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    Hello All, We have a special pack of items that we are giving to all players as a bonus celebration for the 16th Anniversary of Lineage II and for players who had issues last week claiming their Attendance Rewards. To receive the 16th Anniversary Bonus Pack, please apply the following serial code below in the "Apply a Code" section on your NCSOFT My Account page: LINEAGE2SWEET16 The serial code can be claimed immediately and the code itself will expire on 6/24/2020, so be sure to apply it to your account before the expiration date. The 16th Anniversary Bonus Pack code can only be applied once per account. Please select the correct server and character, so the items can be delivered via the Dimensional Merchant NPC. Item Qty Description Greater Ruby Lv. 1 Box (30-day) 1 Double-click to obtain a Greater Ruby Lv. 1 (30 Day) Greater Sapphire Lv. 1 Box (30-day) 1 Double-click to obtain a Greater Sapphire Lv. 1 (30 Day) Emperor Shunaiman's Weapon Set Pack 1 Double-click to obtain Emperor Shunaiman's weapons (30 Day) Rare Accessory Gift Box (7-day) 2 Double-click to obtain Blessed Antharas's Earring, Blessed Valakas' Necklace, Tauti's Ring, Earth Wyrm Heart Ring, Blessed Zaken's Earring, and Ruler's Authority Belt, all with a 7-day limit. XP Rune III (Lv. 100+) 200% Pack (7-day) 2 Double-click to obtain XP Rune III (Lv. 1-100+) 200% (7-day). Party Cake 16 Upon use, a party cake that maintains Vitality is summoned for 20 min.
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    People request NCSOFT do the following changes in order to keep playing here and keep buying Ncoin : Game Economy : As you can see , there is a huge problem with the game economy, and the only Items people sell or buy are the Items from L2 Store Events. We want the following changes to be made so you balance the game! Adena : decrease adena drop amount in the following areas : Abandoned Camp Ruins of Agony Ant Nest Gorgon Flower Garden Cruma Marshlands Cruma Tower (Floor 1,2) That would prevents the pony bot Swarms. Also if you gonna decrease the adena on the following areas you should add some Newbie Pack on L2Store (for a low amount of NC COINS)that would provide a 30days C grade Weapon ,C grade armor set and C grade Jewels, so the new people can save adena for the high lvl areas ! Increase the Adena drop amount on the following areas : Ketra , Varka , Imperial Tomb , Antharas Lair , Dragon Valley , Forgotten Island (inside on the party zone) , Giants Cave. All that high lvl areas have a very low Adena Drop amount, we cannot farm in those areas because the items / Adena drop are very bad , therefor nobody farm on that high lvl areas!(around 200 adena in 6 party members), TOI 11 is around 700. We have tons of materials and craft items that nobody buy and we would like NCSOFT to make them again sellable to the Grocery so we can get some adenas for the useless craft items. Also we need a decent spoil rate, because the game is completely unbalanced , we cannot receive Recipes to craft B grade / A Grade items because the spoil rate is very~very low ! We understand that this game is Free To Play and that is the reason there are low rates for spoil/drop, but that items you guys add on NC STORE make that server Pay to Play actually, and we must invest about 150 $ monthly to keep the vip7 UP .This is not a free to play server anymore, thats the reason you guys must Increase the rates! High LvL Daily/Dungeons/Instance/Farm Areas : We would like to discuss about the high lvl farm places dungeons instance, that on L2Classic right now are impossible to be done by someone because those moobs are too strong and they are too many ! Four Sepulchers : There is a nice dungeon that cannot be done on this server because there are too many moobs inside, and those mobs hit too hard.We would like NCSOFT to fix that , would be nice a decrease in the mobs number same as you guys did with the Siege Guards! And to fix the damage those mobs deal, because is way to high. Frintezza INSTANCE: we need a nerf aswell on that instance, there are too many mobs also and they hit very hard ! Antharas Lair : this is a very nice farm place for party but unfortunatley the ITEMS / ADENA drop rate are very low (there are some 40lvl places that gives same amount of adenas as 85 lvl farm places) .Mobs in antharas Lair hit realy hard that’s why there's nobody farming there ! we need a fix aswell on that place ! Imperial Tomb : a nice place for party farm & for solo farm also, but unfortunatly mobs Adena / Item drop is very low and those mobs are way too strong for the content NCSOFT gives us right now ! Dragon Valley : Same issues , mobs hit too hard (we cannot farm in there even with all Items L2Store Provide) those moobs drop 1k-2k adenas that is a very low amounth of adenas for a 85 LVL Area, people trying to spoil Cloth pieces and did’nt get anything from spoil .Thats mean the spoil/drop rates are very low. Varka and Ketra exactly the same issues as previous regions : very low adena drop amount,we dont disscuss about getting some good drop because its like impossible even with vip 7. Aden Pirate Dungeon : we need some fixes here because that dungeon is the only way we can get S grade Craft materials, key parts, and right now that dungeon is very “unfair”, you guys should make it same as 40-45 lvl Dungeons from Adena: 1 time only per char/day, and if someone wish to go more times they should buy that stone from NC Store, because that 1hour entry right now sux hard, you can just go inside hunt the Goldberg Buttler and than quit dungeon and the time gonna be exactly the same (it does’nt count down when you get outside of the dungeon) it should work like: you go inside 1 time, you get 1 hour to hunt there once you get outside you should not be able to go anymore for that day only if you get that entrace pass from NC STORE. ALL those places mentioned before need to be nerfed ! so we can have doable content after 85 lvl ! Chaotic Characters (PK Characters) : There are a lot of things to say about that issue, but let’s go straight to the point. The PK Characters should be not able to use Teleport (my teleport system), right now there is chaos, everywhere there are people pretending the spot you farm is their own spot and they just log a pk char and clean ur farm chars ! You also should rework that PK Debuff : it should decrease Casting speed , M.atk , Atk