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  1. Dear staff, we are so sad for the BAN of a dear friend that help the comunity of l2classic with his amazing work. I2market was the only way for keep the market alive becouse the game don t give us another way for sell or buy our items in game for adena without a term of comparison. You can improvered this aspect of game give us THE AUCTIONEER as so many players have been asking for months. So we ask you to keep alive l2classic market in one of this way please! Don t let die economy aspect. Don t let the few remaining players quitting. Do something for the fe
  2. this my feedback and i think my last feedback, coz my time is more preciuos than ur buisness 1. new buff skills need 3 spirits ore now. ty for this price rlly cheap! i never see empower that use spirit ore in 20 years of lineage 2. 2. new hunting zone "toi" is accessible for 3 or max 4 players on the server and need to be WARRIOR coz mage take always 1 shot for die. the old zone like "loa" still need about 10bil of gear for char and 100kk of adena for day to farm and anyway need to be WARRIOR or SUMMONER. 3. ur new crafting system wanna only our adena, our item, our l2coin, our
  3. Please you can consider the idea of reviewing some classes or skills? - elemental summoner is too much power, and seems that a lot of karma don t stop his summon to kill easy all classes. Anyway seems that the server is now a pony server. rlly sad for this. - necromancer is really nerfed, have only 2 skills for kill: 1 death spike that require too much adena coz he miss skill for summon cursed bones and 2 cdl that require no hp but every spots on the maps is setting for avoid this type of farm: no hp means die coz i can t use cdl if moob require 5 hit until die, impossible also with nice
  4. /quote 10 box are enought. add Auctioneer NPC too will it help us to make merchant in game
  5. only 10?! u.u That good news! ty staff! keep on and challenge accepted. play classic play hard if 10 boxes aren't enough for someone they should review their life, l2 is a game not ur work. ps. l2 is a game that need brains no boxs.
  6. /quote About necromancer, another class dead for this reason. dark vortex don t work!! original dark vortex was: - dark resist coz necro used dark attak! no one is interested in removing 10% p / m crit rate when all dd have cap crit rate with new SA system. no sense. useless. - About NCSTORE: we don t want item or boxes event that works like a slot machine. it's a videogame not a game of chance like las vegas. we want embellishment items like modern and populars games of 2020
  7. hello all. I have played on teon, on naia for many years and now on giran classic. this is my feedback: - classic is not classic version but modern business version: I suggest you to change the NAME as it is called fraud. I was expecting A and instead I found B - every single lvl up or gear update requires an amount of ADENA that far exceeds what the server offers, to better understand, the server offers 1 but asks for 10: I saw naia die, I saw a thousand posts of complaints very similar to those I find here now, the situation after 15 years is always the same. While in nai
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