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  1. You're about 7 months too late on this. Forums were flooded a month into classic. It's a last ditch effort to grab some cash out of Lineage 2 before their next project.
  2. Ha i saw this announcement in the ashes of creation discord last week. I was like oh wow..I remember her from the lineage streams.
  3. I hear ya, man! Same here. It's a shame.
  4. I'm not even sure it started out as a great anything to be honest. It was delayed basically all day because of the broken mess they were trying to implement. It's all backfiring but whatever. They got their money from us from all the chronicle packs and VIP we bought thinking this was going to be something great..which definitely beats $15/month subscription.
  5. i was actually responding to it myself and then poof.
  6. Yeah so, i quit about 2 or 3 weeks ago..tried to log in one day and found my account randomly banned after having zero activity on the account for over a week lol. If you want to drive players away, that's how you certainly do it. Let's not even mention the broken mess that this classic server is(rates, drops, enchant bugs, ncstore, etc).
  7. Yeah..I mean it's kinda ridiculous how vague they are in patch notes. It's become basically normal practice for devs to release details notes on what changes were made. First of all we really don't even know the base rates across all areas of the game..then they give us some vague value like "more than double". lol It's pretty insane. Along with the fact that they can't seem to make any significant changes unless it's on a wednesday..like come on man. Catch up with 2018.
  8. I mean the only versions of lineage we have on pc are Lineage and Lineage 2...both over 14 years old. Of course it won't compare to something created in UE4. A UE4 pc based mmorpg Lineage game, similar to lineage 2 (not the isometric/top down type game), with a proper business model and limited micro-transactions could potentially be great. They don't want to waste time on it though because Lineage 2 Revolution mobile made more money than all ncsoft games combined, at one point.
  9. They know the issue it causes to give us 3mil xp daily without SP. I imagine they have plans to sell SP scrolls on the store. That's just my opinion. They purposely created this problem for us knowing the outcome, and it only fits into the already predatory business model and version of the game we have today. It may not happen..but don't be surprised if it does.
  10. I don't think anyone knows true rates of anything on this server, tbh. Apparently it can also change depending on what level you are or what zone you're in..
  11. and his reply was?? "Submitting this to devs. Hang tight" or some shit?
  12. He made this post because he cares about not only this game, but the community and gaming industry as a whole. I'm with him. If we all have this attitude "if it goes to shit, i'll just quit" these publishers and studios will continue to do whatever it takes to take as much money as they can from us. They will spend way more time designing ways to force you to spend money through micro-transactions on their game rather than designing systems that increase your enjoyment and fun or story/quest development, character development, etc. If you don't think these businesses hire psychologist, neurosc
  13. Bless online was something i'd never seen before. That was just bad in every way possible. I think it's the whole "free to play with cash shop" business model that destroys games, and it's extremely popular in korean mmos. They're copying what what works for mobile because Lineage 2 revolution made more money than all of NCSofts mmos combined when it released. It's cash shop hell, I can't stand it. All they had to do for classic was gate off the post 1.5 chronicle content and leave the game in the state it was back in 04/05, Charge a monthly fee of $15 per account, and maybe have VIP for extra
  14. This is a known issue that was posted in yesterday's thread from Hime, before servers went live.
  15. What lvl did you get to? I'm lvl 21, almost 22 with about 13k adena lol. Xp seemed okay lvling to 20, but so far it seems like a drag even with 100% boost. I'm not saying I want to level fast by any means..but it just definitely doesn't feel like i'm getting double xp. Something just seems off.
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