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    I have recently Made 7 Attempts to craft a paagrio earring. Here is what the "chance" is according to NC Soft As you can see the chance above shows the SAME description for each.. if the probability is the same the success rate should be 50%. I tested this theory and attempted 7 crafts, all failed. To give you an idea of the probability of 7 fails in a row when the chance is 50% it would be. 1 /128 or 0.78% Try flipping a coin and getting it to land on tails 7 times in a row.. good luck, but NC soft would try and have us believe that THAT is representative of the above. When I confronted NC Soft customer service about this they had the following to say: "crafting God Accessories like the Pa'agrio's Earring are intended to be a challenging task as these items can greatly help on your character's progress. We didn't locate any issues or errors on the crafting system of the game." So if there aren't any issues and 0.78% is an acceptable rate then the Probability that is shown to players is incorrect, in other wards, NC Soft is lying about its probabilities and when pressed on the issue refuses to tell the players what the real rate is: "While it does show that successfully crafting a Pa'agrio's Earring-Stage 1 is 'High', it doesn't show the percentage. Unfortunately, Game Support is unable to provide this information as we are not part of the Development Process" So Support is telling its player base that it is "working as intended" yet they do not have access to the success rates to check and see if 0.78% is the correct success rate. This further illustrates that support is not actually doing anything to support the player base what so ever. Please Petition this and push NC Soft to give us % like they do in other country's and stop with these false probabilities.
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    - Navari Mask +8,+9,+10 | R110 Armor Sets +15,...,+20 | R110 Weapons +20,...,+35 - Dragon Ring +5,+6,+7,+8,+9,+10 | Angel Ring, Fallen Angel Ring +8,+9,+10 - Legendary Dyes (All types) Lv 8 9 10 They are still using these methods to bypass restoration system that GMs are unable to detect (make tons of new accounts + change IP adress (fake IP) + reset item's ID by trade/change items with NPC ...) This really makes the game imbalanced and unfair between players that spent their money and cheater . Restore system is good but there has to be a strict rule on the restoration so that players can earn good items with their efforts, adena and money (NOT with restoration exploit). Limit the maximum level of overenchantment . Example : - Navari Mask +6 max | R110 Armor Sets +10 max | R110 Weapons +15 max - Dragon Ring +3 max | Angel Ring, Fallen Angel Ring +6 max - Legendary Dyes (All types) Lv5 max .
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    What the hell i have to do daily? there are not anymore quests for exp that busy ur time, no raidbosses accessibles, nothing to do. You stay in afk Macro then for what ??? to make 1% if you are exping ALONE? and for who need make partyes with other classes?? 0,30% in h24?? NO SENSE TO MAKE ANY PT, AND NO SENSE TO SPEND, NO SENSE TO STAY LOGGED AND CONSUME UR ELETTRICITY BILLS.
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    This is why quests are valuable to the game. Quests with actual rewards and great back stories like the good old days. Not talking about lame Exalted quests that only get you to the mid-level of mediocrity. We have none of that now. Not sure what the point of playing is right now. Or is bleeding eyes a goal?
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    Servers are up! Chat Restrictions have been updated as well now to reduce spam: General/Whisper - Can chat at level 95 Shout/Market - Can chat at level 100
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    How is it possible not to fix melee lag in more than a year?? It sounds like you have political issues....
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    The game is absolutely crap at the moment, and if they keep up like this only the whales will be left. GIVE US SOME DECENT EXP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    No EXP coz its pointless and impossible to level without event. No quests coz there none left, why? I wish I knew. No content whatsoever because they increased the levels of everything. No raid bosses coz they are all lvl 120, and by the time we will be 120 they will release another patch with boss levels going up to 130 and so on until we will never reach them. No adena farming, how is that even possible or viable long term? I am adding one more complain to this forum regarding the state of the server and most importantly the lack of EXP on this sever, I know it doesn't make a difference because the people that should be reading this don't and the people that could do something about this won't. I came back when the EXP event started, I spent $2000 on my beginner gear and hoped to reach lvl 110 so I can start playing the game, I failed before the event ended, now its pointless to even dream of lvl 110. If we all come together and complain and express our dissatisfaction maybe the person that can do something about it will? Or maybe not but we have to have to adopt a collective approach on this matter for the sake of the game. Give us content, basic reward based content, give us raid bosses, mini raid bosses, give us EXP lots of EXP so we can get to 120, give us hope, give us joy, give us Lineage 2 back and people will spend and invest I know I will! TY.
