in town npc and walking back on same spot without problem, but someone say something bad in forum and instant ban...... for example. I guess ppls complain more coz of this and they r right.
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    i hope they never increase it more than 3. 2 is better tbh
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    Lineage is MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) NO MASSIVE WINDOWS ONLINE GAME...
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    @Hime @Juji guys any info please about this halloween fortune reading game sale please? also any update as to when we gonna have the content update we have all been waiting for? server transfers? possible merge(i kinda wanna see that happen, server Chronos is slowly decaying)? anything?
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    The button disappeared before server downtime. @Hime The post implies that the event would end with the maintenance. Any chance of getting my letters turned in?
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    Dejo el post para buscar clan o personas para crear uno y pasarla mejor, pve/pvp In game " Evenvil
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    How nice when Adena farmers aka bots QQ on forum for 3 client limits you don't need more then 3 chars to play and enjoy the game so ncsoft made the best pick on only 3 /pc chars but bots can play whet adrenalin program like is on any live server NAIA CHRONOS atm and you can see in dim rift lvl 95/100+ so stop crying and get 10 more pcs if whant more chars ON
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    Your 'client limit' just works to normal players, doesnt work to BOT prograns. Look this video -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iazP0U5alEk 2 hours about BOTs in chronos server. All this already related in some posts here in the forum and none with answer from nc. Bye
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    We are still in the monitoring period for the 3 client limit and will keep it on a little longer until after the next content update.
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    Just wanted to say this, still have lag, 3 clien limit not solve the problem, but you guys probable know this already Something not right on server side, maybe a profesional server admin can solve the problem,
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    Hello. Nothing about client limitation? :"(
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    Greetings everyone, Just a little clarification to the post from blaaahhhh: The Support does ask you to post on the forums when it is in regards to suggestions or ideas. This is done so we can collect the reactions to said suggestions and forward them to the appropriate members within our team. Reporting other players/chars needs to be done by ticket to the Support team. Only they can look into these reports and investigate.
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    Hola yo retomando el juego está difícil conseguir un buen clan seve.Busque en el global y nadie responde eso soy Healer 56 bishop esperare a ver qué onda avísenme si encuentran gracias!
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    hola queria saber si ya creaste tu clan o juegas con otras personas tambien estoy buscando una comunidad de habla española
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    What will happen with those spam mails and pms from the adena sellers? everyday i get around 15 mails if i go afk in a town especially Giran. It is really ridiculous.
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    How about getting rid of the adena sale spamers? You can actually make that the "World Wide" event.
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    @Juji @Hime WOW, few months after the last update, latency issue is still ongoing..... makes me wonder why EU servers are working just fine, why can they handle it and u cant? its the same game and this has nothing to do with your business model. 2 months has been plenty of time to upgrade your hardware, yet u are trying to fix things by disabling game content......
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    Umm Hello, over here! How about we do a server merge instead of this "brilliant cross server hero" ?? I mean that would make so much sense wouldn't it... You guys always seem to have some shocking news.
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    I would like to thank everyone for the feedback! Most of you agree that Aden cloaks is the best option going forward so that's going to be my next item. Ty all