Speed around 30-50% and PK Chars should not be allowed to use that 76 Mount. Server Events : Here we go, we are tired to have Pay to Win events, and that has become exagerated !!!We need to balance events like gambling boxes and normal events. The only events you guys are doing so often are Open BOX EVENT ( That’s a gamble event) we also need to spend money in order to win something good ! We are looking for some kind of Free to play Events , like LETTER event or Squash EVENT , Matchstick event and many other Farmable events !!! Thats what we are looking for, NCSOFT is doing to many pay to win events and most of us are tired of them. For example : On December you made Blizzard Ice box event for 4 weeks, when that event ended 2 weeks there was no event and then you put HearthLove box event, c’mon that’s realy ridiculous... We want some Farm events or Exp events , maybe 2x Respawn time on raids events or weekend boost exp . The main idea of those Events you guys are making is that most of them are PAY to WIN events and it has became ridiculous ! As we tent to improved our characters , to get them higher level and better items , we cannot stay at level 40-50 to farm epic bosses , you kill our content and our fun. We want you to boost their level/remove penalty drop level Removing barrier till 70 level raidbosses would be very good. Epic Raidbosses : Baium is completly bugged, you can’t land any debuff on it ! That’s the reason nobody kill Baium , we cannot land any debuffs and he deal a lot of damage ! Antharas has the same issues as baium , you cannot land any debuffs on it and he does a lot of damage Queen Ant - lvl 40 raidboss since the server Opening , we would like if you guys gonna make it 80 lvl same as the other epic raidboss ! Orfen - 50 lvl Raidboss since the server opening , Same issues as Queen ant , we need those raidbosses 80 lvl !!! Core - 50 lvl Raidboss since the server Opening , same as Queen Ant and Orfen !!! Frintezza - no way to get in there, moobs hit too hard and they are too many, you guys need to decrease the amount of mobs in that place ! Also we cannot see what debuffs are on raidbosses since the last big patch ! I guess is time to put it back so we can enjoy that game ! Doomcryer / Dominator has no Attribute damage increase !!! I've been reporting this issues for 9 months or maybe more and still not fixed ! We want back the 5th SkillBar Shortcut also we want back the Damage Window (you guys remove them on the preivouse patch. @Hime @Juji IF THAT CHANGES NOT GONNA BE IMPLEMENTED YOU GONNA LOSE HALF OF THE SERVER ALSO YOU GONNA LOSE A LOOT OF MONEYS BECAUSE WE GONNA STOP BUY NCOINS !!!
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    Hello Adventurers, We have taken action against players exploiting a location that was intended to be inaccessible during castle sieges with the My Teleport system. The castle owner has been removed and the castle has been reset back to NPC status. We will continue to take action against those who exploit inaccessible locations and will look into more ways of further preventing abuse. Thank you.
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    @Juji I come to this topic to report these players that have been wiping out the server for months, they use a BOT for a long time and are in areas that many cannot access, besides all the players of this alliance are using BOTS to benefit in such a way that no one else can be as strong as they are, follow the video below showing what level of bot they are already using as using DRY ROOT on MOBS without stopping, automatic RESSURECTION without stopping all the time, the players who are using these absurd scripted bot features are benefiting a lot on the server, HOW: Selling XP and POWER LEVEL to palyers who can't get to the level they're at VERY STRONG ITEMS AND ADENES TRADE IN THIS ALLIANCE MONOPOLY OF THE GOLDBERG INSTANCY WITH MORE THAN 10 PK'S IN THE INSTANCE WILL NOT LET ANYONE TAKE THE KEY and unfortunately it turns out that nobody else can get close to such players, I urgently ask all the staff of LINEAGE 2 NA to scan this alliance and start taking the necessary steps as this is disturbing every server soon also hinders NCSOFT NA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcHgZq13W54&feature=youtu.be
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    Hello All, We have received a lot of feedback about your frustrations with the recent Tales Untold update. We understand where it’s coming from, and have been actively working with the Dev team to address your concerns. The first of the direct changes we will implement on September 2 is the Mysterious Attribute Herb, a high drop-rate buff item in hunting zones, which boosts hunting efficiency and negates the recent increase to monster attribute defense. This should make it easier to hunt and gain XP. When picked up by any party member, it will provide the following buff to all party members within a certain distance: Attack Attribute +150 and PVE Damage +10% for 30 minutes The Mysterious Attribute Herbs will drop from monsters in these hunting zones: Tanor Canyon Fafurion Temple Wasteland Atelia Fortress Storm Isle Silent Valley Garden of Spirits Alligator Island Phantasmal Ridge Enchanted Valley Ivory Tower Crater Field of Silence Giant’s Cave Breka’s Stronghold Tower of Insolence Superion Fortress Primeval Isle Swamp of Screams Harnak Underground Ruins Isle of Prayer Abandoned Coal Mines Cruma Tower Forest of Mirrors Imperial Tomb Desert Quarry Dragon Valley Sea of Spores Atelia Refinery Fields of Massacre Forest of Spirits Plunderous Plains Sel Mahum Training Grounds Isle of Souls - Stronghold 1 Field of Whispers Plains of the Lizardmen During this Wednesday’s maintenance, we are also extending the Letter Collector event to September 16, giving you two more weeks of rewards. The Red Libra event is also making its grand return for one month! We are also working with the Dev team to move up the release of the Varka Silenos Barracks and Ketra Orc Outpost hunting zone renewal. The details of these Lv. 112 party hunting zones are still being arranged, and we are aiming for a mid- to late- September release. This schedule may change as COVID-19 continues to impact development timing and scheduling. Thank you for all your feedback, we will continue to work with the Dev team on it, so please let us know your experience with the September 2 changes here on the forums.
