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  1. Clan Italiano Recluta

    Mi sembrava un nome familiare. Comunque auguri per un clan ita. Strano che, pur giocando dalla C1, e avendo giocato per un periodo insieme su Naia..ci sia ancora gente che tenta di creare clan con base italiana...dovreste aver capito che, oramai, non vanno da nessuna parte. Però dai, almeno non dovete sforzarvi a scrivere in inglese. Edit :
  2. PETITION: Make Giran GMT -6

    My word is not absolute. But i play in NCWest server since official C4. Teon was there. GMT +1. And in 14 years, we still have a server with GMT +1. Why would they now open a classic and just go like 'fack our EU community! let's open 2 servers for NA players only!' If this was the case, they would have changed Naia already since they made lots of merges since GOD went live.
  3. Clan italiano

    Auguri regà. Dovreste aver capito che sia i server che i clan italiani sono destinati a fallire e morire in tempi brevi. Se siete fortunati e riuscite a farlo internazionale FORSE qualcosa fate. GL. Edit :
  4. PETITION: Make Giran GMT -6

    You guys can complain as much as you want. If you'll be lucky enough, you may get Talking island with a different GMT then -2. Maybe you may even get a 3rd server with a different GMT. But Giran and EU GMT are gonna stay. No matter what you guys say. Why are you qqing so hard for the classic but no one ever said a thing about Naia? Or Teon? Or any other server with EU GMT? Why people never said a thing about Chronos being -2 and not -5438? Just deal with it.
  5. Othell with Dex Setup vs Str

    Daaamn guys. I've been away for quite some time and people still have 0 clue on how to setup a dagger and how things works? The difference between STR and DEX is simple as hell : STR is higher critical rate mastery (and dmg, but that's a pretty LOW % so...) and DEX increase ur p. skill critical RATE. That's the main reason you should raise one of the two stats. I used to run a hybrid setup which allowed me to skill crit basically 100% but also landing lots of 2x skills. Depending on which race you'll go you should check what's ur main stat and act accordingly. I used to be a Othell GH so i had a pretty high STR and 'meh' DEX...So i went with +15 DEX dyes and extra items with STR (armor set + bracelet + talismans etc.). Oh and, please. Stop saying that accuracy and evasion are increasing/decreasing blows land rate. The rate is actually based on ur class/buffs. The blow land rate cap SHOULD be (never knew the real rate) 80%. The only way you got to decrease the land rate is by using a skill such as Ultimate evasion which increase ur skill evasion. Also, rumors, used to be that DEX was increasing blow land rate. Actually, that's fake. This rule is actually working in classic servers only. As for the 'single or dual'..this test is REALLY old (2012) but the passive or such things never changed. https://gyazo.com/80550341bd0b4770876b2cc27bcc98a1
  6. Necro / AW / PR

    Necro + SE is a good combo. Also if you want to go AW or PR, box a PP instead of WC. PP can heal and give you zerk + bless the soul/body. True is, you wont get vampiric rage...but you can get it with Fish Stew for a quite low price (10-50 stews if i'm not wrong...while the zerk one is 150-200+). And if you go PR you wont even need it. Nukers are good since start 'cause they will learn 3 different nukes while levelling (Necros will go Wind strike > Blaze > Death spike) but that's their main dmg skill. And they get it from the start (1 - 20 - and Death spike since 44, but you can still PVE with Blaze 'till that level). Archers will start being good at level 34 where they will learn Stun Shot. And will get better at 40 with Double shot + Hex (if you go PR). Daggers are the worst between them...BUT...we already know what will come after the 1.5. Daggers will get improvements such as higher power on skills, Hide not decreasing speed, etc etc...but for daggers to be SERIOUSLY strong/OP you must wait 'till 3rd class. Once you'll get Focus power/death and Lethal blow...that's where the daggers start to rock. As for buffers, the only reason why i'd rather pick a WC over a PP is 'cause once the 3rd class is available they got CoV which is by far better than any other Prophecy buff. But once again, that's how things will work LATER on. So i'd rather go for a nuker/archer rather than dagger for the 1.5. Eventually, once xp will get easier with the new patches, you may think of rerolling the main DD since you will already have high level buffers.
  7. Friendly Warning

