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  1. Guess you can go back to ur lolprivate server with that "make RB a pvp zone". I guess where you saw this crappy feature Anyway if it works the same as live server you lose item from both inventory and equip, it's random.
  2. Ooooh, nous. What a shame. Looks like you can relax and be less salty to those who gets closer to you. But actually the feature for the PK is kinda meh. It's true that PKs in official now lose items from inventory instead of drop it...but meh, you could keep it for the classic server. I wont be able to loot the annoing PKs in cruma and floran :'( @Hime Where can i read details on char's skills? I'd like to know if we're getting 3.0 improvements already...like archer's double shot power increased or dagger's blows damage increase or mages consuming less MPs per nuke
  3. Live EE

    I guess you should give a look to some recruitment posts...live supports are welcome everywhere, healers in the first place. The only class who can duo with an EE would be a mage tho. So it's up to you. If you get urself a CP you'll live a long and (not at all) pacific life.
  4. How are SK's in classic?

    Yeah but you should make a class that will make you 'happy' and 'enjoy' the game in the long run. Hopefully you wont quit at lv 20. So you should check all the pros and cons of a toon on the long run. Reason why i'm still unsure if i should make a PR or a GH or a TH
  5. ...dafuq is that suppose to mean?
  6. How are SK's in classic?

    They are both good. Probably those who think WL sux on PVP never fought one or never used one. Altho they can't land huge damages, they can be insanely annoing. In classic version you will have the Quick Spear skill, which stun the enemy from quite a huge distance (900 range if i'm not wrong). If it lands you can get closer to the target and try to stunlock him. For PVP he's good in nukers party (just stand far from the enemies and throw the spear in the middle to stun, the nukers finish the work) or in melee pts. As for the SK...HP pull is lower but keep in mind that, in classic, CON is no longer influencing ur stun resistance...so that's ur only cons about SK. Really 'cause it can annoy you with debuffs as hex and lighting strike while landing cube's debuffs. Sooo...i'd say it's really good for PVP and really usefull for PVE/RBs.
  7. Yep, looks like I was wrong. Nice to know tho ^^
  8. Clan Italiano Recluta

