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  1. What about Disconect, attendance unclaimed due to logging issues, constant lagg in game, maybe change your servers after 15 years?
  2. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 3, 2019

    @Hime so what about us people that will not complete the attendance due to log in issues?
  3. compensation?

    I just remember I had 7 days runes running out, nice way to waste my money
  4. compensation?

    again we cant log, angel cat for everyone? im lossing way more exp from daily quest than you 20% cat buff. @Hime please confirm
  5. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 20, 2019

    @Hime hello Hime, any update on the bots situation? i get it on low lvls, its a F2P but in Talking Island - Dragon Valley i have seen bots for 1 week, same Bots farming 24/7, i feel discouraged to farm, since they dont get banned, why waste my time here? Thanks for the update seems like a good one, maybe a new event for low lvls to get new players in servers should be included in a future patch/maintenance.
  6. Hello all of you leaving pls mail your Soulshots to me pls or any other items you won’t be using anymore, thanks a lot Henryrcanna Talking Island
  7. Lineage II Classic: Saviors Coming February 27

    Surprised? Not really, what im surprised it’s how they log in, post, and can’t even respond in the forum, we know they can’t change all we want, but hey, it’s that hard to respond on basic forum post? cero care for the community.
  8. Share your ideas

    Hello Community, @NcsoftFTW, @Hime and all moderators. This post its to Really point out some points from the current Classic situation and please keep in mind that the community actually needs some feedback of what is on the table, we need to see whats going on and that we are being read in order to continue to spend money in the game and keep playing, other way you are just discouraging your own community from playing. Please keep this thread clean so NCsoft team can actually see and listen to us as a community, and don't blame just use the following: Issue: Players over the Lvl 70 Cap lvl stated initially prior to Classic Launch. Consequences: After the new update low lvl players wont be able to even have a chance against anyone lvl 76 with third class, so 1 lvl 76 Third class Will win against 18 6x chars. Suggestion: Bring Back 50% Exp back or do something so that players that are actually under lvl 70 get something, your launch notes said lvl 70 Cap, just do something about it. Issue: Bots spam and farming in low lvl areas. Consequences: no new players on any servers, RMT, community getting smaller. Suggestion: implement a Newbie pack for free 1 per account or 1 per IP Address, that gives you Soul shots, Spirit Shots and a small zone with mobs that gives exp but no adena, that way new players can actually lvl up, and with that new players Will come. Issue: drop rates/adena rates/exp rates. Consequences: Bots getting all the market if you wanna go up you need RMT, or a lot of luck. Suggestion: just balance the Rates until bots get tired, last 50% event i saw an increment in the market and in the hunting zones from real players, you could even Talk while farming it was wonderful, with a Little more balance in the rate people Will just farm, and bot Will be gone since no market here. Feel free to add new suggestions, just keep the thread clean, this is not a Cry post, or a rage post, its a thread so that NCsofts can see that we as players can address issues and we can give suggestions to Help the community, again this is not a Cry or rage post, just a share your Ideas post, keep it clean pls. Thanks.
  9. @Hime why not help community with the real problem? Bots ppl lvl 76, common Hime....
  10. So theres was an event unannounced going on? Comon guys actually read the forum for once and see that the comunity needs real attencion...
  11. Balance prior to update

    The real topic it’s, prior to launching the said lvl cap 70, then ninja about saying content not lvl, third class and some pleople its already lvl 76, so 2 days after update if not sooner we will have a really unbalanced game, when they should be 70, farm 6 lvls then change, listen to the community you are breaking the game, those lvl 70 or less are actually in the range that you guys confirmed prior to launch, so it’s fair that you help boost those player to catch the one 71 or higher.
  12. Hello @Hime & @Juji. just a quick suggestion, since NCSoft stayed a lvl 70 cap prior launch and that turned out to be false. shouldnt there be a increase in rates for lvl 70 or less mobs so players can catch up a little? Like 50% extra just for lvl 70 o less mobs, since players beyond 70, just have an advantage from the rest, just an idea to actually help balancing the game prior to update. Thanks for reading.
  13. Xincode failed

    Again we cant log in due to Xincode Error? What we do we wait for angels cat buffs since thats all you can do? 0xE0191009 error occurrences This error code occurs when XIGNCODE has an issue during the update process. If the problem consists, please contact support@wellbia.com with your xigncode.log file attachment. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
  14. Banana and roses stack? And yes Hime can we get this 50% boost for more time or permanent economy it’s getting better. thanks for the event
  15. Weekend event

    Hello team, while we wait for everything else could you bring back the adena/exp boost for weekends, it was a great event for casual players, you log in 4 hour per day in the weekend and make extra adena and exp. thanks