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  1. Thanks to incompetent administration here that only know how to setup L2Store. Never coming back to any NCWest server.
  2. First of all, I want to bring only constructive criticism. I m not here speaking out of emotions or anything, I'll be bringing straight up only facts and why this server is experiencing very serious issues. 1. Increasing adena/drop rates for 1-40 locations was a horrible mistake that screwed up a lot of balance in the game. You can't just buff one part of the game and ignore another one, of course people will complain. 30 lvl mobs give as much adena as lvl 50 mobs. Not to mention, this creates a perfect field for bots. Adena sellers thrive here because they can make as much adena an hour
  3. This laggy stuff makes me wanna quit the freaking game and never come back. Not to mention you guys never fix your bugs. There is a game breaking bug that allows people abuse looting rights and get drops whomever hits first instead of DPS in total. It's been 2 months since then and you guys have done nothing to fix that, freaking 0 effort. All i see is more stuff in L2store. Get ur stuff together, fix the damn lags, fix the damn looting rights.
  4. The current generation of gamers never stop surprising me with their laziness. You literally are willing to skip daily AI and Aden just because you don't won't to invest 10-15 minutes of running from town to another. Back in the day shots and tp were a luxury. It s pathetic the lazy mindset of people nowadays. If you play 2h a day, is that a developer problem? Why does the game need to adjust to your 2h schedule?
  5. In my opinion this only weekend events should never exist. There is a reason why so many other developer company never do such things. Why? Because it disencaurages people from playing after the weekend boost ends. Not to mention it most likely will create yet another queue issue. i know the topic starter wants this boost to last 24/7 but if you actually try thinking logically, think about when this event ends. It will kill server because people already got spoiled with 50% to everything boost. This is why I think ncwest made a huge mistake to increase rates for lower zones, now we are ge
  6. 1000+ players crying? You mean 20 same people who hang out here on forums and whine about every little thing they can? Yeah right... if ncsoft start listening to this whiny players who play 1h a day and expect to have full c gear then this game is goin to dump for sure coz that s when top players start having +10 sets and overenchanted weapons. NCsoft did the right thing here
  7. Can you just stop with this ridiculous statement? Just because you have a full time job and don't have enough time investment why does the game need to adjust to your preference? This is the problem with modern generation of gamers. You want everything easy, you are lazy, you don't want to work all your way up for any sort of achievement/accomplishment. All you do is complain and moan about everything you possibly can. Just do yourself and favor and play candy crash saga! You cannot expect to achieve the same result as people who play 10 times more than you do and have 10 times more knowledge
  8. It has nothing to do with the game. Your clan was garbage
  9. That 800 ncoin deal is quite underwhelming for a mage.mages don't need the 2nd transfer scrolls much if u have se box. Maybe just for acumen lvl 2, but I don't see a point. Got xp rune already so only 1 thing left to buy is the fishing one. Doubt it s worth it either if u play 12+h a day
  10. No exploits here. First of all, your calculations are wrong. Second, don't forget how easy it is to get enchant weapons now with luxury shop for d grade and dungeons for c grade. And last, we have gotten way too many free top d weapons from the Halloween event. So absolutely not surprising we get +10 weapons now.
  11. I don't mind bans for account sharing however it should be fair for all. I highly doubt those guys who are level 67+ have not been account sharing to get that 24/7 xp. It s just they have donated so much money into ncsoft that the rules don't apply to them anymore. Or they get a friendly warning first before getting that ban
  12. So all you need is 30 people complaining about something on forums and you will listen and revert changes? This really concerns me, tp cost was always a design feature. tp cost means people need to plan their travel ahead. Tp cost mean dwarfs can actually start making some money of selling shots in different towns. You just took all that away because there were a few people complaining here. Why you guys keep listening to them? You know that no matter what they will be always complaining. Today they complain about tp cost, tomorrow about spellbook rate, then it s gonna be something else. The c
  13. What makes you think that you need to find a way to keep the servers going? NcSoft has plenty of incoming revenue. Servers have stable online and everything going smooth. Just because there 30 ppl crying on forums about how hard this rates are doesn't mean the servers are in danger of dying.
  14. What are you talking about? People are discussing here some next level pay 2 win stuff. I don't want any of that. I m happy with the current rates. Yes it s hard. Yes i spent 6 mil just on spell books. Do I come here and complain about adena rates? No, i would rather invest that time into the game so I can make more adena. People are just wasting their precious time crying here
  15. Just quit classic, it s obvious it s not for you. VIP 4 bonus is already good enough compare to VIP 3. Quit crying, if you can't play this rates, just quit. Like seriously the amount of crying and complaining on this forums just wanna make me throw up. There is nothing to read here, just infinite noob crying begging admins to increase rates or VIP 4. Really should be asshamed of yourself. Stop crying, learn how to make adena in game, if you play 2-3 hours a day, forget about playing here,it won't get you anywhere. You can't expect to be in full c grade if you have no idea how to
  16. Just quit classic, it s obvious it s not for you. VIP 4 bonus is already good enough compare to VIP 3. Quit crying, if you can't play this rates, just quit
  17. I finally got to clean up my room, clean my dishes and even take a shower! Way to go NcSoft, best company on the entire planet!
  18. If that happens I m out of this server for good.
  19. Wtf? Last week got 1? And u spoiling them again this week? U play like 15 minutes a day? I don't even understand how this is possible... I hope admins never listen to players like you who play 15 min a day
  20. Thanks for creating a thread after reading my comment but I won't reveal you why I m in top d grade at level 35 and already on my way to c grade. Why would I? I would be shooting myself in a foot and create more competition for me on the market. Just use your brain and think for yourself.
  21. It's absolutely clear some people just have no idea how to play lineage 2. They think that they are supposed to be rich just from grinding mobs all day. No, there is crafting, there is market, you need to know how to make profit. Increasing server rates even further will only make the gap between richer and poorer players even wider than it is now. Seriously, either learn how to play the game right and stop complaining about loot or just do yourself a favour and stop playing l2 classic and find something easier, it s not gonna get pretty once you reach 40+
  22. Yes. Also it takes forever for them to respond, I know they have a high volume of tickets but it doesn't change the grief over lost time while waiting for the appeal to end.
  23. no. enough feeding the carebears. Find ways to earn adena instead begging admins to increase it for you
  24. Just wanted to apologize for my words(yep got banned), I was quite upset about the rate change. This was the most difficult times I've had in L2 and I loved it. Every single adena meant something, it still does of course, but not as much as before obviously. I understand there are few ppl like me here liking ultra difficult grind, most players don't want to struggle so much. I think the current rates are fine.Intended or unintended, that was a fun journey
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