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    People request NCSOFT do the following changes in order to keep playing here and keep buying Ncoin : Game Economy : As you can see , there is a huge problem with the game economy, and the only Items people sell or buy are the Items from L2 Store Events. We want the following changes to be made so you balance the game! Adena : decrease adena drop amount in the following areas : Abandoned Camp Ruins of Agony Ant Nest Gorgon Flower Garden Cruma Marshlands Cruma Tower (Floor 1,2) That would prevents the pony bot Swarms. Also if you gonna decrease the adena on the following areas you should add some Newbie Pack on L2Store (for a low amount of NC COINS)that would provide a 30days C grade Weapon ,C grade armor set and C grade Jewels, so the new people can save adena for the high lvl areas ! Increase the Adena drop amount on the following areas : Ketra , Varka , Imperial Tomb , Antharas Lair , Dragon Valley , Forgotten Island (inside on the party zone) , Giants Cave. All that high lvl areas have a very low Adena Drop amount, we cannot farm in those areas because the items / Adena drop are very bad , therefor nobody farm on that high lvl areas!(around 200 adena in 6 party members), TOI 11 is around 700. We have tons of materials and craft items that nobody buy and we would like NCSOFT to make them again sellable to the Grocery so we can get some adenas for the useless craft items. Also we need a decent spoil rate, because the game is completely unbalanced , we cannot receive Recipes to craft B grade / A Grade items because the spoil rate is very~very low ! We understand that this game is Free To Play and that is the reason there are low rates for spoil/drop, but that items you guys add on NC STORE make that server Pay to Play actually, and we must invest about 150 $ monthly to keep the vip7 UP .This is not a free to play server anymore, thats the reason you guys must Increase the rates! High LvL Daily/Dungeons/Instance/Farm Areas : We would like to discuss about the high lvl farm places dungeons instance, that on L2Classic right now are impossible to be done by someone because those moobs are too strong and they are too many ! Four Sepulchers : There is a nice dungeon that cannot be done on this server because there are too many moobs inside, and those mobs hit too hard.We would like NCSOFT to fix that , would be nice a decrease in the mobs number same as you guys did with the Siege Guards! And to fix the damage those mobs deal, because is way to high. Frintezza INSTANCE: we need a nerf aswell on that instance, there are too many mobs also and they hit very hard ! Antharas Lair : this is a very nice farm place for party but unfortunatley the ITEMS / ADENA drop rate are very low (there are some 40lvl places that gives same amount of adenas as 85 lvl farm places) .Mobs in antharas Lair hit realy hard that’s why there's nobody farming there ! we need a fix aswell on that place ! Imperial Tomb : a nice place for party farm & for solo farm also, but unfortunatly mobs Adena / Item drop is very low and those mobs are way too strong for the content NCSOFT gives us right now ! Dragon Valley : Same issues , mobs hit too hard (we cannot farm in there even with all Items L2Store Provide) those moobs drop 1k-2k adenas that is a very low amounth of adenas for a 85 LVL Area, people trying to spoil Cloth pieces and did’nt get anything from spoil .Thats mean the spoil/drop rates are very low. Varka and Ketra exactly the same issues as previous regions : very low adena drop amount,we dont disscuss about getting some good drop because its like impossible even with vip 7. Aden Pirate Dungeon : we need some fixes here because that dungeon is the only way we can get S grade Craft materials, key parts, and right now that dungeon is very “unfair”, you guys should make it same as 40-45 lvl Dungeons from Adena: 1 time only per char/day, and if someone wish to go more times they should buy that stone from NC Store, because that 1hour entry right now sux hard, you can just go inside hunt the Goldberg Buttler and than quit dungeon and the time gonna be exactly the same (it does’nt count down when you get outside of the dungeon) it should work like: you go inside 1 time, you get 1 hour to hunt there once you get outside you should not be able to go anymore for that day only if you get that entrace pass from NC STORE. ALL those places mentioned before need to be nerfed ! so we can have doable content after 85 lvl ! Chaotic Characters (PK Characters) : There are a lot of things to say about that issue, but let’s go straight to the point. The PK Characters should be not able to use Teleport (my teleport system), right now there is chaos, everywhere there are people pretending the spot you farm is their own spot and they just log a pk char and clean ur farm chars ! You also should rework that PK Debuff : it should decrease Casting speed , M.atk , Atk Speed around 30-50% and PK Chars should not be allowed to use that 76 Mount. Server Events : Here we go, we are tired to have Pay to Win events, and that has become exagerated !!!We need to balance events like gambling boxes and normal events. The only events you guys are doing so often are Open BOX EVENT ( That’s a gamble event) we