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  1. Trisalim Tarantula Adena drop rate 70% 257 ~ 602. OFFICIAL WIKI INFORMATION. Of cause, they going to give us less Adena they don't want the game to be playable without using ncoin.
  2. All they have succeeded in doing is making a place bots are going to run. I have reported multiple bot trains so far and 5 days later they're still running.
  3. I have been hunting books at Sea Of Spores for more than four days and in that time I have seen 1 book. This is definitely not right.
  4. We are just worried were signing up for Classic not G.O.D
  5. The confirmation is in the patch notes STR P. Atk. DEX P. Accuracy P. Evasion Atk. Spd. P. Critical Rate CON Max HP/CP HP/CP Recovery Weight Underwater Breathing Shield Def. Success Rate INT M. Atk. WIT M. Accuracy M. Evasion Casting Spd. M. Def. Rate M. Critical Rate MEN M. Def. MP Recovery Max MP Magic Cancel Rate
  6. @TrollW Have you guys decided if your going to play after the patch notes drop? We had a little over 80 people coming to play I am not sure we will be anymore.
  7. Look what your University education did to your brain. We have a safe space for you here in the boot of this car.
  8. You have no clue how many players are going to be lost to some of these bad choices. They had a chance to really get back there player base and they threw it away with greed.
  9. The patch notes read like the current version of the game. The current version of the game is what people want to get away from! Its is terrible and its NC's fault for making it that way and pushing players out of its game. We LOVE lineage 2 look at how many people came back to the forums L2 blah was remade and players from all over were so interested in playing. In one foul swoop, you are about to wipe out 75% of your players with some of these choices. No drop on PK +10 armour with SAFE scrolls *MONEY GRAB* Augment stones come on man this ISNT Classic
  10. Thats not a thing anymore though mate. They took it away.
  11. Your dreaming man PS was the most over powered for soloing. It had a hidden 5% vamp rage on its pet so you could destroy anything.
  12. Your stupid. They said no drops to mobs. There will be drops if your red and over 5kills.
  13. Use's your mac to go to new egg and buy a PC.
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