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  1. don't forget about Letter's event you can add to fun ingame
  2. Gm will never take any item that was scam in case of sell for real $ GM will ban both char. the trade one and the scam one if have some prof about scam never was a returning sistem for item's in case of scam. this sistem can exist on illegal server's but on official well i don't think that is such a sistem of returning item back or take item's after trade with other the only sistem that i know for scam items on official is if you try to sell or buy for real $ items you can get ban you and the seller or seller and you
  3. if you give that item's to him to help him well you can say goodbye to your item's that is not a scam and staff cannot do anything
  4. whait to se on next big update what wil be now ncsoft prepare game for that big update if you cannot make more strong in pve till then well is bad new's for all all mob's will be more hard low xp and rb will be very hard to make no like now 1-5 shot's and done rb strong player's will need party a last 1 party to kill 1 rb so go hunt and try to get best item's till then GL next big update from what i know will be in 6 month's
  5. well that's true if you have a clan for over 1-2 yrs or maybe more dont leave if they lose then that's it no need to change clan to be a winner here you have a point
  6. or maybe they change name i don't think a player like dudot or f2pr quit to much $$$ use in game well i dont care i just say DH or MAX will not help me in game so i dont care who win or who lose
  7. ppl why so happy about this i dont like DH i dont like MAX but why so happy for just 1 win DH have aden for over 5 yrs no lost well after 5-6 win's or Max well then go with GZ not for 1 win
  8. 1 question i have Classic server in time will get major update to GoD etc or stay classic forever
  9. juji please check if can drop rate an be fix and some event for free player's something that can take some reward's from event with no ncoin will be nice not easy way but something that we can make some adena at event's will help free to play player's to grow at next big update all free player's will quit , from what i se next big update will be mob's more hard low xp etc now for them is hard after that update all will quit im not a free to play player but will be nice for other's to make some adena you know , and market will rise again now all adena have top player's and free to play player's
  10. sorry im at work that youtube is blocked search on youtube this Lineage II Chronos X50 Dragon's pouch
  11. well i think is random look at this one get shirt from 50x pouch https://eu0.proxysite.com/process.php?d=ZuCCyWntiR%2FhSt5iTCYJpXye9FJDShYz6XW7MKi08Z1p%2BfSUVIYU&b=1
  12. you need to log on web official site go to your accont setting and at tag security you have authorized locations click manage and what ip adress you have click save and done.
  13. server live is death already Top player's have all adena and if no event with drop from monster something item event they will not use adena so will kill market if you kill market lower player will quit so will stay top 150-200 player's on each server that they can play like an private will be fun to se that well if no soon event with can lower player's make some adena and be happy about it well server will die for good that is my opinion
  14. well i hope to get from 300 pouch dragon 1 shirt if not i will quit :))
  15. yes only for classic as juji say till all bot's no macro player's bot's player's will not be gone from l2 live server's on live will not be event's with drop from mob's and adena, and drop from mob's go lower from 0.01% to 0.0001% so will not be soon event drop mob's item event on live
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