also need to spend money in order to win something good ! We are looking for some kind of Free to play Events , like LETTER event or Squash EVENT , Matchstick event and many other Farmable events !!! Thats what we are looking for, NCSOFT is doing to many pay to win events and most of us are tired of them. For example : On December you made Blizzard Ice box event for 4 weeks, when that event ended 2 weeks there was no event and then you put HearthLove box event, c’mon that’s realy ridiculous... We want some Farm events or Exp events , maybe 2x Respawn time on raids events or weekend boost exp . The main idea of those Events you guys are making is that most of them are PAY to WIN events and it has became ridiculous ! As we tent to improved our characters , to get them higher level and better items , we cannot stay at level 40-50 to farm epic bosses , you kill our content and our fun. We want you to boost their level/remove penalty drop level Removing barrier till 70 level raidbosses would be very good. Epic Raidbosses : Baium is completly bugged, you can’t land any debuff on it ! That’s the reason nobody kill Baium , we cannot land any debuffs and he deal a lot of damage ! Antharas has the same issues as baium , you cannot land any debuffs on it and he does a lot of damage Queen Ant - lvl 40 raidboss since the server Opening , we would like if you guys gonna make it 80 lvl same as the other epic raidboss ! Orfen - 50 lvl Raidboss since the server opening , Same issues as Queen ant , we need those raidbosses 80 lvl !!! Core - 50 lvl Raidboss since the server Opening , same as Queen Ant and Orfen !!! Frintezza - no way to get in there, moobs hit too hard and they are too many, you guys need to decrease the amount of mobs in that place ! Also we cannot see what debuffs are on raidbosses since the last big patch ! I guess is time to put it back so we can enjoy that game ! Doomcryer / Dominator has no Attribute damage increase !!! I've been reporting this issues for 9 months or maybe more and still not fixed ! We want back the 5th SkillBar Shortcut also we want back the Damage Window (you guys remove them on the preivouse patch. @Hime @Juji IF THAT CHANGES NOT GONNA BE IMPLEMENTED YOU GONNA LOSE HALF OF THE SERVER ALSO YOU GONNA LOSE A LOOT OF MONEYS BECAUSE WE GONNA STOP BUY NCOINS !!!
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    Greeting Adventurers, We would like to remind you that harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. We have had several incidents in the past few months where we took action against multiple accounts and involved local authorities. Some example of harassment include: Obscene, vulgar or inappropriate language towards you or others Threatening violence or bodily harm in game or in real life Extorting by PK for hunting spots, items, or Adena While there is no issue with general banter and rivalry between other players and clans, please remain respectful to other players here on the forums and in-game. You can read the Rules of Conduct you’ve agreed to here. If you are experience harassment, please contact our Customer Support by submitting a ticket here.
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    The Auto Loop Macro system was removed for Classic in all regions. The skill shortcut bar has replaced the functions of the macro loop except for the delay. I am going to discuss with the Dev team tonight on whether they can re-implement the macro functions or provide something more beneficial for the support classes (buffers).
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    Hello All, I have been reading all of your replies in this thread and looking into different options with the current 15th Anniversary event. The dev team requested that we quickly remove the cake raid event to prevent further instability and abuse on the Classic Servers. I tried spawning the Fioti NPC manually today, but there was no message prompt for claiming a reward or the instant XP/SP. The Fioti NPC seems to be directly tied to your character's participation in the Cake Raid. I will ask the Dev team if they can adjust the raid without the top rewards, while only granting the XP/SP. In the meantime, we plan to add a compensation pack to the store next week. Apologies again for these recent changes to the event! Best Regards, Juji
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    Please +1 if you would like this issue fixed. So the 15th anniversary reward for 15 year old players today was a raid master outfit, which can neither be destroyed or put into your warehouse. With all the gear in this game, my toon is almost always 120/184 inventory. Yet to switch class I need to be down to 95 inventory. Switching class from main to dual class, something that should be simple is very difficult. This is very annoying mechanic to the game that I feel can be easily fixed. Can I get some support? Maybe the Dev team can look into this. This 95/184 cap, makes it difficult to keep buying gear. And the most bound items added to my toon the worse the situation gets. Pretty soon Top players will not be able to switch class. This is a very simple quality of life issue, ncsoft can fix. We just need to tell them as a community that it is important to us that they fix this.
