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  1. or willing to add adena for a Gastraphetes. Message me here or mail in game
  2. PR is by far the best archer. Fatal Counter is broken. HE isnt that bad but PR is superior in every aspect.
  3. Q: What is the number of clans within 1 ally, when L2 started some 14 + years ago it was 12 clans i think to one ally then was changed to 3? what will we have in classic A: 3 clans per ally Q: What are the plans for castle sieges? are they going to be like old days over 2 nights Saturday and Sunday? A: Twice monthly. Sundays 8pm server time Q: Way back L2 had some really cool events for holidays and other special times of the year like rare bosses attacking towns ( not items from a store ) A: We gonna have some fun events for sure Q: When will clan halls open in towns?
  4. Potato for sure! As you can see he has 8 clients on this computer. But there are 9 chars in the party. Maybe he is a magician and playing 9 chars with 8 clients BD/SWS are on the 2nd computer. A guy on the comments asked him how can he dance/sing and keep assisting with bd/sws as he does. The answer was: BD/SWS are on the 2nd pc Find a guy who can speak russian and he can translate it for you or just use google translate.
  5. Repeated macros are part of the functionality of the game so players can use them at their discretion. There are no sanctions provided for the use of game macros. Any consequences of using repeated macros (lost items, experience) are the risks of the user who left their characters unattended. On Skelth its legal
  6. You see why there is no point to keep up this conversation? You must be a potato if you cant dance/sing every 5 mins and right click again on the loop macro.
  7. We said many time that this guy is running this party manually. Because you dont know how to set a loop party doesnt mean others dont. FYI on the last farm event on skelth, i had 14 clients with lvl 1 chars on loop macro. Next day all of them were 25 lvl so i had to switch chars every day. I was checking my pc 2 times a day btw to see if i am dead or not
  8. As this guy saying, BD/SWS are on the 2nd pc. You can see that he has a 9ppl party and he has only 8 clients in this pc. Anyway bro, no reason to lie to you. This is what a loop party can do and as i said you can even do it full afk. No need to pick targets manually. I am just trying to help. Relax
  9. You have no idea what a loop macro can do. End of conversation
  10. are you blind guys??? for real. Check the video again. He is rebuffing with WC and setting again the macro at 0:15. Look carefully
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