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  1. Hello mates, I would like to discuss about the best class combo for yull after nerf of skill critical rate. Ofc if you are stucked you dont even noticed the difference. My 2 option is: 1)Dark Elf race and MS class for the buff that MS has and gives skill critical rate 2)Elf race and GS so you will have the extra +5 dex . Any other option is always welcome. P.S. i am newbie in archer class
  2. Lets start from the basic stuff. At chronos and naia are playing lets say 5k players? BUT at forum are writing their opinions like 50ppl. Yes for me that is also matters. Should more ppl write their opinion and thoughs about the game. About exp event. What exp event? This was not in schedule to done. But they nerfed ios 107 (which more than 60% of ppl could farm). The mobs are getting stronger. Enhasad shop never come and never will come. This means that market miss basic staff ( i am yull 114 and i dont even have red cat lvl 1 at least). So they needed something to
  3. @Juji @Hime @LIME in the previous post of maintenance (9/6/2021) many ppl asked for enhasad shop but noone get an answer. Could You tell Us please if We gonna get the shop in Chronos/Naia.
  4. Dear Gms,admins. I would like to ask if you have any plan for us to have the shop with the coins that we can buy Jwls lvl 5 and many other items?? Atm in Chronos are too many players that dont even have lvl 4 jwls and lvl5 jwls are too expensive . Red cat 5 is about 150B. 150B for mid gear player is about 150 days farm. Also if someone change from feoh to fighter has no option to buy ruby (at least 3). Also there is no option for red cat/blue cat lvl3/4 for new players. Can not be trade from other players. Eu/Ru and korea has it. I think t hat will help a lot the economy
  5. Guys we are speaking about PVE! Feoh can not farm easy BECAUSE all skills are aoe. With critical cap 33% you dont have many vr from skills.. Also why we still have wit and items that incease wit when it doesnt increase m critical rate? Why archer perma hit critical?
  6. Every feoh can not farm atm and if they farm they can not do the same like the others char.
  7. So we will gear up one feoh for farm fos etc and hunting storm and pi? What about making adena? What about IOS?
  8. Hello everyone! I would like to know if in the new update will be any changes for feohs. At this moment that class is too weak for pve(i dont play pvp). Our weapon can be safe enchaunt to +7 when everyone else (also archer) is +12. Our cricital cap is at 33% means 1/3 will be critical when ALL the other class perma hit. We are the lowest char in farm. Mid gear feoh make around 250-280kk in IOS when everyone else is making 320kk+. Many ppl would like to know if there will be any change for us or we should quit or change class. Suggestions? Make our cap
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