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  1. Should I even know who this guy is? Or who you are? But more than that : should i take the "dummer" as an offense since it comes from someone who wrote "The best thing about the new forums is I got all my banned forum names back. LMAO...Hurray! Beer!"? I mean, how stupid you gotta be in order to get banned on forum? Several times.
  2. Yeah, the guy who said that in diablo's developers faces was amazing. No need to copy-paste that to sound cool tho. Read it carefully : Adena quantity, item drop, and the spoil rate will be raised by more than double in these affected areas that had lower than intended rates As for all the private players who are way too retarded to understand how this version of L2 works, here's a little help : L2Wiki is INNOVA's database. Their server is a pay-to-play server with no p2w items (and if you think exp boosters or soulshots are "pay to win" you can go and kill urself, ur stupidity wont be miss <3). Their rates are higher in order to make life easier for them since they pay to play. Our server got no database. Our server is running with lowers rates 'cause we're on a free-to-play model (which actually means : somehow we managed to fack you all once again. Enjoy trying to farm or grind something 'till we drop p2w-overpriced items into the L2 store so you will be forced to pay in order to keep going). So please, stop blabling crap such a "RaTeS aRe WroNg!1!!1" well yeah, this totally make 0 sense but ehy, this is NCWest. Even if they boost our rates, we will NEVER get closer to what you see in the Wiki. Oh, and also. I have totally no clue why are the developers (the korean ones) so retarded that they made spellbooks drop rates so freaking low. It's a SKILL that IS PART OF MY CHAR. Why the F would i grind it for HOURS and HOURS with the rates being the same of a WEAPON? The old rates were totally better with 1-2%++ chance of dropping a book. I'm quite disappointed too about the fact tha they're boosting only party areas and ignoring the solo areas...this is really stupid. But w/e, they just introduced the 30 days rune at the shop. Keep in mind that you paid 30 dollars for it in the pack. But since the 7 days one is 2000 NCoin...just make some maths about how much will it cost now Oh right, one last thing. 'cause i found quite fun to insult both company and the stupid community : those who cry "WHAT ABOUT CRUMA 3??QQQQ" Guys, by any chance : do you realize that there is no "cruma 1", right? That's CORE's floor. There are no mobs there. So either they're trolling us (and i may believe it) or they just "misspelled" the floors. Since for some reason people often mistake them, they probably wrote "Cruma 1" and "Cruma 2" but in reality it's "Cruma 2nd floor" and "Cruma 3rd floor". Or maybe they're boosting Core's drops. Who knows?
  3. Othell with Dex Setup vs Str

    This screen comes from a video on youtube i posted like, almost 5 years ago. before the game turned into a sh1t festival of P2W abuser. As you can see, i used to play with a balanced mix on DEX and STR, no clue what the numbers were, can't find'em. But the set was Enchant type (+3 str and power skill), a MIX of dyes like +5 str and +10 dex, also dex on hair accessory and on octavis bracelet (in Innova i changed the bracelet for the Tauti one with STR tho). With the gear you see on my toon (+3/4 set, 1 SA weapon and those loljewels) back then I used to rulez against almost any player not overly-abusing the P2W. Ofc, Feohs were a pain in the ass 'cause my m.def was low...but in the other hand i had quite an insane output dmg for the game status. (Daggers had Prowess added on that patch and lots of improvements on damage power and passives). Since the skill mastery is nerfed from 1000% to 100% that means going full STR would be useless. Critical damage gain from STR is pretty low. About the "skill animation"; i'm pretty sure you're wrong. Skill casting time is influenced by ur atk spd, means that either you got 1500 atk spd with 100 DEX or 1500 atk spd with 50 DEX ur casting time is the same (i'm pretty sure about this.) even tho, in retail server, DEX is not influencing the blow land rate, as far as i know. It does in the classic version, but not in the live server. The rumors about "higher critical rate = higher blow land rate" is wrong. Blow land rate is a totally different parameter. The main reason you go +DEX is to increase the chance to 2x crit the blows. With the setup i had my chance of landing a critical blow (blows are always critical, but damage can go 2x, that was a "double crit") was almost 100%. The main reason you go +STR is to increase mastery rate and critical damage. So even if it's true that mastery is nerfed, you may want to increase STR since DEX is useless at some point. I'm not sure if you can find any test into the innova's forum or in this forum about DEX and STR influencing dagger's blows, i'm too lazy and totally unwilling to look for those now. So, as a GH, i'd suggest you to go MIX. Look at that DEX point where you can land 9 out of 10 blows on 2x and then go STR to increase mastery and crt dmg a bit. In my case, that was a perfect balancement.
