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    Guys...wtf...this game is 15 years old and you don't know how it works YET? I really hope you guys are all newbies.
  2. Yeah, like jewels or armors. Pretty sure it gives no weapons. But as i said : it's a DAILY quest and it's RARE to get those items. Once again : rate of obtaining that item is LOW. You need like LOT of luck to get it. 100% sure that's way lower than 5% chance. Most likely <1%
  3. If you rage quit for 1 death, you should seriously quit the official server forever. Once you'll hit higher levels like 50-60+...even if you lose 4% instead of 10%...dude, you don't know about it. If you're raging for a 10% on lv 20...quit now. Better for ur health.
  4. Just so you know : there is an "instance" in the classic version. That's the 'Abyss' in the town of aden. Actually, you can enter there once per day, as long as you have the quest active. And you're gonna hunt some mobs into a place that reminds of a catacomb with OTHER PLAYERS. So it's not a 100% instanced zone since you can still PVP inside there with other players who can join the zone. The instance is 40-44 and 44-50, something around that, and the quest can give you several rewards such as : cat blessing 30 days, dark assassin transformation potions, melody buff, boxes with full C gra
  5. 'cause private servers are quite illegal and mostly Java servers? Probably 'cause corrupted and retarded people can go and up a server with x10.000 and do w/e they want if they know how to modify a java script? They have no bound to the official servers or KRs so they can modify their client as they like...they don't need to run and fix the issue at first try either. None would care in a private if the GM restart the server 5 times trying to fix 1 thing and just fail. I know a server that had such a braindead admin that he managed to reset the database and had it fuked up. He lost the
  6. Yes, shield's p.def is not added to ur p.def but it will work the moment you're gonne block an attack. The damage may get lowered or, upon a "critical block", lowered to 1 damage. Also, shield is blocking ANY kind of incoming damage. I'm not sure it works this way even in classic but shield can block : range, close and even nukes. All classes using shield may block an incoming atk but, ofc, those with the Shield Mastery passive skill will have a way stronger profit to wear one. Evasion is pretty much broken in classic version, making it kinda useless, but in the 3.0 patch we got (arc
  7. Well...the fact that you guys finally understood that we have way too many problems is a good start. We really hope you guys will fix this and give us the REAL 1.5 update (or 3.0) rates. Before the server drops from "damn, this fuking queue is slow!" to "dude, why are giran and aden empty?".
  8. Both versions will be insanely p2w. Actually we're experiencing a huge scam from NCWest actually in classic. They said server would be mix between 1.5 and 3.0, instead we got rates of 1.0 patch. Players are forced to pay 50$ to get VIP lv 4 to have some huge boosts and you must buy SS into the L2Store 'cause you can't buy sh1t with the rates they gave us. And it looks like they don't even care to fix it. Live server is actually the same. Beside being pretty much dead (1000 players? 1500? how many alive and how many boxes/bots?) you must waste seriously a huge amount of euros to be competiti
  9. Will you guys stop acting dumb and realize that you messed up ALL THE RATES? The fact that you lose 10% on death instead of 4% is a major proof. Adena drop rate is not the issue...the adena AMMOUNT is. Drop rate and spoil rates are an issue. Exp gained from mob is an issue. I sent a messagge in the support and they said "NA server got different rates from EU server, everything is working as intended". Does it? Then why are we playing with the RU/KR/EU 1.0 patch rates instead of 1.5 and none told us about it when you guys announced the server? Why you guys went around shouting abou
  10. It's not just the adena. Exp rate is wrong (spiders in talking island giving 500 xp while should be almost 700, clean xp), adenas should be almost 3 times the ammount, spoil and drop rates are way lower. I don't understand how you guys modified the client. You guys got it 3.0 and downgraded it to 1.5...and for "downgraded" i mean you simply turned off some features and removed some spots/mobs...how did you managed to screw up the rates? I may know the answer tho, but i don't want to be malicious and think you guys did that on purpose to force players into the L2 Store.
  11. Such ignorance. I was about to explain how it works etc but you know what...? Learn how to play guys, google is ur friend. Even tho, let me just tell you one thing : accuracy IS NOT increasing blow land rate.
  12. Dude...Lineage 2 retail server is not a place for casuals. You can log in and xp 3-5 hours per day, you can. But stop making it harder for the nerds who have time to waste. If you want to play 3-5 hours and do something, then move to the Live version with GOD+. You can hit 101+ in no time and if you throw enough money into the game you can gear up and partecipate in the server events. If there's something left to do there, at least. Classic server is way slower, ofc, not as slow as it was in older patches, but not as fast as GOD+. After 14 years in this game you should know that the
  13. I've been hunting so many spiders since this morning that i'll probably try to kill some IRL and see if i can exchange their skins or sac in order to get some $$$.