    Actually, i have no idea which clans are going to giran or which ones will go to TI. Even if i read their names, i don't know who they are so...but actually i don't really care about which clan is going where...i'll pick my server based on my GMT and based on my game-style. If the server is overpopulated with lots of active players and huge ammount of good clans going there...but then i need to be awake at 03.00 AM to make a siege...thanks but no. I can do that NOW, but i wont be able to (i hope at least) later...So that would be pointless.
  9. I never had a real clue about this, but if you say so. It was weird but not impossible to have NA servers starting with a sort-of C3 and not with prelude/c1. And since a lot of players were saying there was no C3 and also the dates were quite right (as you said May 2004, while KR servers went live in Oct 2003)...well it makes sense. Thanks for the enlight. And if Draecke is the white elf guy i remember, say hello to him by me Wonder if he still remembers me Sadly this is a mixture of patches. It will also brings exclusive features to the game. For example Gladis will learn new and modified skills. SA system is changed (runes) and also the elemental system is modified (spirits for 76+ players). So i'm sorry to wake you up : we're not going back to prelude/C1, we're gonna play a new "version" of L2. About that last part : So you'd go like "ok let's see what the players who spent a lot into the game thinks and let's make the game how they want it to be" "but what about all the others? those who spent but are not vip 3+ tier?" "who fuking cares about them?! if you want ur opinion to matter, pay more!" K. Nice logic. Just to be sure : which server are you going and what will your nick be? Just wondering.
  10. Yeah it's like now. Not sure about the patch notes yet but i'm quite sure some people will go like "I was playing in NA classic since 1.5"...are you aware that this is going to be a downgraded 3.0, right? I started on NA back on C4, reason why i'm not 100% sure about it. Since then i heard lots of players going like "i play since C1" and others being like "there was not a C1 on NA, it went live in C3". So i just gave a look at the old archives and the dates was all messed up. And actually the site someone linked : https://web.archive.org/web/20041204154157/http://www.lineage2.com:80/news/news.html it's quite weird. Sadly the original legacy site is not working
  11. So let's take this as example. We're both soloing, i come to you and act friendly. The moment you get 2 mobs on you i start stunning you. As i said before : stun delay is like 2-3 seconds while the effect lasts for 7-9. It may be gone before that if you're lucky, but there is no problem since it's quite hard that it will be gone in 1 or 2 secs. Even if it manages to be removed early, if you have a bow, i wont be able to run far enough. This will ends up with you being stun locked and unable to run away (since you wont have bsoe probably). It's like if you get into a fight in real life, 3 vs 1, 2 holds you while 1 is smashing ur face. How did this happen? They got closer and asked you for a cigarette, then for no reason they pwnd you hard and steal ur pocket. Then would you go like "it's ur fault 'cause you didn't see them coming. You was suppose to run away and scream as loud as you could. What? They were holding you? Well then it's still ur fault! Why didn't you break free?!" This is pretty much the same logic. Do i have to play and have the fuking paranoia that every player who can stun me will try and steal my loot? You just can't decide when the stun will fail or how much will it last. The let's make it that you can't use skills with secondary effects (stun, para, bleed etc) on players who are not flagged or not in war. This way you can't stunlock me 'till i hit you back. But i'm still dropping items if i die to mobs and you can still train me.
  12. You didn't miss anything worth. BR players are handless and mostly retarded. Also the players from RU are mostly the same. Even tho 3/4 of them can't even speak 1 language beside the RU, they are top players with scripts and trash with hands. Not all of them tho, Exeqtor was for sure an insane scripter and bot abuser, but he was quite good even with hands. Same goes for Riordian from EU servers, but no clue if he had scripts. For sure he was pretty much skilled. (Not sure if he was RU tho, guess no?).
  13. Dude...L2 was published exactly 15 years ago. 1st october of 2003 it went live in Korea. The game was available in NA servers for the first time since 15th november 2004. Sadly the old 'legacy' site is no longer up, but i'm quite sure there was no prelude/C1 for NA players. Most likely C2-C3.
  14. Yeah sorry but i'm not looking for any friend. But ur bow may be usefull. What about I kill you with stun or train and steal ur hard-earned weapon 'cause i'm a bleep? What? It's not my fault for stun you for 9 secs every 2 secs, it's ur fault 'cause you didn't survive! You were just standing still while stunned, it's ur fault! I guess that after this feature was removed the game, back then, became a nosense crap. No one made new friends 'cause it was useless, no one out of town 'cause it makes no sense if i can't kill randoms while xping and no reason to keep going 'cause i couldn't drop items if i die...#noclassic #giveusbackc1 #fukinglearntoplayprivateserverrats
  15. Where does it says "PKs are not dropping items"? This is a feature that's still into the main version and in any other version of L2. They are removing drops from mobs when you're white, which is cool actually so people will stop being retarded for no reason just 'cause they want ur gear. Can you guys stop acting like the server will fail if you don't join? Beside that...how could you play since C1 if NA servers went live with C3? Are you guys done saying bs about "i play since C1"...no you don't.
  16. Clan Italiano Recluta

    Se uno può giocare SOLO di notte gioca dove preferisce. Ovviamente qui si prendeva in esempio il discorso fatto da italianomedio che ha detto "noi possiamo scegliere sia TI che giran"...dubito che TUTTI siano player che saranno attivi SOLO di notte. E poi proprio perché sono persone con moglie e figli...si presuppone abbiano anche un lavoro. Dubito seriamente che uno logghi alle 1-2 di notte e vada a letto alle 4-5 passate se poi lavora il giorno dopo. Poi dipende da quanta flessibilità ti da' il lavoro. Il problema comunque non c'è. Ognuno può giocare nel server che preferisce in base ai propri orari. Conoscendo l'abitudine della maggior parte degli italiani, e partendo il clan con base italiana, penso che giocare nel fuso orario europeo sia la cosa migliore. Le attività principali saranno serali tanto. Poi il problema è il vostro/loro, non credo che mi unirò ad un clan italiano. Dopo 10 anni e passa d'esperienza ho capito che non fanno per me. Preferisco di gran lunga un clan internazionale. In ogni caso non è che devi essere attivo 'durante il giorno', tanto il prime-time e la bolgia saranno principalmente in orari serali, probabilmente dopo le 18/19 che chi lavora torna a casa. Poi ripeto : se vuoi farti i siege e le oly alle 3 di notte è una tua scelta. Se il GMT-5 combacia meglio con i tuoi orari di game rispetto ad un GMT+1, allora vai su TI. Ma qui si parlava di CLAN intero e non di SINGOLO.
  17. Clan Italiano Recluta