  4. Please, enlight me on what a REAL CLASSIC is. Please.
  5. Nice idea. So they will probably boost VIP rates when it's level 4 AND THEN throw lots of items into the store. Seems like a good idea! What was that, again? Free to play? Guess not.
  6. Are you guys serious? LOL ggwp guys
  7. Teleport cost problems!

    Guys can you please tell me : WHY YOU KEEP SAYING SH1T LIKE "THIS IS WHAT IT WAS BACK IN THE DAYS" BACK IN THE DAYS WHAT?! You guys NEED to understand that THIS IS NOT A C1 not C4 patch. IT'S C L A S S I C. This is a mixture of patches and actually a totally NEW thing. The "back in the day" experience IS NOT : you can't use SS like you did in C2 or running from spot to spot. I don't really know why you keep blabling sh1t like this but back in MY days, C4, i had SS on 24/7 and I was porting around. Oh, wait. Let me guess : L2 died with C4, did it? Srsly guys, you should learn what a "classic" server is. Most of you never played on the classic server, in our case the only 'classic experience' was provided by the EU or the RU servers. In the RU server they had a 1.0 patch that was JUST LIKE OUR. Sad fact : all rates were increased and problems were fixxed with 1.5 patch. Guess what? We're playing into a 1.5 with 3.0 QoL improvements. What? I can't hear that? What was that? Oh right, this means our rates are not the 1.5. True is that KR rates are mostly like our. Just to give you an hint : Ketra's commander in KR version drops 3000-6000 adenas with 5x Hp...in EU version it says 7k-16k per mob. So this should make you understand that the game will turn totally like the KR version. The main difference is : we're not KOREANS. Both game-styles and mind-sets are different. You know, like the fact that chinese probably eats cats and dogs but WE DON'T (usually) so...this is just an example tho. And just to give you a sneak peak of what's ahead i'll post 2 screens. Buffs : https://i.gyazo.com/749311027646eae0898612fc402a92c6.png Skill bar : https://i.gyazo.com/3f5ee04f202496361a0e380969e98902.png (if you're wondering : yes, that's a red-flash. Means he wears a lv 5 ruby) Oh, and even tho he spams skills no-stop with heavy penalty lv 1...his mana never drops. He's like full MPs 95% of the video.
