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  1. It is a bot 100%. You can stay for hours in MDT and he will not give you trade, it activate only when you start trading and he somehow decline your trade start his own
  2. Worst thing is not that someone give you random trade he dont spam trade to everyone, worst thing is they use some hack tool that activate only when you start trading. They mess with the ingame activity
  3. There is a new type of scam at hot spots in game , when you trade with someone those bot chars using hack cancel your trade and give their trade to other guy .. that happens only when someone start trading not otherwise ... and yes I was scamed. Im not here to cry it is my fault and I’m done! Just want everyone to know about this ... So dissapointed from all this scamers cheaters boters they ruined this beautyfull game ........ Good game Bro....
  4. They can not understand that we can not play! Is not like ok I will just change the spot they are everywere it is apocalypse
  5. Hello NC WEST! We cant play wlth all this bots this is serious... I dont want to quit I trying to ignore bots and just play but this.,.., THIS IS THE PEAK we are not able to kill mobs THose servers suffer now Do you understand? Do you see ? Are you here? Are you blind ? NO? OK....
  6. Why you flooded the server with those top weapons D ? Some people got more than 2-3 weapon supplies and get rich others cant craft 1 normal shop weapons because spoil sux. Why you broke the game? Please next event with baium/ant queen rings box supplies rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr that so STUPIDDDDDDDDDDD ......
  7. The world of lineage 2 is filled with running empty souls barely see live ppl so sad.... Good game bro!
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