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    Agreed. Showing "high" chance for both outcomes indicates a 50/50% chance. Tests by numerous individuals has proven that this is not the case. This is at best misleading your playerbase, and at worst, outright lying about the odds. The % rates are posted in other regions, why are they not posted here? Are the rates lowered for the NA servers? If so, what is the justification for this? If not, why not just translate the rates from the other regions? You're forcing these players to gamble without giving them a honest and clear picture of the possible outcomes. This applies to enchants, crafting, event rewards, etc. Where does it end? Quit cheating your customers and fix your descriptions. Post your rates.
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    For god sake, ncwest you have to understand we really boring no reason to do any pt without pt-bonus, no reason to stay h24 with pc to get 1%, no money, no market, all untradables and stuck, no bring new ppl to reach our levels and have more ppl to do hard stuff without numbers. no cloak events and insane prices, stuck no jewels obtanaible ingame or l2store, insane prices and all stuck with them, no more ppl, no nothing. we become active only in interesting period and then all say bb. u can make more $$$ with these stuff, but you are addicted with this old system (increasing sell of boost items, more active ppl that buy from l2store event, look at this exp period how u increased ur sells with more ppl actives). (ps. we are in the 2020, u can upgrade ur graphic engine to switch from single-core cpu usage to multi-core and finally we dont lag in zones with many pc-chars. you earned in these long years a looooot of $$$$ so i think you didnt have problems of financial, we are not sheeps.)
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    I wish we had the option to uncheck Hero Shout in chat options like we had before they changed it.
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    use /block, will solve your problem. use /allblock to solve your problem more. use alt+j to solve your problem with every aspect. if nothing of above will help, use uninstall L2
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    can this be increased to 105? those levels are reached really quick so it would do nearly nothing against the true problem (RMT spam/mails)
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    stop trolling mixa, trying to help people to get top reward (hi juji)
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    I don't want to run around with a bow that looks like an airplane wing. My wizard also need more +++ staff, but I really like the appearance I have..
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    you should make PERMA -> party bonus <- for 1st -> vit mantaining rune like other said in Prestige and increase price of 5$ <- -> boost exp <- we cant stay all our LIFE h24 in macro exp or u never see result and level up!! all have a life, jobs, family. We cant waste elettricity bills to dont see never a godsake result. The game is DEAD and everything is not moving atm, even ppl dont spend in l2store like when we have rates boosted. U will earn more more $$$ but u dont understand, who is ur genious financial engineer ?? he have ofcourse to change job
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    As in the title, w/o party bonus again no sense and NO RESULTS in exp. In a MMORPG is the best ridicolous situation that you don't have incentive of that!! SHOULD be permanent!! About vitality the SAME, you have some nice ways: 1) Vitality ALWAYS on by vit rune 3) Put in prestige pack MANTEINING VIT RUNE and increase price of 5eur
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    Although i agree with the starting post, posting this on forums won't do anything unfortunately. NCWest been ignoring complains from their player base for years now mostly because, unless they are forced to, they have zero power to do any changes in game policy's. If you want changes in this matter the only way to do it is the way Koreans were able to solve this issue: complain to your local authorities. They complained to their government and they were heard. So, if you reside in the US do a formal complaint to the whatever government section responsible to this kind of issues and wait for a reply.
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    I ran an extension cord to my neighbors house last night so now I don't have to waste electricity afk 'till something comes along to do.
