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  1. What's a Bloody server?

    Yeah, that's it! But i don't know KR and google translate is quite bad...any help to understand how that would work is welcome Is that a server, working as usual, but that provides you with special coins that allow you to buy special items like shirts? How does it works? It's something quite "easy" or it's like "get 1000 pvp points, you will get some 'x stat', trade that for 1 coin, get 100 coins and you can get a shirt" = "you need at least 100k pvps in order to get a shirt that is useless if you don't OE it"?
  2. Sadly the quality is really low. I will look at the video, once again to be sure. efore that, tho, i'm not saying it ur fault for pvping them or anything. You posted a video, if you don't want people to "judge" it, cons and pros, don't post. About that last thing like "never played with the ball", you're free to check it for urself if i did. Just check youtube and type my name into the search bar, then tell me. Sometimes you lose and sometimes you win, happens. Anyway here we go : Funkyouall = archer. Sugarbabe = archer. Roukou (?) = bishop? ToveLo = sws. Kokkinox (?) = WC. StaticX = archer. So, you fought for the whole time an archer (static) who was not able to cast a stun shot for the whole pvp (and the MP recovery is quite good for archers while running), the other 2 guys managed to die 'cause they probably forgot that archers need range to be effective, a suicidal bishop, a WC who forgot to learn anything but freezing flame and the only 'worth' dude who tried his best, the SWS. They also had dances but there is no BD with them. You actually managed that pvp quite well, using covers and spamming lots of GHP, nothing to say about that, chapeau. What's "bad" is the fact that ur opponents were pretty much noobs. 3 archers and 0 stuns, the bishop...i'm not even sure he's a bishop tbh, he casted a "battle heal" on the archer...but BPs actually learns all their "Greater Heals" at 40...and i'm pretty sure about that due to the animation...and actually, but it looks like i'm too smart for this, i would NEVER engage a PVP with low MPs. Probably I would have enjoied it more if they were wearing some C armor instead of lolD armor...or if they managed to stun you at least one. You know, just to have that moment of "OMG HE'S GONNA D...OOOH HE WON, LOLHOW?" I'm sorry, i'm not one of those lolplayers who thinks Gustav was the best dagger when all he did was hunting bots and people who didn't care. TL;DR : you did good, opponents were HUGE trash. 6/10.
  3. Classic or Live?

    That answer is quite old, you know? Lots of things changed in 3 months. Like the fact the server is already dead, for example. There's a huge "?" on that "rates should be 1x" actually...1x, but of what? But I'm pretty sure you have no idea what i mean. Also, you have no clue what i'm talking about so please, be quiet. Thank you
  4. A few questions from the new player

    Skelth may be dead but is BY FAR better than our servers. 10 euro x month x account vs 50+ euros here x account, lol. Ah, and don't even think you can get adenas or items the same way you did in Skelth, no free items, drops from mobs close to 0 and level 20 mobs drops the same as level 50+ mobs. And ofc, mobs 1x HP and 2x HP drops the same adenas. Beside that : 1. It's up to what you mean with "profitable", you just missed the xmas event with a 2 hours 70% exp boost. 2. WK and PS are suppose to be the summoners? Going for a WK may be better since you will get the Feline Queen later on so you may be usefull into melee/archer pts. 3. Every player, or at least 90% of the players, use bots. Every starter village and Dion zones are filled with bots like mages/summoners with might+shield. Lately also Gorgon flower is the same. Oh, and don't mind reporting players with the button, beside being totally useless, they wont ban bots even with screens/videos soo... 4. Between 4000 and 5000/5500 players online. So with this said, good luck
  5. Dont know what to do...can u help me ?

