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  1. So with the 2.9 update, some areas got changed. Ok, but what changed? The adena drop is increased? Drop rate or items were changed? Why are those all the zones that drops Spellbooks? The drop rate of the books was increased? Sadly we don't have our own wiki and in the EU version there's nothing different.
  2. Yeah that would probably end with you that change ur mind 'cause you're too scared to do anything. Otherwise you get rekt even irl and tell the ambulance dude that you want a rematch 'cause your "physical mastery" was nerfed. Get real dude, the fact that a forum GM closed ur previous topic w/o even minding to say a thing, is already an answer. Enjoy ur SWS.
  3. Beside his brain and game knowledge, there's nothing to fix. He has no clue how a dual sword works and he's crying to "fix a nerf" that is not a nerf in the first place. You're a SUPPORT who's suppose to SONG to increase pt (and his own) survivability and DPS (hunter/champ/renewal/medi). You're not a DD so you don't need the same mastery of a Titan. Then why don't we give to Bishop a skill with 108 power at lv 74 like any other mage have? WTF is this nerf to bishops with a nuke with ONLY 65 POWER?!?!? Dude, what the heck? Why my GH doesn't learn Critical chance?! AND WTF? I can't learn C
  4. Game itself has no cap. And actually yeah, i heard about a guy being lv 78-79+, it was almost 1 month ago now so...guess he's way higher now. No idea, i quit NCWest as soon as they went full scam with pendants and they left the forum/support. Not worth anymore, it was barely worth before due to the broken fake-f2p rates (let's remember : JP has the same f2p model as our, sadly, adena rate is not nerfed as our). The fact they list skills up to 80 doesn't mean that's the level cap, even in H5 you could hit 85 but you were learning skills up to 83 in most cases (or you could barely learn 1 sk
  5. Too busy laughing at you, prolly.
  6. Let's hope so. Otherwise he must really close to go full-mad, lol.
  7. This is why i gave up and didn't tell him about how dual swords works. He's pretty sure that SWS should get a buff 'cause they are "nerfed" (even tho SWS are the same since ever) and he refuses to understand that being able to song with any weapon IS actually a real motivation to why their p.atk is lower (too hard for him to understand that BD MAY play with sword+shield but that will be just nosense 'cause they MUST wear duals to dance, so that would be nonsense to have sword+shield..while SWS can actually use the shield mastery 'cause their other mastery is the 1h blunt/sword). He speaks l
  8. All toons who get summons can only summon 1 at a time (this is not Live server where you can use 2, and back in the days, up to 4) so yeah. Necromancer is way...mhhh...expensive. Up 'till 44 you're basically like a WL but w/ undeads. After that you will learn Curse Gloom (quite a usefull debuff) and Death spike (main nuke) but it requires Cursed bones...so the hunting-price increases. The best thing about Necro is that a lv 50 they can learn (if you manage to find over 10kk) CDL which increase hunting speed insanely and also make it way cheaper (Curse death link > damage get stronger and
  9. I was about to say "dude, what kind of l2java crap you've been playing before coming to the retail?" than i saw the first post. "I heard Warlocks are good for healing because of infinite mana" : I wont be so sure about this. WLs can heal but they are not healers. They're damage dealers. Their main dmg comes from Summons AND their nuke (which is around 20% weaker than a real nuker skill). "what about their cubics? I know nothing about them. One is melee and one is ranged, right? Which is which? What else do they do? How does controlling them work? : You will learn this 2 cubic
  10. xHaseo


    No, it doesn't. There's no base stat that increase stun resistance now. You need buffs like Resist shock or gears like epic jewels or armors (full plate H +10% resist, BW all sets +30%, MJ all sets +50%). Or, as someone already said : you need to be higher than ur opponent. Lv 40 archers attempting 100 stuns to another toon. In the left column you can see the level of the target that the archer is trying to stun, and how the % goes lower as the target goes higher. As you can see, if the opponent is around 3 lvs higher than you, you still have good chances of landing debuffs. With
  11. Dude i wont lose any more time to make you understand that : there's no "nerf", there's no "Problem", this is how SWS are. If you want to ask for a 'game-change' you must send a petition to moderators via the option you can find in the website, not crying here in forum for something none cares about. Cause none ever cried for SWS p.atk being lesser than a DD since it's a support. - The fact is, BDs are not switching to any weapon not 'cause they can't, but because it's pointless. What's the point of buying more than duals if i need duals to dance? Duals p.atk is higher than o
  12. First things first. Human mystic and Orc, what are you planning of playing? A human mage + orc buffer? A human buffer + orc warrior? 'cause if you wanna play a human mage, orc is not the support you need. If you want to play a mage and get just 1 support, you need a dark elf support. Also, to kill mobs as mage, you need to use magics. So take some distance from the mob and cast "wind strike" skill. After that, run away a bit, when the cast is ready again, cast wind strike again. Keep watching ur MPs and HPs cause w/o MPs you wont be able to cast magics so, in the worst case, you may end
  13. xHaseo


    "Solo" is quite hard for any mage since they require buffs and recharger, but that's another thing. Speaking of SPS alone meh. They are not bad, their cast and crt rate is higher than other mages...and they're not bad in PvP either but when it comes to 'farm' they're quite the worst. SPH and Necros both learn CDL which is a HUGE skill that helps you farm way easier and faster since you can kill with 2-3 nukes mobs that are, otherwise, a 6+ nukes deal. Also, they has no vampiric skill that can save them from death if they need, they are forced to use 'battle heal'. Aaand in the end,