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    I really like to know what lucky pot of gold that the person that has +31 weapon on my server stole. Mathematically even with all the items in game that is statistically impossible under any the current game systems its 1 in trillion chance or worse to getting +31 weapon safely. Put it in more conventionally terms its like hitting the lottery 2 times with the same ticket and getting hit by lightening in the same place 3 x and surviving to cash that double lotto ticket.
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    UPDATE: NC Soft has now turned off my support and no longer replies to any ticket I place. The point of this post isn't about "Nova" it's about the GAME being fair... EVERYONE being able to say "hey... is a 3% chance worth 500$?" Lets be honest... the prices here are absurd and we, at the VERY least,..... ALL OF US, regardless of clan, deserve to know the REAL chances of something. When you have something that says... you are going to get either A or B and there is an EQUAL chance at both... that should NEVER mean less than 50%. No one here needs to posture or say go play something else or anything else negative.. this is an issue that affects all of us and nothing will change unless we ALL stand up and make them change.. MASS PETITION them.. as for changes... this is OUR game WE PAY FOR IT... make them change for the betterment of the players.. not what helps and works for them.
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    Define "stronger". With expensive weapon and using shots, Destro will level much faster than DA. On a budget, they will be close. Both will level slower than ranged classes, though. I powerleveled my Destro with my nuker.
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    I would like also t check the people who used and used Restoration system..And BAN them Its not fair for the normal player who invest Euro or dollars t happen this.. The gm team must Check some people....And Ban @Juji Shilien cry 9-10 Legendary Dyes 8-9-10 Dragon-Angel earings-rings 7-8-9 Weapons 20-21-22+++
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    Have fun. https://youtu.be/VkmGh0jzttg
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    level 111 With 850% xp Boost 1 day for 2% Max level 130 I need 13,797,521,091,028,600 xp to level up. per day I can get to do 140,698,839,646,368 xp It will take me 85.1 days to complete the level. I spent 7200 ncoin for destiny pack and much more for the other boosts: vitality maintenance and other boosters. and just only to go up to 112. motivation .. FULL If you don't complain, it is because you are used to being trampled on by others. a submissive fool! PS: IT IS NOT A CLAIM, it is a release for the service. improve your reading comprehension.
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    Navari Mask, Dragon jewels, Angel jewels issue they get better stats as they are + up so that wouldn't make sense. Issue with them is they are destroyed if you fail no way to bless enchant no safe enchants etcs. So either remove the item destruction or make it safe to enchant those items to a respectable level like weapons and armour. I don't even waste my time with angel or dragon jewels after the video of 1 fallen angel earring guy had 5000 of them and could only get one out of the 5000 to +8 when +10 is max, all the faliures nothing was left not even crystals to sell waste of time. Weapons and armour a max would make sense as it would flatten an outrageous market on some weapons. I see items approaching the 1 trillion adena mark... NcSoft come on at some point you have to see that as hurting your game not helping it because even the "whales" will be like wtf that is stupidily pricey when one level 1 or 2 dragon weapon will over power it.
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    all right, they did so many things and abused so many others that they unbalanced everything, people who were always mediocre now are more equipped than rambo
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    Already exp nerfed, server light incoming I guess. People were hyped for the exp some even come back to l2. P.S. the exp boost was active after the maintenance but removed before the maintenance. some1 is an a-hole
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    Byebye xp event! On the good news server lag should be gone when 90%+ of the players quit again. We need some permanent fixes to all the issues, not just intermittent events that come and go.
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    Destro uses two-handed sword, two-handed blunt or polearm. However, there are not a lot of destros in game that use polearms. "For fun and relax", I don't think the difference is that big.
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    I STILL HAVE *(*%@%@#$ MELEE LAG A YEAR LATER! @Juji @Hime
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    Open more chests for higher chance.