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    LINEAGE 2 - A game left all alone at NCWest Hello all, Here a small sneakpeak of our 1st month anniversary where I regrouped everything that happened! They are fooling their customers. Please @Juji at some point this is not o´right! Read please the list and tell us what is happening for real at your headquarter, because this is not acceptable with a new server hardware upgrade that you apparently made! 21th April (-) · Login queue for 2 hours! Impossible to attend the game because over 500 people waiting in queue to play. 22th April (-) · Patch notes arrive only 12hours before update. After update all people were getting 0 Adena without Vitality. 24 - 26th April (-) · The server is lagging and latency problems for multiple players. · Random disconnects again. 28th April (-) · Character creation is blocked on Chronos for weeks now. 29th April (+-) · People get GM buffs. (+) · Due to GM activity, people are in queue and can´t benefit from this GM buffs. (-) 30th April (-) · Website login is down and malfunctioning. They don´t correctly implement SESSIONS ($_SESSION) in PHP. Computer science students of 16 years old can solve the problem in 1 hour it took them hours to fix it. 1th May (--) · Login problems, people cannot connect to server 2th May (-) · The server is lagging and latency problems for multiple players. · Random disconnects again. 3th May (-) · People get disconnects and must wait in queue for 1 hour. 5th May (--) · Login queue for 2 hours! Impossible to attend the game because over 500 people waiting in queue to play. Siege/castle is impossible to play since people are waiting in queue. Character creation · New characters creation is blocked for 3 weeks. 6th May (-) · The server is lagging and latency problems for multiple players. · Random disconnects again. 7th May (-) · Chronos server down randomly. 8th May (-) · PK Festival in zones 85-105 to force disconnect from players. 9th May (-) · The server is lagging and latency problems for multiple players. · Random disconnects again. 12th May (--) · People are waiting over 10 days to get replies from Support tickets. 15th May (-) · The server is lagging and latency problems for multiple players. · Random disconnects again. 16th May (-) · PK Festival in zones 85-105 for 2 weeks now. LINEAGE2SWEET16 (+) · Players get some random goodies from NCWest for anniversary. Greater Ruby Lv.1 and Juju Agathion Charm. 16th anniversary (-) · We don´t get the same event as EU/RU/Korean servers. People have over 5000-1000 Anniversary Coins without being able to use them. · 1 Box per hour loot where before event started people were getting at least 5-6 boxes per hour. · Aden tour icon disappears after video cinematic. 24th May (-) · The server is lagging and latency problems for multiple players. · Verification e-mails not working. People don´t get e-mails from NCWest for verification. This problem can be solved in 5 minutes with 15 years old computer science students. · Launcher problems saying that people have problem with ISP while being can play other game in same time, so the problem comes from NCWest. 25th May (-) Random mass disconnections from servers. People got 2 - 3 times random disconnects during experience with party friends.
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    There have been so many changes in the game as of late and I feel like we should reevaluate not being able to declare war to a clan that has less than 15 players in it. There are several people taking advantage of this. They keep the clan at 14 people and are pk’ing others in the game with no consequences besides a “debuff”. They can attend siege and not have war declared as well. They run around griefing other players and clans. If they do not want war, they should refrain from doing such things and war will not be declared. They should not be exempt from having consequences for their actions. Some have even gone as far as to purchase new clans to put other members in to prevent war from being declared on them. I feel like they are taking advantage of the under 15 members limit and it’s not intended for what they are doing. Thank You!
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    The PK System will be restructured and the PK count will be reset to zero for all players during the 6/3 maintenance. Karma will NOT be reset. PK Penalty Debuffs New debuffs have been added as penalties for players with a PK count of 4 and higher. PK Count Debuff Name Duration Effect 4 Einhasad's Observation Lv. 1 30 Minutes P. Def./M. Def. -5%, Speed -5. 6 Einhasad's Observation Lv. 2 1 Hour P. Def./M. Def. -10%, Speed -10. 8 Einhasad's Observation Lv. 3 2 Hours P. Def./M. Def. -15%, Speed -30. 10+ Einhasad's Observation Lv. 4 3 Hours P. Def./M. Def. -30%, Speed -35. 10+ Einhasad's Shackles 3 Hours Applies to players with 10 PKs or higher and Negative Karma. Location will be exposed on the world map and you cannot use escape skills/items or perform normal teleport functions. The debuff is applied for the entire duration as soon as your character reaches the PK count threshold and it will not be removed even if the PK count is lowered. PK Scroll Changes The Scroll: PK that is used to remove PK count from your character will be limited to one use per day regardless of the type used. There is a shared 24-hour global cooldown for all PK Scrolls. The maximum number of PKs that can be removed per day is 13. Using a Top-grade PK Scroll removes 10 PK and completing the Brothers Bound in Chains quest can remove up to 3 PKs at random. PK Location Tracking The locations of characters with the Einhasad’s Shackles debuff (10 PKs and Negative Karma) will be displayed on the World Map. Washing away the Negative Karma will not remove you from the World Map as you need to wait until the Einhasad’s Shackles debuff has ended. The number of the PKers whose locations are shown on the map is limited up to 30 players. PKers will not be shown on the world map if they've just logged in or are playing in instanced zones or world instanced zones. If you are the target character, then your icon will not be displayed on the world map. Additional Notes: The Einhasad’s Shackles debuff does not apply if you are in possession of a Cursed Sword. If you obtain a Cursed Sword while under a PK penalty debuff, then the debuff will be removed. The removal of the PK item drop penalty is still in place and has not changed.
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    Hello All, The Live servers are experiencing login queues since we have reached max server capacity on both Chronos and Naia. Therefore, character creation will be temporarily disabled on 4/10 and will be enabled again after the maintenance on 4/15. Thank you for your patience!
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    @Juji Why this imbalance soo great ???? Top players (20 per server) are making 20-24b per day in isle of souls - stronghold and the rest ??? They are buying everthing to box characters... breaking market, prices rising A LOT. example: +7 elmore legendary cloak: before = 15b After: 30-35b +10 elmore legendary cloak: before = 25b After: 70-100b +15 elmore legendary cloak: before = 75-120b After: 250-380b don't you think about doing anything about it??? 20 players = 20-24b per day the rest: 50-300kk per day (what chance they have to buy something?) what balance is that??????
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    The PK System will be updated during a future update with the following changes: The item drop and destruction penalty will be ENABLED again for chaotic characters. Characters with a PK Count of 4 or higher can drop items or lose them if they die while chaotic. Fixed an issue where players could intentionally grief auto-hunting players into chaotic status to force them to drop items. Please also refer to the 6/3 PK System Changes if you missed out on the new system details. *An issue was found during testing that has prevented us from moving forward with the 6/24 date. We will only deploy the item drop changes once Dev has provided a full fix for the griefing issue.