    Not sure that spoil will get any improvement...seems he wont tho, sadly. You should know which spots are the best to spoil...for sure you may spoil something good in late game when people may need blades or recipes...but chances are insanely low. Crafters are a lil better 'cause they get a few buffs for their pt and also got a summon...they are probably the best dorfs for PVP between the 2. I guess that crafters are way better and less frustrating to play. But it's up to you i guess.
  6. I don't want to say he sux, he actually managed the pvp quite well (beside a few times he went on the sws even if he could go on the bd) but it's quite a fact that his opponents were noobs and they were not "archers". He fought 2 archers, then he fought a PP, BD, SWS and WC. He wears a zubei (as it seems from the low quality, but the gold/red i can see, really looks like Zubei) against Moon armors. So yeah, he did a good job to win a "6 vs 1" but he would have never won it against people with same gears Also, there is no need for his SE to be a "bot" to heal him, switching between windows takes nothing...and as you can see, if he heals with SE the dorf stops and viceversa and the SE died without healing himself sooo... Not "bad" but not "good" either.
  7. ^ This to fix the resolution. That's pretty akward to say buuut...they were not archers. Not all of them. They never casted a single stun shot. Also the orc in the end was pretty stupid : once you see the "flame" triggering for like 1 HP, you know ur enemy is low health...he could kill you at least 4 times. Btw : stun land rate is freaking OP and stop understimating the dooorfs.
  8. Solo People

    The only game parts you can't "solo" are the "massive" contents or the ones where you need a pt to join. But that can be easly fix by joining a group just for the event. You can go from 1 to 85 soloing. Period. Learn how L2 works in 2019 and stop crying. Period.
  9. Regarding classes' skills

    There is not "cap". They just lied You can go as higher as mobs allows you to, so you can probably hit level 74 and learn Dance of Vampire. Also yeah, the l2wiki (even tho it belongs to NCEU and not to NCWest server) is 100% accurate and even Dance of Vampire lasts 5 mins. Just to be sure about it, if you find a BD ask him if he gets the Dance at level 74 and if it says "for 5 mins".
  10. Where i can share my pvp videos?

    Just go into the "server discussion" and post it in ur server section.
  11. Not into NCWest servers. I may say lots of things but i'm pretty sure mods wont allow me to. Guess that telling honestly without any censurship how things are, hurt them. So either join for real the "no-handed" players or quit any game that this company offers. There is pretty much nothing in the between. Playing legit is totally useless and not 'rewarding' since everyone else is free to do as they want w/o any penalty. This company is a failure and every old player, like me, knows about it. I gave them a last chance, the ruined it so GG. I'm playing once in a while just to chill when i'm solo, but everywhere i go i just find "robots". And since there's no more queue, i'm not even levelling the VIP, who cares. So it's totally useless to waste ur time with them, all they care is numbers and profit. As long as they got numbers, who cares if legit or not, it's fine. As long as people will buy from NCStore and from their "partners", if you know what i mean, it's all fine. I mean, they have no clue how to manage a game and what they are doing, you can clearly see it from the fact they are not able to announce anything in the right way. Telling everyone that "level for chars is capped at 70" but then going like "nooo, sorry, our bad. We actually showed you that level cap was 70 buuuuut, we were wrong. There is no cap!". They call this "nostalgic hardcore" but then our rates are broken (just saying, NCEU servers calculate the drop rate of a spellbook around 0.01% chance. Our rates are way lower than their. Good luck buying Death whisper, Haste or CDL for 10kk. Or good luck dropping them since drop rate is insanely low and all mobs are locked by "robots"), they are far from being how they were in the "old days" and then we get this kind of events where they boost XP by 70% or where you must be online to get rewards. I'm pretty sure we didn't had this events in our "nostalgic hardcore" servers back in C4. So there's nothing here of "nostalgic hardcore", this is a totally new """hardcore""" experience. That gets softcore if you do as everyone and get an help from "outside". Good luck dude.
  12. If the nickname is already taken you must change it, so since they made a merge and your nickname was already taken by someone you can't have 'till the other dude delete it, so you gotta change ur nickname. Simple
  13. Are you serious? 6 months and you still cry over a nickname? Just change it or modify it with an 'x' or 'i' like everyone else. I'm playing in Giran server with another nickname 'cause the toon i'm using is a female and not a male even tho i'm well known with my male nick...didn't kill myself yet, you can keep playing even if you're name is "xNpc" instead of "Npc" (it's an example, i hope "npc" is not ur ig nick).
  14. Aden server is DYING HARDCORE

