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  1. You can get it as drop from both Baium or Priest of Baium bosses bro. Or buy it from me Get it as mission on Lvl 80 can't be possible because is like an epic item, it's exclusive and that's why they gave it in an event months ago. Buy it for L2 Coin? Lol that's more than impossible XD. It's like to sell Epics Lv4 for L2 coins, it will breake the game bro, even more than now
  2. It is perma as Juji said in Discord channel. It can't be traded or upgraded like other epics.
  3. Adena/Drop Nerf

    +10000. I had to stop lvl in DV and return to cata without SS because i can't afford the SS there in DV. Mobs adena drop is ridiculous low, the only place in whole server (for not top whales) that drops "decent" adena is Cruma, and yeah, entire Cruma have like 15 rooms for 3000 players (Real players + boxes + bots)
  4. Check what i wrote in ur post days ago. I think it isn't that crazy and could be balanced, no, it HAS TO BE BALANCED.
  5. I made a post about USELESS TITAN SKILLS WHEN AUTO-HUNTING, and people said that i was a noob because they don't read before write. 1- Zealot is USELESS when u do auto-hunting, you will never get to 30 percent to use it, so they should put it at 90 like Frenzy with less power, Like 33 percent crit dmg instead 100 and that stuff, scaling when u lose more hp (60-30percent). 2- Frenzy should be boosted because its dmg now is ridiculous low, years ago it give you 150 percent p.atk and now 15 percent? REALLY? im pretty sure all Titans want the P.atk Frenzy back instead that sh..t that we have now! You super buffed Ogre Totem from Tyrants and nerfed Frenzy like this? 3- Rage buff need a boost also, put the P.Def decrease like years ago if you want, but add Crit Dmg on it, Ogre Totem is like GOD (PATK/PDEF/MDEF/CRIT DMG ALL 20PERCENT) COME ON! You see GKS doing more dps than Titans and much more tanky, WTF?!?! 4- Armor Crush is USELESS AS F..K! its the ONLY P.DEF DEBUFF that Titans have for farming (you have Demolition Impact, that have 75 secs CD) and they rarely procs (if u're not fully epic geard like whales), and when it procs it last for 1 second or 2, COME ON!, ALL CLASSES that have debuffs (Hex, Raging Force, Deadly Strike, Critical Wound, Curse Gloom, Curse of Abyss, Stigma, etc) when it lands it last for 30 seconds! THIRTY! and some for 1-2 MIN (like Block Shield)!, Armor Crush only 7 SECONDS (that is a LIE, because when stun's gone the debuff is gone also). And that applies to Dwarves too! They need a hand in there! 5- Guts, you should put MDEF on it also, and bow resistance, similar to live version, nukers hit ridiculous hard here since you BUFFED the nukes (less mp needed and MUCH MORE damage), also with Archers, people say that Archers are garbage but they hit SUPER HARD with skills. 6- Auto-use skills: If you put in auto-use Frenzy/Zealot/Guts/Over The Body to be used when you have the requirements while you are AUTO-HUNTING, you will have a basic attack delay as huge as an entire country! because after EACH F*KIN ATTACK it will try to use EACH SKILL, making it IMPOSSIBLE to handle in AUTO-HUNTING. That need to be fixed ASAP! PD: And is not make the game "suit" to me like the haters say, is fix some unbalanced things and boost some skills that need a buff asap, Titan isn't the same without the old Frenzy, and the basic attack delay while auto-hunting when have that skills in auto-use should be fixed as soon as possible, because if you use 3rd party program like whales do in DV/LOA/TOI/GC/FI, etc, you won't have that problem, but in people like me that use auto-hunting, it is a pain!.
  6. I have to add something about Summoners: 1- Re-summon should be like it was years ago (i think 1min CD and OUT OF COMBAT), because it makes Summoners ULTRA OVERPOWERED in every aspect, because it's Transfer Pain is 50 percent! So if u stun, silence, anchor, fear, every f*kin debuff or kill the Summon, they will just re-summon it WITH FULL HP AND 0 DEBUFFS AND YEAH, FULL BUFFED (because they auto get all ur buffs when summoned) because YOU CAN DO IT, It wasn't like that years ago, and that's not and improvement, is an unbalanced sh..t. 2- Make Summon names to be READ by all because u have to click a Summon to know if he's PK, ADDING to that if you click a PK Summon that is 10-15lvl above you, you can't notice if is a PK or not because you will see its name RED because of lvl difference! 3- Make Summons that when get a mount, Summon DISAPPEAR till you get off your mount, that will HELP A LOT about the annyoing PK PONIES that are in the f*kin mount with Summons out and if you are MELEE u can't catch them because they use the MOUNT DASH and their Speed is much more than yours, that's a disgusting disavantage! 4- You REALLY NEED to nerf Summoner Nukes, or at least put them a decent Re-use, like 15 seconds, IT IS A SUMMONER NOT A NUKER!, the Elemental Summoners are that broken that is disgusting, they have more damage than SpellHowllers and they double their casting speed, because of broken Spirit Sharing and 2 Pony buffs that are super broken, COME ON!.
  7. circlets

