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  1. So is it 100% sure we will can still exchange our Eva's hair accessory tickets through Dimensional Merchant? No date to expire this transaction? @Hime @Juji
  2. @Juji Will the Eva's Hair Accessory Ticket be available for exchanging by Dimensional Merchant after event's ending? And if so, for how long? Thanks in advance!
  3. Why deleting the screen where we could access Minigame event, once any deleting time wasn't informed above. You've only posted regarding remotion time about L2 Coin time limited items, which are: The following L2 Coin time limited items will be removed from the L2 Coin Shop at 6 a.m. server time on 5/27/ Talisman of Baium Enchant Package 16th Anniversary Gift Box Tomb of Ancient Pirates Time Recharge Stone So the Minigame event should have lasted longer, until server restart or even 6:30 a.m. server time. I hadn't used all my dices, so I lost a great opportunity to make
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