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    Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, April 1, 2020 at 5 a.m. PDT / 7 a.m. CDT / 8 a.m. EDT / 2 p.m. GMT+1 and will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. With this maintenance: Standard database maintenance and application restarts will be performed. The Cursed Weapons system will be temporarily disabled for one final week. The special server settings event will be available for 1 final week week: XP/SP +100% Vitality 300% No XP Loss Upon Death (for non-chaotic only) Party Hunting Bonus +50% The Attendance Checklist Event will be available 4 weeks. Ancient Kingdom Cloaks will be on the L2 Store for one final week. Latency reducing measures are still temporarily implemented. Naia will undergo additional server optimizations to reduce the server latency delay. If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. We also encourage you to follow @LineageIIOps for maintenance and server status updates.
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    I was thinking today.....with my one neuron vibrating very very fast... The game doesn't really give players much to "work towards" after the last update. The quests are gone, the rewards are way too low to effect a player's game play; there's nothing to "earn" to help make a dent in a characters progress. Let's face it, no one can afford to buy anything in game because there's no place to fight mobs for adena, and you can't really craft anything with ether drops being SO LOW; basically there's no way to EARN adena anymore to build your gear and weapons in the old fashion "in game way". The game is "hollowed out".... the content has been removed and I want it back. For the sake of expectation management, here's a list of things most players will never have or never be able to do: 1. Never have a high end weapon..... An R110 PVE/PVP enchanted weapon = 40 Elcyum AND 11 BILLION+ adena from an NPC! NEVER going to happen. I played straight 24 hours a day for weeks and weeks on end and earned less than 500K a week on 1 character. Yes, I checked every location. To upgrade a regular R grade weapon it costs 250,000 R grade crystals (expensive!!), 1904 Crystals of Determination (which you can't find anywhere), 400+ R grade gemstones AND 1,500,000,000 adena. Face it; you'll have that same R grade weapon forever. 2. Never going to be in party to fight a dragon.... Spawn times are no longer posted ANYWHERE and who is really going to sit and wait to log it and tell everyone? The game information supplied is absent relative to the content that is missing. 3. Never own a dragon weapon..... if you can't fight dragons to earn dragon claws and you can't buy dragon claws (30-60 BILLION adena!!!)… its NOT going to happen. Those who have dragon weapons, most of them anyway, have paid 3rd parties for adena to purchase the materials for dragon weapons. They've purchased TRILLIONs of adena from 3rd parties...….. So there it is.....the truth of it. Very far out of reach even for the most loyal of players. Forgive me, if I bow out smartly and commit that I will NOT spend 10,000 dollars on a "virtual" weapon. Let's say we play the "chance" angle..... if anyone to were acquire a dragon claw by chance twice a year by participating in a game event, it would take 25 years to gain 50 dragon claws. Just say'in…. the odds for the game events are not in the players favor at all. No hope there. Really... stop hoping. 4. Never own +10 gear or enchant ANYTHING to above +8 without spending ALOT of money. I mean ALOT of money. Game play problems....What's not quite right: 1. Hunting zones don't match the character levels they're labeled for. In other words, a level 105 character can not hunt in a level 105 hunting zone. Or a 103 level character can not hunt in a 103 level hunting zone. And there's no reward for hunting there in the first place. No quests supporting the hunting zones. Big bummer. You die there and it's depressing. So ALL players go where they can hunt and survive.... Blazing swamp! And they hate it. Trust me. 2. The characters are not acting on the same "grid" in a party. They are "out of synch" on the dimensional grid. On one screen a character appears to be in one place, but from another screen the same character is far away from the place you wanted them to be or intended them to be. This is a nightmare in parties. 3. The crafting system is not useful for a character in the "crafting occupation" with the current material drop rate. Dwarfs have been reduced to nothing; and they can't really kill much either (no very powerful). Its a great class, but the system around the class has to support it's function in the game, but it doesn't. Now with all of that said; I love the game... we all do. That's why we play. I hope developers read this and take it for what's its worth to support a loyal player base.