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    This is an updated Known Issues thread. If you do not see an issue listed here, don't be alarmed. We are still working though and adding information to this thread. If you are still experiencing the resolved issues, be sure to restart your client and update via the launcher. Some issues may take longer to resolve as it may require a patch. Known Issues Level 85 Class Change quest is broken and cannot be finished without using a /target macro. Ability Point Skills Guardian's Blessing/Berserker's Blessing/Magician's Blessing are not giving 10%/20% XP bonus. Advanced Shader option still shows black textures. Muted sounds are reverted back to default after the client is restarted.
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    I have to put my two cents in here. Many of us spend a good deal of money on Prestige and other items within the game only to have NCSoft hit us with stuff like this. Would it hurt at all to refund us or give us some kick back for helping keep your servers alive and populated? Shoot us an XP event for free? SOMETHING?!? I promote the hell out of your game, obviously by choice, but I can say who else is bringing in or back players to your servers as much as I am? I think I speak for everyone here when I say you need to start treating us players better. Before you know it you wont have them. I also recently reached out to your PR Team about helping you guys promote more for events and such but seems to fall on deaf ears. Are you really that complacent?
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    Compensation is comming guys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJFlktMjayw
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    Hi all, As you may have experienced, our servers are currently impacted with high latency. At this time, we have disabled character creation and will soon be implementing other temporary measures such as the 3 client limit while our teams actively continue to resolve the issues. There may also be additional unscheduled maintenances. We understand the game experience has been less enjoyable due to the latency and we are planning to remedy the trouble after the issues have been resolved. Thank you for your patience!
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    While I'm all for businesses making money in a capitalist market and more than willing to spend some of my disposable income on hobbies and things I enjoy. This just seems ridiculous. God jewelry? Shouldn't you guys be bridging the gaps between those at the top and newer players not widening them? Or is this just a death knell cash grab from NCWest? These jewels coupled with dragon weapons you will turn the already godly to literal unkill-able gods and if anyone knows anything about lineage 2. It wont just be 1.. It'll be a group of them. Because one shotting entire fields of players who haven't invested tens of thousands of dollars into the game (Current) isn't enough? Gotta add even more gap between those that are already on the top and those trying to play catch-up. Don't forget NC... There needs to be a vibrant in-game market for your L2 store to survive. Unless of course you cut out all of us middlemen and just start selling fully enchanted SA'ed gear in the L2 store. Which honestly, I could see at this point. So honestly, what's gonna keep anyone who's under 110 playing? There's little to no reason to Oly or CoC unless you've spent upwards to $10,000. There's little to no reason to siege as there's only two real markets in this game that can and will yeild taxes. Aden and Giran and everone who's anyone knows only the top of the top clans ever own those. Oh and the rest of the castles? Well I guess you do get that fancy flag/stance when you go idle in game... From my siege experiences, it's usually 1 group attacking just for target practice. They wipe the defending force, take out the towers then just farm kills like it means anything. Because after all, they've got to justify their investments, right? And yeah, still getting one shot like it was nothing. Something like 200 billion worth in gear and still can't do a thing. Anyway, before I start ranting about current balance issues and meta. This game used to be so damn good when there was little to no RMT and it was actually punished instead of incentivized.. Not so sure I will be bothering anymore. You're asking newer and returning players to climb Mt. Everest while you add more obstacles and height to the climb. All while those who are already at the top haven't a worry in the world. This is the greatest news they could hear. The peak they stand on just got taller. And now I feel bad because I invited friends to return to the game. Anyway, server will go up and people will craft their god jewels in the first 10 minutes because they can.. While the rest of us are left to spend stupid amounts of money and or time trying to catch up. Good call guys, good call. Was thinking my L2 spending habits were getting out of hand. Now I won't really have to worry about it.