  8. I don't really get why people nowdays pretend to go around and say "THIS IS HOW IT'S SUPPOSE TO BE xdxd"...what about no? True fact. Levels can be "rushed" 'cause the game allows you. They introduced lots of booster between VIP and 30 days rune, ok...but how does that change the fact that mobs MUST drop more adenas with increasing levels? As mobs goes higher in levels and in HPx they MUST drop more adenas. This allows players to provide enough money to restock and going ahead with their game. You guys are blabling out sh1t like "it's classic experience!" no, it's not. If it's true that mobs over 40 are dropping the same adenas as mobs lv 20, this is not classic, it's broken. People here wants to play with the real rates of classic, 1x, we're actually below that. EU server in their wiki say that the mob i'm hunting now are dropping 160-380 adenas. If i'm lucky i can hit ALMOST 240 adenas. Let me enlight you on why I think that's how things are going and why we just should give up and play or quit. I don't know who's the leader of the project, neither i know who made the game plan design. But one thing is for sure : we're gonna follow the Koreans. This means that you can cry and blame everyone as much as you want : the server will turn into a wasteland. Sooner or later the L2 Store will once again rule the game allowing those who want to throw LOTS and LOTS of euros to the game to buy STORE only items such a Brooches or Cloaks. As Juji said : "we got lower rates due to the Free to Play model of our server"...but this is not a free to play. Queue is huge so if you want to log you must buy AT LEAST VIp 1. Nowdays not even that. Players with VIP 4 are stuck in never-ending queues. Rates are on purpose broken to push you buy items from the Store like SS NG or SS D grade, at some point. Plus, keep in mind what i said about the L2 store that will be a MUST to be competitive. Or anyway, some people will buy adenas from 3rd sites. How is this suppose to be a free-to-play server if i must pay in order to log or in order to be somehow competitive at some point? Ofc, players will get mad and quit after wasting money in the game but for the NCWest this is a 100% win. They nerf ur free-to-play experience, forcing you to buy things to 'survive', and just pretend everything is fine. Well, it is, from their point of view. If you want to pay way lesser and have a real CLASSIC experience with working rates and no pay to win, just go to EU servers. 50 euros per 3 monthes and you got 2 main + buffer. Here you must pay 50 dollars first month to hit vip lv 4 and then 10-15 each month to keep it lv 4 in order to get 0.5/0.75 the real rates. And the worst things you can get into the EU store are exp runes and soulshots. Wow. Such pay to win.
  9. No adena = Server dying

    lol fail lol i can't make top gear by farming 1 hour per day lol fail lololol fail lolol and i gotta pay ports at level 40 instead of paying them since lv 1 lol epic fail xddd You're free to go back to ur illegal server, pay for items and then throw urself off a bridge when it will close 3 months later. Thank you for joining an """HARDCORE""" (cause this is not hardcore at all.) retail server. Bye.
  10. I don't trust them. I know this is either a bot paradise and it will turn into a land of pay to win in lesser than 1 year. I started back in 2006 in Teon. The one you know call "Naia". When the game turned free-to-play i came back (C4-Freya). I know anything and everything already. This is why i don't care. Bots are and will always be a part of L2. Either in official or illegal servers, bots and cheaters are everywhere. I just live with it. I had lots of fights against bots 'cause they were annoing me. I fought even against players from SilentHorrors or DragonHunters in Naia 'cause i was having fun in bothering their bots. I'm just at that point where i don't care. I play SOLO so i wont have to be bothered by other's stupidity and enjoy the game the way I WANT to enjoy it. Bots are none of my concern any longer. When the server will be unplayable due to the pay to win, then i'll leave. Better do it in the official server that will keep ur toon "forever" rather than waste my time on a private that will die in 3 monthes and close down. (My toon from 2006 is still alive and playable in Naia).
  11. No adena = Server dying

    Wanna know how? I got the broom out my ass and farmed the spiders. 2 chars mages. One farming the Q in dark elf for 3200 adenas and the other one farming the Q in talking island. Once the MPs of one run out, sit and recover. Switch and hunt 'till you run out of mana. Repeat. I did this for like...1 whole day. I managed to farm enough to buy materials to craft a Compound Bow. After that server rates were increased. I got luck with drops of full items and key materials. Managed to did some market in order to gain enough to sell CB and get low D bow. Kept farming 'till i managed to get enough to hit 500-600k adenas. Sold the low D bow. Got 1kk, got the Gastra from weapon shop. EASY, DOES IT. Also i got a 100% profit from the PP. I lowered boxes from 3 to 2, so the one who was suppose to be BD is selling the drops i get in town while i xp PR+PP. Most of the adenas i get in the PR are used to restock SS and arrows. The adenas i get on the PP are 100% profit. Bought the jewel set yesterday and i got already 150k on main + 200k on PP + items to sell on the BD. Means i'm close enough to upgrade from Gastra to top-shop D. "This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill Fifteen percent concentrated power of will Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!".