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    How do you punch out every night knowing your job isn't done? Lag for a day, ok, maybe a week w/ an explanation, i guess. Months? No, no other US business would let their employees leave their business in the state this service is in. If you're in over your head, subcontract some1 to come in and tell you, hire someone, do something!! There's kids in high school that could probably figure this out for peanuts or a few apple time cards. Open your personal wallet, bypass Korea, and fix this. Sometimes it's easier to beg for forgiveness then ask for permission. You will not draw new customers with experiences like this and you are for sure losing old customers/money. I think Comcast actually has you beat in customer service! I'm sorry, but I live in the US, I work in the US, and I have never, EVER, seen a business run this poorly. You could double, even triple your profit with the right leadership but instead I swear, sometimes I think this is a social experiment to see how horrible a service you can provide and watch what your loyal customers do in response.
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    They dont care.. simple.. As seen everytime they say they found a potential problem... its like really? .. no information about it, no admission of guilt, or mistake.. and no fix. It would be there only solution is pointing fingers at eachother outside our view, which still does not solve problem. Its not random problem, its not a generic bug.. its incompetence somewhere, and yes for them someone is to blame. But for us, they are all to blame.. This should be an all hands on deck issue for them, and yet seems even before covid lockdowns they treat it as minor problem.. sit at their desks and watch youtube vidoeos, or other tine wasting distractions while collecting paycheck for nothing... Im sure thru all of this their biggest job is watching KPIs and trends, not even care about server but plan which shiny thing to dangle for more monies. In aftermath that we can only hope will come soon, is admissiin of problem.. compensation, and business as usually.. No hope for real world heads on sticks, shady stories of some programmer fired for intentional sabatoge, or other drama to deflect and show it was all a conspiracy and our great ncwest is so innocent of all this. Not to worry tho, enough sheep still spend money to send NCSOFT so reports are all is ok and they shouldnt intervene.
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    Hello there! @Juji@Hime Can you please tell us when we will be able (if we will be able) to put appearances on our weapons again ?. Since there are a lot of weapons with appearance, it is just not justified to let the others (new and even old players) to not have appearance on their weapon. Since the armor appearances are still there we demand same for our weapons. Best regards!
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    Hello and welcome back. Since you've done 1 2 and 3 exalted, go at npc Lionel at Heine and get the two last options that gives you extra rewards includes armor and weapon plus more.
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    It's you Sesh that have no idea what your talking about, until like C5 you could drop even when WHITE. I used to train Chinese farmers in Cata's all day and watch them drop gear then I would sell it back to them. SO Yes you could drop gear back not in Chaotic Status. Your just to young and don't know because you didn't play back then cause your balls hadn't dropped yet kiddo. Funny how they ban one forums account and you come in here doing the same thing that got it banned, or wait they banned some in game accounts also and yet your in game doing the same thing that got you banned and server hated.. I guess you are just to young and dumb to learn. So sad you have no idea how to be a decent human being and only know how to incite anger in people because all you spew is hate 24/7 one day you just might learn how to be nice to people by then will it be to late to save you?
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    This is as far from the truth as it gets. The real good players left long ago. No actual competitive player will play a pay2win game, only schmucks do.
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    @Juji We need a better, faster way to exchange weapons than to wait for Red Libra once a year. Why not create a Weapon Change service that works like Name Change or Gender Ticket services? Or maybe just add weapon change to one of those existing ticket options? All players would need to do is buy Gender ticket, but submit a ticket to NC Support saying that they want their weapon changed from dagger to bow, or whatever their preference is, not their gender. If demands gets out of control you can limit it to only Bloody/Dark R99 and Bloody/Dark/Limited R110 weapons only. Is that too hard to implement? You could earn more income for sure that way.
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    Here we go again... more crying. NC WILL NO CARE BECAUSE IT'S A BUSINESS. People need to understand that the have staff and invest a lot of money in new developments. How do you expect them to pay themselves and put food on the table for their families? If you want to play a free game go play Candy Crush.... and even they will try to make some money on you. Technically L2 is 100% free to play but if you want to get your character to the next level you will need to spend some money. It's how it works in life in everything you do.