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    I have recently Made 7 Attempts to craft a paagrio earring. Here is what the "chance" is according to NC Soft As you can see the chance above shows the SAME description for each.. if the probability is the same the success rate should be 50%. I tested this theory and attempted 7 crafts, all failed. To give you an idea of the probability of 7 fails in a row when the chance is 50% it would be. 1 /128 or 0.78% Try flipping a coin and getting it to land on tails 7 times in a row.. good luck, but NC soft would try and have us believe that THAT is representative of the above. When I confronted NC Soft customer service about this they had the following to say: "crafting God Accessories like the Pa'agrio's Earring are intended to be a challenging task as these items can greatly help on your character's progress. We didn't locate any issues or errors on the crafting system of the game." So if there aren't any issues and 0.78% is an acceptable rate then the Probability that is shown to players is incorrect, in other wards, NC Soft is lying about its probabilities and when pressed on the issue refuses to tell the players what the real rate is: "While it does show that successfully crafting a Pa'agrio's Earring-Stage 1 is 'High', it doesn't show the percentage. Unfortunately, Game Support is unable to provide this information as we are not part of the Development Process" So Support is telling its player base that it is "working as intended" yet they do not have access to the success rates to check and see if 0.78% is the correct success rate. This further illustrates that support is not actually doing anything to support the player base what so ever. Please Petition this and push NC Soft to give us % like they do in other country's and stop with these false probabilities.
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    And those of us that are lower than 110 keep getting kicked under the bus! So damn sad. We need help too!
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    You take down my posts and censor players now? Nice work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBnazBMrldY https://www.youtube.com/c/Clobberstomped/community CENSORED by NCWest! You cannot censor me. All the information is on my channel for all to see the truth about your company and now it operates. I have literally done nothing wrong and only pointed out your own faults. The truth hurts doesn't it?
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    I think we should have all jumps and my teleports disabled at sieges like the old days. This would prevent players from using exploits or using one party to jump around to every castle within 1 min to gank attackers. This would require better planning and coordination for planned attacks and improve the gaming experience for all players.
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    Hi, I would like to bring to notice an unfair/exploited advantage top geared players have, the logoff with full skills and login back after the cooldown of old skills have elapsed, meaning they can use their top Ultimative skills from self class + support class 2 times, making them indestructible and with an insane amount of damage for too long period of time brining to not logged off people a grate disadvantage in PvP and in PvE. Best example is during Raid Bosses if a group of players gather to kill a Raid Boss (that u can’t take loot by cc), they make cc, they bring everyone to enjoy the time, play together as clan/ally/friends in a command channel they do most of the Raid Bosses HP by themselves, imagine then one top geared player that was logged off with full skills(as mentioned above) and logs in and deals the last hit to that Raid Boss, he will take all the dropped items. How you find it fair for the 14/21 etc players? That gathered there and put the effort into also killing the raid and share between everyone, not to a single player, to just lose everything because of that one hit the top geared that was logged off did, he just needs to cast a silence on all players and pew-pew the raid and is all his, and everything the others did was for nothing. As you might have noticed this trick is not used by under geared players, only by top geared, disbalancing the game because the 2x time skills used making them indestructible can easily evaporate everyone around them. My proposition is make the skill after being opened have same logic as runes, the moment you open, even if you logoff, the skill will decrease its cooldown. At least like that you give to other players a chance against the over-the-top players the game is facing with. Skills with cooldown more than 10 min after log in to the game should disappear: Archer Instinct / Power of Abundance / Battle Rhapsody / La Vie En Rose’s Enegy (brooch rhapsody) / Dragon Rage / Savage / Einhasad’s Wrath / Wrath of Elmore / Wrath of Aden / Heroic Berserker / Heroic Valor / Soul’s Insanity Zarich & Akamanah / Enables the Dignity / Final Ulltimate Escape / Protection of Faith / Spirit of Ferios.
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    This is an updated Known Issues thread. If you do not see an issue listed here, don't be alarmed. We are still working though and adding information to this thread. If you are still experiencing the resolved issues, be sure to restart your client and update via the launcher. Some issues may take longer to resolve as it may require a patch. Known Issues Fafurion raid entrance has an issue where you can fall into an unreachable area. Freezing Flame skill is not landing critical hits. Peace skill is not functioning properly.
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    Hi, I just wanted to add some things you can do to make adenas and exp. 1. have you tried fishing, when your not leveling set your chars to fish, in 1 hour u should be able to get 2 power fish each char. remember you can log 3 chars per computer, 4 power fish you can trade for 3 elcyum powder. you can sell them on AH or save them for weapon upgrade. 2. Do coal mine timed instance (101-105) every day you should get the most exp there. 2b. Do Storm isle, even if you do a small area with 4-6 mobs the adena drops are far superior than other places for 1 hour 2c. If you need adena GOTO Plunderous Plains EXP is BAD but adena drops is good. 3.Always do primeval island as you can get enchant scrolls to sell for a profit. 4. NEVER Enchant anything other then your skills. normally you would try to enchant your skills to +6 then use Mastery enchants to get it to +10, if your doing another way STOP its not worth all the fails. 5. Join a clan make some friends play together you will be able to do alot more content. 6. Do not do Baylor its a wast of time, people do baylor instance only stay in that instance less then 10 min, if it takes you a long time to do the instance, its not worth while. the time in the instance can be better used farming adena or fishing. 7. ALWAYS do the Solo Instance to get your FREE daily Buff Supplies , less than 15min per day its worth the time 8. Please remember the people you see that can 1 -2 shoot mobs spent alot of money to get to where they are, or play nearly 24/7. You cannot compete with those people, pace yourself in little upgrades and you will enjoy the game more. i think that is all i can think of now, if others have other ideas please comment
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    The Auto Loop Macro system was removed for Classic in all regions. The skill shortcut bar has replaced the functions of the macro loop except for the delay. I am going to discuss with the Dev team tonight on whether they can re-implement the macro functions or provide something more beneficial for the support classes (buffers).