  12. The difference between you and me is that i know what i'm talking about. Where did you experienced the classic? If you were in EU servers, then i'm sorry to tell you, i was there too. I can feel the difference between the 2 servers and i know that rates here are way lower than EU. But i'm not like you. I speak only IF I KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. So i'm sorry to burst ur bubble. I actually played on classic. The difference between me and the cryers is that i'm still farming and grinding even if rates are broken. I still managed to buy all my gear (almost full top D) even with this broken rates. I'm not making 1 or 2 drops like i did in the EU server per buff/per hour, but i'm skilled enough to manage adenas and get what i need. About the fact that i think that this server is a "huge scam", i wont take that back. I already told this a thousand times. But as i always say : live with it or die with it. So either you stay and play or ask for refund and quit. Everything in the between is useless.
  13. No adena = Server dying

    Then you must be unlucky. Adena drop rate is 70% sooo... and it's not like "that's what the l2wiki say, and that's EU blabla", it's just like that since...almost ever, i guess. As for the players leaving...well i guess something did change. I tried to log in now my box i use to sell things...aaand i was like "yeah gg with that...gotta wait over 600+ players"...but seems like i was wrong, not even 300 players in queue. Lucky me. I don't really know what's wrong with adena rates after 40+, tbh...in Alligator, while doing the Q, i'm getting 50 adenas from mobs. In a group of 9. That's around 360-450 adenas per mob...and where i'm hunting now (Exe ground or Floran area) i get 150-200 adenas per mob...sooo...not really sure what's wrong about 40+ locs, i will test them out myself soon, i hope. One thing is for sure : i wont trust other players. Beside the fact that after 12-13 years into L2 i came to the point i think everyone else beside me is retarded, so just in case, i wont trust what they say unless i test it myself. Players are qqing they can't make adenas at level 20-30 while i managed to get Gastra and top D jewels (from the jewel shop) done even if i had 1 box + 2 buffers with me (1 vip 4 and others Vip 0) so...i'm quite sure they're doing lots of things wrong.
  14. Yeah, it was sarcasm. Ofc spoil is not the only 'wrong' part.
  15. Ah sorry, the post was public so i was able to join the discussion. Then if nothing's wrong but just spoil it's cool. I cried when and for what? lol. I'm still pissed 'cause NCWest is a fail, i wont take my words back on that. I still think that it's a scam to modifiy the rates 'cause "it's free to play". They will force players into the store...But it's ok, nothing will save us from the p2w that will come later. And i found my "Inner peace" 'cause i know how to play this game and i'm around lv 36 with almost top weapon and top jewels D grade. Actually i'm not "insulting everyone who disagree with me". I'm insulting 'cause this is the only way some people can understand. Asking for change is cool, as long as it makes sense. They already said that they wont increase it any longer. So i guess we just gotta deal with it...even if, i repeat, i still found this quite retarded. Nerfing rates 'cause "it's free to play" is stupid. It's like you play one of those mobile games from Google Store where you can 'Summon' units with different grades. You can get some with low % like 1%...but you know what?! It's free to play, so let's nerf the Summon rate (that is made for free once per day and then you need some sorta of valuta to make it works) and make it like 0.05%! Nosense. I agree 200% with this. This is why i'm still calling this 'a huge scam'. But there's not much we can do about it. Looks like they wont be increasing the rates any further. But i wish you all luck to make them change again, that will only make game easier for anybody (to me as well) so i'm totally fine with it. Even tho the rates we got now are ok and i'm doing fine, for now.