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    You are not born petit coeur d'amour @iAndouille But i understand you're upset when NC soft tells you it's guaranteed, that means 100%, when the probabilities are very low, low, average, and hight, it's not 100%, but the risk to have nothing is here (but of course NC soft don't say that), you can also take little and be lucky (very rare). NC soft doesn't indicate the rates on events like this, because it's not "seller" and the rates are too low ( especially for the rare, top items) otherwise the ppl would buy less (logical), the more you take, the better the chances are (normal). It's a game of chance (hasard) don't forget, luck is a very important factor. Thanks !
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    Heya, @Juji, @Hime, guys please give us a feedback, that melee lag in "happy hour" event time is even worst, all time to play with a delay that is incredible nerf to melee classes, ok we understand that there are some problems bla bla waiting the mighty devs for a QQ update, but give at least a feedback what's the status, work in progress, abandoned, never gonna happen, in 2 weeks,etc. We talk all day here about melee lag and 0 but 0 feedback from you! Please give us some info's regarding that problem. That is not something to not take care in the top 1 priority.....we have events etc,etc, devs got time for them and other bunch of craps, but fixing melee lag,who cares. I invite you to join a spot for example in Tanor Canyon on the "happy hour" and test to see what a bullsh1t we confront! Also that buff in previous event was a crap melee compensation useless buff, that is not a solution, we need a proper fix not a buff for 4 hours / day. Come with something that can give us the fairness at least to play normal on a server compared to other classes. BR,
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    Shilen's Ring 146 A ring containing Shilen's strength. Active Skill: Resets all cooldowns. 2-hour cooldown. Shilen's Necklace 292 A necklace containing Shilen's strength. Active Skill: Go into Hide state for 30 seconds when used. 2 minute cooldown. Shilen's Earring 219 An earring containing Shilen's strength. Passive Skill: 90% chance of PK count not increasing after killing another character. God accessories Shilen's ( these items can not be craft or ...) ? No Shilen's Neclace in this event but Shilen's Ring and Shilen's Earring yes... WHy ? Thanks !
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    Not necessarily. It's one raid a day and the enchants aren't 100%. You can fail, which means it could take some more than 5x. The only thing this raid really accomplishes for most people is using up all of their soulshots.
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    If I had to guess and they will never admit it is server load. They built to be one continuous zone unlike other MMORPG but that does put limits on it only way around that is instances which they can do but that hurts the interactivity of the game too so eh.
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    Most of the development of the game has stopped if you haven't notice. There is almost nothing tied to the lore of the game anymore. The water dragon I believe was last thing they added that had to do with lore. Things like catacombs and necros were closed which was a huge lore thing, nevermind when they towns were destroyed by the Goddess of Destruction then poof they are all fixed one day no explanation. The seeds were big and fun change, but they were closed for the most part. Raids are not even done anymore except by the top players. Field raid bosses are too high level and require too many people for even the high level people to do because of their barriers. I don't care how much patk you have but 1050 hits in 15 seconds who thought that was a good idea? I am starting to feel like I am playing an old Nintendo game when you beat it starts back at level 1 just a harder version nothing changes just levels are more difficult. I went to go visit the Ant Queen but the ant nest still on the map has disappeared.... Beleth side of hellbound is gone no way to enter. I mean like whats the deal with this stuff. Towns like Dion, Gludin, Gludio (after starting quests) all the starting villages including Talking Island, most of Giran area, all wastelands of nothing. There are lots of dragon weapons biut they are horded by the top clans because they are considered game breaking weapons and you have to be lucky or extremely loyal to get one. These weapons sell for $$$$ on the black market so its also income but they don't want these weapons to go to their enemies either so sit in warehouses they do. I know of people on my server that have multiple +15 or higher limited bows sitting in their warehouses to control the market themselves. The crafting system right now is broken and useless because of Ether, common mats you can farm and buy but you need ether thats not sellable or tradeable to craft. The people who have lot of ether are usually their mains that dont have high luck like their crafters or alts because you need STR Dex and Cha to level not luck.