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    Mixa please stop posting in every thread where people ask questions to Staff members, unless you work for ncwest. This question is in place and we all want to know answer, but we want some answer from staff member not random dude who is trying to be smartass and play advocate for ncwest
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    I want to hear other players opinion of the new update. It's been a week and I've been talking through it with friends. Let me start by saying we are all casual players, none of us are top-tier "end game" players etc. However, we've all been playing for about 10 years each on average. There are a couple of nice things this update brought but overall there are far to many nerfs and I think it's really going to hurt the server/game. Pros Free exalted gear is nice for your low level toons. Even if you're a top-tier player, you have a farm group somewhere using some of this stuff. Abandoned Coal Mine is a nice timed zone for 100-105 toons to level. Increase in mobs at Crater and Phantasmal Ridge Cons The adena nerfs no matter where you hunt are terrible. You can't even farm enough adena to pay for shots or spirit ore. The drop rate of the Aden chests are terrible compared to the elite monster boxes that used to drop. - On top of that, you only get 70k from a box (with a small chance at a random better item) rather than 300k (and a small chance at armor piece etc.) They took out the 100% static XP from the exalted. They took 10% out of the XP in the Ability points. Even drop rate nerf in places like Primevil Isle They have these 115+ hunting areas as "new hunting zones" but they nerfed the xp so bad no one will EVER cross the threshold of 114 to even hunt in those areas. This has caused the entire server to hunt in the same 3 spots basically. Not only that, but spots that people went to farm like Land of Chaos are so garbage now that no one goes there which increases the population in those previously spoken 3 spots. Baylor, Kama, Tauti, Octavis, etc. drop NOTHING Not only do they not drop anything but they're a lot harder now. The fact that they're harder wouldn't be a big deal if they actually dropped something. You spend 40 minutes doing Baylor and everyone gets a box worth 1.2 million adena and that's it. It's not even worth the time spent doing it. Great job NC Soft, you raised the level of the instance so people would do them again, however, you made the reward so bad, it's not even worth the time and therefore defeated the purpose of raising the level of the instance. The new crafting system is garbage. It will take 100 days to get enough Ether to craft a piece of R110 at a 60% chance??? You can't even craft a full set of gear in a years time at that rate with 100% chance! A whole new update will be here before you ever craft a set of gear. Kudos again NCSOFT! I'm sure there's more here I missed but it seems like this is the worst update yet. The lack of farming ability is going to drive the "little fish" away from the game because they won't/can't spend a ton of money in the L2Store. Say what you will about the little fish not being able to swim in a big pond and it's their problem they can't spend more money, but the fact of the matter is, when there are no more little fish for the big fish to feed on, the big fish die off too. Lower level more casual players will quit and eventually the higher level top-tier players will follow suit because there are no more lower level players around to beat up on. They'll become bored with the game as well and quit. Don't worry though guys, @Juji is checking with the devs. It seems like he checks with the devs on EVERYTHING. He checks with the devs so much I don't even know how he has time to put on socks! Maybe that's why we never hear back from him on these "checks with the devs." I'm really curious about what everyone else thinks about the updates. Please post your constructive discussion. No flaming!
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    Hi, I just wanted to add some things you can do to make adenas and exp. 1. have you tried fishing, when your not leveling set your chars to fish, in 1 hour u should be able to get 2 power fish each char. remember you can log 3 chars per computer, 4 power fish you can trade for 3 elcyum powder. you can sell them on AH or save them for weapon upgrade. 2. Do coal mine timed instance (101-105) every day you should get the most exp there. 2b. Do Storm isle, even if you do a small area with 4-6 mobs the adena drops are far superior than other places for 1 hour 2c. If you need adena GOTO Plunderous Plains EXP is BAD but adena drops is good. 3.Always do primeval island as you can get enchant scrolls to sell for a profit. 4. NEVER Enchant anything other then your skills. normally you would try to enchant your skills to +6 then use Mastery enchants to get it to +10, if your doing another way STOP its not worth all the fails. 5. Join a clan make some friends play together you will be able to do alot more content. 6. Do not do Baylor its a wast of time, people do baylor instance only stay in that instance less then 10 min, if it takes you a long time to do the instance, its not worth while. the time in the instance can be better used farming adena or fishing. 7. ALWAYS do the Solo Instance to get your FREE daily Buff Supplies , less than 15min per day its worth the time 8. Please remember the people you see that can 1 -2 shoot mobs spent alot of money to get to where they are, or play nearly 24/7. You cannot compete with those people, pace yourself in little upgrades and you will enjoy the game more. i think that is all i can think of now, if others have other ideas please comment
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    You did the worst thing u could do. You had 3 options here. 1) improve current macro system to use buffs/dances/songs as toggle on bar. 2) Remove afk auto hunt all together and return to active play 3) Leave minimal useless auto hunt functionality and this way allowing ONLY users to farm and not be a visible as they would be with option 2. You went with option 3! In my opinion this is the worst thing u have done so far in this game. Please guys if u agree post in forums lets be a strong voice.
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    A request has been sent off to the Dev team just now to add back the auto loop function for macros. I will share a status update as soon as I hear back from them.