  16. I gotta admit it tho. I thought that our community would have been mostly of grown up people. But all i see since day 1, is lots of tears and kids. You guys will always find an excuse to cry and blame others. Once again : still true that NCSoft scammed us, but still, you guys cry and whine 'cause you don't get things done ur way. Players were crying "this game is too izi qq it's not hardcore or anything qq we want c1 back qq" and you guys jump off a bridge 'cause our rates are 1/3 than EU version where you can take items way easier. I'm confused. People cry that adena drop rate is broken after lv 40...but i went to AI for the daily Q 35+ and they were dropping around 50-80 adena per mob. Into a pt made of 8. So I don't know. I've been playing into the official for years...since official C4 'till Freya and then from GOD 'till Infinite Odyssey and in the middle i've been chillin' around in some private braindead servers. This is pretty much THE FIRST TIME i see so many players qqing for something. Beside those crying about bots and scripters...but i mean, someone was retard enough to tell me "You edited game files so ur stun works" (yeah...that's how an MMORPG works, lol.) so.. Oh and people is still crying they can't afford SS or things like that...i wonder : how is that possible? When the rates were still broken i had some problems with it, indeed. Had to buy SS from the store at the beginning, but i was going from VIP 3 to 4, so i had to anyway. I managed to craft a Compound Bow, farming spiders with 2 chars. But since the rates were "increased" i NEVER did a single mob w/o SS or w/o gear. I even managed to buy a gastraphetes from the weapon shop for over 1kk adenas. And i was running a trio back then and now a duo. I heard too many times of players thinking high of theirselfs when they were trash. Like that time I fought 2v2 a couple of guys who claimed to be "the best players of X server!" and then they reported my brother for 'multi-skilling' : "he was nuking while spamming heals on himself with SPS!". But i was right behind the rock, they just didn't see me. Are you sure that it's impossible to play or it's just you, looking at things from the wrong point of view?
  17. Ok so, in the following order. - Only one thing is true : they more or less threw a scam to us. They indeed shouted it out that server would run a 1.5 with 3.0 QOL...and now we're playing with a custom rate 'cause "it's free to play model!"...so yes, about that i can't help but say that NCWest is pretty much retarded. This is a scam so...guess ur refunds are more than fair. Ok, this was the 'cons' against the NCWest being pretty much retarded....BUT you guys are really beating them. Lots of players are saying that "we're C1 players!" ok. Cool. Did any of you went after GOD? No? Ok. Let me tell you a lil story on what the game is in the live server : Bot land full of scripters where you need nothing but a deep wallet to play. It's a pure pay to win. I still remember the match i lost against a naked dagger...i had a seraph set and +4 duals + brooch lv 2/3 and mid-epic jewels...he had top gears from store. Long story short : he had 6k+ p.def (+ all the PVP reduction bonunes) w/o armor (just helmet on) and i had 4k with full set. And the difference in p.def was the latest. So...since i experienced the fall of official server i was not sure if starting here was a good or bad idea. One thing is sure tho. We're gonna fail again and the game will turn, again, into a full pay to win. Why? Check by urself the difference between the EU and NA version. First things first : l2wiki...the site you look the drops and spoils, is EU not NA. Those rates belong to the EU classic server. We're playing with the NA servers. And since they said our rates are lower than those, it's obvious that ur drop/spoil rate is a fail. Our rates are mostly 1/3 of those you see there. I'm watching some videos from a guy from the RU classic (still Innova company, they run both RU and EU) and even tho he's pretty much a $$$ player...i'm pretty much sure that "the only" OP items they got in their store are the enchants? maybe? not sure. I can see that he runs with a +10+++ Naga storm and BOP...and he always had any weapon (C-B-A) +10/15. But i can't see anything else. No brooch, no cloak, no pendant...nothing. This probably means that since the EU is running a 'pay-to-play' version of the classic, they wont be getting those items. As well as they never had a Topaz. But we're playing in a free-to-play version. We are probably gonna end up like the KR server. So yes, PVP cloak, brooches and pendants. As well as we got the Topaz. Probably we'll get all of this items in less than 1 year. And it's pretty much sad keep playing even if i already know how this will end...buuuuut...i just gave up. And so you should do. L2 is gone. The old 'glory days' wont be coming back. Even tho i heard lots of players claiming to be old players and they can't even make a party nor partecipate correctly. Sooo...it's 50% NCWest fault for being pretty much a scam (but meh. they must have a profit sooo...) and 50% ur fault for being 'stupid'. Peace & love, see you ingam...maybe not.
