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  1. name 1 single good Clan thats going to Giran...
  2. lmao, waiting for s/d to end before re-disco... Whats this, 2006 ?
  3. nonfactor EUs, factor EUs go to TI
  4. Giran will be filled with nonfactors / casuals from EU and few adena farmers from Russia.
  5. you can fake your location... you think big russian CPs will go here if they know they will get banned ?
  6. dagger have hide / SS ? SE has stigma / mass stigma ? @Juji
  7. most big EU players / clans are going on Talking Island, so you know.
  8. did you ever play classic before ?? on Russian / EU Classic every single tryhard CP had spoiler running with them on 50-60 zones
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