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  1. Ban for 3rd party program?

    Well, it's up to how you lose that. If they are 'legit' and they get ban for no reason (maybe an error in the anti-bot program or who knows) then you have all the reasons to be mad. If they were using 3rd programs and they get ban for that, then yeah, there's nothing to talk about. I'm still unsure about those rumors saying that "legits can get ban", from my point of view, in over...13 years? Of lineage 2, i never got a ban from official servers. Neither in Naia, giran or EU servers and the reason is quite simple, i use hands to play the game. But i also know of a friend who got an account locked (and then unlocked) for no reason (lv 10 toon porting around towns to check shops) and he's not using any kind of program sooo...not sure what to think. But i mean, we had case of people getting mass banned due to WTFast or VPN to reduce lag ingame so i would totally expect an error in the xigncode that ban TS or Discord overlays (never had those, just on EU server for a few days 'till it stopped working out of nowhere, but i didn't get ban so).
  2. AW infos..

    It's up to what you want to know.
  3. ...And how am i suppose to clean karma? You force a player to buy things from store or from players or to waste something. That's quite nosense. I don't know what's with this issues of macros and going red, tbh, i used looping macros 'till today only on buffer to spam sonatas or when hunting in fields but since i'm always active, the box is assisting me and there's no risk of going red. Actually the old days were way better on this. You go red, karma points going down quite fast (and not like this, where you get 2000 karma for 1 PK and you drop 1-5 points per mob) BUT if you're killed while red, get ready to see ur weapon shining on the ground. The item is not traddable? Did you hear that sound? Was it ur event set breaking? Nice. Actually, this system where you get 0 risk when you're red is...not so good. I mean, from the PoV of the PKer is a huge profit. You can go and PK those you don't like or players to get their spots and gg, no risks. In the other hand, there wont be any "profit" for people to kill a PK. I remember that it was quite funny to go around certains areas (execution ground, back then) and see if there was some PKs to kill to get some free gear. Now if i see a PK, i wont have any reason to fight him, as long as he minds his own business. At that point PvP and PKs are gonna be the same thing. You just wont earn any PvP point.

    Meh, let's say that in Lineage 2 both the things are a crime. Third party software that allows automate game are actually illegal. Racism is a crime in real life. This said, if they are not taking any action against a player cheating and being illegal in their game, do you think they will care about a dude who called you macaco once? What do you expect them to do? You expect them to send a ticket to the support and provide them proofs and that they will go and ban him? Once again : if you'll be lucky enough, he'll get a chat ban.

    So...they are not banning bots...and you expect them to care about a guy who called you "macaco"? Umhhh. Oh, btw, in the best case he will end up chat banned, don't expect anything else. Not even that probably but good luck anyway.
  6. Dude, this is not a illegal custom server where you go and ask an admin to change things you don't like. In order to make a class work you need to know how to play, yeah, i know, it's hard nowdays. But let me enlight you a bit with blow land rate in our version : Please notice one thing tho : backstab land rate from front is not "1%" but "0". This is the land rate of an Adventurer 76 vs Hierophant 76.
  7. I was banned?

    'cause it's quite an easy "mistake" to do. I heard a lot of players saying they were banned when they were legit...and i actually find it weird 'cause they are not even banning bots so it's hard to believe they ban legits...but, beside that, if you never experienced a ban, you don't know what's the "screen" of that. There's none. The log-in screen will load and you will see a "my ban" behind the "cancel" button. Pretty much 'cause they can't even fix a message so, it's bugged. But usually you get a mail when you get banned so...
  8. EXP nerved

    Probably something went off with rates...probably they removed the 50% event. Let's see if they will make it live again or they will just ignore and end the event 1 week earlier. I can expect anything from this company so...let's wait and see.
  9. adena drop

    We are playing in a free-to-play server. Admins decided (without telling us) that rates are meant to be 1/3-1/4. The l2wiki you're looking fits the EU server and not our. There's not an official spoil/drop rate wiki for us.
  10. No. 1. False. They can easly bypass this. Cheaters are cheaters, so they will bypass this and, since none minds to check, nothing will change. You're gonna just get things worst for urself. 2. This game has always been soloable, so please, stop spitting ur illegal server crap on us. Has the game went on and on, a lots of features became avalaible even for solo-players. Ofc, some end-game contents such as Sieges or RBs are clan-based, but you can still play as a solo player even into a clan. 3. False. I'm actually playing in a 3box with SPS+SE+PP and i'm anything but bored. Since most of the community is actually way too stupid to manage even the easiest things (just saying, at level 40 i was able to do AI daily way faster as trialbox than with a full pt of randoms.) they will just slow you down. CP can be good for lots of things but you can't be with ur CP 24/7, beside you're not one of the top-tier players who pay others to play for them, in that case you can, otherwise it's impossible to have lots and lots of hours together daily. A good CP is fine even if you play together for 3-5 hours, the rest of the time, if you have any, you should have ur own boxes to be able to do anything you want. 4. Too much, it seems. No. Dualbox and trialbox are not toxic and ruining the game. Cheaters and bad administration are killing this game. There are lots of players who think the same way as you, instead of qqing to remove things, mind ur own business. Find urself a group of "solo boxers" and play with them. Stop forcing ur own ideas into others 'cause you guys are bad. In the end, all the players like me who like to play solo to avoid player's stupidity will end up joining a clan if we want to be a part of end-game contents.
  11. Level cap