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    Please bring back punishment for exploits, programs, extreme foul language (extreme, not little stuff), and threats to people in real life. I personally don't want to see anyone permanently banned and I don't think the current game could handle a mass permanent ban like those of the past. I do however think those of us left still playing after all these years are to addicted and would not quit over a 3/7 day ban, but would would defiantly stop messing around and breaking the rules, 3/7 days out of game is a big set back especially in a big clan. I realize this will indirectly affect me personally as some of my clan mates and friends would get hit. The rule breaking is happening in most clans in some shape or form. I am sick of it, my friends are breaking the rules, my enemies are breaking the rules, heck random low levels are breaking the rules and its all in mass because there are no consequences. And the only thing that happens once in a while is a warning that threatens stronger action, followed by not a stronger action, but you guessed it- another warning. Empty warning threats that people are sure nothing more with come of it, except maybe another warning. Please take this into serious consideration.
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    lf compensation for wasted destiny xp packs and prestiege packs
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    You are going to pay me back 2x for my prestige packs and Destiny packs from my Characters. It's not our fault that some players are taking advantage of a glitch in your game on recharge stones. it's the only way for people in this game to make Adena since y'all screwed Adena drops.
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    I am cancelling my 2 prestige subscriptions until live servers are stable again - proven server upgrade/fixes without latency, lag, disconnects for a month + If any people feel they are not respected as part of this player/customer base by NcWest feel free to post yours too. No Spam please, just proof. Cheers https://pasteboard.co/ITAjq1I.png https://pasteboard.co/ITAi307.png
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    https://pasteboard.co/ITAn3tj.jpg https://pasteboard.co/ITAnyrL.jpg
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    @Cyan @Juji @Hime You guys forgot to add which actions will be taken to "fix" the nearly unplayable server performance degradation we are experiencing.. you know stuff like: add login queue ban bots character creation disabled close timed zones half all mobs (best combo this one with 200% xp boost to compensate the decrease of mobs) account max set to 1 or you could just leave the servers down until you do have a fix and save us all the hassle
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    Hello i request to support for make tradeable dragon shirt or make i tradeable for enchant dragon shirt or echange for dragon breath but i revice message from them i need collect more player for that . Is there any people what wanna the same thing what i ?
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    Juji, I do not know how you view and treat your job or how implicated is your boss but the communication with the customers is extremely bad! Don't say this is a free to play game as it is not, it is a complex game that requires both time and money from your customers to be able to enjoy it's content and the interactions with other players that a mmorpg game should allow for. With every milk the cow event you guys launch you only create a deeper and deeper trench between players in your servers. I personally would rather pay $50/month/box and have a balanced game than the literal crap you guys roll out. So here are some issues ypu only evade an answer for or just don't care about: 1. 3rd party programs users: you (just log in and go to Rift and you will see 100 summoners automated that probably only 1 player is running. Due to bots existing in the game there is a game economics inbalance and an artificial load being created on your servers. I personally know people that would rather buy adena from traders than buy NCOin and participate in your events. 2. server stability is just LOL. This is due to a) your lol staff b) bots you just keep in the game as you do not care c) the fact that you are cheap and would not buy new hardware or cloud services even with the hundrets of thousands of monthly top line d) the fact that you are cheap and you do not hire 1 lousy intern that would log in and simply ban obvious bots (like chars running more than 10 seconds appart through town stopping on the exact same coordinates) 3. The fact that you went from selling hats to selling cloaks and shirts that cannot be obtained in game in any possible way w/o real money and this ruins the player experience. If you want to get to a 100 ppl per server online out of which 99 are cash cows... KEEP IT UP Coca Cola makes maybe 0.5$ per botthe but the make a huge bottom line because they sell to a lot of people. your business strategy is dome by your grandmothers probably 4.The fact you do not have an ingame engine that alows people to earn Ncoin... this would allow for at least some balance to be restored 5. Communication: your player base is actually looking for update news on other servers in KR and EU simply because you have no information available until the server goes down for an update (same for events). When players go to your competitors to read patch notes and see how rewarding are in game events there fw/o people needing to play real money you don't think they stay there? Well I am telling you they do! You will end up with the 100 people online I mentioned above. You are also cheap here as an intern would gather up freaquent questions from your customers and bring them up in your weekly meetings then take the answers and post them. 6. You simply choose to remove content rather than fix issues (f.e. Lindvior) and that is because your devs are probably incompetent 7. your staff is either underpaid or overpaid.. in either case they just do not care about their jobs. you are also most likely understaffed as your management has no idea about how to run the business. they see the line on the chart up and to the right, the get dolar signs in their eyes thinking of the year end bonus and do not care about the 2 year/5 year plans. Milk the cow while it's alive! 8. You do not announce a time for world olympiad as you will most likely make it US time and ok... more EU people will leave, not that you care Disconnects are not just in south America. They are WW and I got throou checking my network, my isp connection, my router and switches, raised tickets to isp, etc and no, the issues are with NC West. THey lack either the implication to aknowledge them or the implication and know how in order to fix them.