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    KKK, do you think someone with two grams of brain would spend a $ here. This used to be a free to play game where you only bought cosmetic stuff. Now all the shit you want that a player needs is for sale at the L2STORE store. Such an idiot can only be said by someone who has been playing this game for a short time. Please visit https://eu.4game.com/lineage2al and compare the difference. Cheers lol
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    Please +1 if you would like this issue fixed. So the 15th anniversary reward for 15 year old players today was a raid master outfit, which can neither be destroyed or put into your warehouse. With all the gear in this game, my toon is almost always 120/184 inventory. Yet to switch class I need to be down to 95 inventory. Switching class from main to dual class, something that should be simple is very difficult. This is very annoying mechanic to the game that I feel can be easily fixed. Can I get some support? Maybe the Dev team can look into this. This 95/184 cap, makes it difficult to keep buying gear. And the most bound items added to my toon the worse the situation gets. Pretty soon Top players will not be able to switch class. This is a very simple quality of life issue, ncsoft can fix. We just need to tell them as a community that it is important to us that they fix this.
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    Lineage 2 player Rown First and Last Post Dear fellow players. For most of us this game has been a part of our lives which most of us grew up playing this game. For me these are some of the reasons I feel the game has let us down 1) Party group is dead, most adena and xp areas are solo . Supports have rerolled to dmg dealers as they can not farm as efficient as dds . Solo instances do not help support with any way like a boosts buff and it's almost impossible for them to time the solo instances no matter the gear . 2) L2 store promotions with exclusive items only from store (not obtainable in game) 3) Queues for prestige subscribers 4) No new actual content just old areas become new 5) Higher difficulty mobs same drops 6) More items for damage, but no items for defense (any defensive items are very expensive) 7) Lack of competitive aspects PvP - pve field non existent My teleport system that was implemented is wrong and with it areas lost their beauty and value , lately ppl got banned using this in game feature . There is nothing and nobody from the NC west crew to specify what areas are legal since being able to use the teleport system seems to be a bannable offence which can get you banned depend on the mood and personal knowledge of the GM who will look into it *. Siege experience for low lvl clans can be brutal to a point that , as a low geared clan will never have the chance to even take part in a siege . The new shilen SA implemented to game only for those who can spend $ on l2 store promotion can secure any castle , since no game mechanic or skill can prevent you from avoiding the 3-5 sec paralysis no matter of the evasion or immunity you have . Dragons are not a pvp area so there is basically no fight for them but it's a click war that means the CC to click faster the option i want to enter will be ported inside . Clan wars - clans no matter of there lvl who have 14 players or less will not open the war status . Penalty for leaving a clan is only 24 h . Basically no pros for loyal members who stay in one clan . Game favors the cowards in this case . Olympiad point feed fest. Olympiad is not about how skilled you are but about who will get the most feeds . High point players (heroes) have the same chances of signing, playing a match against the lowest tier player as they have against the highest tier player . This just doesn't make sense to competitive players . Swords pick up and creation of cursed weapons . The pvp area where the event takes place is very limited for the number of players participating . The chance for somebody to pick up the sword is same for everyone on the server witch is good but with the teleport system implemented to the game makes it impossible to reach it after it have been picked up since the my teleport options have no cast time witch makes it impossible for any attack to land on the sword owner since attacks have cast time and that having the chance to even attempt to attack it means you were in front of the player picking it up . The chests are very easy to break and very hard to defend so on a competitive server were the chest brakes every 3-4 min . The winner comes the players who did a pick up in the last 3-4 minutes of events end . 8) Server lag https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/vacation?iso=20190812T0418&p0=1412&msg=By+Juji+-+12.08.2019.+The+server+usage+is+higher+than+normal%2C+so+we+are+making+performance+improvements+on+the+game+server+and+will+reduce+several+outdated+processes...&font=serif certain classes are unable to play the game at competitive tier . The classes who have the highest problems are the melee classes . No fixes for the past 2 years and patch after patch the situation is getting worse . 9) GM’s can not be found online , support that doesn't understand the game mechanics, no bug fixes, no will from the support team to solve problems . Answers about questions that have to do with game mechanics have to be asked in other regions because on this one they will just not answer correctly . 10) Lack of information with new patches. Players have to find out by themselves about changes in their classes and items implemented in game . 11) The abuse of one time restoration item . Weapon or armors enchanted can be changed at red Libra event to another weapon/ armor tipe as this resets the items ID and that way they can be restored infinite times . 12) Instance time zones – Certain players could farm Isle of Souls for 11 hours a day, rather than the allowed 6 hours. This was done day in day out, and not by mistake. I am aware that only players within Naia could do this, and there were some other variables that came into play with regards to who could do this. So, this was not available for everyone. No action was ever taken even after who knows the quantity of adena that was added to the market. 13) Cursed swords, Kelbim Topaz exploit. During the early days, the chests could have a skill used on them to kill them quicker, or even drop them before. This gave players an advantage and sometimes made it so they could win the sword every night. 14) Pk system changes that was disgusted in the past and got exploited from certain players had as result players lose valuable items and even quit the game . As for lately gms tried to bring back The item drop and destruction penalty will be ENABLED again for chaotic characters. Characters with a PK Count of 4 or higher can drop items or lose them if they die while chaotic. *Gms who answer tickets and ban players have no knowledge about the game and they are not gamers . Sum : Game is not player friendly ( neither for new or old players ) . Nc west lucks support . They do not listen to their community. Most players struggle with their negligence but not only that but lately they have been also shown aggressive intentions against their players . for example instead of fixing the actual bug they started to threaten their players with account closures . Posted June 17 Hello All, We have discovered an issue with the Pa'agrio's Earring Lv. 2+ that allows characters to deal damage to the petrified Zariche Treasure Chest and Akamanah Treasure Chest. This is not the intended functionality of the item and will be patched once we receive a fix from the development team. In the meantime, we request that all players with Lv. 2 and higher versions of Pa'agrio's Earring un-equip it when attacking the Cursed Sword petrified treasure chests. Any players found abusing the petrified treasure chests with the Pa'agrio's Earring by any means will result in actions taken against their account(s). As player i ask from Nc West support or juji to make a live stream and have live discussion with his community . Players who have been lately banned are dozens of Ms clan players all for the same reason . If juji doesn't feels comfortable talking to his community we can arrange also a live stream between NCwest lineage 2 team and Europe Lineage 2 team to discuss problems and solutions for the greater good of the game before its 2 late and players give up as they feel Nc West devs and Nc West lineage 2 support / officials have given up on them .