    Wallet is crying, damn... Lol
  8. Hesitant to upgrade

    You can make a ticket to check if Rapier was restored or it is eligible for restoration, the problem is that you need to have it in inventory, that means that you need to buy it first. NCSOFT need to put a mark, a description, SOMETHING, that makes you notice that the item was restored. For example: I bought a weapon +6, made a ticket and gm tell me that it was restored. Sold the weapon, buy another +7, made a ticket and what do you think? IT WAS RESTORED TOO!. So you can't know if the people who is selling the item to you is giving you a restorable item or not untill you have it in your hands and send a ticket to NCSOFT...
  9. What about Elemental bosses counter that was reseted to 0?? We lost weeks/months of work! And take a look on auto Dances/Songs system! The idea is good but the method is bad, u can't afford 4 dances/songs actives because everytime it will ends the Dancer/Singer re-use it and consumes 400mp each! Even if you try to use it crossed to safe MP, by the time it will lose the sequence and you will have the problem again. Please take a look on that!
  10. I read the comments and idk if quit or just cry lol. Iam in the Lv80 stuck and being F2P is just impossible to progress, just IMPOSSIBLE. More and more P2W events with ridiculous overpowered items that looks like Live Server items!. Bots everywhere! and if you have a decent gear to afford DV or LoA you need a 9+ party bot extremely accurate with debuffs+stuns/root/anchor. Is just ridiculous to see how perfect they play (the bots, OF COURSE), because NOBODY in Lv80+ AREAS PLAY WITHOUT A BOT. So basically you have to farm for months or a year in a cata (that is the only zone in game where mobs doesn't 2shot you and give tiny XP/Adena/Drop) to buy some gear and reach lvl 81-82 with luck if you don't get pked a lot by the ULTRA OVERPOWERED PONIES that are WITHOUT BUFFS AND MOON GEAR AND WITHOUT WEAPON and hit you by like 3-4K PER PET NUKE while you are in FULL A GRADE JEWELRY! THAT'S JUST STUPID! New clan system is OK, but they forgot to put DAILY QUESTS like live server that just need to kill some mobs to complete! If not is just imposible to LV up a clan now! That have not sense! And i have to add to that ELEMENTAL RAID QUESTS WAS RESETED! So ppl like me that had 4/10 lost 1 MONTH of work! and there's people that lost 8-9/10 that is 2 MONTHS! Are u kidding me??!?!?! They just need to nerf Summoners Nuke, is just ridiculous, they hit as hard as a mage and are SUPER TANKY. Now the only difference between them is that mage can AoE and Summoner can't (in lvl 82+ Areas), because dmg is ridiculous similar, REALLY?? PD: I have much more things to say but it will take me a year writting without stop to say all things that must be fixed (bugs/bots/SHITTY AUTO-HUNTING SYSTEM) and much more!
  11. Titan skills USELESS

    Guys/Girls READ BEFORE WRITE please, i was talking about TITAN IN AUTO-HUNTING, I don't bot so im talking about what i see WHILE I AM AUTO-HUNTING.

    Hi! Looks like all Elemental Bosses quests was reseted to 0/10 because of update! I was 4/10 Ignis for example, and 1-2/10 in Petram/Nebula, now all 0/10! That's weeks of work lost! Someone have to fix it please! Thank you! @Juji @Hime
  13. Why Profecy of fire is not nerf as COV?

    Hi bro, yes POF now is pretty nerf but u have to look at Lv80 skill called Critical Counter, it is EXTREMELY OP for warriors, and Doomcryer doesn't have it, so both WC+PP are super needed in a warrior party, even more for new content like TOI that is for warriors.
  14. Clan systems is pretty same as live servers, instead farm a ton of POB, u just need to do daily/weekly quests to give Clan XP to the clan. Let's see if they put the contribution system like live server where u can buy basic stuffs using them so all ppl do the quests everyday because of that. The bad part is that now Clans will be able to reach Lv 10 but pop still capped in 40. We need the old system with Main Clan-Elites-Academy and stuff. It would be great!
  15. Titan skills USELESS

    Lol i know how to play it, im just saying as auto-hunting because i don't bot like many of urs Btw broad sweep is a pretty new skill to me, but imo its range is very short since mobs moves from front of u to ur sides. And btw im more a poleman titan, but seems here is not worth as time ago. And u didn't say nothing about the basic attack delay in auto-hunting while u have frenzy/zealot/guts in auto-use, when u are idk in a cata and go to sleep, delay is insane! that needs to be fixed!