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    This situation is not so obvious, as you can think, don't forget that Nc soft is a company above all and that above this company there are laws, NC soft can't close an account like that, they have their hands tied, and even despite videos, denunciations of ppl, there is a need also to prove things, in some countries the video is not considered as proof, and it's a long work. NC soft know these laws. NC soft could indeed put 500 GM in the game to monitor everyone, but this requires means (time, money, resources). I am not for denunciations, but indeed when some break the rules of the game, and bleep off the players, it's the only solution to orient the GM. To conclude denounce silently by submitting your tickets, instead of shouting them on the forum in the eyes of all.
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    This is a really good item textures update.
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    Ambicija stop telling fairy tales. 100 - 110 in 3 months. Are you smoking my friend? I got a friend tank, 100% free to play, he just hit 110 in 1 year. It takes already 20 days to lvl from 108 -> 109 in duo party with 200% exp rune & doing all dailies when you take 5%. Another two months from 109 -> 110 in duo party with 200% exp rune. 110 -> 111 it takes 3 months +- with 200% exp rune while doing all dailies and play a lot to make 1% per day. All this is only possible if you have a damn good YUL in party with good gear. And I do have one so I know what I am speaking about. Now you are asking a newcomer to do 100-110 in 3 month with 0 gear except exalted one? You might reconsider what you said earlier. And I do daily 1b Adena as income from dailies, SI, PI, IoS etc. So gearing up for a newcomer is really difficult. Of course, if you spend 1k euros per month to hit the vitality party cake all the time it is faster. FFS 1k euro! Even I don't spend that amount a month for this. I have been playing nearly for 10 months now. In Mid-October I will hit 111 and I play everyday 5-7 hours and I did have to spend a good amount in Ncoins. I only agree on what you say, if you already have one geared character who can push others.
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    Without offending you ! The subject here is not about Hybrids, MAXs, cheats, rmt etc ... you accuse in the form of rumors, and in an aggressive tone these players of cheating, and even if what you say is true, this it's not the role of the players to sanction. Often these rumors and propaganda in the game are based on unfounded things or on nothing, but you have to feed the game. You can give your opinion, but there are other ways to do it. I can understand the anger and frustration of some players in the face of abuse and inequality, but the life is like that, you can't suddenly change it all, you just need to get over it ! It's not the people who make the rules here, or sanction, they contribute to Lineage 2 like everyone else here, and if there are flaws, inequalities, sanctions penalties that are not up to your estimates, then we should tackle to a whole system and everywhere in life. Thank you for your understanding !
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    Dimensional siege : A dimensional siege but like a normal siege, no more interest, 2 or 3 castles why not, but would they be enough to the players to motivate themselves more. When there were the 3 servers, the players were motivated to do it, today the naia server doesn't allow himself any more pleasure , how unfortunate ! The downside of dimensional siege, and which seems important to me, the rewards are low and you lose all that : After teleportation the server _ID (like, Limaro_54) is added to your character name to avoid issues with the same nicknames. After teleportation all characters get Noblesse skills. After teleportation the Hero status is removed, the Hero equipment goes back to the inventory, and the aura is not displayed. The status is returned after teleportation back to home server. After teleportation the status of winners of the Ceremony of Chaos is removed and the aura is not displayed. The status is returned after teleportation back to home server. Any item exchange with other players is impossible. Skills cannot be upgraded. Items cannot be augmented. Items cannot be crystallized. Items cannot be dropped. Clan management is not available. Mail system is not available. Party search is not available. Mentoring system is not available. It's impossible to create or save macros. Sayune is not available. The Rocky Camouflage of the Aries Agathion Charm : Indeed is not very pleasant for those who undergo it (but as some abuse and disparity in the game), it should perhaps be given a longer cooldown at lv12. The skill mana armor ,this skill no reuse time, too gore in pve, and in pvp + high gear almost invincible. Sayha's seer with skill wind blend + skill couldown and good gear, invincible. How to touch a ppl that you can't see ... It reminds me of Romana a ppl Sayha's Seer high gear on the freya and chronos servers, very very strong. Where are the Sayha's Seer high gear ? they have disappeared ... The Cursed swords, i never had them more than 5 min, you wonder why, so i can't say anything about it . Just check here ! https://l2wiki.com/Cursed_Weapons Clan reps are difficult to get, and others impossible (for some clans), maybe it would be necessary to increase the points to evolve more quickly, and the clan shop is really bad, i regret a little the dailies coins. Thanks !