    Welcome to NCWest. The awesome server where well know botters/RMTer and scripters are free to play 'cause they are not players, but customers. Any reference to clans such as DragonHunters, SilentHorrors, Exiles etcetc from Naia server is totally unwanted. Maybe.
  12. I wonder if those guys are still playing or already got banned/left the server, lol.
  13. Level cap

    My eyes are bleeding. A lots of players left this server already. And lots keep leaving. Actually, if you go around the map and take a look to some spots, beside a few, everything that's left are bots. I did a test myself, i was in Sea of Spore, and i went around the whole zone hitting players. I found around 4-5 groups of players (duo-trio) and i went to throw an Ice dagger on them. Guess how many of them : wrote me something, flagged back, did something like even bothering to stop PVEing for a second? Yeah, the answer is : 0. Don't worry tho, they wont ban your account just 'cause you point out the fact that this company is dead, that's actually a fact. As you said, just keep playing, at least we all know this lolserver wont close, and let's all pray that Innova will open a Bloody-Server. Why innova? Cause they are 10.000 times better than NCWest. Skelth is by far better than this. At least there you can actually PLAY and ENJOY ur game. Sadly, server is "dead" 'cause kids were qqing "OMG 10E PER ACCOUNT IS SO EXPENSIVE QQ...wait, let me buy 3 packets of cigarettes for today...OMG 10 EURO PER ACCOUNT, SCAAAM!!"
  14. Looping Macros

    Yeah 'cause they ban bots, suuure! I keep finding around the guy i reported 3 monthes ago, maybe 4, sent video and screenshot...guess who's not banned yet? Just be real, if you know how to "use it", you wont get banned. Even tho this guy was obviously botting 24/7, but i mean, as long as the antibot wont detect it, you're cool.
  15. A few questions from the new player

    Yeah i'm well aware of that. Fact is 1h + 1h + 1h it's like over 10 hours farm and got 0 SB This is quite ridicolous since it's just a spellbook for a skill, it's not an epic jewel or something like that. I can't really understand who designed and thought that this is a good idea.
  16. Lv. 76+ - 3rd class?

    It is not. In the live-stream before servers went live, they said (and also showed us by lvling up a toon to lv 70) that that was the cap. Now, when the first level 71 was hit, people start to ask questions in forum and the answer we got was "GAME CONTENT is capped at 70, so you can go as higher as it allows you to". Which is ANOTHER lie 'cause Antharas lair and Tower of Insolence both have mobs over 71, which means you can "easly" get up to lv 80/81 before getting a penalty. And you know why we are getting missinfos and lies? 'cause this company is random. My grandmother would manage it far better than them. They just put things up and hope they work, no idea what they're doing and what they're offering to us. That's all cool as long as you pay to play. I mean, don't you really think this server is free-to-play, do you?
  17. A few questions from the new player

    The sad thing about Skelth is that server is quite empty. And i can't understand why since it's by far better and cheaper than NCWest server. True, you gotta pay 10 euro per month PER account. But here you had to pay over 50 euro per account (at beginning for rune), then you gotta pay 15 euro per month to keep VIP lv 4...and what you got? A server full of bots where everyone do as they please since admins just don't care. I logged in 2 days ago, in Giran, and i saw a dude that i reported over and over and over again. Sitting there, selling items. Looks like proofs with videos were not enough. The only thing i heard about Skelth (i left when i was around 4x) is that "server is pay to win"...but actually Skelth got nothing but rune exp (as ncwest) and soulshots (as ncwest) with the only difference that in Skelth you can make LOTS of adenas so you don't need to buy SS from the store, lol. And lots of p2w items will come to our server as well, it's just "new" so we don't get them yet, just wait. Lots of things were better in older versions. I'm still wondering why we gotta farm hours and hours per days and days to get a bleepING SPELLBOOK with 0.01% (in innova's drop list, so here is even lower than that) while back in the days it was like...1%? 5%? way way easier. Yesterday i farmed in SOS for like 1h+..trying to drop DW or CDL...i ended up dropping a whole Scythe. And even so, with Scythe being 0.001% the price of the item is barely 3kk (in crystals) while a SB with 0.01% drop rate is worth between 5 and 8kk. Logic.
  18. What is the level cap?