    Scusami Stefà, è che quando giocavo con te avevo 14 anni, ora sono un po' più cresciuto e ho un po' più d'esperienza con il gioco. Mi dispiace tu mi abbia preso per "acido", non era mia intenzione. In realtà sono molto più "arrogante". Ma anche "realista" dal momento che uno dei due si ricorda la storia VERA dei clan italiani e non la distorce come fa' comodo. E per quanto riguarda lo scegliere TI o Giran...tieni a mente che TI è GMT -4 o -5, non riesco a ritrovare il post...questo significa che se i siege o le olimpiadi vengono introdotte con il fuso orario loro, ti ritrovi che loro hanno i siege alle 20 gmt-5 e da te sono tipo le 2/3, o qualcosa di simile. Dubito sia una buona scelta. Il fuso orario di giran è fatto apposta per i giocatori Europei, quindi se vivi in italia, meglio andare su giran. Tanto è probabile che con il passare del tempo i 2 server finiscano per fondersi ad un certo punto, quindi. As for this...i have my doubts. Keep in mind that back then, in 2005 +/-, one of the most active and played servers was Teon. And it was GMT+1. Giran will get lots of active clans and players as well...Americans are just getting their hype high for nothing. One should pick his server based on their timezone. If you follow them and they quit/disappear you'll be left alone in a server with a very different GMT. In my case i'm actually in GMT+2...TI is GMT-5. If sieges starts at their 20.00...well. It's kinda late. And as far as i remember most of the clans were off to sleep at 00.00/01.00 GMT +1...that means they will struggle a lot to partecipate in daily activity or siege/olys.
  18. Othell with Dex Setup vs Str

    The test is pretty old, as i said, it was back in 2012. Back then you were lacking most of the skills you have. SS were not working on blows, skill power was lower, some passives were missing. This test was only proving the difference between a single dagger and a dual dagger since lots of us were curious about this. And actually, this actually tells you a lot. Blow damage is slightly better with a single weapon but overall DPS is better with duals since you hit harder on autoattack. This means there is actually no difference between the 2. Passive skills of single and dual daggers are the same as back then so there is no difference. Just try to get ur brain to work and see the difference. If you're smart enough you'll understand which is better.
  19. Level 44 And No Idea What To Do

    Try to write in english. This is not a private server. Anyway. You don't have to do the QA quest. Just keep going with the others quests you got on the list. Even tho, i wonder...NCWest didn't get the choice to make 1-85 or to take the shortcut and make lv 85 in 5 mins?
  20. Clan italiano