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    Before you call me an idiot, hear me out. I know we had Red Libra not that long ago. But things have changed dramatically. More people are at home playing this game. We have a bunch of old players dropping in to play as well. It might be a good idea to have one week of Red Libra under the current server boosted Vitality settings. That lets them make changes to character to play the class they want, level them up fast, change weapons, armors and circlets as needed. And with the cloak event they can get the right cloaks for their new class. That covers 95% of everything that they will need to continue on well after the orders to stay home are lifted. (Maybe have flash sales for La Vie En Rose jewels later...although I hear new system is in the works, so not essential.) So what do you say? Can we get one week of Red Libra maybe, possibly, yes?
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    no one from them not read what we say.we are players they are support but im not sure this support play this game for us or for himself . FIX ITEMS MATS AND RECEPIES TO THE NPC SUPED IDIOTs READ WHAT WE SAY DONT IGNOR US
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    For COVID-19 and QUARANTINE please extend "The Server Settings Events" for more weeks. We can play a lot now. Ty
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    let them fix the servers first THEN demand for the long over due compensations.. till this lagfest is fixed what's the point to keep investing like mindless sheeps ? or let me rephrase the game been in bad state for Months now and nowhere was it said that the problems been fixed, only that they are trying to do so aka at that point if you choose to spend money/ncoins on the game knowingly so that's on you and you don't get to complain about it.
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    As the title says, this mechanism is completely broken. As the game currently is, with 1 person one-shooting everybody with a dragon-bloody weapon, being possible to teleport in front of any castle its destroying any chance for small clans fight for any castle. You enter a castle fight ppl defending it and if u win, in less than 10 sec, boom u get exploded by someone in a dragon bow. The same person is defending all castles by abusing the mechanic. There is no room for any kind of strategy anymore and this is killing all the fun for us. MyTeleport shouldn't be allowed anywhere between town and siege zones, only jump and summoning skills should be allowed to be used near those zones. @Juji pls help us
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    We have not heard back yet from the Dev team on all the issues brought up in this thread. I have bumped the email again and have added some additional requests, but we will let you know ASAP when we get an update back on these issues from Dev.
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    Hey listen Sesh. I feel your sorrow and being harassed like the way you experienced is on a level that normally don't happen. However, you're trying to paint a picture that the harasser are assholes and that you're the innocent victim. I've been playing this game for 16 years and I'm not just any ordinary player, there are things that I do in this game that no one in the world does what I do... I create a personal goal for myself in this game and keep the drama to a minimum. I've seen a lot of players come and go, young and old, rich and poor and everything in between. 95% of the players that played with me during the heyday have all but gone and I'm still here. Let me tell you what I think. I think given everything you have wrote and responded, you are easily offended kind of individuals and often offends others when you don't notice it yourself. It's you against the world -- even in the real world. Everything you experienced, as bad as it may sound, you brought it upon yourself. You're not a person who listen to advise. You are argumentative and you don't try to see the viewpoints of others. I personally believe when @BlackIce try to offer you genuine heartfelt advise regarding building powerful friends as the only way to really approach a game in which the GM allows the game internal politics to govern itself, he's really offering you a life line if you really want a way out and to experience the social aspect that makes this game legendary. Players governed universe. And what did you do? You spit that sound advise back to his face. Anyways, I feel like every character I'm typing here is a waste of time because I know nothing that I say will change you... I'm only even wasting my time typing all this for ALL OTHER PEOPLE OTHER THAN YOU to read. Normally I would have spend more time expounding the virtues of social behavior and conduct but I prefer to enjoy my evening is a peaceful and happy way. Despite everything, best of luck to whatever you want to do, in game or out. And I mean it in the most respectful way possible -- again, despite the possibility you'll again just like everyone else -- see me as your enemy (you-against-the-world). But I want to bless you just the same. You bleep off some people and they delight in making you suffer. Simple as that. You could actually talk to your harasser and bend down like how dogs in the real world to survive a peking order. Submit and lie on your side to let the alpha male cool off so you can LIVE.