    Well yeah, i was actually speaking if you level up as long as you see mobs at least green, so if the highest mob is 75, you may hit 81, right. Well that's cool tho, they went from "char level cap 70" to "game content cap 70" to "well w/e, there's no limit at all, ggwp".
  19. A few questions from the new player

    Ofc not, it's even a 3rd class skill, which we don't have yet. But since it'll be boring to reroll and start over later on, let's think with what will come later, luckly, we already know a lot about what's coming next, that's why i told him that WK is the best option, you can easly solo BUT later on he will be a usefull add to any phisical party (archer pt, dagger pt, melee pt etc).
  20. What is the level cap?

    Last time they said "this is the cap" they lied to us. A company who have NO IDEA about what they're offering to the players. The cap was suppose to be 70, but once someone got to 71 and people asked for explanation, they said "oh, sorry, our bad. We actually showed you even during the stream pre-live that level cap was 70...OUR BAAAD, we actually meant there is no cap, so you can go as higher as game allows you". There's one thing i don't know tho, which is : Antharas lair e Tower of Insolence are active? If yes it means you can even hit 75+ since mobs down there are high level. Antharas' mobs are up to 70 (so people can hit 76, after 76 mobs will start being light blue) if Tower of insolence is up, it means you can hit lv 78+ (mobs on last floor are around 74-75). So, who knows.
  21. Help me solve 2 Question ty

    Don't ask for suggestions if you wont listen to the answers. Also, please, read carefully before you write things. M. Critical DAMAGE and not RATE. Also, i'm pretty sure that a 60-65 critical rate is not 1/4 or 1/5 chance. Even 'cause, as far as i remember, the cap for magic critical rate is 1/3 chance. So i'm pretty sure you can't go any higher than that...and for sure, not with 80 critical rate. You're hunting a raid boss, which means you need to land a stable DPS on him. Reason why having a faster mana regen and MPs is the best thing you can get. I'd rather go for a set with casting speed (Karmian/karmian +6 or avadon set) anyway since it's perfect for any situation like pve/pvp/rb, but if you say you want to pick between those sets : Zubei if you want an higher p.def, more mana regen and a nice 10% of m.atk. Demon if you want to be go for full m.atk setup and nothing else. +6 if you got enough adenas and luck.
  22. A few questions from the new player

    Seven Sign update. You're welcome.
  23. Infinity Prison

    I'm pretty sure that the dungeon is suitable for any class. You just need to know how to deal with it. You may go Cursed + Heavy (using Stigma of Shilen as well) OR Might of Heaven + Robe set, but you need to boost as much as possible ur MP and MP Recovery Rate. It's even up to what kind of gear you wear. You need to be full C to stand him, otherwise is impossible. Cursed will give you lesser DPS than Might of Heaven but you will bleed him. The RB will start the fight spamming nukes and then will start auto-attack, so you need both good m.def and p.def.
  24. Help me solve 2 Question ty

    M.def is not increasing ur chance to resist to debuff, as well as m.atk wont increase the land rate. So the answer is : no. It wont help. Which set to wear when hunting RB? Since you're not the tank, you don't care about p.def, as well as you should not care about casting. Even if you cast a lil slower should be fine as long as you hit harder. I'd suggest to go for the Demon since it's cheaper than others 2 (and it's C instead of B) and gives you more m.atk (you sure that +4 int = 16% m.atk?). You can easly fix that "-1 WIT" with a dye so it wont nerf you much. Zubei is the 2nd option, it wont nerf anything and, instead, will increase ur MP recovery rate and MPs. So Zubei would be a nice pick as well. Doom robe is the worst. You get the same MP recovery bonus as Zubei's but you will also get -3 WIT which is a lot since in our version you can't go higher than +5 with Dyes. And you wont need things such as "speed" or "para resistance" while hunting rb. 30 m.crt dmg is nothing. So : Demon (if it's really 16% m.atk) > Zubei >>> Doom. Even tho, looking at the bonus, Zubei may be the best set. More MPs and recovery bonus...as well as higher p.def, just in case. If you want to sacrifice that +6% m.atk bonus coming from Demon, go for the Zubei.
  25. What's a Bloody server?

    As title say : what's a "bloody server"? I'm reading around about the new patches...and I'm pretty sure i saw something about Korean's bloody server...and about the fact you could get "blood coins" from PVPs? Which would allow players to get items you can get from L2Store such as Shirts? No clue who you are, but you really looks like someone who knows a lot! Enlight me please. @Yidao