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  1. This, in this version boxing is a double edged sword. On one hand you can run multiple alts in low level zones that can farm adena for your main. On the other hand everyone else is doing the same so you end up with the higher gear/leveled people pking the entire map so their alts can farm since there will be an insane amount of alts in the 6x-7x zones.
  2. Most likely, especially since NCwest has never been able to deviate from what KR says they can do. That said there is potential for this version if the stuff Enthused listed is addressed. I've played some "other" essence servers that I enjoyed because Lcoin dropped from mobs, pking was punished pretty hard, and they nerfed DK and Titan. That said if any one of those things isn't addressed it's almost certain the server will be dead in a couple of months if that. Nobody wants to drop $1k to just have low to mid tier gear, nobody wants to constantly get pk'd with no potential risk to the pk
  3. This has pretty much nothing in common with live or classic(granted I haven't played live in years).
  4. Yeah that makes sense, I guess I never really thought of it because I always would just remote in periodically through the day to check my character.
  5. I was probably too busy getting 2 shot by every titan and dk on Rose to ever run into that problem lmao
  6. Yes it's essence
  7. This, if Lcoin doesn't drop from mobs(or unless L8K packs are like $1 each there is no reason to play this server unless they don't release any p2w items at the start, then MAYBE there might be some decent pvp at the start of the server until they start adding the boxes. Even then though this version of the game is more pvp vs afk farming characters or just pking everyone, so maybe not. From my experience on essence bots aren't really an issue since there is a built in bot to farm and spam pots, not saying they don't exist but it seems kind of pointless based on how the g
  8. I'm sure a new server would accomplish nothing, NC west ruined what little trust old players had in the company with how classic progressed. Plus, classic isn't really classic. I don't know of anyone that I play with that would come back to play a new server. I doubt they would even play if they were just releasing something like Interlude or H5 the way it was with no changes.
  9. Would probably depend on their description of a "subscription" model. Even then I'm sure a lot of people are done with NCWest and NCsoft in general after being burned this time. Probably the only hope of a sub working and actually getting people to come is if Juji said sub only no p2w shop items period, not just "at launch". You can't argue that the game isn't done though, they've ruined sieges and oly, and open world pvp(which was basically non existent) is now completely dead with the teleport system. Everything that made the game good has been ruined to the point that the only thing th
  10. We'll get them ahead of release, about 12 hours before release...
  11. Once the next patch gets here and daggers can use an othell rune it'll be alright.
  12. Fear not! Our bishop was finally unbanned today. 4 or 5 different GMs told him he was perma banned for either suspicious behavior or 3rd party programs, I don't remember which it was, and that the decision was final. Finally after fighting with them for a few days another GM came along and asked for a bunch of his info. This GM told him he was wrongfully banned and given his account back despite all of the GMs before stating it was warranted. Apparently you just have to be annoying enough to get someone that will actually look into your issue. I don't know how you go from confirmed 3rd pa
  13. Updated today and now I can't get past server select, up until now I had been unaffected by the login issues. I tested a VPN(wtfast) and was able to login with it. Hopefully it doesn't get me banned though Seems like an unusual time to run an event when so many people can't get into game...
  14. It's not transferable then. To transfer it you need to leave the rune in it's box. Once you open the rune it's bound to the character
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