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  1. Path of the Dark Wizard

    what mobs you kill in swampland ?
  2. Path of the Dark Wizard

    hello what kind of Zombies i must to kill in Swampland for Quest ?? i cant find the forest Elf zombie https://l2wiki.com/classic/Path_of_the_Dark_Wizard
  3. Open new server Dion GMT -4

  4. New Lineage II Classic Server: Aden

    we already many ppl start in aden bleep Queue
  5. Start Move Aden Server

    already ppl join Aden
  6. Critical Error

    Hello after EXIT GAME it apears that Error any info ? http://prntscr.com/l51rnb
  7. Refund for Launch Packs

    Give the Money Back to ppl
  8. 30 $ Give Back The Money

    give money back to ppl
  10. 30 $ Give Back The Money

    If was L2j ok No problem If was l2ru Private official files server ok no problem BUT THIS IS FOR REAL OFFICIAL SERVER OFFICIAL OFFICIAL NCSOFT what kind of ppl working in this ? 2 fingers each hand ? Www.google.com 1st step Mom i cant find it. 2 step ? Only Russians can Succes in Opening Server You remember problems in Kain ? Accept it
  11. Not even in Worst L2 JAVA Private Server x9999999 l2bangladesh THAT FAIL LIKE THIS Even Private Servers START With OBT BETA server Before Live OMG you Admins development From NCSOFT you really bleeped up ( is this china boy development in intro video on ncsoft MAX 20 YARS OLD total useless sent him to wash the cars ) Sent the 30 $ back in paypal aderess to people they buy
  12. Russia is behind This Vladimir ftw
  13. What Time will Server Open ? GTM + ?
  14. i use Battle Ping and is So Much Better ( i try that on Naia server )) do you know where are this NCsoft server Lacation ... i dont know what location i use on Battleping i peek radom 1 Texas server
  15. BattlePing Low Ping

    Hello i just buy Battle Ping and have a Question Naia GTM+1 New Classic Server Giran GTM + 1 Which Server i should use on Battle Ping to have Lower Ping on thouse Servers ?