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    Hello All, We will have an unscheduled maintenance at 10:00 a.m. PDT / 7:00 p.m. GMT+2. The downtime will last approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to address latency and server performance issues. With this maintenance: Server Hardware will be upgraded Queue limit will be increased once we have confirmed the server latency issue has been resolved. Thank you for your patience!
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    Compensation is already being prepared (more details next week), but we are trying our best to resolve this latency issue as quickly as possible.
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    Id like to start off by saying, I am probably a Top 1% in terms of gear player. Just thought I would make this request on behalf of every single player left playing l2 ncwest. We have been hammered with new item after new item for years, with the majority coming in just the last 2 months. The player base can't keep up with this and the gap is widening between even the top end and super top end players by an insane amount. I have a ton of gear, but the people I pvp sometimes have so little gear I could just stand there and they would kill themselves. The novelty is fun but it wears off fast. This is not sustainable. Even from a purely profit driven motive, a company should want its product to last longer rather than shorter? As a professional Cow, let me tell you how we would like to be milked. Bring old events back like cloak/circlet/agathions with much better success rates or possible even already enchanted items for 1/3rd of the ncoin price so players with less disposable income can catch up at a fraction of the price. I don't mind if this means I paid more for my items 1 year or even 6 months ago. I understand a company needs to make money, but they can do it wisely while keeping intact the integrity of the game. These type of big sale promotions I believe would bring in just as much money, as well as balance out and bring people back to the game. And if this promotion doesn't work, hey at least you tried, hit us with the sayha talismans and artifacts the following week. Let the big spenders like myself, be 3 or 4 steps ahead of the pack, instead of 10,000 steps. Just my thoughts.
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    I would love for this server to thrive. But it is literally the worst L2 server i have ever played. It is like NCSoft West intentionally wants to kill this server. I have 4 different VIP 4 characters in this game and have decided to give it a chance before i quit. I still have hope. So i decided to list some of the big problems i observed in hope that it can reach someone making decisions (although unlikely). - You advertise the server as free to play and with no Pay-to-Win items. This is a lie and very misleading. How is a server free to play if even your bare necessities cannot be covered from hunting? You cant even cover your SS/BSS + teleport needs unless you spend real money to buy adena. Not even thinking about buying any equipment. - Every month you hold a Pay to Win event. It is undeniably Pay To Win because there is no way you can buy those items when you cannot get any adena and item drops from hunting. Im even sure that if anyone had the time and money they could even take you to court for false advertisement. - You make this stupid 15th anniversary event where u power level everyone but give them no SP while at the same time ignoring people who just started by offering ONLY 4kk xp until 51 lvl. This will create soooo many problems i cant even list them all. You will have a bunch of 70+ chars with no SP, no skills, no equipment and no zones to farm in. What do you expect will happen ? - You actively encourage bots. You are an official server and you really allow botting. You remove bot reporting ingame, and reduce adena drop especially from high levels thus creating a market for botting in the low level zones. It is literally impossible to play active in this game. You even allow adrenaline! Although you wont officially admit it. It is actually quite simple to fix this server. Raise the adena/item drop rates and temporarily raise SP farming. This is all u need to do to make this game fun again. And the only thing that will guarantee you long time active players. I have no problem with paying some money every month to play a game i enjoy. But to spend some money on L2 Store for VIP, then need to also buy adena to cover my basic needs (SS/BSS) and then need some more money for equipment, and then some more money every month for your P2W events.... All for a game i dont even enjoy the way you messed it up. I will give this server some time but i will soon quit if no changes are made. As have so many others and i sincerely hope you see it and do something to fix it. Tagging the GMs in hope they will take some time to read and hopefully respond to our concerns. @Juji @Hime Thank you
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    Figured I'd post some info of what I'm seeing. Characters that are still extremely unbalanced. Dark Avenger Fear - Never stops Elemental Summoner - Pet instantly casts 2k AOE from absurd range after 76 Any Summoner class - Resummoning pet gives infinite mana Cubics - Attack Humans that are flagged even when your character is white and you are just standing next to them, You yourself will never flag Game play experience with friends Adena is very inconsistent, the ratio is off for how often something provides the Adena. This also makes people question why even bother using soul shot as well as why even bother leveling in harder areas, just auto macro and do something else. PKers, are ruling the entire game without any negative effects. Currently if you make a character that can utilize the 2 hand swords provided, you can level them to around 30-40 and kill almost all new players attempting to level. This can be done by playing more than 5 clients and loading them into each starting zone waiting for victims. Long Term players The Market and Total player count is now noticeable.(Multiple clans falling apart and items from clan in sell in town) The game now feels and works like other games which a-lot of people stopped playing. (Instant teleport, AutoGrind, Botting, No parties due to Buffer boxed characters, Instances/Dungeons) People are just playing to see what happens. That or because they have nothing else to do. No commitment like before.