  14. Guys are you done with all this bla bla bla? Hime said that this issue was already reported to the developers and they're looking into it. Nothing stops you from "enjoying" this version BUT this is not what we should have. Rates of adenas, drops, spoils and exp are much lower than what we were expecting. Due to the fact we have, somehow, 1.0 patch's rate instead of the 1.5 patch's rate. We all hope they will fix this with the next maintenance.
  15. Fact is...all of those things were into the several update who were coming after the 1.5 patch. The rates were improved since 1.5. So we were suppose to get ALL of those things, not just some. Let's wait 'till next restart and see what they do.
  16. Dude...this is easy to understand. You announced a 1.5 patch with some quality of live improvements. So you took the latest update (3.0) and downgraded it so it fits to a 1.5 but 'better'. Since we got some cool things as Missions and skills. But then, out of nowhere, once the server is up and lots of players threw 30-50$ into the game for the start...surprise. Adena, xp, spoil and drop rates belongs to the 1.0 patch. 1.5 patch was the same in all the servers. That improved a lot the farming and allowed players to keep up with gears and groceries. Lots of players, even RU, left the
  17. It's not about what YOU like, no one cares about that. Fact is...our current rates belong to the patch 1.0. We're suppose to have a 1.5. Even tho, we're running a 3.0 version downgraded to 1.5. This means we were suppose to have all the rates being increased by like...2-4x the actual rates. Sorry to burst ur bubble tho...If they would have told us the rates were 1.0...trust me, lots of players would have never started. We came here for a classic 1.5, not a 1.0.
  18. Well this is quite a 'game breaking' setting we're talking here...adena rate, exp rate, drop rate and spoil rates...all of them seems to belong to the 1.0 update and not to the 1.5 update we were suppose to get and you proudly announced...I really hope you guys will understand that you guys "screwed" it up and update to the real rates soon...it's not "histeria"...this is the simple truth. Please, for server's sake, fix it asap and don't let it die.
  19. Just to tell you...The VIP system is not increasing the spoil rate. Is it true tho, rates of the server are lower than what we were suppose to get. We have rates from the 1.0 update instead of 1.5 update. This was a really huge scam from NCSoft. Since this came out all the Gms and adms just disappeared. I really hope that they will fix this. They were yelling here and there that we would run a "1.5 with some quality of life improvements"...What we get is a pay to win server at start that forces you to waste 50$ to get VIP lv 4. So you are forced to buy SS NG or D grade from store to ke
  20. It actually is. But it is for their server. This is Lineage 2 North America, the wiki works for the Europe. They're 2 different servers, both officials.
  21. In the following order : 1.0 rates means we're playing with the PATCH 1.0 rates. Maybe you don't know it but classic server 'updates' are identified with numbers such a 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0. All of them got also a name. I don't remember the order but, to give you an example, the 3.0 is "Seven sign". 2.5 is Antharas and 2.0 is Zaken. I don't remember the names of the 1.0 and 1.5. The ingame store actually is fine. Having SS or BSS NG or D grade is not a problem...it is when you cannot afford them in game 'cause you have no adenas to buy them, forcing you to use NCoins on them. A
  22. Ok so...beside we all figured out that we got a huge scam by NCSoft 'cause they announced every little thing about the server and then SOMEHOW they forgot to mention we have the rates of the 1.0 and not the 1.5 .. I saw that we are suppose to have an ongoing event. I noticed some players with a kind of light flying next to their head, a sorta of "fairy" with a "II" shape...This was also mentioned in the live stream for the server...but i can't find any clue about it. Where is the RB? When does it spawn? I can't find anything around the Classic server section that explain in details how th
  23. Well...You guys are pretty much wrong. The only fail of the server is that no one told us this would run with a 1.0 rates instead of 1.5. There is a post in the forum that shows you the difference between EU and NA classics...and NA rates are way worse. When i started on NCEu classic with 1.5 patch i had 0 issues to get up to 35...i had enough adenas and drops to gear up (had mid-tier bow at level 30) and no problems with SSD and arrows. Back there i was duo'ing with my brother so we were 3 in pt (2 archers + 1 PP). In this server tho, even if i have a different setup (archer + pp +
  24. Guys...in which server did you play? Skelth had dyes up to +12, and ur stats were increasing as well. This was part of a big drama at the beginning 'cause mages were broken OP for this. They had the chance to go +12 WIT -12 MEN making them lose nothing while Fighters (archers for example) had to go +12 STR and -12 CON. Quite much the reason why the nerfed WIT base stat and empowered the DEX. I'm not sure if we're going to get dyes like that...hope not, but who knows.
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