    I still wonder if people who claims that you must run from town to town are retards or are serious. I've been playing this game from C4, in Teon. I never had the urge to RMT adenas, which means i was able to sustain myself with drops and with adenas from mobs. And i N E V E R ran from one town to the other 'cause "teleports are for richs, this is hardcore, not enough adena to port!". This was probably the situation in C1 or C2 at best, but rest assure that in C4 you were able to port around without any sort of problem. For sure i ran from town to town a couple times due to sieges, but never 'cause i had to save adenas. The truth is that the server, as it is now, is owned by a company who cares only about profit and not about players, if you pay you can even get unbanned or totally avoid ban (I saw a couple of bots who were banned and then unbanned and now are still free to play. And they still botting.) so they use this excuse of "we're running f2p model" as an excuse to make things harder. So you're forced to RMT. So you're forced to buy things from L2Store. So you're forced to keep active the VIP system (which is a lil broken, lv 1, 2 and 3 are almost close to each other as bonus, then lv 4 got like 2x bonuses compared to lv 3) in order to wish for a drop that will make you gain enough adena to port. And this is so sad, 'cause the server rates are perfect when the 50% bonus is active, you can earn enough adenas to have a profit and to restock, always going positive and you're able to port. But that's not what they need. Can't wait for Brooches to hit classic.
  15. how can healer make money?

    And use Spiritshot instead of Blessed Spiritshot to heal.
  16. Gladi only have Lv.1 Battle Roar?

    Probably 'cause Gladiators in classic servers are those who got the biggest rework with new effects on skills and brand new skills..even tho, i'm quite sure, that's not a "nerf" since they can't have both Bless the Body and Battle Roar up at the same time, so in the best case you could use it to heal ur HPs. Gladiators in classic server are over-buffed compared to previous versions.
  17. WTB Dark Screamer (full)

  18. WTB Dark Screamer (full)

    As title WTB Dark screamer dagger full, giran server. Pm or mail "Atoli Or PM me here.
  19. CLAYMORE +16

    1. If KR does not have any F2P classic server is event worse. Since developers here keep blabling that we're running the same setup as any other free to play, it means they're just trolling us. And i'm not so sure about it, judging from the rates and adena drop rates, i'm pretty sure we got the same one the KR got, but if you say they're pay-to-play, then something's wrong. 2 & 3. Ofc i took the stereotypes : my point was about MENTALITY. And european or american (probably) would never do those things. Not so lightly tho, You should adapt the server to the mentality of the community you're gonne host, not to the players you'll never get. 4. Banning bots is not something that NC HQ approves. Or do they? 'cause i'm pretty sure NCWest got the free-will to ban or unban the players they want to. So i'm pretty sure none stops them from log into their own freaking game and clean bots. They keep saying "we ban bots!" who?! lol. At the best they ban the adena sellers that spams in town, otherwise i still see the same bots over and over again since day1 botting w/o problems. Reporting them with button or with petition or with video is useless.
  20. Meh, not sure which kind of bots you guys ban...I knew quite some bots, even active players and not chinese/rusky farmers, who were able to log in with programs w/o problem...you just need to know "when" to inject it. Even tho they got reported to Support section and also with IG button, they are still around. And it's been already 3 weeks since the reports. Anyway the fact you guys are bringing back the free port is a good thing...even tho, i don't think you will be able to save the server with just that. This excuse that server got 'free to play' rate is quite stupid...but we all know why. L2Store will become broken OP like the live version. Can't you really just let it die and modify/empower the several VIP tiers instead of putting craps such as broocher/cloaks/etc? Quite sure the monthly income would be greater since people wont quit due to the OP store. Ofc, if you don't put like +50% pvp dmg on vip 4...boosting it with things that improve PVE experience. We all agree that "server is suppose to be hardcore" but even back in C4 the game was hard, but at least mobs were dropping enough adena to restock and to GK w/o any problem, lol. In this version some developer was already "silly" (i can't use the "r" word or the forum admin will ban me again, love you too <3) enough with spellbook drop rates. Same rate as a weapon in chance of dropping. But at least the grocer gives milions for C weapon and not 50k adenas.
  21. Dagger classes, why so few?