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    Wouldn't it be cool to see a post about maintenance that actually meant something... Try this next time... Stabilizing the economy - Increasing the Adena drop rate for 90% of the monsters based on difficulty levels Decreasing the spawn rate in Ruins of Agony that allows and promotes the gold farming bots to ruin player driven economy Adding Variety to leveling areas Increase the spawn rate in all of the other zones to allow players to see all areas of Aden Adding new quests to the game. Adena Quests - solely money quests aimed at gathering quest items in bulk for a payout XP/SP Quests - Adding several options for low to mid tier leveling areas Armor/Weapon (D/C/B Grades) Each quest grants a random piece of armor or weapon. Updating the Auto-Hunting feature Allow party members to attack what the party leader is attacking. Set a central attack point that you do not run away from, or run back to. Setting Manner mode to ON as the default. Players can still switch it off if they choose to. Updating the macro usability - increasing the number of lines in the macro to 20 Updating the macro usability - allowing a macro to call other macros. Updating the Looking For Party system - to increase players working together. Raid Boss Feature - allows players to join a raid group to hunt Raid Bosses of the appropriate level Increasing amount of Castles available to Player control Limiting players to one siege and one defend a week. L2Coin Items 15 Day Weapon tokens (+5 weapons) D-Grade - 100 C-Grade - 300 B-Grade - 900 15 Day Weapon tokens (+10 weapons) D-Grade - 400 C-Grade - 800 B-Grade - 2400 15 Day Armor tokens D-Grade - 100 C-Grade - 300 B-Grade - 900 NPC Buffers - Applies buffs for players who do not want to multi-box for Adena (Taxable for castle owners) Tier 1 Buffs - 20,000 Adena (adjusted by tax rate) for 40 minutes Tier 2 Buffs - 50,000 Adena (adjusted by tax rate) for 40 minutes Tier 3 Buffs - 150,000 Adena (adjusted by tax rate) for 40 minutes Tier 4 Buffs - 250,000 Adena (adjusted by tax rate) for 40 minutes Limit 1 per account Items All items allowed to be moved between all characters on the account Adena/Warehouse Shared between all characters on the account Clan Permissions Allow Clan Leader to assign ranks permission to pull from the clan warehouse Clan Icons Each Rank assigned an icon next to their name (allowing non-clan mates to identify leaders and officers) Each Rank assigned an icon next to their name in chat (allowing clan mates to identify leaders and officer in Ally/Clan chat) If you want - I can come work for you guys and help stimulate gameplay!
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    And....... I'm out. Almost 1 year and this is the only shit we get week after week. Incompetence. P.S. Core doesn't have lag. P.P.S. RU doesn't have lag. P.P.P.S. Korea doesn't have lag. I can continue with Twain, China, etc.... Hell even java illegal servers in manchilds parents basements on a old bitcoin mining machine run better than your crap. Professional gaming company my ass. Edit to fix the word "shit" I miss spelled.
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    I have to put my two cents in here. Many of us spend a good deal of money on Prestige and other items within the game only to have NCSoft hit us with stuff like this. Would it hurt at all to refund us or give us some kick back for helping keep your servers alive and populated? Shoot us an XP event for free? SOMETHING?!? I promote the hell out of your game, obviously by choice, but I can say who else is bringing in or back players to your servers as much as I am? I think I speak for everyone here when I say you need to start treating us players better. Before you know it you wont have them. I also recently reached out to your PR Team about helping you guys promote more for events and such but seems to fall on deaf ears. Are you really that complacent?
  28. 9 points
    Compensation is comming guys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJFlktMjayw
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    Greeting Adventurers, We would like to remind you that harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. We have had several incidents in the past few months where we took action against multiple accounts and involved local authorities. Some example of harassment include: Obscene, vulgar or inappropriate language towards you or others Threatening violence or bodily harm in game or in real life Extorting by PK for hunting spots, items, or Adena While there is no issue with general banter and rivalry between other players and clans, please remain respectful to other players here on the forums and in-game. You can read the Rules of Conduct you’ve agreed to here. If you are experience harassment, please contact our Customer Support by submitting a ticket here.
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    NCWest - watch this. https://youtu.be/fBnazBMrldY Due to your lack of care and empathy for players and to their quality of life on the server I will never return to the world of Lineage 2. You have constantly nerfed areas, consolidated players into singular zones for overcrowding, taken away quality of life from players, focused on money grabbing events from the L2 Store, and overall made players lives within Aden worse and worse over time. Furthermore there has been an issue with lag for melee for months and months if not years there has been an consistent failure to address. This is unacceptable for how much many players put into your pockets. Also your lack of transparency and failure on updates and notifications along with these ninja nerfs with no mention is a clear lack of care to the community and it’s many players. I have made the long needed decision to leave and never promote or return to your game. Good riddance. Fix your shit or lose the remaining players you do have left. Good Day, Clobberstomp Annnnd by the way you’re welcome for the long term promotion and continued effort to bring back old school players and new ones to your game. My final words on that video, since I doubt you and your unequipped, inept and useless team won’t watch it, are that no one play your game and all should leave. Best of luck to you. Listen to your players or you’ll soon reach the fate of no longer having any. Peace!
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    U are so funny, u totally destroyed the game for the 99,99% of the players population, and u are asking for a constructive opinion ... are u kidding us? theres not a single post or opinion in all the forums from no one, saying good job NCWEST; but that´s not new, all the last updates from long time are based on nerf´s, nerf on drops, nerf on adenas, nerf on anything that means the chance to be able to make game playable without investing real money on your ncstore; and now the new great idea u got is to nerfed the amount of mobs of many places ... really?????? i´m really curious who was the retard who had such a great idea .... U had been never listening players constructively thoughts from long time ago ... Theres a constructively thought anyway, just a couple left .... 1st all the DEV team quit your jobs and go away ... or 2nd I´LL QUIT THE GAME!!! won´t see u anymore NCWEST, GZZZ for totally destroy an, in old times, great game. P.D. From an old player who had been playing since 2006 ... enough ty!
