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  1. Hello to Everyone I want to ask you about the skill cooldown for battle rapsody i think something doent work fine. Naked-Clean from passive certyficate and all items Time is 10 min 4% from Dual certyficate time is 9 min 35 sec 5% skill cooldown From Skill tree time 9min 06sec 10% From Necklace Time 8 min 12 sec 10% From Armor set leather +8 Time 7min 22sec 20% From Harmony Time 5min 53sec 10% From Drum Time 5min 19sec Well with 59% skill cooldown The Time Reuse Is not 4min 10 sec ? Can someone explain this?
  2. I gree with Than Put a Seletion on CHAT Menu to ON or OFF the Hero Voice from Chat. I have Blocked Allmost all heros And sorry for that But i cant see from the spammin the other Chats General-Party-PM's And Clan chat. I loseing a lot thing from the hero spamming.
  3. Please Dont forget to return some Mobs to XP Areas. We cant Find a spot for making XP. It is desaster all that.
  4. Hello to All i would like to share with you something importan. Why jewels lv4 cant be tradable? I know is't not very easy to compound jewels and we get a lot of failure's. Can @Juji and @Hime to tell us why they doent change that? Or if they cant change it atleast decrease the requierments gemstone poweder From 113 to lower.
  5. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/18867-auction-house-is-broken-gm-please-help/ @Hime @Juji Check The Topic Link AH have big problem.
  6. It's true AH it's buged. You cant buy Items Or sell or cancel an item from there.I has tryed to buy some powerful fish and system type you fail to Purchace item.
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