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  1. Cool with me, keep it going
  2. Umhhh..no? Did they change it? On live server if you're red and die your item will turn to dust and you will get the green name (if the level difference is not too high). And i'm almost 100% sure about this. I had a PK toon with over 100 PKs and on death i never dropped an item...i was going around w/o an armor set at some point, but never dropped.
  3. Welcome to my life. I'm still unsure if i should go PR, TH or GH. Keep in mind this tho : Archers are the best choice for a 9v9/siege/mass pvp while TH is good for 1v1/olympiads/9v9. What kind of the game are you gonna enjoy the most? You want to join the top clans or just be a casual war/solo player? Daggers maximum potential is yet to arrive. At level 50 and 51 you will learn Hide and Shadow step...also, skill's damage is increased. Sadly you lack of Lethal Blow at 76 and Focus power at level 77...And that's either 'cause exp will go sloooowly and even 'cause level cap is 70. Archers and Nukers get their "main fire power" at level 40 already. PR will go insane after level 59/60 where he learns Fatal Counter and Dead Eye. So...with this things in mind, think about what features you wanna enjoy the most. Then pick.
  4. Need help picking a class

    You can solo with both 'till level 40, in a way or the other. If for 'ES' you mean 'Elemental Summoner', keep in mind what will come later. You will get the buff which reduces the delay for magic skills, so you will do great into Nukers party. Also, you can already be usefull in mages party since you got the summons + aqua swirl. If you go for BD, they are learning Heavy mastery since the 3.0 patch, and if it the game is going to be a 3.0 with some downgrades, then BD will do quite fine soloing. But actually, you can't "really" solo. You need a buffer by urside. no matter what. If you're going for ES you should get urself an SE or EE (i'd say PP...but you wont have Wild Magic + Empower and recharge) so probably SE is the best pick to solo/duo (recharge + empower, for acumen you can buy pots from grocery). If you're going for the BD then PP will do great. You will only lack Vampiric rage buff but you can buy that with Fish Stews (10 fishes = lv 1 VR). Both the guys can do great in solo (ES better than BD since he got nukes + summon) and also be usefull in pts (BD everywhere, ES into mage pts).
  5. Welcome !! :)

    I'd like to say "YEAH LET'S FUKING ROCK" but servers are still down and i gotta wait 'till 00.00 gmt +2. And i'm still not sure if I should go PR or AW. Faaack :3
  6. Vampiric Rage effect

    BD or SWS. SE is quite useless for archers. Beside you wont benefit from their VR, the best thing you can take from an SE is the healing power and, eventually, recharge. Other than that you have no benefit as archer from SE. WC is not the best pick either as someone suggested. This is due to the fact that he actually will learn skills later than PP (PP learn Focus lv 1 at level 23 and DW lv 1 at lv 40. WC will learn Chant of Predator [focus] at level 40 and Chant of Rage [dw] at level 44. But Rage's amulet drops only from mobs in Outlaw forest, and they are 50+) so... Duo archer + PP + BD/SWS is fine. Duo archer + PP + BD + SWS is top of the top.
  7. Well if you want to play a mage and you want to play solo (so no CP or group)...well yeah, it's quite hard to xp a mage. If you're going to play a mage, then you'll need at least 1 recharger. If you go for necromancer or SPH you will learn body to mind and you may exp comboing it with Curse death link. In anyway keep this in mind : you need at least a recharger in box with you, otherwise ur exp will go sloooowly as hell. As for the destroyer : we will get fishing system and the Fish stews. Vampiric rage costs from 10 Blue mackerel. Overall PP is a better buffer than WC, they will learn almost the same buffs, but PP can heal you way harder, can give you zerk+BtB and BtS and you can buy VR for fish stews. (Also keep in mind that SE's VR chance of trigger is 80% while WC's is 20%...and since the stew is "vampiric rage" i guess the chance will be the same). Soloing w/o boxes is impossible. If you want to log 1 box then you should look for a CP.
  8. Change PK System!

    Ah sorry guys, didn't know that in ur private servers griefiers and protecting ur spot were the same thing. I thought they were 2 different things. Nevermind then. Thanks for fun.
  9. Change PK System!

    Dude, can you crawl back to ur cave? None even said a thing about "defending a spot = griefing". From where you assumed it, just to know.
  10. Change PK System!

    Dude...i appreciate that you guys are making a drama out of nothing but...really, it changes nothing to me. I'm a PVP player. I will hunt PKs anyway, drop or not. I will force logout if someone try to grief me while exping. As you can see, both the problems that makes ur head go crazy and making ur eyes wet are none of my concern. I'm actually surprised at how you guys are seriously retard. I thought that the community would have been waaay more grown up now. Ofc, if you guys claim to be all official's prelude-C1 players, it means you're AT LEAST 14 years old. I already know the pros and cons of the classic server and i already know how hardcore game used to be back then. All ur tears and whining and flame is not affecting me at all. You guys are fighting over features that probably wont even bother you. Having PKs losing their items forever would have been a way HEAVIER penalty for them instead of making them drop. But all you guys care is griefing. Why don't you guys open up a private server of ur own and call it L2 Grief. Unique feature : if you die, no matter how, pve or pvp or pk, you drop. Doesn't matter ur level or karma or tag color, if you die, you drop. 100%. That would be an eeepic server. Bet you'll be 50k players online. All from prelude, ofc.
  11. Change PK System!

    Too bad we got nostalgic retards fags who just made this mess out of nothing. So this wont happens. PKs will be able to do anything they want, as much as they want, again. Keep it going guys, the years goes on and ur head is still stuck on early 2000's. It's ok to be nostalgic, i miss the old gold days as well, but i'm not complaining for a feature that will be mostly useless.
  12. Change PK System!