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    This is the reason why we are left to remain on the server... I hope that the GMs take some action.
  33. 8 points
    Congratulations to the winners! I want to share mine screen that was rly hard to prepare cuz I have to fly to Seed of Anihilation ;d I hope you will enjoy it!
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    you are entitled to your opinion and if you are having fun, good for you friend. But let me share some thoughts. 1st off, xp is irrelevant, it;s all about loot and gear, people do not play rpg games to get xp, they play rpgs to get loot, here there is no loot anymore, no spoil, no seed, no drops. People play rpgs for the content, there is none here, hitting monsters indefinitely 24/7 without hands and nothing in return is not content. there are no quests here anymore. People who play mmos want the social aspect of the game, as many said this is a solo game now, no actual incentive to group up. Lastly people play mmos for the competitive aspect, there is no competition here, you pay absurd amounts of money you can auto win anyone who payed less. I've been in this game a long time, with long breaks. I've played in eras where you could compete with someone with reasonably better gear than you. been in sieges with people with c,b and a grade play all together, i did every quest in this game until 70 lvls, i was able to farm a grades by wearing b, i was able to farm s grades by wearing a, i managed to farm s80 by wearing s. I actually sent ingame tickets and GMs talk to me and showed knowledge on the game, understanding and actual skill in solving problems. lastly for the person who pointed out about the patch notes mistakes and inaccuracies. @Juji you are the last region to take a patch, you have more than 6 months to prepare for new things and supposedly you should know what your region wants and what are your regions limitations in order to adjust what is to come. You have 1 month to observe how RU/EU does with a new patch because "USA No1" is the last weal to roll the update. Yet you provide patch notes maybe 24 hours before a patch, with people being confused and berated by others for checking other regions patchnotes that ofc are inaccurate for your region. It is obvious there is no testing because of numerous bugs, you seem to find out things after the players for some reason, you seemingly lack understanding of game mechanics and have no clue what is happening in your servers. Your support team is inadequate at best. Maybe it's time you replace some team members and get a couple of competent managers is there. I would even suggest hiring some of the more knowledgeable community members, these people spend half their lifetime here anyways.
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    Hello, my thoughts on the last patch .. I am happy we at last got some party content, but at the same time totally frustrated with the way monsters got boosted. Many players worked hard, geared up, leveled up, played in 3-4 ppl party in SOLO zones ( since updates are not even closely suitable to our server, but follow Korean servers, where it is simply a DIFFERENT GAME ), farmed, invested time, ncoin, adena just to reach the point when xp in Fafurion/DV will be fun … ppl reached that goal and what ?? We just got 8-10 times Harder mobs to kill in those zones and pretty low XP there. Other zones got the same changes, much much harders mobs … Once again people are pushed to go solo and stay fully afk, it was clear these zones do not need 10 times harder to kill mobs .. ONCE AGAIN A PATCH AND DECISIONS, NOT VIABLE for our server lvls. itemization, pricing, activity, TIME ZONES, overall player gear. Take a look at brooch jewels .. such an old system and still totally limited. Is there any way for us to make you communicate more with the community and understand once and for all what is going on really ? Useless promos and more P2W + 10 times harder mobs in party zones are not the answer. Don't want to discuss the melee lag that is present now for 1 year or so, but rly messing up the game for last 4 months .. MY ADVICE - in order for us to make things better generally, we need to start working together - COMMUNITY, JUJI,HIME, REAL FEEDBACK TO DEVS, take logical decisions about itemization, gameplay, pricing, enchant rates, etc etc. @Hime, since @Juji is now bombarded with problems because of the last patch, IS IT POSSIBLE IN THE VERY CLOSE FUTURE to setup a real discussion between us - active players and you guys. With every new patch and every new promo problems are created and never solved. We need to start from somewhere!!! We need to establish the game problems and you guys have to start working on fixes. This is not Korea, not Korean server, not Korean players … totally different itemization etc and yet we get changes not suited for our play at all. WHY keep doing that? Thank you, I hope we can get a real answer and not just a moderator deleting this post.
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    This is a slap in the face. How about you spawn nothing instead as this would be the equivalent to angel cat. The company has screwed its players for almost 24 hours with no adena and item drops without vit, I for one pay for a prestige pack and for 24 hours that 300% Adena and item drop rate rune meant nothing. This is terrible compensation and you all should be ashamed of yourselves. @Hime @Juji
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    I find it funny there is no melee lag fix yet server bonus settings are going away.
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    I want to hear other players opinion of the new update. It's been a week and I've been talking through it with friends. Let me start by saying we are all casual players, none of us are top-tier "end game" players etc. However, we've all been playing for about 10 years each on average. There are a couple of nice things this update brought but overall there are far to many nerfs and I think it's really going to hurt the server/game. Pros Free exalted gear is nice for your low level toons. Even if you're a top-tier player, you have a farm group somewhere using some of this stuff. Abandoned Coal Mine is a nice timed zone for 100-105 toons to level. Increase in mobs at Crater and Phantasmal Ridge Cons The adena nerfs no matter where you hunt are terrible. You can't even farm enough adena to pay for shots or spirit ore. The drop rate of the Aden chests are terrible compared to the elite monster boxes that used to drop. - On top of that, you only get 70k from a box (with a small chance at a random better item) rather than 300k (and a small chance at armor piece etc.) They took out the 100% static XP from the exalted. They took 10% out of the XP in the Ability points. Even drop rate nerf in places like Primevil Isle They have these 115+ hunting areas as "new hunting zones" but they nerfed the xp so bad no one will EVER cross the threshold of 114 to even hunt in those areas. This has caused the entire server to hunt in the same 3 spots basically. Not only that, but spots that people went to farm like Land of Chaos are so garbage now that no one goes there which increases the population in those previously spoken 3 spots. Baylor, Kama, Tauti, Octavis, etc. drop NOTHING Not only do they not drop anything but they're a lot harder now. The fact that they're harder wouldn't be a big deal if they actually dropped something. You spend 40 minutes doing Baylor and everyone gets a box worth 1.2 million adena and that's it. It's not even worth the time spent doing it. Great job NC Soft, you raised the level of the instance so people would do them again, however, you made the reward so bad, it's not even worth the time and therefore defeated the purpose of raising the level of the instance. The new crafting system is garbage. It will take 100 days to get enough Ether to craft a piece of R110 at a 60% chance??? You can't even craft a full set of gear in a years time at that rate with 100% chance! A whole new update will be here before you ever craft a set of gear. Kudos again NCSOFT! I'm sure there's more here I missed but it seems like this is the worst update yet. The lack of farming ability is going to drive the "little fish" away from the game because they won't/can't spend a ton of money in the L2Store. Say what you will about the little fish not being able to swim in a big pond and it's their problem they can't spend more money, but the fact of the matter is, when there are no more little fish for the big fish to feed on, the big fish die off too. Lower level more casual players will quit and eventually the higher level top-tier players will follow suit because there are no more lower level players around to beat up on. They'll become bored with the game as well and quit. Don't worry though guys, @Juji is checking with the devs. It seems like he checks with the devs on EVERYTHING. He checks with the devs so much I don't even know how he has time to put on socks! Maybe that's why we never hear back from him on these "checks with the devs." I'm really curious about what everyone else thinks about the updates. Please post your constructive discussion. No flaming!