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    man, u're wrong. Any dying character had the chances to drop the items.
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    Funny, I was PKed back in C1 and I definitely dropped items. I see why you have so much difficulty with people. Your viewpoint seems to be the only reality that exists. Good luck with that.
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    Power of positive affirmation... Today server will work with zero lag. Today GMs will provide Buff NPCs and Tersi for the entire weekend. Today I will enchant Aden, Elmore and Ferios cloaks to +20. Today I will enchant weapons on all of my alts to +25. Today I will sell all of useless stuff in my WH and make a 3T profit. What, don't laugh! It could happen...….
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    Here's to hoping the fix works. Good luck! If it doesn't work, players will start a new drinking game where they take a shot whenever someone gets lag; two shots if they get disconnected.
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    Dears @Juji and @Hime Guys, I'm giving up on the game. I know I'm just one more for statistics but I wanted to leave my regret for what the game has become. I feel very sad for the money I invested in vain in the game and with the feeling that I learned the lesson of not doing it again. NC managed to make a game for few to have fun. Because playing for free is just a barrier to continue the game. As I am unable to invest more than 40 thousand dollars, I am stopping playing Lineage 2. And I advise those who do not have to do the same. You are wasting your time that could be invested in something productive and that will add up to your life. My strong embrace of the community and my regret.
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    it's a business but the business could be managed way better and get way more money if they would care just a little bit, a pay to win game without players is boring What does ppl do at the top if no one plays?? nothing! and we can clearly see that most of them are bored due to lack of competition, and even them stop investing bcz its pointless, They should really start helping everyone with drops/craft/farming, i mean real farming, no one can farm anything?? why would you play to watch a macro lvling you up? where's the fun? The achievement? its nowhere!! Adding ncoin to get adena is not "farming" this is boring, we, the community have so much idea to make this game better for everyone, but we can't do anything , this company dont give a damn about us all, get over it, i logged on the EU server from time to time and i can tell you that most player over there are happy bcz the "company" communicate and help peoples. anyways
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    even when they do "compensate" us, there will be a sale of something and you kidz will pay for your compensation anyways....always happens
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    Common, you cant be serious, this is old L2?? WTF??? How long have you been playing L2, for 2 years? This is all possible, but not what it should be. Its f....g p2w and bot hybrid. The devs should already wake up and do something for the community, they messed up this game as much as possible.
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    Extend the server boost for more 2 weeks, take 4game example, give extra boosts to keep the players at home.
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    STOP CAMPLAINING, we are all at home, working home office or on quarentine. Please, have some consideration for ncsoft workers, they have to quarentine as well. I am sure they are doing their best for now, but they cant expose thenselves to risk only because we are having some lag issues
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    @heavychick you are right, but sadly i have something to share. From personal experience ( working in a Multi Billion company), the bigger the company the slower the response time. Many people have great ideas on increasing sales, but these ideas never reach the people who actually take the decisions... The lag problem indeed can be fixed with the help of a 3rd party, but nobody from the small USA based team takes accountability of the problem, thus this remains unsolved. I am sure they just " Escalate" the problem to their managers who don't even know what this game is . @ZooArcher you said the biggest truth there. As long as Managers see their KPI's and Sales hitting their numbers, it's all good. Nobody will do anything unless they see a Dramatic drop in sales.
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    These "special setting" that will stay for 1 final week you dont understand that should be the basic settings!! Ah and just to inform you: Yor cloak event is a complete scam and gambling, rename the game in L2 Slot Fruit Machine
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    Really, i was trusting you at last update and i bought prestige pack again. Now im damn regretting my decision and im wasting again my prestige pack for NO MOBS IN TIMEHUNTING ZONES THAT ARE A WASTE OF TIME AND LAG/QUEUE TO W8 MY ACCESS! You even didn't think to increase more party exp bonus to 100/150% and adena rate!!