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    I just miss the old places lol, and hate the fact some of my old levelling spots have changed, I hated leaveing vos
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    oh god decreasing the spawn rate in ROA would just make it even more of a nightmare for a newbie to get through the quests. Removing adena drop from there and giving usable items as rewards for part of the quest would be far better. Items that have no value in the NPC shop but useful for a newbie leveling would be ideal. As it is now the bots seem to delevel and then rock ROA over and over.
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    Wouldn't it be cool to see a post about maintenance that actually meant something... Try this next time... Stabilizing the economy - Increasing the Adena drop rate for 90% of the monsters based on difficulty levels Decreasing the spawn rate in Ruins of Agony that allows and promotes the gold farming bots to ruin player driven economy Adding Variety to leveling areas Increase the spawn rate in all of the other zones to allow players to see all areas of Aden Adding new quests to the game. Adena Quests - solely money quests aimed at gathering quest items in bulk for a payout XP/SP Quests - Adding several options for low to mid tier leveling areas Armor/Weapon (D/C/B Grades) Each quest grants a random piece of armor or weapon. Updating the Auto-Hunting feature Allow party members to attack what the party leader is attacking. Set a central attack point that you do not run away from, or run back to. Setting Manner mode to ON as the default. Players can still switch it off if they choose to. Updating the macro usability - increasing the number of lines in the macro to 20 Updating the macro usability - allowing a macro to call other macros. Updating the Looking For Party system - to increase players working together. Raid Boss Feature - allows players to join a raid group to hunt Raid Bosses of the appropriate level Increasing amount of Castles available to Player control Limiting players to one siege and one defend a week. L2Coin Items 15 Day Weapon tokens (+5 weapons) D-Grade - 100 C-Grade - 300 B-Grade - 900 15 Day Weapon tokens (+10 weapons) D-Grade - 400 C-Grade - 800 B-Grade - 2400 15 Day Armor tokens D-Grade - 100 C-Grade - 300 B-Grade - 900 NPC Buffers - Applies buffs for players who do not want to multi-box for Adena (Taxable for castle owners) Tier 1 Buffs - 20,000 Adena (adjusted by tax rate) for 40 minutes Tier 2 Buffs - 50,000 Adena (adjusted by tax rate) for 40 minutes Tier 3 Buffs - 150,000 Adena (adjusted by tax rate) for 40 minutes Tier 4 Buffs - 250,000 Adena (adjusted by tax rate) for 40 minutes Limit 1 per account Items All items allowed to be moved between all characters on the account Adena/Warehouse Shared between all characters on the account Clan Permissions Allow Clan Leader to assign ranks permission to pull from the clan warehouse Clan Icons Each Rank assigned an icon next to their name (allowing non-clan mates to identify leaders and officers) Each Rank assigned an icon next to their name in chat (allowing clan mates to identify leaders and officer in Ally/Clan chat) If you want - I can come work for you guys and help stimulate gameplay!
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    Hello, I'm returning user and I noticed that now all players get paulina twilight gear for complet the second transfer. my question is @Hime, what's about the returning user with old characters with no gear? I played before when we got paulina items for 30 days and red libra weapons. now I don't even have any item. just paulina S gear. its possible we can get those new twilight gear with old characters? because this game before was so unfriendly with new players.
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    DPS setup = Fire Defense setup = Earth Wind = It's good for MP/HP...sooo...meh. Earth gives p.def and m.def...you wont need shield def rate since you need duals. And the skill is good anyway. If you're active and DD, go for the Fire. If you wanna stand more, go for earth. If you wanna go for MP regen/consumption, go for wind. (earth is green and wind is white, right?)