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  1. I'm aware of what Lineage was and what Lineage Classic is. Also, I know we are receiving the 3.0 downgraded, Juji make that really clear on the stream when some 3.0 areas appeared on the map. And Lineage NA started on Prelude, with the Closed Beta. I was there playing.
  2. I have heard some idiot shit in my days, but you sir, just went full retard. Never go full retard.
  3. Afternoon PDT, son. You are probably european, so chill.
  4. I'm pretty sure we will have the skills from 3.0, so Angelic Archon should be the way you want.
  5. What a bunch of retards. People are being blocked for having 4 accounts, not trying to log in 4 accounts simultaneously.
  6. @Juji @Hime, this is important. UP!
  7. The title is self-explanatory. We are getting a mixed up version of classic, so we have to know if all skills from 2.5 will be available for all classes. New dance/songs, summon pet soulshots, etc.
  8. This is a bleeping mess. First of all, anyone noticed how many XP boots are available by paying? - 50% XP Boost from Started Pack (30 days), 50% XP Boots from Rune in Shop (7 Days), 40% XP Boots from Scroll (Require VIP 2 to buy), 25% XP from being VIP 4. Now you add these with the XP boosts in game (Fishing, Clan Activity, etc). That is really bleeped up. Juji kept saying that this is Classic 1.5. WE ARE NOT GOING TO PLAY CLASSIC 1.5. We have catacombs, a shit ton of content from other versions of the game. We are going to have Songs and Dances lasting 5 mins, so Song W
  9. Yea., lets remove cyclic macros so mages CP can destroy all other comps without competition. Sounds like a really bleeping good plan guys. You are the best
  10. Autopickup for adena is a thing on later versions. Wouldn't mind that.
  11. Yea, remove cycle macros and they will use adrenaline to farm. What's the difference? Hell, even better. Scripts and everything.
  12. Are you saying that you are going to spend more money than all the europeans combined? Holy bleep, calm down Trump. Read again what I said, put yourself on the CEO chair and think again if you would throw in the trash all the money you could receive from europeans. NCsoft is thinking about South Americans because of the amount of players there. Just go to the private servers lists and see how many weird flashing green/blue/yellow banners are there. The game is still popular down there. Pretty sure Argentina and nearby countrys also have their servers with plenty of people. What I'm
  13. You will share the dates of the updates during the stream? A lot of CPs are waiting to decide their setup based on the frequency of the updates.
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