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  1. Playing since 2006, switched a lot classes. But still my fav: old ORC GK -> then Spectral Dancer Naia: Ripperivm
  2. I hope it is also for Dragon Rind Leather Shirts. Since making them to +5 or even higher is impossible for most with the nerfed enchant rate.. Enchant success rate for Dragon Shirts and Dragon Leather Shirts will be increased by 10% during this promotion.
  3. As much as i struggled on some parts, but i miss the old 2nd and 3rd Class Change Quest and the Noble Quest. Back then it felt like a big achievement - and it was - to reach that. Now its a 1min task.... Playing since 2006 and i loose more and more the mood to do so, atleast here.
  4. Point is, now it is getting too much. At Naia a full clan stopped going to Core. Also with the latest "update" i lost about 12-15 friends that stopped L2 for gods sake or also moving towards Core. That's the reason why there is atm soo much Endgear/Rare stuff for sale around. Market gets flooded and servers getting none active. 2 Days ago there was 1 - ONE "lf Party" group in the matchmaking for 4 hours, lol. And in the long run, if NCW ain't doing a change i am gone too. Spending normally about 1k/month (and if more of us quit, all the f2p players will get hard times too).
  5. I did not check the Removal Period ig, since i trusted what @Hime wrote here at the off boards. If we can't trust a offical Forum GM, who else shall we belive? And with all the mass exodus of ppl leaving Naia + Chronos towards Core, i think they should try to improve the Customer Care
  6. Yeah but key fact is @Hime clearly stated it gets removed WITH the Maintenance and not before. If he had written 6:30 Server Time i would have claimed it before i went to sleep or stood up earlier to claim it.
  7. So why did you remove it 6 1/2h earlier as you stated? I did not take it before i went to sleep, because of your post, just to see in the morning you removed it... (In case any1 telling there was enough time to claim it before: Had the last weeks lot of rl stuff and no time to play, so i didn't claim it earlier, to not waste it) @Hime @Juji @LIME
  8. +++ To the end of such "log in and stay afk" events. Millions +++ about the greedy Chest Situation. This was not well thought since the start.
  9. I can confirm the nerf. Took me about 50 Energy's to get to Stage5. Another 30 EOP later max i got been 2x to Stage8 - failed to 9... Also like 2h ago i saw a shout of some1 on Naia Worldchat asking about the nerf/bug since last Maintenance. He used 45 EOP and couldn't make lv5. Dunno if he had luck by now. My wild guess: Server reached a certain amount of high Lvl Talismans and now the rate got nerfed.
  10. It is not about selling lv5/6's and buying higher ones (as gl buying a lv8+ Shilen Soul). It is about the imbalance of and kinda not existing chance to make a lv6+++ nowadays.
  11. Since the Support didn't/couldn't answer my question i will bring it up here: I tried to make a Lv. 6 or Lv.7 Shilen Soul Crystal. But the rates are extremly messed. So it is kinda insanely hard to make a Lv.6 and kinda impossible getting Lv. 7 to 10 since they removed the restoration on that (while the old abused lv. 10's are still ingame). 5x failed to lv2, 2x failed to lv3, 3x failed to lv4, 6x failed to lv5 and with the latest 2 tries i have now 5 fails for lv6. In total: 21 fails so far getting even Lv. 6 So dear NCW dev's or whoever makes the restoration rules: H
  12. Yeah this needs to be changed asap. I got 10 weapons with rare augments (ooooold ones, and all types from the giant LS). This and the collectors cloaks, etc. flooded my WH and my inventory. Also when you are in party and some1 picking up you can not do the "trade" solution, cos the window gets closed every time....
  13. So 4 Days passed and still no reply? @Juji @Hime did you read this or missed it? Give us some detailed feedback please.
  14. I am close to give up. Several DC's during the day. Failed Instances cos of that and not being able to log back. One step away from quitting this game here and moving to Innova.
  15. @Juji any help on this matter to get a clear YES keyboard/mouse macros are allowed or NO it is a bannable offense?
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