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    Told ya, they cant handle multiple things at same time
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    As I was working on leveling my oldest character last night, an automatic mail surprised me when it wished me a happy birthday. Sure enough... it's been 16 years since L2 launched its beta in North America: https://i.imgur.com/1SmPGIp.png The game officially released a month later, but all beta characters carried over. I remember needing to use a login macro to get connected, because that server was getting absolutely pounded. Good times. Anyone else still have their launch characters?
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    I Agree !! At least 1 week of Red Libra !!!! @Juji
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    I'd estimate that I'm in for about $7500.00 us in 3.5 hrs.
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    closed beta actually started in late 2003 still got 3 accounts from those days and my main managed to keep his name intact through all the server mergers/transfers Barts -> Kain -> Aria (Kain+Leona merger) -> Devianne -> Teon -> Naia (merger Teon Luna Franz) -> Chronos -> Chronos (Zaken merger) have to say that the current crap server performance for such a long time is driving me away and that's saying something after playing for 17+ years
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    You get on the hamster wheel and spin and spend money until you win the game.. then when you have won you try to get your wife and kids and job back.. then you die happy.
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    Chronos game server will be down for unscheduled maintenance beginning Friday, April 3, 2020 at 10 a.m. PDT / 12 p.m. CDT / 1 p.m. EDT / 7 p.m. GMT+2 and will be unavailable for approximately 1 hours and 30 minutes. Naia game server login for will be unavailable at 11:10 a.m. PDT and will be unavailable for 20 minutes. If you were logged into Naia prior, you will not be affected. With this maintenance: Chronos will undergo additional server optimizations to reduce the server latency delay. If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. We also encourage you to follow @LineageIIOps for maintenance and server status updates.
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    You could enhance Aria's Bracelet to an Advanced Aria's Bracelet with the stat you choose, from +3 to +4, via the NPC Black Cat at Hunters Village (atleast before the update) https://l2wiki.com/Advanced_Aria's_Bracelet#INT.2B4 But the NPC doesnt have this option anymore.You can change the stat to an allready +4, but you cant create a +4. Issues?
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    Dear Mr. GM, Instead of balancing things so that the game is active again, you do the opposite. You only think about how to get more money from tops. Normal users also exist and this promo like the previous ones does not make sense to participate. Could you explain why there are no Stable Cloak Enchantment Scroll on the server?, if they are the ones that makes 90% (users) minimal equipment to be able to do something. The tops do not need them, but the rest of the user yes. Top user have cloak minimum +15. Best Regards
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    This hardly looks like an exploit to me. It's rather clever use it ingame mechanics and they actually have the means to kill him.
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    its totally understandable without negative replies.. Sounds like NCWEST has driven away another top player... if this post is real and not troll.. The struggle is real, there is no ingame improvements to keep anyone interested aside from gambling.. NCSOFT, and other games dumbing down to slot machine mentality will get regulated sooner or later, when they could of done that crap on the side and not mainstreamed it.. The narrative, quest lines, etc are dismal.. dont even have to read them as it will simple port you where you need to be.. The game design has gotten so pathetic by the DEV team one can only wonder if they are even involved. p.s. I accept payment of gear and supplies... same name ingame Chronos. If not me, please pay to your clan or friends... ingame items are over priced and getting harder to come by.
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    this has been going on for a year, cheerleader....
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    maybe its time we all get together and make a lawsuit ? we getting robbed on our money!...
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    I really want this back too.
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    you really should go watch how Gicobbe xp's if you think Tyr's can't xp with pskill crit damage builds and main Tyr changes are boosting skill power so that only improves, will it be enough so that average geared Tyrs can play that way too who knows but it might ya anyways really pick and choose what you think works best for your build & gear etc.
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    Even my job employer didn't ask for all of these https://imgur.com/rLKabvw
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    https://imgur.com/PtvtAK5 It's my main but i have older chars, probably from 2005.