    Actually pre lv 40 using a dagger is quite useless. Bows are way better and help you farm mobs way faster. Another reason why daggers are not played so much is 'cause of levels. Daggers will start kicking asses for good after level 77 with Focus Power/Death, but actually our cap is 70. So if you want to PVP in a real good way and gain way higher chances to win, you must be level 51. At that level you should have learned ur prime skills such as Trick (for me as AW), shadow step and hide, all skills that are a MUST for a dagger to survive and make pvp easier. Last but not least, blow land rate. Since skills are not 100% it's quite a pain to land them in PVP. I had a few PVPs since i made level 43 and i was inside the Aden daily dungeon...fought against a titan. Now, my dmg was pretty low (but that's quite normal w/o runes or vicious etc) and i was landing between 600-1000 damage per skills...and you may say "THAT'S LOT OF DAMAGE!" yeah, if my blows mind to land. I was landing like 1 blow every 2-3. Even backstab fails a lot and it's quite a pain in the ass...this dude had a PP to buff/ress himself, so when he switched to the PP to ress his destro i tried to backstab the PP...i failed 2 blows in a row and just gave up, killed the PP with autoattacks. So daggers are a 6/10 for PVP after level 51, can go up to 8/10 with runes and become a full 10/10 pvp char once we'll get 3rd class skills. Once you'll have all of those things, daggers will become a pure killing machine. Then they will make the game fully p2w and you will sux a lot but nevermind, enjoy 'till it last, i guess.
  22. Spellbook Drop Rate Issue

    What else to say? Well i can say that you wont even get it if you kill 80k mobs since you will have to pay for restock or teleports sooo. Oh and also, every mob who drops spellbooks seems to drop at least 2 or 3 different books. That means you must be lucky twice. First time to get a SB drop and second time to get what you need. I don't really understand why the rates of the SBs are so fked up actually...just saying : with that rate you can either drop a SB or a whole weapon.
  23. Chain vs Compound

    Well compound has higher p.def and gives m.def + paralysis +10% as well so...chain gives 5% p.def if you wear 3 parts or HP +200 and resist hold/sleep +20% but there's just a little problem with the Chain set : the hood. I don't really know what's wrong with people's brain nowday but they actually sell the patterns for an insane price. I'm trying to buy 8 of those since 1 week. Some were selling for 50k (good price, still a low C set) and some others were selling or even BUYING for prices like 93k. That means you're paying a low C helm more than 800/900k. That is pretty much retarded when that's the price of Karmian parts. Karmian is actually a "low C set" as well, but that's the top set for mages who want casting speed. In this case Chain's set is not worth 1kk for just the helmet...hopefully prices will drop with the next maintenance.
  24. Ok, but what i'm saying since day 1 is that we're neither japan or taiwan or EU, we're going with the Korean version, the original one. And here's a proof. Korean server ; 508 adenas (in 2, so that's 1016 adenas) from a Ketra Priest. On EU's wiki it says : Got it now? This is probably what we will get. Also, this is what you can see from the JP server : 1 mob later > if pictures are too small it's : 49,895 adenas in the first screen and 51,020 in the other one. That means he earned 1,125 adenas from one mob (2250, since he's duoing). And you know how many adenas that mob drops from the EU wiki? So...my 2 cents are : EU/RU server got higher rates and a by far better quality of life for a simple reason that is "pay to play". So players who want to play there must pay 10 euro per month for each account they want to log in but that will keep the L2store dead. I heard (didn't check myself 'cause i don't get a shit about russian) that on the RU forum they had a poll by GMs. That says "What do you wanna see on the L2Store?" and you know what won? "Nothing". In our case we're just getting everything that the Korea send to us and upload it with no filters. Or almost. Since our Dyes are capped at +5 and not +12 like the Koreans. 99% our servers will be the same as the KR/JP ones, a wasteland of p2w. With the difference that their servers are all heavy even with that but our wont. Our servers will die and turn into a desert in a few months. NCWest can't seems to understand that we're not koreans or japanese players, our "Mindsets" are totally different. Even if i don't like the idea of a 'fake' free to play, i'd rather have runes+shots on store WITHOUT p2w items like brooches or capes BUT with improved VIP levels (all of them tho, but silver coins only on 3 and 4) that boost our rates of drop/spoil/adenas of 2x times or something like that. So they will still have their monthly income from players who buy and keep the several VIP levels up BUT they wont break the game.
  25. Oh so now I became Yidao himself and not his brother. Okkey. @Yidao ehi dude, you got a fan here! Guess i'll leave you two guys hug each other while i keep laughing at private players' faces while they rage quit. Wish you guys the best eh, love is love, after all. ~