    This guy just lost it. "Ehy bro, how ya doin'?" "Doing fine man, what about you? https://www.strawpoll.me/16571021"
  13. Change PK System!

    Dude "those days" wont be coming back even if they gives you back the drops from PKs or from white players. This is CLASSIC this is not L2 REMASTERED. You guys are making dramas for things that actually prevent the griefing but nothing about other features that are quite a crap? Did you know you can get +12 stats with dyes? TA-DAAAN. (If they didn't change it, but looks like they didn't.). You guys had this feature back then, in prelude-c3? It's ok to be nostalgic but this is not where you'll find the old l2. This a new chronicle, a new game world. Deal with it or quit it. The only emotion you wont feel any longer is the one when you rush to pick the drop from a PK. PK are gonna be even more under pressure when red 'cause they know that they wont get their item back. Think of the feeling when you have a +10 weapon or an epic jewel and you're about to die as PK. Let me know if you enjoy it as much as a "SOMEONE RUSH TO ME AND SPAM PICK UUUUUPPPPP".
  14. Change PK System!

    I really wonder...how many of them were playing L2 back then? How many of them really went full retard and griefed players non-stop? They really make it looks like their only reason to play L2 was to grief other players...it's just insane. "we want this. Do it or we quit!"...guys, that's the door, be sure to slam it when you leave. Does it hurts ur feelings so much that you will have to grind to earn gears? It is really such a problem that you wont be able to gain shit from bothering others? I've been around since the official C4...after that i've seen every kind of possible drama. And here i thought players left official 'cause it was a broken p2w server...looks like i was wrong. Official servers as Naia or Chronos are quite "dead" 'cause you can't grief white players or get drops from the PKs. Silly me! I guess i really never had fun in L2 then. Thought the fun was to PVP and win/flame each others. Just now i realize that what's funny about L2 is stealing from others. My life was a lie.
  15. Change PK System!

    Dude..it's quite retarded that you keep linking me this vote. Beside I already voted (and i voted for both "drops on PK" and "Keep it like this") it makes no difference to me. I will kill PKs with or without drops. It's just so simple to me.
  16. Fine conclusion about carebears

    Sorry I couldn't answer you but that thread was quite a mess. It did quite some cool stuffs for me. Back in interlude we got a whole Draconic set out of a PK. Once an epic jewel (queen ant) and once a B grade weapon (BOP). So yeah, lots of luck for us and low luck for the PKs, it seems. As i already said : it makes no difference to me if the PKs will drop or just got things vanished. I will hunt them down anyway.
  17. Change PK System!

    Just give up on the 'drops from mobs while white' thing. You should allow just 1 vote and make it between drop while PK or not. You guys really make it looks like ur only reason to play is griefing other players. And then you're playing L2R which is a full PVE game since PVP is braindead and bugged there, gg guys lol.
  18. Change PK System!

    I may be wrong but...PKs were droping way up 'till later GOD patches. I'm quite sure the feature was removed in one of the GOD+ patches. 'Till then you could drop when you got 4+ PKs...Am i wrong?
  19. Change PK System!

    Yeah bro, we all have a facebook account, thanks for sharing.
  20. Fine conclusion about carebears

    Well it does, in a way or the other. In the previous way they would drop their items allowing any player close enough to pick it. May it be a friend or a foe. The new way actually punish you even harder 'cause none will pick a thing but dust. TBH about this i'm quite fine with both the features. I will still enjoy and laugh at PKer's face once he die and either drop or lose forever his weapon.
  21. Fine conclusion about carebears

    Well it's up to the scenario. If the PK is solo'ing then you can pick it easly if none is around. If the PK is with a pt then it's a lil harder, but not impossible. If the PK is a dagger and he's hitting you...if he dies the drops will be right under ur feet. In the other hand if the fight is between 2 rangers, his pt will mostly pick it up. With this feature none will pick a thing. It will just vanish. Less rewarding for you but by far an heavier penalty on the Pk.
  22. Change PK System!

    Dude, if your reason to come back to L2 and play classic was "let's grief people while the exp with trains and stuns" then you're the one who's not a decent and royal player. You guys are crying so fuking hard for the "make white players drop on death" that I start to wonder one thing. Did you guys MASS QUIT the official server back then? Did you guys went to some private servers but never went above the C4 patch? You guys are seriously making it looks like anything worth in L2 was griefing players. The feature was removed in C5/Interlude. That means you guys had this feature for 3 years (2004-2007). After that you've been playing L2 for 11 fuking years (2007-2018) without this feature. So you want to say that all of you rage quitted from official in 2007? Your ONLY reason to play this game was griefing players? The fact they removed the drops from PKs is quite stupid, even tho, the same mechanics works on live server. In either way the PK will think twice before going on a rampage. In this case is even worst, they wont be able to get their loot back. They die and *poof* it's gone. Both cases are fine to me, i'd go and kill PKs anyway with or without drop.
  23. Dagger classes

    Seems they will be quite fine actually...we'll get shadow step and hide at levels 50-51...shadow step stuns and hide will already get the 0% penalty on speed. I'd like to know if skill power is already increased as well...but anyway. Dagger will do fine in small scale pvp like 1v1 or 9v9...will probably struggle in mass PVPs or sieges...but once the "walls" crush you are quite much free to do what you want. You can always relay on a bow to hit from distance, in the worst case. I'm still unsure myself what i should do. I'd like to go for GH but even TH is quite good in classic patch. Also PR wont be bad. x__x"
  24. Change PK System!

    Dude...I hope you're sarcastic. Just to be sure : i saw the screen with the Discord chat. Are you guys seriously qqing about the classic feature while you play L2R?
  25. Come on guys, are you unable to read? The server will go live when the maintenance is over.