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  1. the problem is that the motivation flys away when you only see bots around u. you spend your time on it playing the game and other just bot 24/7 and are not judged for it. there so many high lvl bot partys, how is this even happen ? lets say ok low lvl spots are reached fast for bots so its hars to handle but even high lvl ? should they not be banned before that ? the video was showing 300 bots in wall of argos, i dont know how the normal l2 servers are at the moment with the bots but why are there so many bots in the new servers. should they not act a bit faster to solve this ? and the c
  2. you dont need, i mean everyone know how they work, just log in and run to lvl areas...there is proof enough.
  3. Thx moderator to delete my video showing 300 bots farming, i wonder why you delete it ? it just shows how the things are or do you delete it because you want the hide the truth ? maybe u should work or banning the bots on the servers instead of deleting videos on the forum. i think everyone should see what was done in the past years again bots....for example nothing.
  4. i wonder why you guys always mention hime or juji in your post, they dont answer or care.
  5. WC has almost all buffs, recharge and emp not needed. Best option would be ee wc or pp and bd. i would go for the second bd and pp are great together with a archer.
  6. I wonder how long it takes to get a proper respond of those cummunity managers about the problem because everyone know how flooded the servers are with bots. Xin code or what it is, is absolute useless. Same goes for the ingame bot report, even so people are marked as cheaters they just keep botting. You can so easy identify bots im really not sure whats taking so long. Port the people in a cell surrounded with mobs, if they target any monsters or run again the wall with no respond, ban them. there so many ways even i can tell you whats a bot and whos not. the game is so old and the botti
  7. true maybe you start ban the 100 bots in cruma swamp or other areas...i would start with those who are obviouse....
  8. Do you think they care ? or give you a answer here ? 9 pages and there is 1 respond to a person from Hime or Juji
  9. I would recomment to stay on skelth. Im at cruma swamp at the moment dealing with over 100 bots. I reported like 80 of them with support tickets, screenshot and names and they do nothing. Even so you cant Report them because they already marked as cheaters. So in the end i go back to skelth, because Ncsoft did nothing in the passt again bots and if we look at the Server giran now, i think its over 70% bots or more
  10. Skelth Would be best option. No bots, but sadly less people and u need a monthly abo
  11. Dude they wont do anything. they want the money thats all, they could easy do something again the bots but they wont. i log into the game run across cruma swamp, then i log off after seeing 100 bots. dont play the game or buy anything from them, thats the only way.
  12. there are not bots. ncsoft doing a great job, hime already said they have a team that log into the game and ban bots.those must be all real players. Rofl sorry i couldnt hold back. lets be real, they give a **** its a ncsoft. they did it with the old servers and they do it with this one. same for hime and the other guy...i dont even think they have ever played the ****game and bull**** they talk here. even the worst privats have better service and bot protection then this one. giran flooded with bots in every location and now they cant even fix a server dc.
  13. let him live in his own world, thats why i didnt answer to his stupid respond.
  14. known issue since release and ignored from ncsoft since release, like bots.
  15. Well looks like im going to skelth again. Since ncsoft is doing nothing again the bot flooded server and it wont change. they ruined the old servers and now they do the same with the classic. Just run across cruma swamp and enjoy to play with 100 of bots. You just have to look at this Hime and the other guy, i think they never played the game, nearly no communication with the community, doing 1 shit after another. I reported like over 100 bots with the support tickets and after 1 month i logged in, the same bots still botting but hey they all real players. Sad just sad how a such a big company
  16. during your ban there are 100 of bots in cruma swamp and executioner ground ingored from ncsoft. makes sense to me....not
  17. and for the moderator, do you understand why poeple are beeing pissed and getting aggro ? maybe you should fix the game...then noone would be acting like that. Poeple complaining about bots since the release and what they have done ? cruma swamp if i log in now its filled with bots, then you can make a run to executioner ground....filled with bots and i could keep going. instead people get acc banned (i dont know if they bottet or not) but why the hell you cant ban this millions of botts in the level areas ?
  18. @Hime is that a early april fool ? you have a team that log into the game ? I LOGGED MY SUMMONER INTO THE GAME WHEN I WAS IN CRUMA SWAMP AND INFRONTF ME WAS 12 PEOPLE BOTTING. Do you really think the community is that stupid ? if i run around the cruma swamp i can report you for sure 100 bots and u tell us your team is logging in, well only thing coming to my mind is wow HIME i really hope you dont belive what your talking....
  19. the most funny thing is that i log in everyday, run across the cruma marshland see like 100 bots farming nonstop + the same bot groups farming since 2 weeks and they all get not banned. How i said, i think they get payed from those, thats the only thing i could think of. If they would care, there could be 1 live gm to ban them but they dont and they dont care. I reported like 100 bots with names and position in tickets and nothing all still botting. but well maybe they are all real players. lolololo
  20. i think there are 5.3k bots and no players at all how i said we all doomed and should quitt. dont get me wrong, i dont care about some forum warriors here posting shit. you guys are 100 % some lvl 20 chars that has already quitt and cry on forum. if you cant play a game and have fun, just quit and dont post everyday new shit here on the forum. the only thing i see everyday are some crying kids or some guys making new threads i quitt and thats why.....who cares, get out like a man and dont play it.
  21. http://l2.laby.fr/status/ 17.00 not even prime time 5.3k yeah i think we all doomed and we should quit. aehm give me your stuff plz
  22. you still buy pet ss out of the magic shop ?
  23. So if the necro is a summoner, why he dont get blaze to lvl after 40 ? are you kidding me ? how do you lvl from 40 to 50 ? with your pet ? you cant even create pet ss. So the only way is to lvl with a bleeping lvl 35 blaze when the summoners get cheap pet ss and nuke + unlimit mana.....makes sense
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