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    You did the worst thing u could do. You had 3 options here. 1) improve current macro system to use buffs/dances/songs as toggle on bar. 2) Remove afk auto hunt all together and return to active play 3) Leave minimal useless auto hunt functionality and this way allowing ONLY users to farm and not be a visible as they would be with option 2. You went with option 3! In my opinion this is the worst thing u have done so far in this game. Please guys if u agree post in forums lets be a strong voice.
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    A request has been sent off to the Dev team just now to add back the auto loop function for macros. I will share a status update as soon as I hear back from them.
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    Customers: We need more areas for 107-111 lvls.. The ones we have are crowded while we have a lot of 115-120 areas which are empty.. Company: OK... We will nerf 107-111 areas and create some more for 116 lvls... Customers: We need more ways to make adena from farming.. Good items are extremely rare and expensive... Company: OK... We hear you... We will nerf adena more, make bosses so nobody can kill and ah... yes we will nerf even Venusta box... 3m was too much... Customers: The odds for enchanting items are close to impossible... The prices are insane.. Company: OK.. We have the solution.. We will create some more expensive L2 store events... Quiz: Find the Company.. I mean come on guys, this company's logo should be next to the definition of FAIL in dictionaries.. They would come 2nd in an one-man race...
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    @Hime - @Juji From update to update everything we get is crap, every single move from Ncwest is to fill your pockets even more, you guys cut all profitable resources like PP, literally no more adena there. Then stronghold it's not enough that you guys reduce the adena on last update, on this you also reduce the total time we can stay on this update and god knows what we will be able to farm tomorrow when it will go back to "normal" and in order to farm some "proper" adena we have to pay for prestige, reducing exp on areas and "adjusting-nerfing" over-hit where a solo player without having anyone in party takes around 5.5b exp WITH 200% exp rune in non vitality state, what happens to those that can't afford both prestige and destiny pack or at least destiny to exp. Making it unable for new people to play without having to spend crazy amounts of money. Increasing the levels in areas where only a small % of people can farm. Having a huge map that you don't put in use, 90% of players are trying to find a spot to exp in Alligator / Tanor / Fos / Fom. Putting rip off events that pay off with crumbs. This post could go on and on but I'm not gonna keep writing. People are posting their complains and we don't get an answer show us for once that you acknowledge what we are saying listen to the community for once. All the decisions you are taking makes people quit the game. This update and the "ninja" decisions you took is unacceptable and most disappointing. I'd like to ask the people in this community to show if you agree with a post or a comment and last I'd like to ask @Hime & @Juji that our voice is reaching. -With respect IntoFlameX. Peace!
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    I think my photo is pretty too but I respect the judges decision. I tried hard to have a well composed photograph. Anyone would love to win this, but I’m only sharing since everyone is sharing their thought. Good job Winners! Everyone is well deserved the win!
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    Before you call me an idiot, hear me out. I know we had Red Libra not that long ago. But things have changed dramatically. More people are at home playing this game. We have a bunch of old players dropping in to play as well. It might be a good idea to have one week of Red Libra under the current server boosted Vitality settings. That lets them make changes to character to play the class they want, level them up fast, change weapons, armors and circlets as needed. And with the cloak event they can get the right cloaks for their new class. That covers 95% of everything that they will need to continue on well after the orders to stay home are lifted. (Maybe have flash sales for La Vie En Rose jewels later...although I hear new system is in the works, so not essential.) So what do you say? Can we get one week of Red Libra maybe, possibly, yes?
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    This is commendable. But... You wouldn't need to put scammers on blast if people simply accepted the fact that you can't trust anyone outside of their own interests. My view on this is that far too many people have a 24/7 fatal common sense debuff. They are entering into a transaction that leaves them exposed. If you willingly do that in THIS game, you deserve what happens next. As sad as it sounds, TRUST NO ONE is the only safe policy. Don't loan other players adena, mats or equipment, unless you don't expect to get it back. Don't hand over your +15 Cloak to a "friend" who promises that they can make it +18 for you, unless you are willing to walk by a sale shop and see your cloak being sold on a toon that you never saw before. Don't hand over Dragon claws to a friendly clan mate as an IOU -- not even the clan leader -- just because you want to show that you're a good soldier contributing to "the cause." Just. Don't. Do. It. This is L2, not a Nike commercial.
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    We are investigating now.
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    lf compensation for wasted destiny xp packs and prestiege packs
  49. 7 points
    You are going to pay me back 2x for my prestige packs and Destiny packs from my Characters. It's not our fault that some players are taking advantage of a glitch in your game on recharge stones. it's the only way for people in this game to make Adena since y'all screwed Adena drops.
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    I am cancelling my 2 prestige subscriptions until live servers are stable again - proven server upgrade/fixes without latency, lag, disconnects for a month + If any people feel they are not respected as part of this player/customer base by NcWest feel free to post yours too. No Spam please, just proof. Cheers https://pasteboard.co/ITAjq1I.png https://pasteboard.co/ITAi307.png