  18. Enlighten Us

    Actually i'm not complaining about the rates. If they increase rates it's a 100% win for me...lesser effort to farm things. But people here came from illegal server 5000x with buffer+gm shop into the alt+b section. So they think they can rule here but they're just a massive load of smoking crap. There are pretty much guides everywhere that helps you understand what to do. Youtube and also forum can help you. Where to exp and where to grind...how to make some adenas. This is not a 'SUPER MEGA TRICK OMG 360° NO SCOPE'...it's simple game mechanism. Farm = drops = profit. Luck + Market knowledge will end the work for you. I can tell you lots of things that actually people do wrong. I'm playing in Giran and i see LOTS of scammers with "WTS X BOW SHAFTS!" and then they sell stems. 2 days ago i saw a dorf named 'iQuiting' shouting that he was quitting. He told in global to go Dion church and that he will drop his items. TOP REWARD : ghoul head staff! What he did (and this is a illegal server scam, probably created by some brain dead retards) was to sit as a "Sell store" for 1 adena. So he sits, sell store, Apprentice weapon for 1 adena. Good! He sits again, sell store, Golden treasure chests for 1 adena. Good! Then sits again, BUY store, Iron ores for 1 adena. He scammed 200 iron ores. Now, blame ur own stupidity if you fell for that stupid trick. People must learn how to play THE REAL GAME instead of acting all pumped up 'cause they were playing into some private bugged server. 13 years into this game and i NEVER trusted a single player who said "in this server i was THE BEST!". Far too many i saw coming to Naia when it went free to play and then leave 'cause "DAAAMN I CAN'T BOT, I WONT PLAY THERE!11!! HARDCORE!11!!". You can find the game's basic knowledge everywhere. For the pro tips and tricks, learn them by urself.
  19. Adena drop is OK

    Damn bro, you right! What's the point of hunting mobs with 6x HPs when i can get same adenas from an 1x mob??? What's the point of going after level 40 if you can just go and reroll every time??? What's the point of making epics and 80+ mobs drops items such as B/A items when you can hunt in lv 20 and still drop Queen Ant??? Oh wait, this is an official server. Not a private shit with customized rates. Higher level + Higher HP xCounter = Higher rewards. This game was ALWAYS like this. Even tho i'm having no problems with the rates actually...it's kinda ridicolous to see illegal server rats who join here and pretend to say their opinion.
  20. Between Sk, PR or AW?

    If you're level 20 it means you already did the class change. So you can't go SK if you went for rogue and viceversa. About the 2.0/2.1 update you're talking about...what's that? I know about 2.0 but keep in mind that we are playing in a downgraded 3.0 atm. As for the duo...all of them works good with PP. Even tho, SK and AW needs vampiric rage (you can get it from fishing). No clue about the SK into PVP but since he's a tank i guess he can do pretty fine. Cubics and DOT can get you down and annoy you a lot. In PvE if you're duoing you should not have lots of problem due to ur p.def and shield block rate. AW is good but before you can start doing something you should hit 51 to get Shadow step and Hide. Also, 'till 3rd class, you will lack of Focus Death and Lethal blow. Probably the best in a 1v1. In PVE you can go exp with a bow so you wont have any kind of problem. PR is cool as soon as it hits lv 40...but he gets by far stronger after level 60, once he learn Fatal Counter. The best pick for PVE between those 3 if you're going 'solo-duo'. Guess i'd say : SK is a 7/10, overall. AW is a 5/10 <51, 7/10 < 77 and 10/10 77+. PR is a good 8/10 and goes up to a 10/10 once he learns Fatal counter. If you want to start and if you're going solo-duo i'd suggest you to go PR. Least played is AW due to what i just told you. But i'd rather go for an SK. 'cause it can be helpfull and strong in PVP pts and PVE pts. As i'm doing this myself. Starting with a PR and then, later on (if i wont quit before that.) i'll go and make an AW. But i'll xp it with a level 60++ PP and with some gears, making my life easier.
