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  1. Overlord can be selected by orc mystic and maestro only by dwarf. european server got the red libra already on the version that @Draeckewrote before
  2. Give us RedLibra & Main change event to enjoy the game!!Make lineage2 great again guys!!!
  3. We are waiting this like the babies are waiting for their milk bottle
  4. korean 17th anniversary source: https://lineage2.plaync.com/board/l2awknupdate/view?articleId=194381&viewMode=list&size=20 4. The 17th anniversary main class change event is in progress. -Details related to main class change are as follows. Requirements Level 85 or higher Awakening Class Required item 1 Stone of Fate, Class Cloak Place and NPC NPC Erathone assigned to the Temple of Einhasad in Aden Castle Town Delete skill Skills unique to each class (including rune stones an
  5. @iHyperlite do we know more infos about it?I mean if there is main class change option ?
  6. I play daggers since 2004.All daggers has unique skills and all of them are powerful.Dagger class is the most fun to play in my opinion.Fortune Seeker is a PVE monster but lack of damage on PVP. “Spoil” will not feel your hands & pockets with adena,only you can farm augment crystals fragments.Choose a class that you like to play my friend and enjoy your free time
  7. @xnla NO it does not my friend.
  8. +1 red libra and main class change . we are waiting like the baby is waiting its milk
  9. Same from here..I am playing from Greece..And after the DC we have to wait to log in again...
  10. @Juji@HimeI have a problem trying to submit the Race Change ticket.I already purchased the in game ticket but cannot make the ticket,and trying 2 days. Please change my character’s [ IvanDragunov ] race from [ Dark Elf ] to [ Dwarf ] in [Chronos] server.Thank you
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