    Umhh...not sure about it. KR servers are probably ahead of our version of 1 or 2 patches. That means they are 1 year ahead of us. I'm quite sure i heard of KR classic getting the Brooch system a loong time ago...even tho, just to be sure, i should check if i can find any KR video on youtube with the old patches to see if they already had it.
  8. PETITION: Make Giran GMT -6

    I get it that you guys are sad and upset 'cause Innova kicked you out of their servers but...no one cares. Back in the days NCwest server was the deal for both EU and NA players. So back then we had servers like Teon or Luna with EU GMT. Why? 'cause they need EU players as much as they need NA players. So you can complain and cry as much as you want but they wont go and change the EU server 'cause you guys are sad for what innova did. That's also 'cause this is how business work. You don't want to pay for play? Fine. NCWest got a new server with EU GMT! And it's free to play! We all know that it will ends up 10/10 being p2w, but until that day, free to play! If you want to complain about the NA server having a bad GMT like -2, do as you want. But one server will be NA and one server will be EU. Why do you think NCWest live servers are Naia (gmt+1 EU) and Chronos (gmt-2 NA)?
  9. Remove looping macro

    I don't really get why people cry for the GOOD improvements we get. Looping macro is actually a really usefull thing. It allows you to keep ur dances/songs up w/o the necessity to switch or to keep the timing in ur mind. You can also put ur own toons in assist and help you and ur party with dps on mobs. You know what's the difference between bots and macros? Bots do everything they want, macros don't. It can help you with PVE but it's not gonna be of any use in PVP since you wont leave ur toon into a macro while PVPing. Also, you still need to move at least 1 char by urself since the macro got a range and it doesn't switch target when the mob is dead. Classic is not live server where you can put ur toon on a macro inside Harnak with next target + AOE skills and sleep. In the classic the hunt speed is way lower since ur land by far lesser damage and you're not sure how many hits will take for hunt a mob. Even if you keep 1 hitting the mobs, spots are pretty much 'dispersive' so you wont be able to just go afk with a 'next target - nuke' macro or who knows where you'll end up getting stuck.
  10. Level cap is 70 at the beginning but will later on be increased. But as others already said...don't worry about it. It will take a long way to hit level 70.
  11. Question for Gladiator

    Well actually glads are quite good in a 1v1 scenario...for example they can be quite good in olys and small scale pvp (9v9, for example). But as someone said already : you will need to level up quite a bit before you'll be able to do something good. Archers and Nukers after lv 40 are good and ready for pvp since archers will have already stun shot + double shot and nukers will get their main skills right after lv 40. (Yeah, i know nukers and archers are ready to pvp even before lv 40, but i guess that it doesn't matter how a class is in the pre-40...you will start learning the 'serious stuff' after lv 40). So you gotta keep in mind how you wanna play : PVE hard 'till 40+++ and then get ur revenge on those who bullied you before or Ready, set, pvp! But you pick something else and not a gladiator.
  12. spoiler +bd

    Keep in mind this. You can go up to 3 boxes per PC. So you can even go Spoiler + SE + BD. Actually, i'd rather go Spoiler + PP + BD. Spoiler DPS is quite 'low' but PP will learn quite early (40-44) almost every usefull buff at level 1. Also, PP gets zerk + haste. And PP can also 'heal' you (not as good as a real healer but still something.). Also, the higher you'll get and faster ur hunt speed should get. BD will learn fire + warrior + fury (at level 58, true, but someday you should get there) and that will make ur life WAY easier. Also, keep in mind, that a BD is a 360° support...so if you'll even want to 'reroll' to something else you will get already the good dances. Also, keep in mind that Dances and Song will last 5 mins later on.
  13. Friendly Warning

    Sooo...you guys should check both the KR and the RU/EU classics. RU and EU are missing such OP items...as far as i could see (looking at players videos) they are missing any sort of p2w items...like, no brooch, no cloak, no power talisman... In the other hand, the KR one, it's full of p2w items. Brooch, power talisman, a weird cloak and even some sort of 'dragon pendant' and belt? No clue what those items are, tbh. Now...if we take as example how they managed the live server...they just take everything and put in on...so it wont be a 'surprise' if we get the full store as the KR version.