  14. Even tho it's true that, for some reason, they gave them at 40 the m.def song instead of hunter (like it used to be), i don't get what's wrong with you private-server players nowdays. BD are not switching out weapons 'cause they must have duals to dance. So it would be useless to get another weapon, beside bow, for hunt. And it's true that you can take some lowbie duals to just dance, but then what? You switch to a sword and get lesser p.atk 'cause you don't have a mastery? what's the point? lol. I'm not even suppose to land tons of dmg, i'm a support! Bows are the only extra-weapon
  15. What's wrong with ur brain dude? It really seems to be off. Just 'cause YOU don't want to take them as arguments, doesn't mean they are not valid LOL. You are just crying over something that was ALWAYS like this. Even back in interlude, even back in H5, ALWAYS. And now you come out of nowhere, for some reason, and start QQing that for you it's not fair? I gave you a FAIR reason why your mastery is the same of a tank. I'm not defending NCsoft or NCwest, LOL, i'm just telling you that this is how it works since EVER so i don't get why you are crying so hard over this fact, 15 years later. Ma
  16. There was a mass ban for that reason. It happened a few years ago in Naia server. By not using VPNs i was no affected, but lots of players were. And that's what they said when people reported the case of mass ban, sooo. Xigncode is probably the same tool which is used in another game i used to play. It's so EASY to bypass. In fact, people is using program since d1. Probably what people is not aware of is that the program is a HUGE sniffer which track down every program or process you run on ur PC once you get it running. And for 'every' i mean it also detect the pages you are looking on in
  17. I already pointed out why SWS is not strong as a BD : design. It's like qqing 'cause Duelist has no Totems while their counter-part (tyrant) does. If you call "balance" the fact that elves got "cure bleed" while dark elves got "sting" then my argument "SWS has lower p.atk 'cause he can song with ANY weapon" should be enough. Comparing the archers to supports like SWS/BD is useless. Their balance comes in other terms. SR are atk spd and PR are heavy DPS. I really don't understand why you are so mad about this since this is how it was since d1 of those classes. It's as easy as i told
  18. You really took that on personal level, don't you? You're probably one of the l2java players who are trying to do something in official and will end up failing. If this is such a HUGE problem for you, it means you never been into official back when both BD and SWS had no heavy mastery after lv 40. Or barely had offensive skills. Here, let me teach you how SWS and BD works. BDs are 'damage-dealers' and 'damage supports', they increase their own DPS and the one of their pt members. In this "design" is quite natural if they got the same power in mastery of a Gladiator. They can dance ONLY w
  19. Maybe 'cause BD is LOCKED to Duals while SWS can pretty much use any weapon 'cause they can Song anyway? Maybe 'cause SWS got way more self buffs and can even heal while BD can't? Maybe 'cause Dark elfs are DD oriented classes? Not sure, pick one
  20. Damage changes with lots of things. Buffs, gears, setups. For farm they are good in 1v1, ofc, in NA server the evasion seems to be quite dead, so it's hard to wear a light and survive dodging, but i guess the best farming setup would be with a plated +4 str. Landing skill is around 50/60% with dark elfs, which is quite low, but it wont be quite a problem in end-game when you'll learn focus death. But you gotta hit 78 for that. The damage changes a lot with buffs like death whisper, dance of fire or the awesome pendant of fire lv 2+ OEd to 6+, othell rune also increases crt dmg. Anyw
  21. False. It's quite common to have boxes or untagged chars when you go for contents, it may happen that you miss click and PK a box. If your idea was actually working, that would mean that during a mass pvp for, example, antharas, if a DPS miss click and kill a box, it will lose his weapon and become useless. As for the siege, yeah, since those are clan vs clan activities, it's harder to go red. But it wont be impossible. Keep in mind that you don't do all the PvP in siege zone, you may fight outside it to try to push the enemy back to town or, from the attackers point of view, you may kite
  22. Mhh, not so sure. When i started in C4 i'm pretty sure you don't had to summon Sin Eater to clean Karma (you needed that to decrease PK points) and not sure about the exp gain either. But that may be possible. Even tho, the karma was going down REALLY fast so that was quite a good way to handle it. Ur idea is still nosense. If you missclick during a mass pvp or a siege, you will end up with no weapon, forcing a bsoe. You wont be able to do anything 'till you clear karma. It seems that someone pwnd you or bullied you with a PK that you even think "fair would be to pay scrolls" etc for the k
  23. It's easy : items got different 'grades' No grade, D, C, B, A, S, R (in Na classic, up to A grade), from D grade up to the R grade you can find 2 types of scrolls : Enchant armor or enchant weapon. If you want to enchant a weapon of grade D, then you would need a Scroll enchant weapon D grade. There are also some 'special' scrolls with different effects. Some may trigger a +1-+3 random enchant when it succeed (example from +4 > +5 or +6 or if lucky enough, +7). There's a safe enchant where you can't fail, it's +3 for anything but armors with upper/lower in 1 part (example, doom light armor
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