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  1. looooooooool, AH and fishing? Do you really think that will solve anything? I'm vip3 and have 2 hour queues in the evenings (on giran). How about remove boxing and bring down the ban-hammer on the bot infestation? #unpopularopinion
  2. Am I meant to read between the lines? Because all I see in that statement is 'bots are fine, boxing is a must (multiple vip accounts), 80% of the classes are useless and player preferred playstyle does not matter - it's all about being afk' What a game, the amount of choices we have might rival clicker heroes
  3. If NC can't do anything about it, then how about improving the bot report? The current iteration of it is just bad - 3 valid reports for 1 hour debuff that changes nothing and you have limited reports per account. How about instead of a debuff a straight out kick to login window? Got reported again within x amount of time? 1 day ban. I see no issues with this and anyone that supports botting can go play clicker heroes or whatever. All your arguments about saving time or being effective or whatever amounts to noting, means nothing, there is no argument for botting that can justify it. Period. H
  4. I was talking about adena/drop/spoil @existenz xp is fine, If I want it doubled Ill just buy the packs/xp runes/scrolls and go all the way to 3x xp rate, 'no issues' there lol
  5. Well... it was fun while it lasted I don't have the time or the will to grind 18 hours a day, nor do I want leave my char afk at the event boss and Hope to get something. Best of luck to everyone staying
  6. As a human warrior I need some healing pots and a weapon.. I can live without soulshots. But for the love of god, ~30 adena per kill? Really? And I have to sit after every 2-4 mobs to recover. I'm sorry, this is not 'hardcore' it's BScore. Buffs and shots on store make sense. Yeah bye, have fun wallet warriors. I'll go spend my time in a game that has at least a minimal amount of respect for the player.
  7. That's an interesting PDF. According to it the mob that I'm farming should drop 119-210 adena and not 25-60. Tried on several different mobs, like bats, imps, dog people, orcs and yeah - I get about 4 times less adena that I should. What do you mean it's not the same thing @Almost? All the systems 'are' based on c1, but we can now see that they are not. Thank you for sharing this, Ill stick around for a few days and wait for NCsoft to have a statement on this
  8. Hello. Does anyone know if the DA panther will have a duration before disappearing (i.e. 20mins) or will it stay until death? Thanks
  9. I did not realize I have to do that sir, I'm sorry sir, please don't go keyboard warrior on me sir, I will do as you say sir what a joke, f off
  10. You should make a clan and recruit hardcore players. You should make friends, not accounts. You should be baned for boxing. Shout out to all players that love to play support, you'll have to whack mobs alone while enjoying the sight of fields filled with boxers.
  11. As the title says, interested in a Casual clan. Plan on playing DA. Discord: Isyth#4976
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