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  1. Lag Issues

    Hi GM I think everyone is having this lag issue, At least come on the forum and say something
  2. enchant rate for cloaks

    Hi all I feel everyone pain and unfortunately not enough people voice their concerns over these Ridiculous odds. I myself tried to make my +10 cloak legendary for the pass 2 cloak events. Total number of legendary scrolls used 97 62 last time and 35 this time ZERO success RATE. Before people say you should of sold the scrolls and just buy one with the adenas, You have to look at it from a players point of view. I think all here Spent a lot of Real Life money making their cloaks to +10. That felt SICKENING Good after all that money spent. Then that feeling of success went down the drain when you spent every single hero coin to exchange for legendary scrolls to have ALL OF THEM FAIL!!!!!!. Not to believe that the NC odds are so bad You foolishly go buy MORE NC Coin and try again to make your cloak Legendary. GUESS what you fail all those Legendary scrolls AGAIN!!. Making the cloak was my personal choice but for all the people that WAS thinking of making a cloak or trying these Ridiculous odds. Please think again. choices 1. Buy already made ones, even thou it looks expensive ITS NOT saves yourself some PAIN and ANGER 2. Don't buy any NC coins and hopefully nc soft will adjust the odds PLEASE DO NOT TRY these RIDICULOUS ODD EVENTS, most people that try are not rich, can only spend limited Real life money on NC coins. SPEND YOU MONEY WISELY Hope this helps some people that thinking of trying events like this
  3. To Nc Staff Please consider to place event where we can get a decent supply of Freya Rose , there is a real shortage of supply in the market. many thanks
  4. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 29, 2019

    How many lvl 105-106 that has gear to farm in field of silence, alligator and tanor ? are u seriously thinking those farmers going to invest in mid range gear to farm those areas? with minimum return. i can tell you now i will be still enjoying watching l2 tv. i do not think anyone has 4 , 5 or 6 parties for lvl 104 - 107 to farm these areas.
  5. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 29, 2019

    Why is it bad? the hunting areas are all empty and even with macro parties there is plenty off room makes the game easier for all. Please note this is not a new game people get older and have less time to play. I personally like the new macro system and enjoy watching L2 TV.
  6. Anniversary Day Buffs Schedule

    Hi Just curious did you get any answers from juji in regards to your questions
  7. Enchant chance of circlets of power?

    with this event do not try to enchant one yourself. just sell your event items and buy one already enchanted. you should be able to get a Noble Circlet hope this helps
  8. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 17, 2019

    What you saying is True, I'm just saying in this server we play on , We get thrown a bone and food scraps, never really get the good juicy events or Anniversary celebrations that Korea gets
  9. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 17, 2019

    After all these years one should know by now from NCsoft " expect nothing then you wont be disappointed "
  10. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 27, 2019

    This is true and this is why you should not consider fishing for chars 105+ lower levels is an ok option 100-->101--->exp needed 10,388,254,370,414 Fishing in xp max area 143 fish per hour - 20% for lost fish 114 fish per hour = 8.802bil x 114 fish = 1.003428 trillion xp 10 hours of fishing !!! 5 x Master Fishing Pack = 16000 ncoins or you can go 4 x Master Fishing Pack = 12800 ncoins + 2 x MVP Fishing Pack = 800 nc coins (need 2 accounts) = 14400 ncoins on the other hand you can buy 1 bil xp scrolls from players ingame 120k each mind u can only pop 1 scroll every 3 seconds = 1min = 20 scrolls = 20bil every minute = 1.2 trillion per hour If you dont want to spend a lot of $$ the best and by far more rewarding method is to find a clan and xp in groups in elven or SOS a few hours with the current free boost can get you levels very fast.
  11. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 27, 2019

    I think with these events is to pull others like support classes and re rolls to 105 but with my rough calculation 105 ---106 u need 138 hours 19350 coupons just to fish 4830 coupons for blessing 1380 coupons for deton's blue and a whopping 69 x Master Fishing Pack at 3200nc coins just to get 138 Fantastic Fishing Spot Entrance Pass
  12. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 27, 2019

    For the fishing expedition, i have a question for all, can anyone remember how many fish you catch per hour using fancy rod? many thanks for answering
  13. Prelude to War

    Hi Draecke i just want to ask do you know if the cut off includes the improved macro system or not? many thanks for your knowledge
  14. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, October 24, 2018

    Hi Hime With this dragon shirt promotion it did not say what happens to our Shiny elemental Shirts that we paid a lot of money for. In other territories there was a swap over for shiny element shirts to dragon shirts.. what happen with us? i have a +8 shiny elemental shirt that i paid a lot of money for please tell us do we have the same option to trade our shiny elemental shirts for a dragon shirt ? looking for answers please
  15. Salvation: Etina’s Fate Coming August 22

    Hi thank you for the update, IF cannot do patch notes today At least tell us what events will be on offer and whats in the Players appreciation packs many thanks in adcance