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  1. Yeah Juji told me it will be at late summer. So probably next month. Just wanna exaggerate that live server players wants libra too. Not just classic. But still all I can do is wait
  2. My main is Feoh so I'm not speaking for myself. I just feel bad for them that in afk farming or timed zone, they're force to pull mobs and stay awake while other classes can go afk. And if they go afk even just 3min, they get kicked while others can go afk 10-20min and comes back to check. It isn't just fair for them and I feel really bad for them. So I'm thinking maybe you guys adjust their provoke skill range up to double that only attracts unprovoked mobs and keep tank's provoke skill to normal. In that way, the party can give tyrr class some worth and can be helpful even when he is afk
  3. I hope it's the best libra ever because of this delay. I respect you a lot but you should be a man of your word. Don't be indecisive. Stick to what you say or else...nothing because I'm just a nobody
  4. ??? Roses are red Violets are blue Didn't get anythng but 5h|t from last event but RED LIBRA will do???
  5. Hi Juji and fellow admins! In all of our current crisis situation going on in the world, may I ask when is red libra event? I could use some good news I hope it's soon... Cheers XOXO
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