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  1. This game is a joke

    the main joke is that bots make more money selling adenas than NCSoft.
  2. I'm sure of one thing only

    https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Lineage II
  3. I'm sure of one thing only

    If i can play for free that's ok for me, anyway, russians already have weapons C and SSC. Even worst, Bots are already selling adenas, so you basically can already buy SSC and BSPSC.
  4. About Bots

    NCSoft want to ban bots, because ppl spend money on bots adenas instead NCOINS, they just CANT against them. That's why they asked us to help them.
  5. Excessive loss xp after death

    they said many things... starting with that is a F2P instead P2Login
  6. I got the SPS when I was on TI with my char, then I moved to ADEN because of the login issues, now i CANNOT EXCHANGE again the SPS???
  7. More that TI players are getting without us login in??, wtf..
  8. did you get disconnected for more than an hour? or just a couple of times?
  9. person #1: "How can we make more money out of this" person #2:"I know, lets make a huge queue and disconnect them as soon they reach 0, and then lets tell them its an issue that we will fix NEXT WEEK, and that if they buy VIP they can skip the queue, so many will be force to spend money in this F2P game." person #1: "I like it, lets do that. But first, lets open a new server, so they feel like we are doing or best to let more people play, even if nobody will want to loose their progress" person #3: "so, should we add a transfer server char for free to fix this problem?" person #1: "for free?, nah, lets make them pay"
  10. because is not a transfer as a service, is a transfer as a fix due their issues with the server.
  11. NCSOFT Can you set 2 TRANSFER SERVER CHAR for FREE??? so we can move from TI to ADEN? and finally play? I know you want to fix this Wednesday but you will ruin the best part of the server, the first week!!
  12. New Lineage II Classic Server: Aden

    I have been hearing that login background music for hours, I will relate this music with an awful experience. Sad.
  13. NCSoft why don't you lets us transfer our chars from server for free 2 times?, many people would move to aden until TI get better and then come back.