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  1. Hello everyone, I'm Othell DE and I have the standart equipment (exalted). My atlas is +12, my mask +4, noble circlet +4 and venir lvl 7. I have 20bi to invest but I'm lost in what to buy. Please, I need some help to know what to invest this money to not lose money. Thanks in advance for your opinions and a great game for everyone.
  2. You have clarified my thinking a lot. GL/HF
  3. Hello, I played Interlude for a long time and, a few weeks ago, I started playing Chronos and therefore everything is new, it is another game. I am othell DE, I am at level 105 with dual level 105 and I have many doubts and I would like you to help me. For example: 1- How do I farm Adena? 2- Do I buy a dagger or dual dagger? And which do I buy? 3- Is it worth use exalted set or buying another one? Which to buy? 4- Better invest in jewelry and enchant circlet and shirt or do what? 5- What is the best ap tree for PVE and revelations? Forgive me for the number of questions,
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