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  1. My Favorite Char is the One and only Eviscerator iFistofFury - Naia
  2. Hi think everyone is aware of the very low odds now and getting sick and tried of the high prices for every l2 store promotion. Its ok if the high prices reflect on getting something worth the money you pay. Current Event Giants energy and R gems makes up 95% of the rewards 1080 nc coins you get 10 Loot boxes, just think about this ridiculous price if you get R gems and Giant energy People pay and get crap. i think all is sick of this. If GM's look at these post MAKE OUR CASE WITH KOREA!!!! Fight for us argue the case, it is long overdue to make decent prices on L2 s
  3. Hi i think the best way to solve this XP problem is to give us the option to buy Vitality RUNES, Change the Subscription packs Runes To vitality maintain 30 days , this would be a WIN- Win situation for all, including NCSOFT as subscriptions would go up.
  4. Hi Please let us know if you going to place the BIG Vitality Pack on sale. atleast say something dont let us hanging like this Hime ? Juji? An official answer would be nice
  5. Hi, The auction house is broken, you cannot add items to auction and it only lets you take some of your items out of auction house. i have a talisman of insanity in auction house now that when i try to take it out it says "the item has field to be registered" when i try to list my item " bottle of luminous god'd soul it says "Cancellation of Sale has failed because requirements are not met " Need quick Fix
  6. A month ago, people was crying out for cloak event!! I think everyone saw how many people wanted it. Now they all find out this events Enchant rate is 0.000001% or many zeros behind the DOT. I am Just saying maybe JUST maybe NCsoft would consider a Flash sale to even DISCOUNT further the price of this event and Most importantly consumables so at least people would support the game!!!!. Buying NC coins is a choice of players, I think every one knows what they are getting themselves into when playing these Casino Events. I am really looking for them to make flash sale of consumables.
  7. I know not all people see things the same, i enjoy the game thou lately there has been ongoing issues with lag but i still enjoy the game. Things are not certain in this world, who know maybe soon ill wont be able to play l2. but for now i would like to play the game and forget about all the troubles around me.
  8. Hi Nc Staff It would be a great idea to do a Flash Sale this weekend as a lot of us is stuck at home. for your consideration many thanks
  9. HI Tevas Can you link the movie its not on your youtube channel ? many thanks
  10. Hi NC Staff, Please Address this problem ASAP, A lot of people have saved their hero coins to exchange for legendary scrolls for the clock event. Now I see you can ONLY exchange 1 scroll per ACCOUNT!!! Please change this back to before, when you can exchange for as you like. Please do not ignore this post, especially in this environment where people have been placed on lock down lost their jobs.
  11. Hi, I just wanted to add some things you can do to make adenas and exp. 1. have you tried fishing, when your not leveling set your chars to fish, in 1 hour u should be able to get 2 power fish each char. remember you can log 3 chars per computer, 4 power fish you can trade for 3 elcyum powder. you can sell them on AH or save them for weapon upgrade. 2. Do coal mine timed instance (101-105) every day you should get the most exp there. 2b. Do Storm isle, even if you do a small area with 4-6 mobs the adena drops are far superior than other places for 1 hour 2c. If yo
  12. To Gm Staff, Please answer if Mp regeneration will be put back to before the update or it will be like this for now on. The reason i ask is that i am currently 109 feoh Dual Class with decent gear and i still cannot hold mana even with Agathions that 100% fill your mp. I know you can place a healer in group for mp but let just face it, at 109 its already very very slow to gain % even with boosts. Please let the community know now if this lower Mana Regeneration change in hunting grounds is forever. This at least gives people opportunity to change there Dual class during R
  13. To GM team, This La Vie En store Promotion is Way too long, Everyone that can or need to buy Jewels has already done so in the first week. Stop this Store promotion now and START FREYA NOW, everyone that can spend money is waiting for this. As they SAY COMEON JUST DO IT
  14. Hi fellow players and GM I need some Help please Right now im doing the last Exalted Quest - MASTER of the New Power. I have a very serious Question i need the right answer I play my dual class and at the moment i am nearly 109 The quest requires you to be Level 110 and have killed 160000 mobs Please Advise me can i hand in this Quest on my dual class when i reach 110 I do not plan to level my MAIN class Many thanks for your information
  15. Hi All I thought of starting a good thread about where you can hunt after 105+ and where to get a decent amount of adenas with this new update. I have gone through part of the new content and this is what i have discovered so far 1. when you log into the game first time after update make sure if your 106 +++ learn your new passive skills as there is new passive skills for 106 and 108 2. Before you go hunt make sure you go to hiene town and take the exalted quest Master of the new power ( this is if you have already done exalted 5 ) 3. i have gone to field of silence, m
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