  21. Enlighten Us

    Actually it makes sense. If i'm selling Lemonade to get some money... I wont be going around to tell the others to do the same. That would create competition and my profit will go down by having too many other sellers. You should keep for urself a few tricks. I don't really see ur problem tho...i managed to get Gastraphetes from the weapon shop (1kk) and did it all by myself...got some luck with drops and then did some 'market management'...not really so hard. More farm = More chance to drop = more chance to get adenas and empower ur toon. Not so hard.
  22. TBH i found this pretty a bullshit. It's like you go into a Coffee and get a cappuccino. In some coffees you can pay for a "free-coffee"...and it works like this : the homeless or the one who cannot afford a coffee, will get it "for free" 'cause someone was kind enough to "purchase it" to "them". Since i go there and i'm not the one who paid, following NCWest logic, then they should bleep or spit in my coffee or like throw it to my face 'cause it's "free" for me. We all know that this server is not a free-to-play. Yeah you can log and play for free but i'm pretty sure that 90% of the players got VIP lv 3-4 and also 1 box with AT LEAST lv 1 VIP to skip the queue. Also, with the rates we had at the start, it was impossible to get enough adenas to buy SS. So some players were forced to buy them from the store. So this is quite a useless excuse there to just try not to say "yeah, we're just scamming you as we always did in the past years since the game went f2p but we're gonna stick to the plan and just say that everything is fine 'cause server is free!". What surprises me the most is that...there should be a whole 'team' behind this...So they seriously went like : "ok, we're gonna open the server, screwing up all the rates w/o telling anyone 'cause they wont start here if they know...and let's pretened everything is fine! Then we're gonna update the rates to make them happy BUT we're gonna still get them lower than the real deal. It's a free to play!"...it's really amazing how they just keep killing their own game over and over. Ofc, lots of players will still spend a lot in the store etc...but i'd rather give to my community a good and wealthy server AND allow them to pay vip IF THEY WANT, 'cause they ENJOY the server than a server who will just die soon. If they keep going like this and just pretend they're doing right...server will go down from 6k+1k queue to 2k players in a few months. But i guess that from their point of view they will make LOTS of money out of this, so they really don't care.
  23. % increased by buffs seems wrong

    That's not how it works. Actually it increases the base stat of ur char by 12%...in the p.atk calculation you're gonna get into it the passive skills, armor bonus etc etc So i guess you should calculate ur p.atk w/o passive or things like that. I'm pretty sure that's how the critical damage formula works. Reason why lots of players were qqing in some private crappy servers when with focus death (increasing crt dmg from behind by 90%) they were not landing almost 2x the damage.
  24. PC + Laptop can open 6 boxes?

    That's the max accounts you can log since the game became f2p. You cannot log more than 3.
  25. Rogue path: Daggers vs Bows

    It's about 'Speed'. Daggers' weak point in classic is that they don't have "Shadow chase" or "Shadow dash" (or even better, Grim reaper possession if you're GH) which means you must find ur way to get closer to the enemy. THs got Dash, which allow them to rush closer to the enemy and to get them if they're trying to run away. GH and PW are faster (base speed) than a TH but they don't have Dash. This will force you to get a bow in order to start a fight (mass pvp or siege) with some shots from the distance to get closer as soon as you get the chance. Otherwise, once you engage in a (for example) 1 vs 1 and the enemy manage to get distance while low...you can switch to a bow and deal the last hit from distance. Otherwise you can use the bow in order to PVE to not get closer to the mobs. So you wont need the VR buff to keep urself alive and you will sustain lesser damage while PVEing...ofc...bow is a bit more expensive...but that can be very usefull for PVE...so you will need a bow anyway to improve PVE and PVP experience.