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    $250 worth of ncoin +50B and still no legendary cloak please becareful of ncsoft scamming you
  32. 6 points
    will there be any resolutions / fixes implemented during this weeks maintenance or should ppl just log off/wait for the next update and pray something will be fixed then ? some hints as to what can be done to lower the amount of alts/bots and give other means for players to make adena/gear without forcing them to run 10+ chars, could even lower l2store prices to fight the inflation that is caused by the unbalanced stronghold adena farm for a select few players (99% of which are archers, amazing class balance yo): implement Korea's changes to the timed zones max extra time extension their fix on the atlas earring which will only require 100K mentee coins per scroll from the npc meaning no longer need 12 alts but 6 remove adena drops from the old regions that ppl use for rmt bot farm aka plunderous plains & land of chaos etc. clearly communicate which ways of bypassing the current limit of 3 accounts per PC are "legit/allowed" and then actually block/stop the other ways like teamviewer / vmware or heck even a simple windows user change on same pc as right now everyone and their mother can load 12+ accounts just from 1 PC - stop the Fake amount of accounts logged in by addressing this please as nobody believes for a second Chronos really has 3+ thousand active unique players, it's at best half that and you all know it so let's stop with the fake numbers. if anything give what people have been asking for like 6+ Months now and turn off / make it max daily refresh the Ranking system. Thanks for listening to your player base, much appreciated.
  33. 6 points
    Well where we can start..... 1) Octavis/tauti/frintezza impossibles. 2) Baylor/kama/gludio factible only with a full pt +12bloody and u take 45minutes for get a 1.200.000m 3) no drops adena sometime per mobs and prestige sux more 4) no drop anymore craft mats to resells. 5) adena quantity drop sux hard 6) ridicolous system sword akamanah/zariche in hand of same big persons since idk. give reward immediatly to who keep in hands in the exactly moment and finish this circus 7) exping at 105/106 u get always 700mil per mob, in solo where u can with a set bloody and weap+12bloody. In party u get same exp where need a pt, same speed to kill a mob, useless and very very slow (0,0002% per mob) 8) why dont close the server and open only 1 for ppl with dragon weaps, krisnha +14bloody, abu4, seven sign, heavenly talisman, weapon drags, skills +30, forgotten skill+30. this game is calibrated only for them. 7) u deleted most of things farmable and to do daily to complete and get something useful. I log i have nothing to do only kartia solo+primeval isle. stop. finished daily game. #L2 phantasmal
  34. 6 points
    https://youtu.be/KkTohbv7RD0 I posted this video someone doing it 2 months ago. I’m glad at least now you are fixing it hahahaha!!
  35. 6 points
    We are investigating now.
  36. 6 points
    its ok to delete some stuff that are not useful anymore, but no! they delete items we use and benefit from. for example? they delete supply box from the clan shop , but not the PK / reputation scrolls which are useless since they have removed the PK penalty. they delete the daily coins, but not the steel door coins which are uselless since you can only get scroll of esape to places you can teleport from the new system they delete the spirit stones, but not the red/green/blue seal stones!!! that item is out of game since 2012!! mammon still sells enchant scrolls D to A grade in exchange of blank scrolls!!! but what can you expect? they dont even bother to read what people say in the forums! you expect them to check what is happening in game?
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    Hello All, We have read your feedback regarding the login queue and will be removing it before the end of the day. Character creation will remain disabled until 2/12. Please note that latency issue may worsen during this time with the login queue disabled. We are working as fast as possible to secure new hardware to improve the performance and stability of our game servers. The Timed Hunting Zone Recharge Stones will be temporarily removed from the L2 Store after we found an issue where players can use them multiple times per day, which can put additional stress on the servers. The Timed Hunting Zones were never intended to be accessible for more than 11 hours per day. We will have additional updates regarding this issue and character creation next week. Best Regards, Juji
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    https://pasteboard.co/ITAqiAj.png https://pasteboard.co/ITAqBXp.png
  39. 6 points
    Greetings Adventurers, Happy New Year! Today, we're announcing Lineage II: Winter of War update. It will launch on January 15. You can find the quick details of what the update entails here: https://www.lineage2.com/news/winter-of-war-update-preview Patch Notes will be available before end of day, Friday, January 10.