    Proprio perché conosco la storia, parlo. Mi sa che sei tu che non conosci il mio nick. Ma ti rinfresco la memoria. Ero nei NatiLiberi come BD, all'epoca. Ricordo tranquillamente il clan. Garet e la maggior parte dei membri di quel clan. Proprio perché me li ricordo ti posso dire che il clan aveva una buona alleanza, ma da solo, il clan, aveva non pochi problemi. Non avevamo players inclini al PVP, molti erano nabbi e non eravamo sicuramente tra i top clan. E infatti il clan non ha avuto lunga vita. Sono tornato con il free to play con il Ghost Hunter (xHaseo) e da lì mi sono preso la nomea di uno dei dagger più forti sul server. Spendendo la bellezza di 0 euro avevo comunque la top 2-4 fissa con l'Othell rogue (prima della diversificazione) e poi sempre la top 2-4 con il GH. Quindi non sono proprio il primo stronzo che passa. Mi dispiace illuderti...ma sono stato anche negli AngeliNeri. Prima all'epoca di Teon (prima di entrare nei NL, il periodo era lo stesso) e poi tornato su Naia. Era un clan di gente scarsa e molti erano incapaci a fare PVP. Aver fatto vedere i muscoli e conquistarsi di forza un castello, non significa nulla. Io stesso con il mio clan composto da 3 membri attivi sono riuscito a prendermene uno...ma oramai ai siege non partecipa nessuno, e soprattutto, non interessano più a nessuno. A parte i 3 castelli dei mammon. Anche perché in tutto il tempo che sono stato su Naia (da inizio free to play fino a Infinite Odyssey, quindi da fine 2011 fino a fine 2015) gli AN erano un clan "morto". Non fullavano manco 1 o 2 pt ATTIVI per fare epici 97+. Giocare bene non significa prendersi un castello e perderlo la settimana dopo oppure vincere le guerre tra clan italiani. Gli unici 2 clan che avevano una base italiana ma erano internazionali e hanno saputo fare qualcosa erano gli HolySpirits prima e i NinthLegion dopo. Ma i NinthLegion hanno iniziato a essere 'forti' quando grazie a me e a WhiteSpock il clan ha preso una piega internazionale seria e con PVP players seri, non di certo grazie ai soli membri italiani del clan. Su official non c'è mai stato un clan SOLO italiano che sia stato tra i top clan e gli stessi HS e 9L potevano essere, al massimo, un clan tier 2. Sicuramente è bello ricordarlo tra di noi e ricordare i vecchi tempi e la nostalgia, ma più di la non vai.
  21. The Fishing system is the same as it is on skelth and on live version. You buy the items and just go the spot and fish. But i got a bad info for you. In the 1.5 version there is no fishing system yet...it was introduced with the 2.0. First things first, let's see if they're gonna introduce it in our 1.5 version...we need to see our official patch notes first. 28th of september they will go live on their twitch channel to make a 'patch preview' so you may go and see some of the stuffs we'll get when the server will go live.
  22. Drop on Death

    Are you guys done sayin' bullshit? Thanks. So, you guys are the kind of players who goes like "daaamn reintroduce that 'cause that was the real deal with the game!" but then, if some high level bleep come to kill you, for fun, and make you die and drop ur items, you will go and jump off a cliff. L2 classic will try to give you a fresh feel of nostalgia, not a fresh smell of crap. The fact you're gonna lose 4% it's quite an heavy penalty already if you die...go figure if by any chance you drop an item for a glitch or 'cause you had to go afk like 2 secs and a mob raped you or anything like that. Imagine if we had this same penalty on live servers where you may drop 500-600+ euros of gear with just 1 item. No one will go for raids and no one will try to play solo 'cause they may be afraid of some tards coming and stunlock them for no reason. The whole point of classic is going back to farm mobs as hard as you can and kill urself trying to achieve 1 more level or that set/weapon that you need. Enjoying any little bit of progress you make into the server. It's not annoing a random player who's happily farming while minding his own damn business. But just in case they decide to reintroduce the drop on mobs, be sure to tell us ur in game nicks so we can stunlock ur ass as soon as we see you out of town. Let's make the word KOS a really bad word again.
  23. The official time zone has been announced. -5 for talking island and +1 for giran. See ya in game guys, hf
  24. Clan Italiano Recluta

    Ah boh...io ancora non ho deciso SE verrò a giocarci e quale classe fare. Fare il GH sarebbe un suicidio e basta per ora...dubito sia una scelta valida. Però qualche consiglio per il clan name ce l'ho. Niente nomi italiani. Niente nomi di siti porno o robe simili. E niente crest con simboli italiani. Sono decisamente tristi e il 99% dei clan che fanno così sono clan che finiscono di merda. La crest dipende. Se la "create" originale la create dopo aver scelto il nome...sennò ci sono le crest base da google e gg.
  25. Clan Italiano Recluta

    Ah boh, ne ho conosciuti tanti. Su Naia in tutto il tempo che ci sono stato non ho mai incontrato italiani forti o che comunque fossero decenti...lasciando stare le persone di base, intendo come giocatori, FORSE, di italiani, ne ho conosciuti 2 o 3. Il resto erano fuffa che apriva bocca perché se la credevano calda quando giocavano su shard privati di merda come gigarent. Btw, pensi di chiamare il clan 'HolySp1rits" o opterai per un nome decente?