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  1. iv quit this game 3 times i will not be coming back this time the update and xp cut in all hunting zones is trash i spend a fair amount but yet the players who spend 20k a year gets drops ncsoft i can care ab out you the way you care about are game play to so enjoy game will die like this oh ya cant even find a hunting spot
  2. prestige packs canceled will not spead on xp runes epics and any thing any more just gonna look for a game that doesnt treat the players like ncsoft does
  3. i mis dailys cant even get groups for dailys and events on live suck its all about my money and your artifacts at least if there was a new event for the 4 of july huge holiday just maybe we could get that lame 1% from dailys or 1.3% from lame it now you know what i miss but ncsoft all ready new this lmao money hunrgy china based game
  4. its the 4 of july at least do firework event and not be so lame
  5. is there no new event for the 4 of july wow
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