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    if we ask them to give us +300% we might actually get -300%
  41. 6 points
  42. 6 points
    @Hime Honestly, the least you can do is to extend the server settings by at least a week since we've had so much lag/latency issues in the past long while now
  43. 6 points
    @SilverFish @VNDragon So all ur propaganda about how good u are and how powerfull ur clan is it, and today thx to @Pr1nce77 stream we was able to see for 2 hrs how Exe + Boborc cp TOTALLY FARM more than 5 pts from MAX at Baium + take drops of Orfen ? funny to see how 2 grps can keep on floor lllll grp, fuhu grp, prince77 grp, grinman grp, wetdarkness grp, loritempest grp etc. not all in game guys is tactic hide + full skills and expect kill all enemys in 1 aoe, sometime when u have gear like dragon bow lv3, u need to do a bit more... no matter what, it seems that ur clan w/o big OverNumber and YES OR YES peppino, are same as this number ---> 0 GZ and TY to give us a great show @eXEQtor cp and @KAROS cp
  44. 6 points
    Game servers will be down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, August 28, 2019 at 4 a.m. PDT / 6 a.m. CDT / 7 a.m. EDT / 1300 GMT+2 will be unavailable for approximately 4 hours and 15 minutes. With this maintenance: Standard database maintenance and application restarts will be performed Timed Hunting Zones will be added back The ranking system will be added back Server queue limit will be officially removed The Golden Compass event will start for four weeks Golden Compass Pack available in L2 store for 1 NCoin per account per day Attendance Checklist event will start for five weeks Server Boost Settings will start for two weeks: XP/SP +200% while hunting monsters No XP Loss Upon Death Augmentation Removal Fee = 0 Adena Item Drop and Adena Quantity Drop +100% during weekends. The boost does not affect quest rewards. 1st weekend schedule: Begins August 30 at 12:00 a.m. and ends on September 1 at 11:59 p.m. server time 2nd weekend schedule: Begins September 6 at 12:00 a.m. and ends on September 8 at 11:59 p.m. server time A Latency Pack has been added to the L2 Store for three weeks for 0 NCoin (1 per account): Vitality Maintaining Potion (1-hour) x15 Erupting Vitality XP Potion x15 Emperor’s Special Cocktail x15 Freya’s Ice Rose x30 Growth Rune 30-day (30% XP/SP) – Note: This rune will count down immediately after being claimed Ruler’s Authority (30-day) Other Notes: Rotten Fish Dishes can be exchanged until December 4. If you have any questions about the changes taking place during this maintenance, please feel free to post them on the forums. We also encourage you to follow @LineageIIOps for maintenance and server status updates.
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    Couple of things: If the ranking system is an element which is effecting latency, then remove it. The ranking doesn't really reflect how effective people are in game anyway, as many play their dual more than their main. If you should have such a system, which is updated weekly, base it on player contribution, irrespective of main/dual activity. Similarly, go back to the maximum of 3 account logging at any one time. Although I love it, remove the auto macro system.... let's go retro and go back to old school methods... but only if this is impacting on latency! As players invest serious time and in some instances, serious money via L2 store in the game... make sure that the 'mechanics' are fit for purpose. And finally, really listen to the gamers'.... majority have been in game 5, 10, 15yrs.... we love the game, we just get frustrated at the 'stuff'. Oh.... and final, final bit..... increase clan sizes again!
  46. 6 points
    Auto hunting will be enabled again after the maintenance tomorrow since disabling it did not alleviate the latency issue. We will be making changes to our hardware this week to reduce the CPU usage as much as possible.
  47. 6 points
    Ranking system issue is also being investigated as a potential cause.
  48. 6 points
    Hello fellow Players, and Staff, We need reliable and official drop / spoil database for NC west L2 classic. First of all, NC Korea has official database, and we have not. Secondly, we cannot trust NC Korea official database (via web translation) because they play thoroughly updated version of classic. Thirdly, we cannot trust l2 wiki EU database, because it is unreliable. NC Korea model with abstact drop / spoil table would be sufficient. Probability rates are, of course, good to know, but secondary matter. All the best, LyNoTex
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    We had so much fun for the past week or two - can we just forget today has happened and roll back to our classicish lineage2 that we enjoyed so much? Sincerely, All
  50. 6 points
    Max will join ds once again this coming week. Who want to cast rune can come and take it, we have no interested in holding that castle. Let make Lineage great again and take some of the cancer away. Also we do not make video that 2 hours long into 3 min long to show how great we are.