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  1. name 1 single good Clan thats going to Giran...
  2. lmao, waiting for s/d to end before re-disco... Whats this, 2006 ?
  3. nonfactor EUs, factor EUs go to TI
  4. Giran will be filled with nonfactors / casuals from EU and few adena farmers from Russia.
  5. you can fake your location... you think big russian CPs will go here if they know they will get banned ?
  6. dagger have hide / SS ? SE has stigma / mass stigma ? @Juji
  7. most big EU players / clans are going on Talking Island, so you know.
  8. did you ever play classic before ?? on Russian / EU Classic every single tryhard CP had spoiler running with them on 50-60 zones
  9. @Juji can you post some screens with skill window of lvl 70 chars (sps / destro / spoiler / SE / Glad / dagger etc) ?
  10. @Juji 1. skills work like in 1.5 or some of them are updated like in later chronicles?? 2. will there be exp runes / exp scrolls on daily rewards? 3. are there any new skills from 2.0 / 2.5 / 3.0 ?
  11. keep macros if you dont want a server filled with bots
  12. Delete dwarfs if add SS in shop, whats the point ._. ?
  13. but theres is no TI clans recruiting section...
  14. and low skill players like you dont realize how game destructive low population servers are...
  15. how can it be empty if every single big clan is going there ??
  16. wait and see how many EU / UA players are on Talking Island EU time might be even more active if not same as NA
  17. Add Looping macros or Add Drop items on Death !
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