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  1. Would probably depend on their description of a "subscription" model. Even then I'm sure a lot of people are done with NCWest and NCsoft in general after being burned this time. Probably the only hope of a sub working and actually getting people to come is if Juji said sub only no p2w shop items period, not just "at launch". You can't argue that the game isn't done though, they've ruined sieges and oly, and open world pvp(which was basically non existent) is now completely dead with the teleport system. Everything that made the game good has been ruined to the point that the only thing th
  2. We'll get them ahead of release, about 12 hours before release...
  3. Once the next patch gets here and daggers can use an othell rune it'll be alright.
  4. Fear not! Our bishop was finally unbanned today. 4 or 5 different GMs told him he was perma banned for either suspicious behavior or 3rd party programs, I don't remember which it was, and that the decision was final. Finally after fighting with them for a few days another GM came along and asked for a bunch of his info. This GM told him he was wrongfully banned and given his account back despite all of the GMs before stating it was warranted. Apparently you just have to be annoying enough to get someone that will actually look into your issue. I don't know how you go from confirmed 3rd pa
  5. Updated today and now I can't get past server select, up until now I had been unaffected by the login issues. I tested a VPN(wtfast) and was able to login with it. Hopefully it doesn't get me banned though Seems like an unusual time to run an event when so many people can't get into game...
  6. It's not transferable then. To transfer it you need to leave the rune in it's box. Once you open the rune it's bound to the character
  7. Did you open the rune? Or is it still in the box?
  8. Our wc and bp had their accounts locked this morning I think. I suspect it was from using a vpn in order to play for the last few days since I think they were the only two in our group that were affected by the login issue. Either that or NC isn't a fan of you using an oop buffer to level alt characters as that was what one of them was doing last night when he was playing last. The hundreds of elf summoners scattered across the newbie zones must not be conspicuous enough for them to ban. That and the destroyer on our server that has been botting in DV with a +17 claymore for the past 2 we
  9. Any idea on what's happening to everyone that was just banned for seemingly using a vpn to get around whatever the ip issue was?
  10. It almost sounds like they modeled it after most private servers, being that you can choose to either pay real money for gear or trade in game currency for it. Not necessarily a bad thing but the big downside to it you always see is people spend the money and get bored due to lack or progression. I wonder if that will be the case here? Personally I'll come back to play classic when it releases. I've never cared too much for GoD although I had my share of fun early on. I mainly hate that as the game sits now you can only participate in events by buying items from the L2store(from what I've
  11. US Mach5 AW main, formerly ShellShock Duelist main I believe Kain when I first started, later Bartz 102 Before GoD I think I only quit playing twice, one for a very short amount of time. Since GoD I've probably quit playing 6-7 times, game isn't the same to me anymore.
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